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generly; genero; generosa; generosities; generosity; generously; generum; genes; genetic; genetically
  1. I don't see," said Tom, "but that your proposal is a just and generous one.

  2. But the Doctor was jubilant all the same, and he said presently, "His Majesty King Coal is a very generous monarch and he is going to make all of us well to do if not actually rich.

  3. The generous "enthusiasm of humanity," which revealed itself in every line of the writings of these great men, played an important part in the political history of the eighteenth century.

  4. While Marie Antoinette applauded his generous self-devotion, the king forbade him to go, but he disregarded the order.

  5. His chief weakness was personal vanity, but he was generous and loyal, and under the influence of the iron-willed Adams was capable of good things.

  6. Full of the generous though often blind enthusiasm of the eighteenth century for the "rights of man," he was no respecter of the established order, whether in church or state.

  7. With light work and generous fare, the condition of the Virginia negro was a happy one.

  8. Influenced by the political passions of the day, many persons were ready to judge him leniently; and his generous and affectionate nature won him many friends.

  9. As day by day I had sped across the wide, rolling plains and rivers, in the generous sunshine, I had seemed to feel my soul expand and be set free from the littlenesses of life.

  10. She threw her head sideways revealing a generous splendour of double chin, and shouted over her shoulder in a tremendous voice.

  11. With the quick instinct of a frank, generous nature, Dick saw the wound he had inflicted upon the rough fisherman, and glanced first at Will, who was also touched on his companion's account.

  12. I should say it was very generous of you, sir.

  13. His gracious temper, generous heart, and great wealth, had made all bright about him.

  14. Nobili may be hot-headed, vain, and credulous, but he is generous to a fault.

  15. His generous heart upbraided him bitterly for having allowed himself for an instant to be heated by the cavaliere's reproaches.

  16. What would not the world say of my fickleness, if, after such great fatigues and so many dangers as I have undergone in the pursuit, I should abandon this generous enterprise?

  17. Do not refuse the comfort of dying together to two unfortunate brothers, who from their birth have shared every thing, even their innocence," said the generous princes.

  18. My lord," answered my brother, in a begging tone, "I am a poor man who stands in need of the help of such rich and generous persons as yourself.

  19. The professor," as he is generally known, has been generous in offering assistance to young electricians, and he has patiently spent his time in aiding in the development of their ideas.

  20. He accordingly changed his first intention, and what he had begun from a philosophical he now carried out in a noble and generous spirit.

  21. He had no doubt that if the need came they would offer the mother country the best they had with generous enthusiasm, and nobody knew better that their best was very good.

  22. Yet he knew she would be a staunch and generous friend to anybody who gained her confidence.

  23. Besides, Lawrence was generous and not very discriminating.

  24. It was possible that he had yielded to sudden generous emotion, but she did not accept the explanation.

  25. But as the olive lends a zest to generous wine, even so this tiny discontentment served but to enhance our subsequent and full fruition.

  26. He produced a pouch which Logan opened, taking from it a generous pinch.

  27. Not an old place, but the wind had pried and the rain warped generous cracks between the boards through which the rising storm whistled and sang and through which the chill mist of the coming rain cut at them.

  28. A pity that no ripe touch of this generous abundance could be given to the thin, hard, stony wine, which after all was made from the grapes!

  29. Henry likes him, and he will not think ill of him; he is so generous and open himself.

  30. Why this perversity, if it were not in a generous fit?

  31. You are so generous that I know I can trust to you for that; and I do and I always will.

  32. Harassed by these thoughts, he now began to wish the marriage over, Gowan and his young wife gone, and himself left to fulfil his promise, and discharge the generous function he had accepted.

  33. Very generous of you,' she returned, noticing another of the quick looks between the two.

  34. No thought,' said Little Dorrit, 'can be quite a stranger to my heart, that springs out of the knowledge that Mr Clennam is always to be relied upon for being kind and generous and good.

  35. The passer of the sasser" always smiles at me and I get credit for doing generous things.

  36. To Rogers he wrote: I wanted her [Clara] to see what a generous father she's got.

  37. Introducing Winston Churchill, of England, at a dinner some weeks later, he explained how generous England and America had been in not requiring fancy rates for "extinguished missionaries" in China as Germany had done.

  38. He instantly freed her, for he was as generous as he was passionate.

  39. Should he let a stranger be more generous than he?

  40. The trouble was over in a moment: the girl was essentially quick and generous and kind-hearted; and this small lassie was about her only companion.

  41. The generous ghost of Dickens must have groaned in Heaven over that melancholy and mean reform.

  42. The Little Woman had been generous in the matter of the desk.

  43. The generous and sympathetic welcome of our new janitress was like balm.

  44. How it bared its breadth of breast, and opened its capacious palm, and floated on, outpouring, with a generous hand, its bright and harmless mirth on everything within its reach!

  45. Hard and sharp as flint, from which no steel had ever struck out generous fire; secret, and self-contained, and solitary as an oyster.

  46. He was, like Vespasian, a generous patron to rhetoric and education,[446] and the founder of the important library known as the Bibliotheca Ulpia.

  47. These gifts must have been in many cases of a trifling description,[637] but they may occasionally have been on a more generous scale.

  48. Worthy and much respected friend, Accept the thanks I freely send; Your generous offer, all will say, Mere grateful thanks but ill repay.

  49. As a prisoner to the basest of mankind, as victim to the most ferocious monsters that have ever disgraced humanity, she has ever commanded, and she will never cease to command, the sympathy and admiration of every generous mind.

  50. The generous resident had purchased a stone-crusher and other necessaries for the work; but they have been used only on private grounds.

  51. As an officer of the Church, he was considerate of the feelings and wants of his brethren; visiting the sick, searching out the poor, and practicing a generous hospitality.

  52. Your discovery belongs to you if you have made one; and I know that you are capable of putting it to the most generous use.

  53. This is what I would do: The old gentleman over yonder has a generous heart, I dare say.

  54. The greatest and most generous wish of his life was to find the young girl, and atone for the cowardice which had made him avoid her for a time.

  55. Indeed, the old lady seemed almost as fond of her as she was of the bright, generous heiress.

  56. For the outcry of the most vicious hounds that ever ran could not have been more appalling to a victim than that generous welcome was to her.

  57. She saw a glorious light breaking in upon the life of her stepmother, and out of all this generous conduct in the old countess sprang a vague hope that she might yet be won to sanction her marriage with the man of her choice.

  58. She could endure wrong and cruelty without weeping, but generous and kind actions melted her heart.

  59. She is young, volatile, capricious, but generous as the day.

  60. You would have thought so from the sparkle that came into her eyes, like sunshine striking the dew in a violet--from the quick, generous curve of her lips, and the flush of color that rushed over her face.

  61. No; because her own generous nature assures us that the evil will die of itself before morning.

  62. After her tender thankfulness, their gratitude, generous and pure as it was, seemed coarse to him.

  63. Olympia had never been generous to her daughter or the agent.

  64. He knew how resolute that young creature was, when a generous or daring idea possessed her, and, after waiting a moment for Lady Hope to speak, led Lady Clara away.

  65. The younger member is an active, shrewd, generous man, full of resources, and capable of wonderful combinations.

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