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Example sentences for "aplenty"

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  1. As Jack had anticipated there was light aplenty for their purpose; ships were coming and going at this early time in the evening, so that the field lights were all on, making it easy to see.

  2. I got the fire started; and there's aplenty of wood handy arter all, for you to use as torches when you signal the camp!

  3. You can see how the heat of the fire on a cold night is sent back into the tent; and there's aplenty of head-room here.

  4. And such is the life of the strolling friar, With aplenty to eat and to drink; For the goodwife will keep him a seat by the fire, And the pretty girls smile at his wink.

  5. I hope there are aplenty of them same snug harbors; for a boat the size of ours to drop in and stay overnight.

  6. I've run across the boss place for us to keep under shelter; and there's aplenty of nice dry wood handy, so we can lay in a supply before it rains.

  7. Aplenty in sight right naow, I'd say, if yeou asked me.

  8. Yes, and there's aplenty of footprints besides.

  9. Here's aplenty of loose stuff, to begin with, that I can kick together.

  10. They had aplenty of matches along, and could get all the blaze they wanted.

  11. Not any--but he sure colored aplenty when Dot looked scornful at him," the other replied.

  12. I'll bet he's bucked blizzards aplenty in the last two months.

  13. Didn't I promise Angus McRae I'd pay him back aplenty for kickin' me outa his hide camp?

  14. But let us not deceive ourselves; in a soviet republic there would be opportunity aplenty for exploitation.

  15. The only commodity it has aplenty is time.

  16. They pitted one group against another dangling carrots aplenty in front of the drooling vassals.

  17. I had no mind to stop and fight these men here when there was fighting aplenty elsewhere in the city of Kadabra--fighting that could be of much more avail to me and mine than useless life-taking far below the palace.

  18. You'll have to look out for yourself then, and that'll be time aplenty to go chasing around the island in the dark.

  19. An' alibis an' lies aplenty waitin' fer them same.

  20. You must've seen that things around here's changed aplenty since you left fer school.

  21. They had aplenty o' hot words," said Gimlet, shaking his head slowly.

  22. There were warnings aplenty from liberals and radicals who were attempting to keep the situation in perspective, but such utterances failed to reach the great bulk of mankind.

  23. They ain't aplenty about this part of the country nowadays.

  24. Mebbe we might have ropes aplenty to lower me down there, so I could recover me valuables.

  25. The bedrooms contain room aplenty for bed, dresser and other bedroom furnishings; and, of course, there is the very necessary bath.

  26. Liberal space for cars, with working room aplenty at sides.

  27. To the left are the two sleeping rooms, both with space aplenty for all usual bedroom furniture.

  28. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "aplenty" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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