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Example sentences for "diffuse"

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diffraction; diffrence; diffrent; diffunce; diffunt; diffused; diffusely; diffuseness; diffuses; diffuseth
  1. The busy reader or consulter soon tires of the diffuse book or set of books of interminable words.

  2. You will perform the promise of the crown; you will establish the law and liberty directed by the (British) Parliament; and diffuse the Gospel of Christ to the utmost extremity of the West.

  3. As they grew up into their ripened and mature importance--their ceremonial, rather than their doctrine, served to deepen and diffuse a reverence for religious things.

  4. He may be said to have contributed greatly to diffuse that atmosphere of poetry and of pleasure which even the meanest of the free Athenians afterward delighted to respire.

  5. Tedious and diffuse as has been the dissertation already, I cannot resist the inclination of transcribing the hymn also.

  6. But if it were necessary to reproduce faithfully Rosalie's diffuse eloquence, a whole volume would hardly suffice.

  7. But those observations were so contradictory and so diffuse that I almost fell asleep, despite the interest I took in that authentic narrative.

  8. The Viziers again resolved to diffuse in the mind of the King the poison of those perfidious insinuations which had hitherto been so unsuccessful.

  9. What a happiness to be able to acquire immense riches, and to diffuse the blessings thereof, without being burdensome to any!

  10. There is true beauty in the saying--"It is unworthy of a noble nature to diffuse its pain.

  11. It follows that the light emitted by the central axis of the tail greatly exceeds in actinic power the diffuse light around it.

  12. If the material is added without such dilution, the concentrated extract produces instant coagulation in the drops with which it comes in contact, forming solid masses from which the enzyme escapes only slowly to diffuse throughout the mass.

  13. These appear to be due to the development of volatile fatty acids, such as valerianic and caproic, which diffuse throughout the cheese, even penetrating the unripened sour portions.

  14. Thus shall we best testify our gratitude to the teachers and guides of our own youth, thus best serve our country, and thus most effectually diffuse over our land light, and truth, and virtue.

  15. Large drops of rain now began to fall, and diffuse them selves over the dry rock, while the approach of the thunder shower was rapid and certain.

  16. Botanists are well aware that garden plants naturalize and diffuse themselves with great facility in comparatively unreclaimed countries, but spread themselves slowly and with difficulty in districts highly cultivated.

  17. Supplication of man to man may diffuse itself through many topics of persuasion; but supplication to God can only cry for mercy.

  18. Let them countenance men of real piety wherever they are found; and encourage in others every attempt to repress the progress of vice, and to revive and diffuse the influence of Religion and virtue.

  19. These Divine assurances sooth and encourage the Christian's disturbed and dejected mind, and insensibly diffuse a holy composure.

  20. At length they diffuse themselves over the whole of Religion, and possess the mind in undisturbed occupancy.

  21. Or, if any cause prevents such rapid devouring of it, why does not the aqueous vapor diffuse itself softly in the air like smoke, so that one would not know where the cloud ended?

  22. And the increased intercourse among those of different States will contribute not a little to diffuse a mutual knowledge of their affairs, as this again will contribute to a general assimilation of their manners and laws.

  23. In questions diffuse and compounded, this similarity of determination is no longer to be expected.

  24. A history of newspapers, more diffuse than the chronological series in Nichols' Literary Anecdotes, Vol.

  25. It is possible that a similar structure has been overlooked or is invisible in other forms owing to their small size, and that there may be another type of nucleus--the diffuse nucleus--such as Schaudinn believed to be the case in B.

  26. Special thickenings of the diffuse nervous layer of the epidermis occur in certain regions and along certain lines.

  27. This, for example, is the case with the anthrax bacillus; although the effect of this organism in the living body indicates the production of toxins which diffuse for a distance around the bacteria.

  28. You are widely spread over the country, and the scene of your personal labors will furnish you with frequent opportunities to diffuse information upon the subject of temperance, and to advance its progress.

  29. The father of mischief has never been able to invent any thing that should diffuse more wide-spread and dreadful evils.

  30. One main object of the Woman's Bureau, as stated at the time of its organization, is to diffuse information among the ladies of our churches, as to our work in its various departments.

  31. But where we fail grievously is in our provision for average men; they are provided with feeble examinations in desultory and diffuse subjects, in which a high standard is not required.

  32. Some of the very first xylographic efforts were devoted to diffuse these Biblia Pauperum, and several editions appeared in the fifteenth and the beginning of the sixteenth century.

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