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Example sentences for "honeycomb"

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  1. The interior was curious for his honeycomb ceiling, deeply moulded in plaster, with the arms and alliances of the Rookwoods.

  2. It was lighted by a small oriel window, commanding a lovely view of the scenery around, and paneled with oak, richly wrought in ribs and groins; and from overhead depended a molded ceiling of honeycomb plaster-work.

  3. Honeycomb Immediately Agreed, That What He Had Said Was right; and that for his Part, he would not insist upon the Quarter which he had demanded for the Ladies.

  4. In some instances the crust, several lines in thickness, is the body of the calculus, and the cavity contains only a light honeycomb of mucus and pigment.

  5. There were green curtains, and honeycomb for breakfast.

  6. My impression is that this exquisite design was taken from snow on the hillsides, which is often fashioned by a strong wind into the honeycomb pattern.

  7. Arches filled with honeycomb decoration, either pure white or tastefully coloured and gilded, are among the architectural adornments which the Alhambra borrowed from Persia.

  8. A cloud of disturbed bees hung above, and he snatched it away quickly lest they should notice the honeycomb inside.

  9. That was the one which, after a while, began edging closer to where the honeycomb had fallen.

  10. He took another piece of honeycomb from his pack and tossed it to the ground where the hippogriff could reach it easily.

  11. When he dismounted the hippogriff took honeycomb from his hand.

  12. He lay in the cool shadow of the world's edge for a while, eating apples and honeycomb from his pack.

  13. He shared the last piece of honeycomb with his hippogriff and watched the sun sink still further.

  14. Among other species I observed large masses, not less then five feet in diameter, of Favosites Gothlandica, with its beautiful honeycomb structure well displayed.

  15. One of the most common forms is that of the Favosites, or honeycomb coral, presenting regular hexagonal cells with transverse floors or tabulae.

  16. Three bowls he brims with honeycomb To feast the bumble bees, Saying, 'O bees, be this your home, For grief is on the seas!

  17. Sweet wine in little cups they sipped, And golden honeycomb Into their bowls of cream they dipped, Whipt light and white as foam.

  18. If a few cakes of the Melipona's honeycomb are moved into the hollow of a tree, they always found there a new colony.

  19. Francis Huber relates that he saw bees propping up with pillars and flying buttresses of wax a piece of the honeycomb which had fallen down.

  20. We came presently to a little stone summerhouse or arbour, enclustered with leaves and flowers of ivy and convolvulus, wherein two great dishes of cherries stood and bowls of honeycomb and sillabub.

  21. I filled the water-keg with fresh water, put fruit and honeycomb and a pillow of leaves into the boat, proffered a trembling hand, and led her down.

  22. There is honeycomb here, and the fruit is plenteous.

  23. But the bees in the honeycomb were many and fierce, and it was only at the greatest risk that any one could catch the queen.

  24. It was in a queen bee, which was in a honeycomb on a tree.

  25. Will you give me that piece of the honeycomb that lies there?

  26. She made a second dart at the honeycomb and, in her effort to get it, she overset the beehive.

  27. That bit of honeycomb is for my mother's breakfast," said Susan; "I cannot give it you.

  28. These are called the paunch, the honeycomb stomach or bag, the manyplies and the abomasum.

  29. But in a very short time it will honeycomb a great beam of timber with its burrows, which it always lines with a kind of shelly deposit, weakening it to such a degree that at last it gives way beneath the slightest pressure.

  30. Eat honey, my son, because it is good, and the honeycomb most sweet to thy throat.

  31. For the lips of a harlot are like a honeycomb dropping, and her throat is smoother than oil.

  32. Pretty Marseilles spreads may be had for $3; cheaper ones in honeycomb follow the same designs.

  33. The doorway on that side forms the centre of a Saracenic fa├žade in which honeycomb vaultings, false niches, and a mosaic of black and pink stones have all been made to play a part.

  34. The western porch has an Arab niche with a deep honeycomb moulding from which the outer arch springs, and this moulding is continued in the form of imposts above the capitals of the columns.

  35. A Long Purse in Honeycomb Pattern (Netting) 13.

  36. The cap is worked in honeycomb netting, and the borders and rosette in plain netting.

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