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Example sentences for "fill"

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filio; filiorum; filios; filium; filius; filld; fille; filled; filler; fillers
  1. This sharpness and violence of desires more hinder than they advance the execution of what we undertake; fill us with impatience against slow or contrary events, and with heat and suspicion against those with whom we have to do.

  2. And they fill the air with a fragrance vital and voluptuous.

  3. Amidst these great green disks blossoms the flower, a nosegay of which would fill a farm-wagon.

  4. Fill up another bumper of this wine And wash down the word, else it will choke thee.

  5. Is it not thus the lowest of our sex, Led on by glitter to fill Satan's ranks, Fall, ne'er to rise again?

  6. He had hardly disappeared, when our host, suspecting nothing, re-appeared upon the scene, and proceeded to fill his churchwarden with some of his strongest tobacco.

  7. He locked himself within his room, and having collected together a few articles of clothing--enough to fill his valise, he threw himself into an arm-chair and gave himself up to meditation.

  8. To fill up the time in the interim, Professor Cyanite filled up a pipe of tobacco, and was about to light it.

  9. What a feather in the good doctor's cap it was when he saw the sallow, sunken face fill out, the rose of perfect health once more return to her cheek, the elasticity to her step, and the merry ring to her voice.

  10. And that is, I say, That when my daughter home arrives to-morrow, You fill not her head with foolish stories And antiquated superstitions.

  11. But to his wife's tender injunctions he turned a deaf ear, and continued to fill up again and again, and yet again, until he was perfectly mellow.

  12. First let her fill her mouth and clothe her back, Then indulge her own caprice at leisure.

  13. If these decrees were intended to fill the insurgents with gratitude, and to have the effect of halting the revolution, they fell far short of their mark.

  14. Whenever a vacancy occurs in the representation of any state, the executive thereof shall have power to fill such vacancy until the ensuing election.

  15. But, in order that passion should fill comedy with the breath of life, it was necessary that both sexes should walk the stage on an equal footing.

  16. Blossoms colored like the skies, Sunset-hued and tame or wild, Fill my soul with such surmise As the mind might realize If our thoughts, all undefiled, Should take form before our eyes.

  17. After this the small green pods appear, fill out, and ripen, and then the producer of seed reaps his harvest.

  18. They are not awe-struck by the superiority of the "clever folk from London," these outspoken men of the sea.

  19. He had to fill bowl after bowl of the foaming milk for the hungry children.

  20. When they had come into the little grove, Clara could not see her fill of those splendid trees that must have stood there so many, many years.

  21. But true shall be the word which hath gone forth from me-I will surely fill hell with Djinn and men together.

  22. In our revelation they believe not, yet take their fill of good things.

  23. Fill the measure, and be not of those who minish: Weigh with exact balance: And defraud not men in their substance, and do no wrong on the earth by deeds of licence; And fear Him who made you and the races of old.

  24. And unto this hath He created them; for the word of thy Lord shall be fulfilled, "I will wholly fill hell with Djinn and men.

  25. From thee will I surely fill Hell, and with such of them as shall follow thee, one and all.

  26. Thus doth He fill up the measure of His goodness towards you, that you may resign yourselves to Him.

  27. But as to those who return to their errors after "the guidance" hath been made plain to them, Satan shall beguile them, and fill them with his suggestions.

  28. Whoever of them shall follow thee, I will surely fill hell with you, one and all.

  29. If after we have given them their fill for years, That with which they are menaced come upon them at last, Of what avail will their enjoyments be to them?

  30. God desireth not to lay a burden upon you, but he desireth to purify you, and He would fill up the measure of His favour upon you, that ye may be grateful.

  31. But thou gavest them and their fathers their fill of good things, till they forgat the remembrance of thee, and became a lost people.

  32. See ye not that I fill the measure, and am the best of hosts?

  33. When the vine has attained its fifth year it is allowed to rest for a couple of years, and then the provining is resumed, the shoots being dispersed in any direction throughout the vineyard, so as to fill up vacancies.

  34. Blow off the froth and fill up again,--our customers don't like the jug half full of froth, I can assure you.

  35. Fill what you like; but drink what you fill!

  36. It had required but one drop more to fill it, and here it was.

  37. But he was just the man to fill this high office at this time; and as he had the most votes he took the of-fice of Pres-i-dent in 1861.

  38. He could force men to do as he said; the young men of that day looked up-on him with awe and fear, but rushed to fill his ranks and serve un-der him.

  39. On the contrary, if I only knew how to write a book (which none of those who read what I have written so far would be cruel enough to impute to me), I could fill a volume with adventures which not many sea-dogs could show a match to.

  40. The light wind was not enough to fill our sail, and we were forced to put out the oars and row.

  41. His boys are of flesh and blood, such as fill our public schools, such as brighten or "make hay" of the peace of our homes.

  42. So rest you, love, and be my love, That my enraptured blooming May fill your sight with tender light, Your wings with sweet perfuming.

  43. If the box is not filled full at once, it is well to have enough pieces of velvet cut to fill it, or else place cotton on top, so as to keep the layers of velvet from moving or shaking about.

  44. He quietly laid the fork aside, and, gathering an armful of hay, proceeded to fill Kitty's manger.

  45. These poor devils are just working to fill Beasley's pockets.

  46. The work, the new life she had chosen for herself, must fill every moment of her waking hours.

  47. There was a blank in her life, a blank of some hours, which, try as she would, she could not fill in.

  48. For three years I worked silently, joyfully, to fill the wonderful bottom drawer which never failed to inspire me with courage and hope.

  49. Maybe he'll chase up a few other rackets to fill in his time.

  50. He was the first who dared to fill a spacious facade with one composition without dividing it into compartments.

  51. Tintoretto attempted to fill the line of Michael Angelo with colour, without tracing its principle.

  52. How shall he fill the eye with the dew of humanity whose own never shed a tear for others?

  53. How came the name of an obscure Fleming to fill in a short period all Europe, every prince to solicit his pencil, every painter to submit to his dictates or those of his scholars?

  54. To dwell circumstantially on the crowd of artists that fill the biographic pages of this period, humiliating as mere nomenclature may appear, is below the dignity of an art, which, like poetry, admits not of mediocrity.

  55. Come," exclaimed Pierre, addressing the other in French, "fill your glass.

  56. If m'sieur will have the kindness to fill up this form which we have for the purpose, I will see that the file is brought," replied the man politely, handing him a dip of paper and a pen.

  57. Sure then is thy death," she answered, "for I saw the Eastland flood Break over the Burg of the Niblungs, and fill the hall with blood.

  58. Who shall fill the gold with the wine, or cry for the triumphing?

  59. With what horror that spectacle must fill every right-thinking man!

  60. And for this food that's waiting here, Now fill our hearts with faith and love; And bless our loved ones far and near, O God, our Father up above.

  61. Wash out the grounds and fill the empty cup.

  62. The King's appearance was most terrible, and his commands such as to fill one with awe.

  63. The Governor returned to Seoul to fill the office of Chief Justice, and the son came also.

  64. Conjecture alone can fill up the gap between the known and the unknown, traceable by crumbling monuments and suggestive ruins.

  65. Probably a cavern, which had been ages in forming below this spot, finally collapsed, and let the surface earth sink to fill the space it had so long occupied.

  66. Of this period the pages of history furnish a fair amount of truthful detail, but conjecture alone can fill the blank which precedes the arrival of this remarkable order at Malta.

  67. It is only then that the coercive aspect of capitalism, which is now partly latent and partly obscured by certain functions that it has still to fill in the development of society, will become visible to all eyes.

  68. Mr. Webb announced that the Fabians proposed to fill in this void.

  69. The fact that lends force to Lagardelle's argument is that the average workingman has a much more important, necessary, and continuous function to fill as a member of the labor unions than as a member of the Socialist parties.

  70. It promises to fill this function still more fully and vigorously in proportion as collectivist capitalism develops.

  71. You cannot even fill up his place in quantity, let alone quality.

  72. I can say that my eyes were never off that opening, and yet so quietly and glidingly did a lion fill it that I did not see him till he had come--the coming was a blank to me; he was looking at me.

  73. The noonday heat had stilled the earth of all distinguishable sounds, though the unbroken monotonous hum of insect life, the never-failing accompaniment of a piping hot day, seemed to fill and load the head and sultry air.

  74. If ever experienced, such a serenade can never be forgotten, for it is at once magnificent yet calculated to fill the soul with awe.

  75. She got up also and watched him fill his pipe with something of her former embarrassment.

  76. She scarcely noticed where she went, so completely did he fill her mind.

  77. They heard the rush of its waters--a solemn music that seemed to fill the world.

  78. That he had ceased to fill her world was a fact that she frankly admitted to herself just as she realized that she felt no bitterness towards this man who had so miserably failed her.

  79. He fought for a few seconds to fill his lungs.

  80. How had he kept himself from catching her to his heart in that moment, and holding her there while he drank his fill of the cup she had so shyly proffered?

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