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Example sentences for "endow"

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  1. Lord Viscount Goderich subscribes Two Guineas per year, which is invested in like manner on an Assurance on his life, and will ultimately Endow the Institute with 100l.

  2. I wonder who would sit on the sub-committee appointed by the British Government to endow literature.

  3. I wonder what would happen if an Act of Parliament were to endow genius!

  4. But where, “as in Tobah, religious motives endow the rulers with the position of a Pope in miniature, an entirely different phase is found.

  5. Plato and the followers of Karl Marx endow the State with omnipotence, making it the absolute lord over the citizen in all political and economic matters; while Plato even goes so far as to wish the State to regulate sexual relations.

  6. In England, a woman writes admirable tales to endow a bishopric in a distant land.

  7. If in England this right depends on a property qualification, then we claim that there the property qualification shall endow woman as well as man with the right of suffrage.

  8. Didn't she endow a library in the little village where she was born?

  9. She did endow a library, and she's interested in so many things of the kind that she could doubtless pull strings in all directions.

  10. Unlike most other philanthropists, he has not used his wealth to endow a great university, but has devoted it mainly to another branch of education, the establishment of free public libraries.

  11. William the Conqueror had planned the erection of the abbey on a vast scale, intending to endow it with sufficient land to maintain seven score monks.

  12. Endow the members of a community with equal properties, positions, powers, and they will forthwith begin to slide into inequalities.

  13. Heaven seemed to endow me with superhuman strength, whilst I was necessary to thee.

  14. But, in order to enforce the law, Rome must endow you with a legal title--if not that of King, deign to accept that of Dictator or of Consul.

  15. It is rather unfortunate for Joe that nature did not endow him with any bump of veneration, and that he is thus ready to embark on hazardous enterprises, in which he oftens comes to grief.

  16. To endow chairs and teachers, and to enable promising scholars to come and hear the latter was the complete organization of the higher education.

  17. Practically he proposes to endow mothers in the name of education.

  18. Nature cannot develop any being higher than herself, nor endow it with wants which she cannot supply.

  19. You cannot endow even the best machine with initiative; the jolliest steam-roller will not plant flowers.

  20. A man can manufacture a plough and operate it, but no amount of ploughs will create a man and endow him with skill.

  21. Royal Commission, Sir John Colborne, the Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada, had authority to create and endow rectories without further instructions.

  22. A miracle which would endow the family with fresh life: a miracle which would eternise the glorious name of Boccanera by enabling an innumerable posterity of valiant ones and faithful ones to spring from that young couple!

  23. Her heart was down below, and there was nothing there that she could not see, and hear, and smell, with such keenness of the senses did her love endow her.

  24. The Fairy breathed on her eyes, and the salve lost its efficacy, and could never more endow her eyes with their preternatural power.

  25. Such Popes as Sixtus IV and Innocent VIII had broken up the States of the Church that they might endow their children and their nephews.

  26. They can endow hospitals, colleges, normal schools, found libraries and establish lectures for the welfare of all.

  27. The merchants build mainly the churches, endow theological schools; they furnish the material sinews of the church.

  28. It is for this reason especially that it is inclined to endow true being with a logical, and not a psychological nor a physical existence.

  29. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "endow" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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