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  1. Our thought is still more variable than our sight; and all our other senses and faculties contribute to this change; nor is there any single power of the soul, which remains unalterably the same, perhaps for one moment.

  2. There is a very remarkable resemblance, which preserves itself amidst all their variety; and this resemblance must very much contribute to make us enter into the sentiments of others; and embrace them with facility and pleasure.

  3. We may observe, that there are two relations, and both of them resemblances, which contribute to our mistaking the succession of our interrupted perceptions for an identical object.

  4. For here the relations of kindred and contiguity both subsist; but not being united in the same persons, they contribute in a less degree to the sympathy.

  5. I leave the present subject, that this phaenomenon of the double sympathy, and its tendency to cause love, may contribute to the production of the kindness, which we naturally bear our relations and acquaintance.

  6. To this I would answer, that I readily allow, that this motive may contribute something to the effect; but at the same time I assert, that without another principle, it is impossible such a motive should take place.

  7. As publick praise and blame encrease our esteem for justice; so private education and instruction contribute to the same effect.

  8. From that day forward, nothing was omitted that might contribute to the advancement of his grandeur, and much more, when, upon Agrippa being discarded and banished, it was evident that the hope of succession rested upon him alone.

  9. And would it not allay the dissatisfaction of the regiment and contribute to the establishment of your authority if he gave it up?

  10. The dead were quickly despoiled, even the living were forced to contribute to the comfort of their conquerors.

  11. Sarmishtha answered, 'One must by all means contribute to the happiness of one's afflicted relatives.

  12. The Vasus then replied, 'We shall each contribute an eighth part of our respective energies.

  13. The President is not only desirous of peace, but he hopes for it, and he has adopted the methods which he thinks most likely to contribute toward peace.

  14. Now we want especially the help of those who can contribute to the increase of the munitions, the equipment, and the material of war.

  15. If a psychologist can contribute anything to the progress of mankind, he must, first of all, offer the advice not to rely on plans by which the attention is focused on the disasters which are to be avoided.

  16. Peter, the enchanting colour, the relief, and the harmony, contribute to render this chamber one of the most remarkable in Rome for its beautiful decorations.

  17. From this period we may date a favourable epoch for certain pictures of minor rank, which still add to the decoration of galleries and contribute to the fame of their authors.

  18. It is only necessary to possess them, to know how little they contribute to happiness, or rather how hostile they are to it.

  19. The transferring hither those manufactures, which contribute so much to draw our commerce to England, will have a great tendency to strengthen our connections with this country, and loosen them with that.

  20. I am afraid it will never be in my power to contribute any thing to the object of the institution.

  21. They have to live their own lives, and our part is to live in relation to them and contribute our assistance to their powers of becoming.

  22. The source of the Christian's life is not knowledge about God or even our historical remembrance of His incarnate life, although they contribute to it.

  23. Ministers also contribute to the prevalence of clericalism.

  24. Erikson, there are three strong developments which help him, but which also contribute to his crisis.

  25. He can speak of other wives without restraint--for she knows he has others--and her education has taught her that they deserve her respect in proportion as they contribute to her husband's happiness.

  26. Municipalities can contribute enormously to the fertility of the land around them.

  27. And undoubtedly a motive for invention is a part of the environment which does contribute to invention; but would such a motive be wanting in a Socialist society?

  28. It will also require them to produce, in addition, an amount necessary to contribute their share to the maintenance of the government.

  29. In some cases this work is rendered in a laudable desire to contribute to the common expense of the home.

  30. So a self-respecting young girl who desires to contribute to the expenses of the home, sets the rate of wages which drives her less fortunate sister to misery and crime, and thus becomes the unconscious instrument of her shame.

  31. Now, my dear friends, having pledged yourselves to contribute all in your power towards the pleasure of my venerable aunt, which of you will be her partner for the evening?

  32. At least," replied Tallyho, "I have been gratified by the view of some of the leading men who contribute to fill up the columns of your London Newspapers.

  33. She almost felt for the moment as if it would be worthy to grovel for such opium at the knees of an oleosaccharine priest and contribute to his support forever.

  34. It would be injustice to overlook them in the improvement of painting, in which design is of such importance; or to suppose that they did not signally contribute to its improvement.

  35. Creditors not wanting them released had to contribute to their maintenance in gaol.

  36. In 1773, clergymen were employed in gaols to alleviate the distress of prisoners and to contribute to morality and religion.

  37. Then Bridget would be of age shortly, when she would become entitled to an amount of property that, properly invested, would contribute largely to the wealth and power of the colony, as well as to those of its governor.

  38. There was his ship, too, well freighted with a hundred things, all of which would contribute to the comfort and well-being of the colonists!

  39. Sea-weed, offals, refuse stuff of all kinds, the remains of the deluge of fish that occurred the past year, and all the indescribable atoms that ever contribute to form soil in the neighbourhood of man.

  40. In short, our hermit had everything he actually required, and most things that could contribute to his living in great abundance.

  41. Hedges, beautiful in their luxuriance and flowers, divided the fields; and the buildings which contribute to the comforts of a population were to be found on every side.

  42. That same wind was just bound to contribute to the fire-laddies' troubles, if the conflagration managed to get a fair start, and other buildings chanced to be close to the one that was burning.

  43. Church ales would usually a good source of income; alehouses would be closed during the ceremonies and parishioners would contribute malt for the ale and grain, eggs, butter, cheese, and fruits.

  44. They were expected to contribute to the support of the sick and impoverished in their fellowship.

  45. In them, Robin Hood is pure outlaw and does not contribute money to the poor.

  46. It would be as profitless to assume to instruct an Egyptian desert sheikh upon the merits of a horse as to try to contribute information to the pearl-dealer of the East.

  47. The war cemented classes in Japan almost to a condition of homogeneity--practically every subject of the Mikado believed in the necessity for the conflict, and made sacrifices to contribute to the cost thereof.

  48. The lowlands, separating seacoast from the foothills, and the valleys generally, are given over to rice culture, and these contribute largely towards sustaining the people.

  49. They are attracted to teaching not by the pay but by the honor of being connected with an institution of learning, and by sincere desire to contribute something to the development of the work in which they are interested.

  50. A knowledge of the numerous ways in which plants and animals contribute to or interfere with human welfare.

  51. The geography and topography of ancient lands, anthropology and ethnology, archaeology and epigraphy contribute to its material.

  52. Duggan omits the treatment of primitive and oriental education (except Jewish), "which did not contribute directly to Western culture and education.

  53. In all courses in which no single suitable text is found the students are asked to contribute a small sum, from twenty-five to fifty cents, for the purpose of purchasing duplicates.

  54. Much of the instructor's time will be occupied in devising methods by which the students themselves will contribute to their own and their fellows' advancement.

  55. In addition to these the laws of growth and development must be studied, to understand what will contribute effectively to the child's normal unfoldment.

  56. What should the granting of these demands contribute to their lives?

  57. I always turned a deaf ear to these observations, thinking it an erroneous system, and that it was not likely to contribute to the good of the establishment.

  58. The records of all ancient prisons contribute their quota of similar legends, showing how the fugitive triumphed over difficulties seemingly insurmountable.

  59. Not an Englishman of them all ever spared America for courtesy's sake or kindness; nor, in my opinion, would it contribute in the least to our mutual advantage and comfort if we were to besmear one another all over with butter and honey.

  60. Time, tranquillity, and a secure and paternal government, may eventually produce the blending deemed so desirable, and railways would of course largely contribute to the same end, could they be made.

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