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  1. Daffodils the world has yet seen, and other names of clergymen honourably associated with Roses and Auriculas and Tulips and other good flowers, and all greatly to their bettering?

  2. In the old dining room, the solemn conclave of clergymen have cracked many a hard doctrine and many a merry jest, seated in the high-backed leather chairs which have stood for one hundred and twenty years around the old table.

  3. He called a council of the clergymen of the neighborhood to examine her.

  4. There was a large attendance of clergymen from various parts of New England.

  5. It is a curious fact that the clergymen of all Protestant denominations ride hard, and are not famous for keeping their horses in good condition.

  6. In short, the pulpit was perverted by both into the mean purposes of spite and malevolence, and every one catching a share of the infection, spoke of the clergymen as they were differently affected.

  7. Clergymen are not eligible as members of the Legislature.

  8. Its object is to assist the orphans and unmarried daughters of clergymen of the Church of England, and to afford temporary aid to their necessitous parents.

  9. At this juncture the Catholic clergymen appeared on the scene.

  10. It is this: The other Roman Catholic clergymen of Carrick did not then interfere.

  11. There no clergymen interfered--the people were left to act for themselves; but it must be admitted that the actual people never had an opportunity of proving their courage.

  12. It was this: the Roman Catholic clergymen had given unmitigated opposition to the Confederation.

  13. But, ere morning, the counsels of the clergymen prevailed so far as to introduce discussion and disunion; and next day he was abandoned by more than half his followers.

  14. We had interviews with clergymen and others, who discussed various projects of escape.

  15. Thus, all expression of public sentiment, as well as of amiable feeling, at this daring act against the worthiest and most benevolent clergymen of Mexico was effectually stifled.

  16. The colonists and clergymen who had already gone thither complained incessantly of their sufferings in consequence of the sterility of the coasts.

  17. Three or four hundred clergymen were present at the lecture.

  18. There were to be gentlemen and clergymen and teachers; so many farmers, so many carpenters, so many blacksmiths; every trade was to be represented so that everybody would have something to do, and there would be none too many of any one kind.

  19. George Selwyn was appointed to be Bishop of New Zealand; and he left England with a number of clergymen who settled in Auckland, Wellington, Nelson, and New Plymouth.

  20. He was sent out to be the chaplain to the convicts at Sydney, and his zeal, his faith in the work he had to do, and his roughly eloquent style, made him successful where more cultured clergymen would have failed.

  21. From its walls many promising young clergymen have come.

  22. At least two other clergymen refused Lichfield, and then the offer came round again to Selwyn.

  23. This American author observes, "There are few clergymen that can support their early popularity for a considerable time; and as soon as it declines, they must begin to think of providing elsewhere for themselves.

  24. But I do not pretend to decide the question, which has occasioned great animosities, and on some occasions, I am informed, the dismissal of clergymen from their churches.

  25. There are exceptions to this rule, it is true; because there are clergymen with talent enough to rise above these disadvantages, enforce respect, and maintain their standing, in spite of enemies.

  26. Clergymen in high station were not ashamed to adopt their expositions of Holy Writ from the Jews.

  27. Many knights and clergymen also warned him against being carried too far by his frankness.

  28. Dean Stanley was one of many clergymen present, and occupied a seat just in front of the lectern.

  29. The first who have been powerfully urged to study our message of peace and the credentials of our mission, were bishops, doctors of divinity and other clergymen of all parties and sects where I had opportunity to reach them.

  30. Far-sighted statesmen could point out the benefits to Ireland from such a connection, but as a rule it was the presence of actual foreign danger that forced the British Parliament to act.

  31. Long may this spirit of progress flourish and enlighten the generations that are yet to come!

  32. To-day scores of Church of England clergymen openly protest against, or groan in silence under the enforced subscription of Thirty-nine unbelievable Articles.

  33. We may fairly allege, that amongst thinking clergymen of the Church of England, heresy is the rule and not the exception.

  34. Northern clergymen tried to induce "silver tongued" Wendell Philips to abandon his advocacy of abolition.

  35. Church of England clergymen have in the past gone to great lengths in denouncing nonconformity; and even in the present day an effective sample of such denunciatory bigotry may be found in a sort of orthodox catechism written by the Rev.

  36. It is pleasant to find clergymen zealously repudiating their own creeds.

  37. When the Fugitive Slave Law was under discussion in North America, large numbers of clergymen of nearly every denomination were found ready to defend this infamous law.

  38. Church clergymen know how futile science is, and how potent prayers are, for vessels at sea.

  39. It may be questioned whether these views have not interfered with the sound training of certain young persons, sons of clergymen and others.

  40. He was a great favorite with the ladies, as clergymen are apt to be, and consequently never lacked for delicate and appetizing sustenance.

  41. The reaction roused by the unbelieving clergymen reached the Doctor's congregation, and emboldened all the sensible members to combine into an anti-miracle party.

  42. He took away with him a letter to Rowland, which was to introduce the brother, clergymen to each other.

  43. And, you know, clergymen are ath good ath any one in London.

  44. Those clergymen who are never to be seen without a Bible and hymn-book are the kind we want, for they have no time to farm.

  45. On the Sunday morning, Joseph drove the two young clergymen and us to Rahnstaedt.

  46. The Virginia legislature thought it necessary to pass special laws prohibiting these clergymen from drunkenness and riotous living.

  47. At the same time a friendly letter was sent to the bishops of England, urging them to secure, if possible, an act of Parliament whereby American clergymen might be ordained without taking the oaths of allegiance and supremacy.

  48. Clergymen come to know--indeed it is their duty to be acquainted with all sorts of people.

  49. Did not everybody know that very few clergymen really made their own sermons?

  50. I believe some clergymen think the only evil lies in detection.

  51. I USED to think all clergymen believed them, but I doubt it now more than ever, for Mr. Wingfold speaks so differently and looks so different.

  52. I do not blame any individual," he continued, "but the system by which clergymen are educated.

  53. I know that clergymen are busy persons, and I am passing it, if you are pressed for time.

  54. Many clergymen refrain from preaching them, I sometimes think, because they are afraid people won't like them.

  55. I've often wondered what clergymen would say about it, if they were frank--only I never see any clergymen.

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