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  1. When the soap-kettle was carried for the last time into the backyard to rust away forever in the weeds behind the barn, the New Era believed itself safe in the dining-room and made up its mind to stay there.

  2. As a final treat Miss Moore carried me to New York where we met some lovely people and spent two days full of interest and sight-seeing.

  3. Thus is recorded the general plan of the American housework system as it is carried on to-day.

  4. The answer is this: some kind of music he must have in his solitary life, and the flute is the instrument that can be carried in the pocket.

  5. We may find also the inlet of power by which many other household processes as well as such branches of the farming business as are carried on in the house, are turned from unbearable drudgery almost into play.

  6. One may say that all business is carried on by men in order that the home--which means the wife and the children--may be sustained and that its happiness and its outlook to the future may be made to prosper.

  7. It is claimed that suffrage was carried in the Northwestern States by the weight of the women of the agricultural regions; they had been trained to the new point of view by their position in the farmstead.

  8. There are an almost infinite number of different things needed to accomplish the different processes that have to be carried on in this workshop.

  9. They always carried a fair panache, or plume of feathers, of the colour of their muff, bravely adorned and tricked out with glistering spangles of gold.

  10. And when Gargantua whiffed the great draught, they thought to have been drowned in his mouth, and the flood of wine had almost carried them away into the gulf of his stomach.

  11. How Gargantua was carried eleven months in his mother's belly.

  12. In France you have a taste of them in the device or impresa of my Lord Admiral, which was carried before that time by Octavian Augustus.

  13. The wood was carried by the porters, the masters of arts carried the sausages and the dishes, and Master Janotus himself would carry the cloth.

  14. Torrentem pertransivit anima nostra; when the stream of his water carried us to the thicket.

  15. How the Sophister carried away his cloth, and how he had a suit in law against the other masters.

  16. I will go then, said he, and piss away my misfortune; which he did do in such a copious measure, that the urine taking away the feet from the pilgrims, they were carried along with the stream unto the bank of a tuft of trees.

  17. This clearly shows that the craft owed its first improvement in the thirteenth century to the Humble Friars, and was carried to perfection in the fifteenth century by the introduction of English woollens.

  18. We have already observed that these are carried so far as to make one member responsible for another's debts, and even for his delicts: this is a law to which we shall have more than once to return and give our attention.

  19. Conradin the Salic carried out the scheme more completely, by favouring even the minor feudatories and making benefices hereditary.

  20. His head was carried round the field on the point of a spear.

  21. Nevertheless, for many years afterwards the silk trade was carried on by importing the raw material from the East.

  22. Under what conditions and amid what difficulties these researches were begun and carried forward has been already plainly told in my preface to the Italian edition.

  23. This movement much resembled that carried on about the same time by the Patarini in Milan against the simony of the archbishop.

  24. This task is now being carried on by Signor Salvemini, and I hope that he may make some new and profitable discovery.

  25. For, although the Defensor disappears later on, and his office is deputed to the Captain, this change only occurred when the government of the Republic was actually carried on by the guilds.

  26. Its author afterwards carried it down to a few years later, with an introduction treating of the times anterior to the Roman Empire.

  27. He was then marked, and a platoon ordered to advance and fire into the tree, which order was immediately carried into execution, and the rifleman fell to the ground dead.

  28. Hudson remained for a month, pursuing his explorations of the river which has since carried his name, and then set sail for Holland.

  29. Such acts encouraged them greatly in their labors, and led them to suppose that the war was being carried on by a few zealous but hot-headed fanatics, who desired to enrich themselves by a continuance of the rebellion.

  30. Possibly there is no occasion to offer apology for those passages in the body of the work, and particularly in the last chapter on modern Brooklyn, in which the editor has carried the narrative beyond the date of Mr. Ostrander's death.

  31. When Rapalje removed to England, he carried with him the town records.

  32. The court also refused to allow the hangman to execute the order, and it was carried into effect by a negro slave, hired for the purpose.

  33. An officer took possession of the document and carried it to the City Hall.

  34. Lee was succeeded by General Lord Stirling, who vigilantly carried on the work initiated by his predecessor.

  35. For more than fifty generations the church has carried the black flag.

  36. He carried to the invisible world a flag of truce, a protest and a request.

  37. They, to a great extent, were carried away by hatred, and a desire to destroy.

  38. The man picked up the paw, put it in his pocket and carried it home.

  39. Cosmas, in the sixth century, taught that the stars were impelled by angels, who either carried them on their shoulders, rolled them in front of them, or drew them after.

  40. These gentlemen accounted for the red on the breasts of robins, from the fact that these birds carried water to unbaptized infants in hell.

  41. They believed this, because they knew that Christ had been carried by the devil in the same manner and placed on a pinnacle of the temple.

  42. We are taught that liberty of speech should never be carried to the extent of contradicting the dead witnesses of a popular superstition.

  43. The prophet Habakkuk had been transported by a spirit from Judea to Babylon; and Philip, the evangelist, had been the object of a similar miracle; and in the same way Saint Paul had been carried in the body into the third heaven.

  44. The little flags of truce carried by timid philosophers will disappear, and the cowardly parley will give place to victory--lasting and universal.

  45. The wind carried the flames somewhat away from his body, so that he slowly roasted for hours.

  46. In one hand it has carried the alms-dish and in the other a sword.

  47. They are the Titans who carried Olympus by assault, and who will soon stand victors upon Sinai's crags.

  48. A canonist of the eighteenth century says that the resignation carried with it one third of the income.

  49. In the schools where the number of pupils is limited, this culture, carried still farther, becomes intense and constant.

  50. He carried them in his brain where they fell into order of themselves.

  51. It was a want, a mania, a pleasure carried to such an extent that if she said she had the day before walked on the right side of a road, one might know she had taken the left.

  52. But at Whitsuntide she ran away from Yonville, carried off by Theodore, stealing all that was left of the wardrobe.

  53. She fainted, and they carried her to the window.

  54. Her musical but weak voice died away along the waves, and the winds carried off the trills that Leon heard pass like the flapping of wings about him.

  55. Then the sun reappeared, the hens clucked, sparrows shook their wings in the damp thickets, and the pools of water on the gravel as they flowed away carried off the pink flowers of an acacia.

  56. Then, carried away as by a rushing torrent, she soon began to recall the day before.

  57. Emma, in fact, was showing herself more docile, and even carried her deference so far as to ask for a recipe for pickling gherkins.

  58. He fetched three stools from the round table under the bust of the monarch, and having carried them to one of the windows, they sat down by each other.

  59. For one does not struggle against Heaven; one cannot resist the smile of angels; one is carried away by that which is beautiful, charming, adorable.

  60. And at this name, that carried her back to the memory of her adulteries and her calamities, Madame Bovary turned away her head, as at the loathing of another bitterer poison that rose to her mouth.

  61. I carried the gun all day on my two feet, and many a stitch I had, and chewed a bullet for.

  62. The Anarchists think otherwise, from which it is only plain that they have not carried to the study of history the lamp of human sympathy.

  63. But if Socialism were carried out with any fulness, there would be more contraventions.

  64. The challenge had been fairly offered and basely refused: the tale would be carried all over the country, and the lustre of the name of Heathercat be dimmed.

  65. It is impossible to deny to it rapidity, spirit, and a full sound; the lines are never lame, and the sense is carried forward with an uninterrupted, impetuous rush.

  66. Carried to Another Place,' the artist enigmatically names his plate--a terrible design.

  67. The other was carried by an aged beggar man of that district, known and welcome for some twenty miles about under the name of 'Old Cumberland.

  68. Then he perceived that in order to account for their number each of them carried some article.

  69. V Sir Eustace and his brother carried out their programme.

  70. About half an hour afterwards he came out of the place followed by Ivana, who carried Tabitha in her strong arms; Tabitha was very weak, but smiling, and with the colour returning to her cheeks.

  71. One of these notes--it is contained in a book much soiled and worn that evidently its owner had carried about with him for years--reminds me of a conversation that I had with Mr. Quatermain long ago when I was his guest in Yorkshire.

  72. In front of their lines was a little withered old fellow who carried neither shield nor spear, but only a black rod to which was bound the tail of a wildebeeste.

  73. I was carried to a large chamber, dumped on the floor and left.

  74. Darting to the side of the cave he carried his companion with him.

  75. They carried sharp steel-pronged spears, and it was apparent that their intentions were not friendly.

  76. The gas guns were long straight tubes that carried repeated shots of chloroform, and by the time the twenty guns had fired one shot each the twelve ramphs had dropped their heads.

  77. They carried him back into the cave, moved the supplies quickly, and closed up the cave with heavy boulders.

  78. Thousands of dollars in liquid air, saltpeter, and chemicals were carried off in two enormous airplanes, dim shadowy things that stretched out two thousand feet in length.

  79. By this time the struggle had carried all of them back into the darkness, and they were hammering away at each other in the gloom.

  80. The act caused him to topple over although it carried him nearer the goal.

  81. They lifted the girl in their arms, and carried her aboard a large airship.

  82. In their long feelers, extending from their mouths were strong wire cutters, and in their front arms they carried rifles and spears.

  83. But as they departed they carried with them a number of colonists as prisoners.

  84. Then they discovered him while we were at the Aerolite, and have taken him to the northern range of hills—where they carried Toplinsky.

  85. Toplinsky has been carried off by the huge moon monsters of insect creation, and we are not able to contend with what may come up.

  86. There was a finality about her words that carried conviction.

  87. In this condition we were carried to the chamber where you found us, and shortly after we were thrown on the floor Toplinsky was brought in.

  88. The small and immaterial lights, catching the edges of objects carried into the shadow, are of the greatest usefulness in giving depth and intensity to it, while they assist the work by carrying the communicating medium through it.

  89. The high light on the wall is repeated on the linen, carried across by the figure in the gallery, and brought down by the figure and flowers in the foreground.

  90. Tom was so far carried away by his frenzy, that he gave her a little shake in his impatience.

  91. It very often happens like that when self-devotion is carried too far.

  92. Lucilla carried honesty very far, but she could not go as far as that.

  93. But though he did not do that, he carried it home with him, as he trotted back to the Firs to dinner.

  94. Miss Marjoribanks was quite carried away for the moment by this flood of sorrowful eloquence.

  95. Lucilla, perhaps, with a view to this discussion, had put on green ribbons on the white dress which she always wore in the evening, and her tawny curls and fresh complexion carried off triumphantly that difficult colour.

  96. And thus it was in the interests of Lucilla, notwithstanding that ladies are not eligible for election under such circumstances, that Mrs Chiley carried on a quiet little canvass for the future M.

  97. She carried this principle so far, that even when Aunt Jemima was herself led to open the subject, in a hesitating way, Miss Marjoribanks never even asked a single question about Tom's last letter.

  98. Mr Centum, on the contrary, was one of the men who talk about vintages, and raise expectations never to be carried out.

  99. A score of strong men, mostly young, were with them in four boats, and they carried an ample supply of arms and ammunition.

  100. The front of the Indian mass was blown away, but the others were carried on by the impetus of their charge, and a confused, deadly struggle took place once more, now among the logs.

  101. Lajeunais carried his rifle on one shoulder and a pack of furs on the other.

  102. Henry did not notice until then that Long Jim carried an extra rifle.

  103. He talked quite freely of the great expedition of Bird and of the cannon that he carried with him.

  104. The war that they had carried so often to the white settlements in Kentucky was now brought to them.

  105. But the renegade, with a sort of frightened fascination, watched the water pulling at the body of his slain comrade, until it was carried away by the current and floated out of sight.

  106. The fleeing boat carried many supplies which weighed her down to a certain extent, but the pursuing boats carried nothing except the pursuers themselves.

  107. Paul carried in his hands a rifle that he had just reloaded.

  108. The boat carried four pairs of oars, but only one man rowed, and he merely pulled on an oar from time to time to give direction, while the current did the work.

  109. It carried a battery of large cannon, and plenty of white gunners to man them.

  110. They were all armed with improved rifles, and every man carried a tomahawk and hunting knife.

  111. Two of the canoes carried sails which indicated to Henry the presence of renegades.

  112. John then made a pivot of one leg and whirled himself around, swinging the woodchuck in the air, until he shook him off; but in his departure the woodchuck carried away a large piece of John's summer trousers-leg.

  113. While the Professor consulted the blacksmith about a loose shoe, the Friend carried his weariness of life without provisions up to a white house on the hill, and negotiated for boiled milk.

  114. A ride of twenty miles next day carried us to Union.

  115. There was another notion that I had about kindling the kitchen fire, that I never carried out.

  116. The industry carried on at the moment at the Widow Sherrill's was the artificial drying of apples for the market.

  117. John usually carried a sling in his hand, or a bow, or a limber stick, sharp at one end, from which he could sling apples a great distance.

  118. Then came the loud ringing of a bell, mingled with the noise of fire-arms, the shouts of men, and the sensation of being carried over uneven ground at a rapid pace.

  119. With that he took me down, and tied the placard on my shoulders, and wherever I went afterwards I carried it.

  120. I was so tired and sleepy by that time that Joe took me on his back and carried me home, and when we arrived there I was fast asleep.

  121. Nancy was such a ragged object that she found it difficult to have her name carried up to Rose Maylie, but at length she succeeded, and was ushered into the sweet young lady's presence, where she quickly related what she had come to tell.

  122. If the blackamoor was to be washed white, the washing must be carried out at all times, at all seasons, and in every possible manner, till the world should begin to see that the blackness was going out of the skin.

  123. His business was carried on with a small capital borrowed from a firm of low attorneys, who were the real holders of the bills he carried, and the profits which they allowed him to make were very trifling.

  124. Then she rose from her seat and flashed into wrath, carried on by the spirit of her own words.

  125. There was partridge-shooting for four days; not good shooting, but work which carried the men far from home, and enabled Sir Harry to look after his cousin.

  126. We went and made our Christmas purchases and returned after an absence of three days, each of us staggering under the weight of a heavily-laden sack which we carried slung over our backs, from the train into the bunk house.

  127. Only a few minutes had elapsed, when to our surprise, the foreman called us to the door and commanded us to follow him, Mrs. McDonald and Donald, who carried the two crosses we had made for his mother.

  128. When all had been made ready to explode the charge, they carried the satchels with their tools out of the store and placed them in the buggy and made everything ready for an instant escape.

  129. You see, she probably thinks that was carried off, as well as Dolly.

  130. It was plain that the gypsy had carried poor Dolly away with him, and that, moreover, he had muffled her one cry for help.

  131. He came to our camp and carried my friend away.

  132. Bessie, lying on a cot that had been brought from Eleanor's tent, watched Dolly being carried off in the litter that had been hastily improvised, and Eleanor sat beside her.

  133. But it was as good as a long letter, for the cloth was from Dolly's dress, and it was plain and unmistakable evidence that her chum had been carried along this trail.

  134. Behind each tent a trench had been dug, so that, in case of rain, the water flowing down from the high ground in the rear would be diverted and carried down into the lake.

  135. So, as they made their way down the trail, Bessie told her of all that had happened since her rude awakening at the camp fire, just after the gypsy had carried Dolly off.

  136. I was carried a good part of the way and she tramped all around with that wretched little Lolla, when she thought Lolla wanted to help her get me away.

  137. He carried Dolly off all right; this is Dolly Ransom, you know.

  138. That gypsy girl we saw is near, but the man who carried you off is going to send another man to watch, and if I let you go now we'd only meet him, and be in more trouble than ever.

  139. But every wait comes to an end at last, and finally Bessie was able to go back a little way, before the other trails began to branch off, and bending over, to try to pick out the footprints of the man who had carried Dolly off.

  140. McConnell has carried on mixed farming for twelve years keeping a few cattle and some hogs; makes a dollar a bushel out of his barley by feeding it.

  141. Hop culture is carried on in the Okanagan, Agassiz, and Chilliwak districts.

  142. The dissemination of exact scientific knowledge is carried on by farmers' institutes, stock-judging schools, seed fairs and travelling dairies.

  143. Occurrences of copper, gold, silver, and lead ores are widespread, and mining is being carried on in those districts convenient to transportation facilities.

  144. In the neighbourhood of Moose Jaw mixed farming and grain raising are carried on with success.

  145. At the Live Stock Show in Chicago in 1913, the Province carried off high premiums.

  146. Mr. Paul Gerlach of Allan, Saskatchewan, had 71 pounds per bushel, and carried off the honours at the International Dry Farming Congress at Tulsa last November.

  147. In the north, furs are secured for the world's markets and fishing is carried on extensively.

  148. In British Columbia fruit growing of all kinds is carried on very extensively and successfully.

  149. When he carried off a tooth-relic of the Buddha from Kashmir, his procession back to his capital was attended by a large number of tributary kings.

  150. At any rate, it was in this language that the Buddhist Law was carried (probably by Mahendra) into Ceylon, and the whole Canon is thought by some to have been handed down orally till it was written down there about 85 B.

  151. Next it was seized by the Portuguese and carried off to Goa.

  152. In Ceylon the bodies of monks are all burnt, and the cremation ceremonies are carried out under decorated arches or canopies, which are never removed, but left to crumble away.

  153. Buddhism in Tibet was chiefly carried on by the two princesses, wives of King Srong Tsan Gampo, called Dolkar and Doljang.

  154. But the parallel between the Buddha and Muhammad cannot be carried on much further.

  155. Clearly we have in their condition an example of the fact that even moral restraint, if carried to the extreme of extinguishing all the natural affections and desires, must inevitably be followed by a Nemesis.

  156. Then they carried a kind of knapsack or wallet of goat-skin behind their backs, and in their hands a sort of sacred drum or tabour called [D.

  157. Furthermore, it is undeniable that such ideas were, in some countries, carried to the most extravagant extremes.

  158. The manner in which the Avatara doctrine is carried into practice has varied at different times.

  159. Mahinda (Mahendra), the king's son, who carried the doctrine into Ceylon.

  160. Been in swimming at the old swimming hole," said the boy, as he finished buttoning his shirt, and sat down to put on his shoes and stockings, which he had carried in his hat.

  161. Them big china blue eyes of hers is steady and calm, her perky chin is carried well up, and in one corner of her mouth she's displayin' that quirky smile he'd described to me.

  162. I'd woke up to the fact that I was bein' carried along by the Corrugated as a sort of misfit inner tube stowed in the bottom of the tool-box, and that it was up to me to make good.

  163. Or it may be supposed that they are carried along by some current in space, although it would be exceedingly difficult, in the present state of our knowledge, to explain the nature of such a current.

  164. Once it was the subject of an elaborate series of studies which carried the observer all round the world.

  165. The telescope carried us far, photography is carrying us still farther; but what as yet unimagined instrument will take us to the bottom, the top, and the end?

  166. In the ala each troop had its own flag carried by the signifer turmae, but there seems also to have been a regimental standard, the bearer of which was known as the vexillarius alae.

  167. The horse archers, if one may judge by a soldier of the Ala I Augusta Ituraeorum represented on a Danubian relief, carried no shield, and possibly no body armour, and wore a leather cap in place of a helmet.

  168. In addition to this service uniform there was, as Arrian’s description shows, a sort of parade uniform in which the mail shirts were replaced by brightly coloured tunics, and lighter shields and spears were carried than those used in war.

  169. Winding a blanket round her neck for use in case Mrs. Walford was unable to climb back to the car, Bertha began to creep out slowly from the door of the car down on to the ties which carried the rails across the void.

  170. Then Mrs. Smith, with real neighbourly kindness, drove over from Blow End and carried off the five children, a huge relief to Bertha, as with two threshing machines at work it was extraordinarily difficult to keep the children out of danger.

  171. Tom Ellis had fitted up a bench and a table on the veranda, and here the washing of dishes and the washing of clothes, with many other similar activities, could be carried on—which lessened the work in no small degree.

  172. Why, when I was a child I was always wishing that I had lived about a hundred years ago, so that I could have been carried off by Micmacs or had adventures of sorts.

  173. Inside the house Eunice and Bertha, with some help from Tom, carried Grace and laid her on her bed, then, sending him away, Eunice removed the garments one by one and anxiously searched for possible injuries.

  174. There is no car on the bridge,” said Mike, as they came in sight of the towering trestles which carried the railway track across the Wastover river.

  175. All carried bags and when Piper went towards them they ran with great speed across the vast open plains to the southward.

  176. They were grave and important-looking old men, and each carried a light.

  177. After travelling fifteen miles one of them rode by Woods, who carried the theodolite, knocked up when we were far from the Lachlan.

  178. He carried his head high for (as he now found) everybody knew him and not a few gave him money.

  179. That water sometimes flowed into these caverns was evident from pieces of decayed trees which had been carried downwards by it to a considerable depth.

  180. She of Wando carried this bag fastened to her back, having under it two circular mats of the same material, and beneath all a kangaroo cloak, so that her back at least was sufficiently clothed, although she wore no dress in front.

  181. The bag usually carried by gins was neatly wove in basketwork and composed of a wiry kind of rush.

  182. The quickness of apprehension of those in the interior was very remarkable, for nothing in all the complicated adaptations we carried with us either surprised or puzzled them.

  183. They kept at a considerable distance; but I perceived through my glass that the fellow with the cloak carried a heavy bundle of spears before him.

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