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chorusing; chorussed; chorussing; chos; chose; choses; chosin; chosyn; chota; chough
  1. But, my dear Cleek, that you should have chosen to stop at home and read about that particular affair!

  2. Young Henri was chosen to put his head into Nero's mouth, and did so without fear or hesitation.

  3. The series of local honours conferred upon him ended with his being chosen head-alderman in 1571; which office also he held a year.

  4. The same year, 1561, he was chosen one of the chamberlains of the borough, a very responsible office, which he held two years.

  5. She tried to keep in one direction and not circle around, but she was not at all sure that the direction she had chosen would lead her to the camp.

  6. The Chief of the Whimsies had as little wisdom as the others, and had been chosen chief merely because none among them was any wiser or more capable of ruling.

  7. On the same evening De Levi returned from the projected expedition against the Mohawks, bringing with him four hundred chosen men.

  8. John Johnson was chosen a justice of the peace.

  9. Soon after this affair lord Cornwallis ordered a detachment of four hundred chosen men of the 76th to be mounted on such horses as could be procured and act with the cavalry.

  10. He found Colonel Darling alone and brooding in his chosen corner, a tall glass of Scotch and soda at his right hand.

  11. When he was gone Nina shut herself up in what Kneedrock had chosen to call his "office.

  12. Now, my Lords, here is what I ask of you, and it will show how much I would have depended upon you had I been chosen to the position at first proposed to me.

  13. Then," said the Archbishop of Mayence, rising to his feet and speaking with great solemnity, "you are chosen as the future Emperor of our land.

  14. You are permitted to take with you two waiting-women, chosen by yourself from your own household, but all communication with the outside world is forbidden.

  15. She would, however, exhibit this document to any ecclesiastical committee her correspondent might appoint, and the members of the committee so chosen should be men well acquainted with the late Archbishop's writing and signature.

  16. Is it certain that this dissolute young man will be chosen Emperor?

  17. The Abbot rose to his feet, and in a few well-chosen words complimented the nobleman on the sacrifice he made, predicting that it would redound greatly to his spiritual welfare.

  18. What irony of destiny had chosen this hour of the consummation of their love to put them asunder?

  19. There can be no friendship in war," he said quietly; "this man has chosen to be the enemy of France.

  20. When he remembered that another ten days must pass before they left the chalet, he was even tempted to wish that he had chosen a city for his holiday.

  21. He was aware that half his men lay dead on the slopes behind him; he understood that General Michel's great attack had failed and that the chosen cavalry of France had been annihilated that day.

  22. It is hoped, however, that the sayings chosen will be found fairly representative of what painters and sculptors, typical of their race and time, have said about the various aspects of their work.

  23. But this part of the story did not please Ned, and he said he did not like her a bit better for having chosen her own school.

  24. He was working at the clustered columns about the window Biddy had chosen for her stained glass, and she did not take her eyes off him.

  25. She did not know why she had chosen that colour, but the agent told her that she was quite right; blue signified chastity; and when the German had gone she sat thinking of the Virgin and her cloak.

  26. For it was her daughter that the priest had chosen to play the part of Good Deeds in the miracle play.

  27. Their power was great; for besides that the Sultans were chosen out of their body, they disposed of the most important offices of the kingdom.

  28. Then we saw that as the Prince's Life had been written in my study there, Her Majesty had chosen that day for her visit--surely a very delicately imagined tribute to the author.

  29. It had not occurred to us why the Queen had chosen that day, the 26th of August, for the visit.

  30. How came you to be chosen to write the Life of the Prince Consort?

  31. My personal introduction to Queen Victoria was due to the circumstance of my being chosen by Her Majesty to be the biographer of the Prince Consort.

  32. The Queen had chosen for the ceremony the Prince Consort's working room, where all my conferences with her on the subject of the Life had taken place.

  33. But until now life had chosen to confront him with no problem more pressing than one of cricket or hunting.

  34. I do not believe that the reader who enjoys the poetry of the mind will find these allegories specially esoteric, but I may commend them frankly for their story value, irrespective of the symbols which the author has chosen to attach to them.

  35. The stories, which are included in this Roll of Honor have been chosen from the stories published in about sixty-five American periodicals during 1917.

  36. His short stories have the same flavor of belated Victorianism that one enjoys in the novels of William De Morgan, and he is equally noteworthy in his chosen field.

  37. But this selection has been admirably chosen with a view to making the range as wide as possible, and I can only hope that it will serve to influence some of our younger writers toward a greater descriptive and emotional economy.

  38. Indeed Matthews asked himself more than once why he had chosen so doubtful a road to Dizful, when he might so much more easily have ridden there, and at night.

  39. Chosen by Gaelic League in 1912 to write for American newspapers a series of articles on the Irish situation.

  40. Once I marvelled that a just God could order his chosen people to exterminate any race.

  41. Ben Gillam had been chosen to bring the pirate ship north because his father, of the Hudson's Bay Company, could screen him from English spies.

  42. Summon no more the Muses, the Graces, Since here by my side they have chosen their places!

  43. But to be chosen His own from all, the most his own of all, To be exalted with him, side by side, Lead the exulting Druses, meet .

  44. Therefore thou must not turn from me As I had chosen the other part!

  45. I have done such things, Being the chosen man that should destroy The traitor.

  46. Do I need acquaint "The Chosen how self-sacrifice ensures Tenfold requital?

  47. And every country, and every city, sent their chosen young men armed after them, and they pursued them with the edge of the sword until they came to the extremities of their confines.

  48. And from all the cities he took auxiliaries valiant men, and chosen for war, 3:9.

  49. She looked as a hyaena might when creeping to seize its prey, and Ani felt a cold shiver and he heard her hoarse voice addressing him to greet him and to represent that he had chosen a strange hour for requiring her to speak with him.

  50. The English drama will always have immortal longings and aspirations, though we may not be chosen to satisfy them.

  51. This indulgent theory, this easy-going attitude, finds expression in a pretty apologue, explanatory of the title chosen by Labiche.

  52. The volumes thus chosen to beguile the imperial leisure between Paris and Mayence contained the famous correspondence of Madame du Deffand with Horace Walpole.

  53. LemaƮtre has chosen to devote the greater part of a volume to the discussion of his characters shows clearly enough that Racine's portrayal of human nature has lost nothing of its freshness and vitality with the passage of time.

  54. Certainly the situation that she had chosen was sublime.

  55. But who, in an age in which the reason has chosen its proper bounds, would be mad enough to break the partition that divides him from the boa and the lion,--to repine at and rebel against the law which confines the shark to the great deep?

  56. Is he in truth one of the chosen seers whom you allow to have mastered the mysteries I yearn to fathom?

  57. She was at last grieved and scandalised that Viola had not selected one chosen cavalier.

  58. And in groping into such possibilities this, above all others, was the comrade he would have chosen to have at his side.

  59. The king had probably ordered that one or two of the Ba-gcatya girls should be allotted to him--possibly chosen from those in attendance upon the royal wives.

  60. It's a pity--" She was going to say that it was a pity that Charley had not chosen some one who would not be a source of humiliation to him, but she could not complete the sentence.

  61. Mr. Pendleton has a brilliant future before him in his chosen path.

  62. The theme chosen by the Marquis makes his story attractive to Americans.

  63. But if I can comfort and strengthen those chosen ones who have these gifts, it is enough.

  64. It was unlucky that he should have chosen for the time of beginning his experiment the very evening of the day on which she had heard Mrs. Frankland.

  65. His translations appear too much the offspring of haste and hunger: even his fables are ill-chosen tales, conveyed in an incorrect, though spirited versification.

  66. The English convention was assembled; and it immediately appeared, that the house of commons, both from the prevailing humor of the people, and from the influence of present authority, were mostly chosen from among the whig party.

  67. A parliament was assembled at Dublin; and as the lower house was almost entirely chosen by the soldiers and adventurers, who still kept possession, it was extremely favorable to that interest.

  68. This term was too late for granting supplies, or making preparations for war; and could be chosen by the king for no other reason, than as an atonement to France for his consent to the marriage.

  69. Dante Rossetti suppressed one of the best of his sonnets, a sonnet chosen for admiration by Tennyson, himself extremely sensitive about the moral effect of poetry; suppressed it, I believe, because it was called fleshly.

  70. At the breaking up of the council, it was decided that Pondiac, with sixty chosen men, should go to the Fort to ask for a grand council from the English commander, and that they should have arms concealed under their blankets.

  71. The renegade of civilization caught the habits and imbibed the prejudices of his chosen associates.

  72. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "chosen" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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