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  1. By day direct unto death all that disquiets me.

  2. A similar rite is found at the present day among many barbarous tribes in different parts of the world, and distinguishes not only the Jew but the Mohammedan as well.

  3. Of that day I reached the evening, the day which I watched for with fear.

  4. It was even called by the same name of Sabbath, a word which is defined in an Assyrian text as "a day of rest for the heart," while the Accadian equivalent is explained to mean "a day of completion of labour.

  5. The seventh day when it approached the storm subsided, the flood which had fought against (men) like an armed host was quieted.

  6. On the 14th day (of the month) the garrison of Sippara was taken without fighting.

  7. The first Sabbath was the first day of a month, whatever might be the length of the month that preceded it.

  8. Just, however, as the writing of two persons at the present day must differ, so also the writing of two nations like the Moabites and Jews must have differed to some extent.

  9. At all events, we learn that the seventh day was observed as a day of rest among the Babylonians, as it was among the Jews.

  10. On the 3rd day of Marchesvan (October), Cyrus entered Babylon.

  11. It is no wonder, therefore, that the Babylonians were acquainted with a week of seven days, each day of which was dedicated to one of the seven planets; it was the space of time naturally marked out by the four quarters of the moon.

  12. On the following day we killed a Cuban officer and another man.

  13. No ship could enter or leave the harbor, and every day brought new prizes to the vessels of the blockading squadron.

  14. I overdid the business a little, rode to the rear twice that day and back, and then walked after they shot my mule.

  15. Earlier in the same day the torpedo boat Foote, in command of Lieutenant W.

  16. At a low estimate I must have passed on that day 2,000 souls, including men, women and children and naked infants.

  17. And never until the last day of his stay in Havana when all diplomatic relations were severed, did the Spanish authorities in that city omit any of the forms of courtesy.

  18. A5" had been in use that day and "A16" was full of new river coal.

  19. What is more remarkable is the fact that Maceo told the correspondent beforehand that the bread would be sent, as the Spaniards had been so frightened by Bandera on the previous day that they did not want to invite another attack.

  20. The signatures and seals were formally attached, Secretary Day signing one copy in advance of M.

  21. As Lord Mayor's Day is just approaching, perhaps some of the visiters of Gog and Magog on that occasion may decide this matter.

  22. Day after day we think what she is doing In those bright realms of air; Year after year, her tender steps pursuing, Behold her grown more fair.

  23. During the remainder of that day and the next two, the language, the statements, and the principles of the paper were closely scanned.

  24. The day was that which commemorated the giving of the law on Mount Sinai.

  25. He lives years of sin in a day or an hour.

  26. The ceremony was performed by Father Valverde, and the new convert received the name of Juan de Atahuallpa,--the name of Juan being conferred in honor of John the Baptist, on whose day the event took place.

  27. On the last day of the fifty-two years, all the fires in temples and dwellings were extinguished, and the natives devoted themselves to fasting and prayer.

  28. The mode of preparing and moulding the materials is minutely described by the early observers, and seems to have been common to all the tribes, and not to have varied materially from that day to this.

  29. I have been all over this land, from end to end, and now I am back again since day before yesterday, to that city which we passed through, that last day of our long journey, and which is near her country home.

  30. The officer of the day reported it to her this morning.

  31. Big as he is, I have carried him eighty-one miles between nightfall and sunrise on the scout; and I am good for fifty, day in and day out, and all the time.

  32. The nineteenth day since the arrival of the partisans on the Falkenstein was passed amidst all the tortures of hunger.

  33. She looked through the window to see for herself that the Germans were retreating into Alsace; and during the whole of that day she seemed both anxious and troubled.

  34. Toward three in the morning they reached the meadow of Brimbelles, where at the present day an old oak can still be seen bending over the valley.

  35. The chiefs of posts must take care to send me every day on the Donon, where I shall establish our head-quarters this evening, a good walker, to inform me of what happens, and to receive the countersign.

  36. Yes, Catherine, from day to day we may expect to see the allies in our mountains.

  37. They are advancing in our direction; we shall be attacked to-morrow, or the day after at the latest.

  38. They soon began to load the cart with corn, vegetables, and poultry: for the next day there was a market at Sarrebourg, and Duchene had to start early.

  39. And is not air fattening on a day so cold--like needles and razors.

  40. And inside them you kept your big dogs with their hanging cheeks, who barked day and night.

  41. All that, comrades, must be accomplished to-morrow evening, or next day at the latest.

  42. It is Sunday: day for long walks at Cayla.

  43. Within a day or two after the fatal one, we dressed for dinner a tongue, which we had had salted for some weeks in the house.

  44. Buquet came to see me the day of your departure, a few hours after.

  45. The latest entry in her journal is made the last day of the year 1840, and is: "My God, how sad is time, whether it be that which goes or that which comes!

  46. One day the conversation turned upon powers of memory.

  47. Madame Meszlenyi herself was kept in confinement on this occasion for a period of five months, day and night exposed to the eyes of the guard.

  48. Rain and cold must have accompanied you all the journey, my dear friend; they tell me that every day the weather has been horrid.

  49. I shall give him but little besides the little copy-book where I wish to write every day until your friend's departure.

  50. The day before yesterday papa brought me from Clairac 'Ivanhoe' and 'The Age of Louis XIV.

  51. I believe it was on that day that he pulled some weeds round the pomegranate tree, and dug some feet of Peruvian lilies.

  52. I put here both what passes in my soul and in the house, and in that way we shall find day by day all the past.

  53. I tramp ten miles a day in them; they have been soaked through a hundred times.

  54. I was fortunately able to find an elderly labourer smoking a pipe and eating bacon underneath a tree; and with him I bargained that for a shilling a day he should milk the cow till further notice.

  55. On Thursday morning," returned Janie; "the day we sent her over.

  56. When the doctor came on the fifth day he was as pleased as punch; he said it was the quickest cure he had ever known, and that really there was no reason why she might not get up.

  57. If they want to play, there is the day nursery.

  58. I remember a rainy day in a country house during the Christmas holidays.

  59. It is years since I danced; but Veronica said she would rather dance with me any day than with some of the "lumps" you were given to drag round by the dancing- mistress.

  60. To this very day an attack of indigestion will always recreate her image in my mind.

  61. As a rule it is the only day no one ever calls.

  62. It faces the east, and the wood for half the day hides it from the sun; but it makes the best of everything, and even on the greyest day it seems to be smiling at you.

  63. The next day they came of their own accord, and asked the Member of Parliament to play at beasts with them; but it seemed he had letters to write.

  64. She came back quite excited the other day because she had heard the Guardians intend to try the experiment of building separate houses for old married couples.

  65. After this oratorical burst, as the country next day was informed by about two hundred reporters, The Right Honourable Gentleman resumed his seat amid loud and continuous applause, having spoken for two hours and three quarters.

  66. He told me the next day that such was his custom, even during winter, as he loved to see the forests wave their stripped summits, the clouds fly through the air, and to hear the winds and the torrents roar in the solitude.

  67. The other day the wind blew your hair upon my face as you were reposing yourself upon my bosom, and I fancied I felt the light touch of the invisible spirits.

  68. On the seventeenth day of our march, about the time when the ephemeran rises from the waters, we entered upon the grand savannah of Alachua.

  69. Mila has the eyes of an ermine, and hair as light as a field of rice; her mouth is a pink shell lined with pearls; her two breasts are like two little spotless kids, born the same day of one mother.

  70. Return to the Mississippi; go and console your mother, who weeps for you day by day, and who stands in need of your support.

  71. During the great heat of the day we often sought shelter beneath the moss of the cedars.

  72. When day broke upon the Apalaches, we were already far away.

  73. It was impossible to remain a day longer in Olympia's house.

  74. That day I had carried your child to see its mother, and left word at home for my son, Daniel Yates, to go after her; for I had business with a woman at one of the theatres, and was not sure of coming back in time.

  75. I never learned it till yesterday; but it does not seem strange, for no father was ever more gentle or kind than he has been since the first day I knew him.

  76. Some day we will talk of all that," she said, with a little weary closing of the eyes.

  77. The next day, being Sunday, was Olympia's great day of rest and amusement.

  78. He had certainly intended to interest the young lady by a description of the noble place that would some day be hers.

  79. Some day I mean to go back there and see what social equality is like.

  80. She has been shopping since--since day before yesterday.

  81. In a day or two she will get back her courage.

  82. One day I was free to look for this dear child, and went to the cottage where my son's will had secured her a home.

  83. If the nobility of this day disappoints them it is our own fault.

  84. He remembered giving her this poniard on the very day of her crime.

  85. To dispense almost regal hospitality came to her as the most natural thing on earth, and as each day brought some noble guest to the castle, she received them with more finished grace and a deeper consciousness of power.

  86. He had not been here a day before I loved him without knowing it.

  87. Day after day we worked in mud and water up to our knees.

  88. Scarcely an hour passed, day or night, without being shelled by the enemy, and rest seemed out of the question.

  89. We found ourselves busy each day in preventing the raids of the enemy, and several times were called up at night by the pickets being driven in.

  90. Our new colonel enjoined upon the regiment severe drills and guard duties, while it was tasked severely and laboriously with fatigue duty every day and often far into the night.

  91. The gunboats went up the river a day earlier than the transports.

  92. A day or two of pleasant sailing brought us at anchor in the harbor of Port Royal, South Carolina, with two very formidable looking rebel batteries on either side of the harbor.

  93. The day was beautiful and the ushering in of the new year was pleasantly greeted by all, with many a hope and prayer that we should soon see the close of the war.

  94. Under fire every day and night, the regiment suffered the loss of many members by wounds and death.

  95. Here we waited patiently for the dawn of day,--a day that was to bring victory to our flag, but death to many a brave soldier.

  96. The cavalry, it was said, accomplished its object, and the next day found us back to our old line of works.

  97. We were hurried aboard of the steamer Cosmopolitan, a boat much too small to accommodate our regiment; but we were informed that our stay aboard would be of brief duration--perhaps only a day or two would elapse before we should land.

  98. The next day the good priest came to the camp, and they told him what had happened, and he said, "It was Jesus.

  99. John MacDonald A Scotch lad who appeared to be scarcely out of his teens came to the neighborhood one October day and was soon employed as a farm hand.

  100. There never was a day so dark but that she was full of good cheer and comfort.

  101. The Newcomers One November day in 1877 the Newcomers unloaded from a Santa Fe train just then arrived in the city of Topeka, the exact time being about four o'clock in the afternoon.

  102. One day my mother called me into the house, and I noticed that my father was sitting down at the table and that there was a chair near his where she had been sitting.

  103. His days were full of things to do, and he did not take time to hunt up old friends to say good-bye, but early in the morning of the day he was to go he met MacDonald on the sidewalk near his home.

  104. One terrible August day a hot wind blew across the State like a blast from Hell; leaves that were green in the morning could be burned with a match at noon; and the crops in every field seemed doomed for destruction.

  105. Amongst those classical works the other day was a high-art drawing by me, representing a gentleman in a barber's shop, having his hair cut.

  106. Mr. Hole won the day by proving himself to be two inches "longer" than Thackeray, who was six feet two, the longer gentleman being six feet four.

  107. The day following, congestion of the brain became unmistakable, accompanied by great pain; ice was applied to the head, and bleeding again was thought necessary, this time in the arm.

  108. As she looked at her clock of ormolu, For the hours she had gone so wearily through At the end of a day of trial, How little she saw in the pride of prime The dart of Death in the hand of Time-- That hand which moved the dial!

  109. Till she grew as a peacock haughty; Of money they talked the whole day round, And weighed desert like grapes, by the pound, Till she had an idea from the very sound That people with naught were naughty.

  110. I arrived from a Continental tour," concludes Millais, "the day of his death, and by arrangement went immediately to his house to dine with him.

  111. He was on that day too ill to bear an interview with more than one of the gentlemen, and was, of course, compelled to refuse their request.

  112. That grim indictment of a nation professing to be civilized will be on record for many a day after the offence shall have ceased.

  113. He came, and the very first day after dinner, on taking our evening stroll round the garden, our ears were greeted with the hateful tune!

  114. The fun of the old comedy never seems to end in France, and we have the word of their own satirists, novelists, painters of society, that it is being played from day to day.

  115. Let my reader imagine what pecuniary trouble must have been to this man, whose mind was racked by the constantly recurring demands for intellectual work such as Leech supplied week after week, and often day after day!

  116. It was so superior to anything in the volume that I cut it out and framed it, and so see it every day in my life.

  117. It was in the evening of the day of the rose-show that Leech proposed a visit to Ireland for a fortnight's holiday, begging his friend to go with him.

  118. Saltpetre and gunpowder we are every day producing.

  119. Never let pass a day without reading something that gives you material for thought.

  120. They do not pay them reverence and homage day by day, or look on them as helpers, as intelligences superior to themselves, always willing to render assistance.

  121. Do that every day regularly, and do not miss it.

  122. One day as he was performing worship, a wild boar came along; at the same time a hunter appeared, a hunter of a very low caste, a hunter of the hills.

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