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Example sentences for "fasting"

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fastidious; fastidiously; fastidiousness; fastigia; fastigiate; fastings; fastned; fastness; fastnesses; fasts
  1. We thus get the beginning of a third period with regard to such fasting powers.

  2. And now, for the rest of her life, her eating and fasting are entirely fitful and intermittent, and she has to abandon all (at least systematic) attempts to keep even the ordinary Church fasts and abstinences.

  3. Once when she was fasting and praying, Christ himself appeared to her, she said, and gave her his heart.

  4. Later he appointed Mecca instead of Jerusalem as the Kiblah, the month Ramadhan as fasting time, and Friday as the day of rest.

  5. For from bodies emptied and macerated by long fasting there could not be such supply of moisture and brackish drops as might be proper on that occasion.

  6. He that steals bread, steals that which is lawful every day: He that steals flesh, steals nothing from the fasting day: Ergo to steal the bread is the arranter theft.

  7. That fasting was judaical, and a yoke of bondage.

  8. The night before the battle, and the day itself, aged as he was, and broken with a cruel malady, the Saint had passed in the Vatican in fasting and prayer.

  9. Jovinian was bound by a monastic vow, and he protests against fasting and coarse raiment.

  10. Seudath Purim" (The meal of Purim), 1677, a description of Jewish fasting and feasting.

  11. So he began to practise penitence by wearing a garment of horsehair over his body, fasting and castigations.

  12. Behold, in fasting and in prayer I supplicate Thy lovingkindness and grace, that Thou mayest graciously incline to me from Thy throne of glory and grant my request.

  13. I once kept the Day of Atonement with fasting and prayer, in the vain hope of making propitiation for my sins, but I am beginning to feel I want something better than the blood of bulls and goats to atone for them.

  14. Defraud not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer, and come again together, that Satan may not tempt you on account of your incontinency.

  15. You must arm yourself against the Tempter by fasting and penance.

  16. The coadjutor has given me dispensations from fasting on the jours maigres, on account of my health; then I have engaged as my cook the cook who lived with Lafollone--you know the man I mean?

  17. Your fasting to-day is not such As to make your voice heard on high.

  18. Prayer and fasting and sabbath observance took the place of sacrificial rites.

  19. He prepares his people for battle by fasting and prayer.

  20. On the other hand he speaks of fasting as "officia humiliationis", through which we can "inlicere" God.

  21. It is a very instructive fact that in the 4th century Rome also made the attempt to have Sabbath fasting established as an apostolic custom.

  22. Fasting and penitential psalms and some outward mark of degradation, such as the loss of the veil and of the place in choir and chapter, to which the nun's standing in the convent entitled her, were common penances.

  23. Fasting is reported, In some cases, as extending to an incredible period of time, continuing in some cases for months.

  24. A total ignorance of the laws of health is indicated as existing amongst the disciples of all the ancient religions by the alternate extremes of fasting and feasting.

  25. And a journey taken with fasting was prescribed--much in the way that our fashionable physicians prescribe change of air, a limited diet and plenty of exercise to the luxurious feeders of our social hive.

  26. If prayer and fasting would bring me to the world where she is, I'd fast and pray till I turned this body of mine to dust and ashes!

  27. This is desirable, because of the Hindu custom of fasting so long as a corpse remains in the house; and is also necessary because of the speedy decomposition of the body in the tropics.

  28. We visited the shrine, where the Maid passed a night in fasting and vigil, and laid thereon a little simple offering, such as her humble state permitted.

  29. If this be but a phantasy on her part; if she has been fasting and praying and dreaming, till she knows not what is true and what is her own imagining, why, time will cure her of her fancies and follies.

  30. For two long weeks has your majesty kept me fasting and longing for this precious soup," said the duke, reproachfully.

  31. And on this day thou shalt do none other thing, only let thy food be prepared with singleness of heart, that thy fasting may be perfect, or, in other words, that thy joy may be full.

  32. Verily, this is fasting and prayer; or in other words, rejoicing and prayer.

  33. Also, I give unto you a commandment that ye shall continue in prayer and fasting from this time forth.

  34. The brethren agreed to continue in prayer and fasting for the ultimate success of their mission.

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