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brimstone; brindle; brindled; brine; brines; bringe; bringed; bringen; bringer; bringers
  1. These seven books were published together first, and the eighth book was added later as a supplement to bring the history up to about the date of 554, being a general account of events in different parts of the empire.

  2. The best general, therefore, is that one who is able to bring about peace from war.

  3. And the mirranes again answered as follows: "Neither are we entering upon the war without our gods, and with their help we shall come before you, and I expect that on the morrow they will bring the Persians into Daras.

  4. Then Chosroes (since Megas said that he had by no means persuaded the inhabitants of Antioch to bring him the money) went with his whole army against them.

  5. And he was utterly unable to control himself, for he ate food until he vomited, and he was always ready to steal money and more ready to bring it out and spend it.

  6. For Bouzes happened to be present there, and he took in hand to prevent the transaction, expecting that this would bring him some great gain.

  7. For from India and the neighbouring regions of Iberia and from practically all the nations of Persia and some of those under Roman sway they bring in merchandise and carry on their dealings with each other there.

  8. My opinion then is that the present time, above all others, is inopportune for flight, even though it bring safety.

  9. For there was not a person who did not bring ransom for the captives and deposit it in the sanctuary according to the measure of his possessions.

  10. As for Arsaces, since Pacurius could by no means bring himself to kill a man of the royal blood, he confined him in the Prison of Oblivion.

  11. Would you mind telling me what I am to bring you?

  12. Such remembrances would be bound to bring a warmth into his remarks which wouldn't be fair.

  13. When at last he did bring it, it was toast and marmalade and table-napkins, for all the world as though it had been breakfast.

  14. She isn't going anywhere yet, or I'd bring her up to tea this afternoon.

  15. He would live in it three months in the year, thought the Cosmopolitan, bring his mother, and keep in this way an occasional eye on his charges.

  16. They had dared to bring together all the representatives of different nations at war and of nations who had not yet concluded peace and they had been most successful in their endeavour.

  17. Yet it is only a narrow strip of water which divide us: a strip of water called by the ancients “Golden Horn,” possibly because of their foreknowledge that it would bring to Stamboul the soothing treasures of faith and belief.

  18. Doesn't this term alone bring him nearer to his brother, the “follower of the Road of Salvation”?

  19. It may take some time to come, but when it arrives it will bring justice to all without distinction of class, colour, nationality or sex.

  20. It took the national épopée of Anatolia to bring out in Her all the mature attributes of a really great woman, a leader among leaders, a practical and rational woman of action even though extremely advanced.

  21. Slowly and masterfully she depicts the gloomy consequences that the thoughtlessness of the Western Powers might bring to this city of misery.

  22. After all Pierre Loti has used his exceptional talents as a novelist and poet to bring about a personal touch between the French and the Turks.

  23. It is better to have the amount received and transmitted by some bureau attached to the court, and so managed that the man can send the money in without "knocking off work" to bring it and that the woman can receive it by mail.

  24. Almost as widespread is the reluctance of the proper authorities to arrest the deserter and bring him back after he has been found.

  25. We should distinguish between the causes that bring about a given desertion, and the conscious motives in the mind of the deserter.

  26. Careful consideration must be given the elements involved: What causes probably operated to bring about the rupture in family relations?

  27. Some pregnancy deserters take the step in the hope that their wives will bring about an abortion; but this is a modern and sophisticated development and the institution of "pregnancy desertion" is one of undoubted antiquity.

  28. He did not deny the desertion but made some attempt to bring counter charges against his wife.

  29. As it is an active poison to the cells of the nervous system, it may bring about deteriorations of mind and character that are directly to blame for such anti-social acts as desertion.

  30. Keep experimenting, until you can fare forth in any sort of weather and know that you will be able to bring back something printable upon your film or plate.

  31. In addition to all these varied direct benefits which are brought about by the presence of birds, man is further indebted to these creatures for the cheer which their gay music, bright plumage and pleasant manners bring to him.

  32. Here then we see reciprocal obstacles working a wonder, somewhat in the same way perhaps as the vices of men bring about a general virtue, so that the race odious, often so far as individuals are concerned, is tolerable in the mass.

  33. Advanced kinds produce half a dozen young, or less, but bring a large proportion of these on an average up to years of discretion.

  34. A few female fish, on the other hand, even hatch the eggs within their own bodies, and so apparently bring forth their young alive, like the English lizard among reptiles.

  35. They bring forth one, or rarely two, young ones, which they clasp in their arms or paddles while giving suck.

  36. We will now show, first, what a vast number of worms live unseen by us beneath our feet, and, secondly, the actual weight of the earth which they bring up to the surface within a given space and within a given time.

  37. Ford," said Dab, "you and Frank help the girls bring water till the men from the village get here.

  38. Darker and darker still, the slow hours creeping, Bring to my first the inexorable gloom; Silent and soft, the tender skies are weeping For all the beauty they no more illume.

  39. Aunt Greg interrupted by asking him to bring in an armful of kindling, he glared at her like the Red Rover himself.

  40. Now, bring on a rail, there's a good fellow.

  41. At all events, only three days would now intervene before the arrival of the two travelers, and everything required for their reception was pushed forward with all the energy Mrs. Kinzer could bring to bear.

  42. I shall first bring the testimony of the Lord Himself against him.

  43. My father was a deacon, and labored faithfully to bring his children into the Church.

  44. Now, I wish you would bring me some bread made from that flour to-morrow morning;" and he brought us some bread, and it was by far the best bread that we had in Egypt.

  45. He holds an egg in one hand and says, "This is for you to eat, carry my message direct to Laki Tenangan that I may get well and live and bring up my children, who shall be taught my occupations and the true customs.

  46. They believe that during sickness the soul departs from the body; and the medicine-man attempts to arrest it and to bring it back to the body of the patient.

  47. The people believe that in this way they escape the madness which the anger of the deserted TOH would bring upon them.

  48. For this offence, which is held to bring grave peril to the whole house, especially the danger of starvation through failure of the PADI crop, two punishments have been customary.

  49. Three or four men will then set out and, following the path he has marked by bending down twigs on his way back to camp, will find the game and bring it in.

  50. Little effort is made to bring the broken ends of the bones into their proper positions or to reduce dislocations.

  51. His policy was to bring about intermarriages between the families of the chiefs and upper-class people of the various tribes.

  52. The application of the pressure for this brief space of time, on some ten to twenty occasions, seems to suffice to bring about the desired effect.

  53. Laki Ivong is asked to bring the soul of the PADI to their homes.

  54. My mind misgives me that this meeting is planned to bring us into trouble.

  55. I will make the key keep the castle, and the bracken bush keep the cow, though I live the life of a dog to bring it about!

  56. If he could have peeped in, he would have known how many simnals Ladies Esclairmonde and Alice were sending down--with something more substantial--to be given to mothers by the children who as yet had nothing to bring of their own.

  57. Bring our King home, and every sword shall be at his service.

  58. Fitzhugh would stand over the lapidary and see this added, and bring it back.

  59. King Henry will bring about a better rule.

  60. Mayhap the sight of the soft roseate cheek may bring it somewhat down to poor human flesh and blood once more.

  61. To bring light into dark places----" he began.

  62. Tell him," said Cuthbert, with all the dignity of an ambassador, "that I have come to bring him wonderful presents.

  63. Bring them to the ship, and then I will sit in the palaver-house, and talk this matter over.

  64. Bring me 14," he said to his servant, and Abiboo came back to him soon with a pigeon in his hand.

  65. Bring me the old man M'fabaka who sees visions," he said, and they brought him a man so old that he had nothing but bones to shape him.

  66. You will bring them back to life," said Sanders.

  67. There was a missionary to Tukalala, a devoted young American Methodist, who had elected to live in the fever belt amongst heathen men that he might bring their hearts to the knowledge of God.

  68. Once he called his servant to replace the candle in the lantern and bring him a cushion for his head.

  69. And after dinner he played to them in the green drawing room and, as Mrs. Ardayre said, seemed to bring peace and healing to all their troubled souls.

  70. Amaryllis tried to accept this suggestion calmly, and not show her joy, and Mrs. Ardayre left, promising to bring her son about four.

  71. I said if one consciously and deliberately desired happiness, one must banish thought to bring oneself back to the condition of hundreds of people who are happy; many of them are even elementals without souls at all.

  72. Yes, she told me to bring you to her as soon as I should have explained to you the whole affair.

  73. His hands were trembling, this sign of weakness angered him and he got up and rang the bell and ordered his valet who had come up with him, to bring him some brandy.

  74. I say this because I suppose I must accept his own writing, but I, cannot yet bring myself to believe that he can be alive.

  75. Bring me some proof to the reception to-night.

  76. Several parcels of merchindize was laid by for which they told me they would bring horses.

  77. Gass remained in order to bring the ballance of the meat to the river at a point agreeed on, where the Canoe is to meet them again tomorrow morning.

  78. Missouri and bring them the news as we wished, and that if we could make a peace between themselves and their enimies on the other side of the mountain their nation would go over to the Missouri in the latter end of the summer.

  79. My Father- I want to listen and observe wath you Say, we want our old friend (Mr. Durion) to Stay with us and bring the Indians with my Self down this Spring.

  80. This morning the men again were sent to bring in some more meat which Drewyer had killed yesterday, and continued the opperation of drying it.

  81. Pryor with 4 men in a Canoe to bring gibson to the Fort.

  82. Sergt Pryor with a party of four men to bring Gibson to the fort.

  83. Fields and bring the dryed meat at that place to the camp at the white bear Islands which accomplished and arrived with Fields this evening.

  84. Shannon to go out early in the morning with a party to bring in the Elk which had been left last evening in mistake.

  85. Moreover, heavy rain in April and a warm south wind melting the snow in the hills may bring down such floods that the channels cannot contain them; the dams are then breached and the country is laid waste.

  86. The commands of Anu (and) And bring living seed of every En(lil .

  87. Such material illustration was also calculated to bring out, in a more vivid manner than was possible with purely literary evidence, the contrasts and parallels presented by Hebrew tradition.

  88. At the end of this time, his father sent to him to bring the family home to Hamburg.

  89. Full soon all around The sickle will sound, And home the bright sheaves we will bring The Sabbath is here.

  90. What should bring Colonel Witham, night after night, to the old mill, where he had hunted long and fruitlessly?

  91. Well, why didn't you bring a dynamite bomb and touch that off when you arrived?

  92. A moment more, the others had joined them in flight, whooping and yelling to bring Colonel Witham to the door.

  93. They were at a point above Grannie Thornton's cottage, and they proceeded now cautiously, making a circuit to bring them to the brook some way above the house, pausing now and then to look and to listen.

  94. I gave her money to bring me food and brandy, promising her a recompense for her trouble.

  95. I permitted that, too; it helped play my game, and I wanted to bring it to an end.

  96. I gave her money—provide her more if she would bring a doctor.

  97. To which intent, Monsieur Steinmetz got to hear from sources best known to himself as much of my plans as should bring him to the state I wanted.

  98. We had been driving for more than an hour, when we began to cross a wild common; and I knew that, this passed, a quarter of an hour would bring me to the door of Barwyke Hall.

  99. Fetch your valise, and bring it to my room.

  100. Let me here bring the matter once more to the point of divergence.

  101. I reply; Consider what must be assumed, and what must be denied, to bring this argument in any way to bear upon the question before the Legislature.

  102. My sword is honest and I shall bring it back to you myself.

  103. You will have to slay them before you can bring them within the city gates.

  104. He is the most obstinate being I know, and yet in ten minutes you could bring him to terms, I am sure.

  105. I'll go to Ganlook and bring him back with me, willy-nilly.

  106. I wish now that I had not humored you in your plan to bring him to the castle.

  107. Bring this fellow Baldos to me, Colonel Quinnox," he said, without greeting.

  108. The responsibility of her position swooped down upon her like an avalanche as she thought of what the next few minutes were to bring forth.

  109. Sometimes Captain Standish or John Alden or others of the men would bring logs of red cedar from the near-by forest to the Mullins cottage and pile them on the hearth.

  110. Gentle Dauphin," she said, "I have come to you on a message from God, to bring help to you and to your kingdom.

  111. Each of these bangles has a prayer writ upon it, and 'tis said that worn upon the left arm, just above the wrist, 'twill bring good luck beyond all wishing for.

  112. The weather made it almost impossible for the men to hunt or to find wild fruits, and they had neglected to bring fishing-tackle with them.

  113. We must send a guard to bring her in by dusk.

  114. Each of the family took every possible opportunity to reproach her for her obstinacy, and her father and mother talked to her by the hour at a time, seeking to bring her to what they considered a more sensible state of mind.

  115. You shall not do whatever you wish, no matter how absurd it may be, and so bring scorn upon all of us.

  116. Captain Smith gave her a few small gifts he had managed to carry with him, and he promised to bring her more when he should come again.

  117. The Empress ordered the little girl's portrait sent to her, despatched presents to her and to her father and mother, and finally invited the Princess of Zerbst to visit her in Moscow and to bring her daughter with her.

  118. Here, bub, get a bucket, will you, and bring my nag some water?

  119. She must live in the midst of the crowded ways, and bring to the poor, stifled little houses an ideal of healthier living.

  120. It often seemed, however, that much that her books and music struggled in vain to bring to her within walls was quite clear when she found herself in the large freedom of Nature's house.

  121. Finding it impossible to bring her to reason in any other way, they tried a bribe.

  122. Here I liked to remind myself of Polotzk, the better to bring out the wonder of my life.

  123. The music classes and choruses give much joy to the people, and here it seems possible to bring together in a common feeling those widely separated by tradition and custom.

  124. Sometimes one could meet the sunrise on the hill-top, when it happened to be one's turn to bring wood to the dwindling pile by the kitchen door.

  125. He be god-man bring the rum--then what for god-man talk so?

  126. They put all twin babies to death because they believed that one of them was a demon-child whose presence in a tribe would bring untold harm on the people.

  127. Nobody has time to bring up a child that will belong to somebody else as soon as it is good for something," it was said.

  128. What for white man bring them rum suppose them rum no be good?

  129. Just bring in a reference to it every now and then, and it'll be all right.

  130. What do you suppose the future will bring to one who has not proved 'faithful in little'?

  131. She could not doubt that each day would bring strength for the day's work.

  132. Her brave spirit won them from their fierce lawlessness; her patience and understanding helped to bring out and fortify the best that was in them.

  133. They were compelled to leave the battery, and failed to bring the flag away.

  134. And to the ears of bondmen bring Thy sweet and freeman-thrilling tone.

  135. As I could not bring my wife away, I would not come without her.

  136. Arriving at Ten-Mile Station, they found that the only way to bring the wounded with them was to attach ropes to the cars, and let the men act as motive power.

  137. Now be off, you shabby cusses, and come back in forty minutes, and bring me niggers; that's what I want.

  138. He was murdered, not that slavery might live; but that it might bring down its most conspicuous enemy in its fall.

  139. We were obliged to bring our wounded away the best we could, as the rebels were seen shooting those who fell into their hands.

  140. Should there be another outbreak in Texas, very many Union men, as well as a large proportion of freedmen, would at once be massacred in order to bring about such another reign of terror as would make the South a unit.

  141. And he made dem bring de ring and put it on his hand; and he put shoes on his feet, and killed de fatted calf.

  142. One day in January, Jim came to the captain's room, and asked for permission to be landed that evening on the Virginia side, as he wished to bring off his family.

  143. She tried crushing it between her sharp young teeth, but that process only seemed to bring out the heat more and more.

  144. But sometimes when she's staying with you, May, you might bring her.

  145. Then bring your violin and let me hear you," said Mrs. George to Sarah; "it is a most stylish instrument.

  146. I shall come home when I get my furlough--and if Tom gets his at the same time, can I bring him too?

  147. We's goin' to bring your Cochin eggs," added Joan sweetly.

  148. Only in heaven are all these joys to be found--the heaven that awaits us after our work is done, when the blessed Lord Himself sends His messenger to bring us home.

  149. Some other way still they must seek to bring them to their destination.

  150. I'm afraid I forgot to bring any milk," said Darby regretfully.

  151. They would rest where they were until dawn; then one more effort would surely bring them to some farm or decent cottage.

  152. It did not seem to bring their father close to them as he came in conversation.

  153. Sit there, and I'll bring you some of my stew.

  154. Why did you bring us here if you only wanted to be rude to us?

  155. Well, since you are going, you might just bring those Cochin eggs with you that Mrs. Grey promised us.

  156. Talk about familiar objects, to bring out color names, 2.

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