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  1. He had the address to engage their affections, insomuch that in a little time they became fond of his alliance.

  2. Happily before their return a seasonable supply arrived from England, together with a number of new settlers, which revived the drooping spirits of the people, and encouraged them to engage in more vigorous efforts.

  3. Instead of the former method, of referring all commercial concerns to a fluctuating committee of the privy-council, this institution was intended to chalk out a particular line of duty, which was to engage the whole attention of that board.

  4. He praised their possessions, and encouraged them to engage with vigour in the execution of their project.

  5. Without the consent of his tribunal, no person might engage himself, either as a domestic servant, or as a field labourer.

  6. The Germans are a speculative people; in other words, they wish to discover by reflection and meditation, the principle of whatever they engage in.

  7. On his way to engage in one of these contests as a champion of the King of Castile, Rodrigo met with a marvelous adventure.

  8. In the course of his stay, the Lady Fluxas asked Bayard to give a tournament, for she very much wished to see him engage in some of the knightly exercises in which he had become distinguished.

  9. When the paring out of the dovetails is completed the drawer front is turned over on to the side as shown, and the position of the recesses which will engage the pin portions are marked with the marking awl as illustrated.

  10. Dust-proof Drawer, showing the Front grooved to engage a Slip which is screwed to the Bearer Rail.

  11. A table of this type is fastened to the wall with two iron holdfasts which engage the ends of the table.

  12. The ends of these pieces engage the housings or grooves of the drawer sides.

  13. The pins are then cut in the usual way, care being taken that the saw kerf be on the outside of the marks, otherwise the pins will finish too slack to engage with the tails.

  14. The frame and the body portion engage too tightly when closed, the result being that the door has always a tendency to open a little.

  15. In choosing a location, the home crofter should well consider his experience, and try to enter a community where he can engage in analogous pursuits.

  16. Bear with me for a few days longer, give me only sufficient time once more to see Miss Brandon, and I will engage to extricate you from your difficulties!

  17. He writes that you will engage servants and see to everything.

  18. He will not even bring his own man with him, and I have orders to engage a valet for him.

  19. Where can I engage a cart to carry the things?

  20. If you can but engage that I shall have nobody come near me but your wife, (no man!

  21. Lady Sarah and Lady Betty his two sisters, to desire my interest to engage you to put yourself into the protection of Lady Betty; who will not part with you till she sees all the justice done you that now can be done.

  22. My two cousins Montague are actually to set out to-morrow to Mrs. Howe's, to engage her vixen daughter's interest with her friend.

  23. The more cruel, because he knows that I have nobody to defend me from him: nor do I wish to engage any body to his hurt, or to their own.

  24. It is this: I would engage Thomasine and her cubs (if Belton be convinced they are neither of them his) in a party of pleasure.

  25. I not disturb her; but meet her at the altar in either church, and will engage to bring my two cousins to attend her, and even Lady Sarah and Lady Betty; and my Lord M.

  26. After many altercations, they obtain his consent that his two cousins should endeavour to engage Miss Howe to prevail upon Clarissa to accept of him, on his unfeigned repentance.

  27. It may be the misfortune of some people to engage every body's notice: others may be the happier, though they may be the more envious, for nobody's thinking them worthy of any.

  28. Handsome salaries should be allowed these masters, to engage their constant attendance every day from eight till twelve in the morning; and I think 100l.

  29. The Dogs stand ready on the Banks, and so soon as ever they spye their Enemy, rush all at once into the Water, and engage him.

  30. Matta desired to know if it was to play at quinze, and assured him that he should take care to render abortive any intention he might have to engage in play, and leave him alone with the greatest blockhead in all Europe.

  31. He accordingly conducted them to Perinthus, and encamped under the walls of the town; refusing, in his way through Selymbria, a second proposition from Seuthes to engage the services of the army.

  32. Perhaps we may explain it by supposing that Eteonikus found the Æginetans reluctant to engage in the war, and that he did not like to involve them in it without first going to Sparta to consult the ephors.

  33. He had now become a sort of professional Condottiero or general, looking out for an army to command, wherever he could find one, and offering his services to any city which would engage him.

  34. The French should engage to have more action and less declamation; and not to cram and crowd things together, to almost a degree of impossibility, from a too scrupulous adherence to the unities.

  35. When I went to The Hague, in 1744, it was to engage the Dutch to come roundly into the war, and to stipulate their quotas of troops, etc.

  36. I did this to such purpose that I made sure they had in some way bribed her to silence; a silence that, however, I would engage to break down on the first private opportunity.

  37. There is nothing to keep alive these distinctions in the interests and objects which now engage society.

  38. As he neared home, at the entrance of the Channel, he learnt that Hawke was about to engage a French fleet from Brest.

  39. To engage in silk culture, a person must be possessed of some special knowledge.

  40. In short, it seemed to be the prime object to make sericulture as hard and forbidding as possible, and to deter the people from it rather than to induce them to engage in the work.

  41. They are gross impositions to lead strangers into the belief that the intercourse is of importance, and that considerable advantages accrue from it to those nations who engage in it with spirit, and pursue it without relaxation.

  42. British monitors engage German destroyers off the Belgian coast and put them to flight.

  43. A scouting force of light cruisers and destroyers under Commodore Tyrwhitt engage 11 enemy destroyers off Harwich, and chase them back to Zeebrugge.

  44. On its own separate account, the decline of this throne-shattering power must and will engage the foremost place amongst all historical reviews.

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