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  1. These principles consisted in the disfranchisement of decayed and inconsiderable boroughs; the enfranchisement of large and opulent towns; and the introduction of a general new electoral qualification.

  2. In the course of this session Pitt introduced a bill for encouraging the growth of timber for the navy, and improving the royal revenue raising out of the New Forest, by the sale of certain parts, and the enfranchisement of copyholds.

  3. The duke would not consent to the enfranchisement of the two great centres of manufactures; he held fast by the rotten boroughs.

  4. A few years later the proposal was dropped out of the Liberal programme, and the Leasehold Enfranchisement Association itself adopted a new name and a revised policy.

  5. Liberal nostrum of Leasehold Enfranchisement (which the Essayists demolished in a crushing debate); Dr.

  6. A necessary sequence to the enfranchisement of the negro was his education.

  7. With the full enfranchisement of his people, Douglass entered upon what may be called the third epoch of his career, that of fruition.

  8. But every argument, every consideration, which pleads for the enfranchisement of the slave, pleads also for the enfranchisement of the family.

  9. There is no argument, whether of reason or humanity, for the enfranchisement of the soldier, which does not plead equally for that of his family.

  10. Thus, in spite of the servitude into which the people had sunk at the end of the tenth century, from this moment the enfranchisement of the people makes way.

  11. He believed that working people only clamoured for political enfranchisement because they were ill-used and uncomfortable.

  12. The immediate enfranchisement of the negro, especially in those sections where this resulted in placing all the power of the local government in the hands of the negro, was a worse blow to the South than the war itself.

  13. The majority was over two to one, thus clearly foreshadowing the enfranchisement of the negro in the insurrectionary districts.

  14. In addition the enfranchisement of all retired and pensioned officers of the Indian Army, whether of commissioned or non-commissioned rank, is recommended.

  15. A time of religious enfranchisement may induce a period of religious indifference.

  16. This first and greatest step gained, the gate of professional knowledge and experience quickly opened, and that of political enfranchisement stands already ajar.

  17. But would it not hasten the enfranchisement of the sex, and rouse the fair daughters of the East to a nobler conception of human life if the rulers would issue a decree placing concubinage under the ban of law?

  18. Happily there are now indications that the proposed enfranchisement will meet with general favour.

  19. You think because you may have a vote on the enfranchisement of women that it is very important what you think, but is it?

  20. Such cases may possibly be explained by sweeping commutation, which emancipated the entire village at one stroke, instead of making way for the freehold by the gradual enfranchisement of plot after plot.

  21. We know what their meaning is--they imply enfranchisement and a freehold estate of inheritance.

  22. Another instance of the influence of marriage on the condition of contracting parties is afforded by the enfranchisement of the wife in certain cases.

  23. This is certainly a misunderstanding, but it can hardly be accounted for either by the enfranchisement of the peasant or the decay of the frank-pledge.

  24. Madox, Formulare Anglicanum, 416, gives several deeds of sale and enfranchisement by sale.

  25. Their exactions at last became unendurable, and a long struggle broke out between them and the burghers, which resulted in what is known as the enfranchisement of the towns.

  26. Its main effect was the extension of the right of voting,--the enfranchisement of the great "fourth estate, or the masses.

  27. Do you foresee any danger of centralization in the full enfranchisement of the citizens of Washington?

  28. There are state constitutions so impossible of amendment that women of those states can only secure enfranchisement through Federal action and fair play demands the submission of a Federal constitutional amendment.

  29. If the South really wants White Supremacy, it will urge the enfranchisement of women.

  30. Men's right to vote protected by Federal Constitution; state by state enfranchisement would not give this protection to women.

  31. The shortest method to secure this enfranchisement is the quickest method to extricate our country from the absurdity of its present position.

  32. If we come across Miss Hominy at such moments, we are extremely likely to find her a great deal less ridiculous than we fancied her, and to listen with a certain gravity to her plea for the enfranchisement of women.

  33. I do not believe that any poor serf, escaped from the tyranny of Russia, ever saw the American shore with a more grateful eye than I looked to the prospect of being admitted, with the citizens of Utah, into the enfranchisement of the Republic.

  34. The act of enfranchisement was a public ceremony usually performed at the church door.

  35. The star of hope glimmered but feebly above the horizon of contumely and oppression, prophetic of the destruction of slavery and the enfranchisement of the freedman.

  36. Bowers, and others, including the writer, were sent to the capitol at Harrisburg to lay a petition before the Legislature asking for enfranchisement and all rights granted to others of the commonwealth.

  37. Mr. Phillips replied in the affirmative, adding that after enfranchisement the community would naturally be privileged to take up arms again as burghers of the State.

  38. Such a condition of affairs would obtain under a friendly and more enlightened government, and the only security for the voluntary continuance of such conditions is the enfranchisement of the Uitlander population.

  39. This is an important matter, because the period of residence for the purpose of naturalization and enfranchisement is reckoned from the date of registration in the Field-cornet's books.

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