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deliverest; delivereth; deliveries; delivering; delivers; dell; della; dellas; delle; delli
  1. No doubt the intention was that a new patent should be drawn, and that the delivery of the existing parchment was provisional only.

  2. By the delivery of this patent a sufficient show of authority was conferred for immediate need and for eight and a half years to come.

  3. But before the order came for the final delivery of the patent, Gorges and his patentees were called to encounter a still more formidable opposition.

  4. As for the delivery of the patent, he had not the power to do it himself, as he was but a particular person, and inferior to many.

  5. But if war between Unyoro and Uganda, could not guarantee delivery of loads at Kibero.

  6. On their delivery to us, each Zanzibari received a Madi to guard.

  7. Importers, for instance, when purchasing coffee abroad, frequently sell an equal amount for future delivery on the Exchange.

  8. Practical Grocer Helps Wholesale coffee merchandising does not properly end with the delivery of a shipment of coffee to a retailer.

  9. A large number of grocers charge a small percentage of the total sale for credit privileges, and five or ten cents for each delivery below a certain total value of the purchase price of the articles to be delivered.

  10. But when sampling for delivery on Coffee Exchange contract, every bag must be tested, and care taken that each chop is uniform in color, kind, and quality.

  11. The wagon-route man features his delivery service; while in the chain-store plan, all customers must pay cash and carry home their parcels.

  12. Inquiry regarding this subject discloses that coffee is sold on description; and when the French trader is asked, "How do you know your delivery is up to description so far as cup quality is concerned?

  13. The delivery within such time to be at seller's option, upon a notice to buyer of either five, six or seven days, as may be prescribed by the trade rules.

  14. There is a separate "to arrive contract"; but this likewise requires delivery at a licensed warehouse, unless the buyer and the seller have a mutual understanding to deliver the coffee from dock or ex-ship.

  15. When shipped on consignment, a wholesaler usually buys on the in-store contract, which provides that the purchaser must take delivery at the warehouse, though he is generally given a month's storage privilege before removal of the coffee.

  16. Young Gillies superintended the horse-power roaster and drove the light spring delivery cart.

  17. This morning he was at the store for the last time, arriving even before the delivery division, to circulate the news that he was returning to Little Rivers.

  18. At last we have rural free delivery in Little Rivers!

  19. About an hour later, after he had been introduced to the head of the delivery division, he was on his way up town beside a driver of one of the wagons on the Harlem route.

  20. Now, all those big wagons that bring the goods in and the little wagons that take them out--there is an out-of-door aspect to the delivery service.

  21. And that isn't all, Jack, that isn't all that you are going to drudge for as an apprentice in the delivery department.

  22. Among Jack's many suggestions, in his aim to carry out his father's talk about the creative business sense the first night they were together, had been one for a suburban clubbing delivery system.

  23. Although he had received assurances that every possible respect would be shown him, he eventually abandoned the idea, and contented himself with despatching the swords to the Duke of Wellington for delivery to their respective owners.

  24. He held out the special delivery and said, "You can look for yourself!

  25. Her maid opened it just enough to allow one arm to pass in, holding a special delivery letter, while a voice proclaimed: "Telegram for Madame.

  26. He reports to Sir Edward Grey: The delivery at Belgrade on the 23d of July of the note to Servia was preceded by a period of absolute silence at the Ballplatz.

  27. In Chapter VII it will appear from the French Yellow Book that the Prime Minister of Bavaria had knowledge of the Austrian ultimatum before its delivery in Belgrade.

  28. Now when Jim Dexter rode his wheel with the special delivery mail everybody about Meadow Brook knew the rush letter bore important news.

  29. Yet he had long ago promised the man five hundred taels, payable cash down in advance, before delivery of the fans, but he would not sell them.

  30. The waiting-maids smilingly hastened to go and take delivery of the money and bring it in.

  31. He concluded by begging me if anything should happen to him to necessitate the delivery of that letter to you, to urge upon you the wisdom and policy of following its direction.

  32. If I should fall, I hope you will take charge of the desk and see to the delivery of the letters at their proper addresses," said the duke, more gravely than he had spoken before.

  33. The stock does not advance, and at the time for delivery A pays B the margin between two cents on the dollar, and the market price.

  34. The contract is not fulfilled any more in one case than in the other by the delivery of a thing which is not stipulated, because by legislative action it is called by the same name.

  35. But would anybody pretend that a contract for dollars, composed as at present, could be satisfied by the delivery of an equal number of dollars of the new issue?

  36. In the majority of cases, the men who work the advance are the very ones who bought what the bears sold, and they are now selling it to them at higher figures for delivery back to themselves.

  37. Or he will settle his contract with B by paying him the difference between the market value at the time of delivery and the price at which he agreed to sell.

  38. His voice is good, his enunciation distinct, and his delivery free from any unpleasant peculiarity or mannerism.

  39. The delivery of a brief to counsel gives him authority to act for his client in all matters which the litigation involves.

  40. It is cut by hand or with the self-delivery reaper, and allowed to lie in the swath for a few days and then set up in shocks.

  41. The price agreed upon was $3,500, half of which was to be paid down upon the delivery of the deed, the balance being secured by mortgage.

  42. An appropriation was given by the last Congress for the purpose of making some experiments in free delivery in the smaller cities and towns.

  43. Mail routes have been extended and quickened and greater accuracy and dispatch in distribution and delivery have been attained.

  44. The results of these experiments have been so satisfactory that the Postmaster-General recommends, and I concur in the recommendation, that the free-delivery system be at once extended to towns of 5,000 population.

  45. The number of free-delivery offices has been nearly doubled in the last four years, and the number of money-order offices more than doubled within that time.

  46. Unstamped letters can also be posted in this very delightful box, and special delivery stamps can be secured by stating on the blank the number of letters that are to be stamped, and enclosing the money for the same in the special envelope.

  47. It is at present only in force in thirty-six of our principal cities, but if found to be as satisfactory as it is expected to be, will be used all over the country where there is a free delivery of mail.

  48. This new plan provides for a house-to-house collection, as well as delivery of mail, and also for the sale of stamps by letter-carriers.

  49. In practice it is advisable to keep the pump always working, and to regulate the delivery to the boiler by means of a by-pass tap on the feed pipe, through which all or some of the water may be returned direct to the tank.

  50. If the wood is mill-planed before delivery a lot of trouble will be saved, as no further finish will be required, except perhaps at the top corners.

  51. A languor past delivery in sighs was on the young woman's breast.

  52. The remainder of Aminta's letter referred to her delivery of the Ormont jewel-case at Lord Ormont's London house, under charge of her maid Carstairs.

  53. Lingard, on the other hand, says, "It regulates the delivery of the obstinate heretic to the civil magistrate, that he may suffer death according to law.

  54. The king anticipated the delivery of this remonstrance by proroguing the parliament.

  55. The court sat until five of the clock in the afternoon, and the jury had a week's respite for the delivery of their verdict.

  56. During the delivery of the speeches, rappings were heard all over the room, in response.

  57. During the whole delivery the feet of the lady-mediums rested entirely on those of Dr.

  58. What was very remarkable in the delivery of this address, as the medium read the alphabet, the letters were designated sometimes by raps, as usual, and sometimes by ringing of a bell.

  59. Under threat of dire consequences the Stock Exchange firm bought stock back from us in the open market that afternoon to supply the deficiency, and then made delivery of this stock back to us in lieu of that which they had parted with.

  60. And it always made it a practice to make delivery of stocks ordered purchased within a reasonable period after the customer had paid the amount due in full.

  61. To the brokers, through whom we had sold much of the stock to the public, we telegraphed that we would refund the exact amount paid us by the brokers on delivery back to us of the certificates.

  62. Loud, frequent calls to margin traders to pay up their debit balances and demand delivery of their certificates, which would compel every broker to go out in the market and buy the stocks he was short to customers, failed miserably.

  63. Thereupon the broker uses the 1,000 shares of Steel, which he bought for the account of John Jones to make delivery through the Clearing House for the account of William Smith.

  64. United States mail in the office was impounded, including mail that had been received in the office for delivery to others.

  65. The Scheftels company published advertisements calling upon margin traders to demand delivery of their certificates.

  66. The "interests" know at every hour in the day approximately how many shares of stocks have been borrowed for delivery against "short" sales or are being carried on margin for the long account.

  67. Whenever a customer closed his account and demanded the return of his collateral, stocks of the same description and denomination were recalled and delivery made.

  68. We knew of no legitimate excuse for Mr. Slack, because he could have ordered the stock sold at any time, delivery or no delivery.

  69. We can prove this by putting some dry shavings in a strong test tube fitted with a delivery tube.

  70. Fill the trough with water until the shelf is just covered and allow the end of the delivery tube to rest just beneath the hole in the shelf.

  71. I told him, the other day, that an order of any kind from you would be his sufficient warrant for its delivery to you.

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