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  1. With the emergence of the bourgeois classes a self-satisfied positivism, vividly portrayed in the person of Cosimo de' Medici, superseded the passions and enthusiasms of a previous age.

  2. Nothing is more characteristic of the sharp contrasts of the Italian Renaissance than the emergence not only from the same society, but also from the bosom of the same Church, of two men so diverse as the Pope Alexander VI.

  3. Everything, on the contrary, tends to the free emergence of personal passions and personal aims.

  4. This makes the clear emergence of a scientific sense for history in the year 1300 at Florence all the more remarkable.

  5. To the conditions of a society based on these principles we may ascribe the unrivaled emergence of great personalities among the tyrants, as well as the extraordinary tenacity and vigor of such races as the Visconti.

  6. A yell greeted his emergence and he was aware of a small group of men standing a little way from the cabin.

  7. It was followed by the emergence of the upper hull of a strange looking cigar-shaped craft.

  8. That was followed by the emergence of the platform deck and upper hull above the water.

  9. We may call this new emergence "evolution," and we may use this term in connection with every new stage higher than those preceding it.

  10. The emergence of a distinctively new pattern of organisation.

  11. We cannot think definitely of a general world-will, which wills and aspires in individual beings; we cannot picture to ourselves the emergence of the individual "souls" of animals and man from a universal psyche.

  12. The incisive feature of that history is the suddenness of the City’s emergence from a position of comparative obscurity into one of supreme moment.

  13. I got up as quickly as might be to the higher grounds, and waited there for awhile, and watched for the emergence of the old man.

  14. Progress I define as the emergence and increasing dominance of mind.

  15. The emergence of towered cities into sunlight at the skirts of moving shadows, the liquid lapse of rivers half disclosed by windings among woods, the upturned mirrors of unruffled lakes, are wanting to the sea.

  16. Denuding Power of the Ocean during Emergence of Land.

  17. A considerable lapse of time must intervene between the formation of Plutonic and metamorphic rocks in the nether regions and their emergence at the surface.

  18. These beds appear to be of littoral origin, and imply the previous emergence of the chalk, and its waste by denudation.

  19. Still the present escarpments so much resembling sea-cliffs have no doubt, for reasons above stated, derived their most characteristic features subsequently to emergence from subaerial waste by rain and rivers.

  20. The force of tidal and other currents and of the waves during storms is sufficient to prevent the emergence of many lands, even though they may be undergoing continual upheaval.

  21. Butterflies continued to emerge daily up to September 20th, after which date single specimens appeared at intervals of from four to six days, the last emergence being on October 16th.

  22. It appears also that several pupæ experienced sufficient cold to retard their emergence and stunt their growth, but not enough to change their form, these being the 13 recorded specimens of Marcellus.

  23. It appeared, therefore, that the only effect produced by cold in all chrysalides exposed more than three days after pupation was to retard the emergence of the butterfly.

  24. If, from the form possessed by many of the caterpillars of the Sphingidæ on their emergence from the egg, we may venture to draw a conclusion concerning the oldest phyletic stage, these larvæ were originally completely destitute of marking.

  25. The exact record of the time of emergence is interesting, because it is thereby rendered apparent that different individuals respond more in different degrees to a higher than to the ordinary temperature.

  26. He became aware of her emergence with a start, he ceased to lean and became observant.

  27. A considerable lapse of time must intervene between the formation in the nether regions of plutonic and metamorphic rocks, and their emergence at the surface.

  28. Their emergence can be proved to have taken place since the beginning of the sixteenth century.

  29. These beds appear to be of littoral origin, and imply the previous emergence of some portions of the chalk, and its waste by denudation.

  30. The emergence of strata at the surface is called by miners their outcrop or basset.

  31. We can also prove that subsequently both the granitic and trappean rocks underwent great aqueous denudation, which they probably suffered during their emergence from the sea.

  32. Appeal to national assemblies of the Bahá’í world to participate in the historic enterprise synchronizing with emergence of a sister assembly on European continent.

  33. And here we seem to come upon the first emergence of the solution of the problem before us.

  34. The timing of this double emergence is no accident.

  35. And as the flowers come into their own there is a mass emergence of flying, crawling, and creeping creatures.

  36. That component, in conjunction with other factors, would therefore determine the emergence of a definite species character.

  37. Chapman has noted the emergence of the moth eighteen days after the pupa was formed.

  38. There are said to be two broods on the continent, one emergence of moths taking place in April and the other in June or July.

  39. On emergence from the egg the young caterpillar is dark ash-coloured, the divisions between the rings of the body being indicated by two minute orange streaks, each of which is accompanied by a small black spot.

  40. The moth is out in June and July, and sometimes there is an emergence in September.

  41. There is sometimes a second emergence in August.

  42. Sometimes the former is seen in May or June, or even earlier, and it has been supposed that these precocious specimens have hibernated after emergence from the chrysalis here during the previous autumn.

  43. Emergence from its strong pupal chamber would appear to be a difficult matter, but the caterpillar and the chrysalis both contribute something towards assisting the final efforts of the moth to escape.

  44. The Senate of Sweden in this emergence conducted with great prudence.

  45. His sons-in-law, the Electors of Palatine and of Saxony, ventured not to aid him in an emergence when defeat seemed almost certain, and where all who shared in the defeat would be utterly ruined.

  46. It must lead in time, as Shoghi Effendi has made clear, to the spiritualization of human consciousness and the emergence of the global civilization that will embody the Will of God.

  47. Nevertheless, their emergence marked a fundamental change of direction that would increasingly open participation to a wide range of states and institutions.

  48. These words prefigured the rise of a similar sentiment among non-Bahá’í observers during the Islamic revolutionary years; and this was to become one of the most powerful forces propelling the emergence of the Cause from obscurity.

  49. The result was the emergence of a culture, however localized, that was unlike anything humanity had ever known.

  50. In part, this proved to be the case as subject peoples throughout Europe gained the freedom to work out their own destinies through the emergence from the ruin of the former empires of a series of new nation-states.

  51. Pioneering brought vital support to the work, encouraging the emergence of groups of teachers among the indigenous believers themselves.

  52. First, the emergence of neo-communism, as in Czechoslovakia in 1968, in an attempt to soften traditional communist practice.

  53. We also see an emergence of industry from the eleventh century on.

  54. The analysis of the emergence of Ch'in bureaucracy has profited from general sociological theory, especially M.

  55. The necessity of transports of grain and salt was one of the reasons for the emergence of the Hsin-an and Hui-chou merchants.

  56. Indeed, it seemed a miracle that we had found this one late in August, for the time of their emergence is supposed to be from middle May to the end of June.

  57. They shone as if freshly varnished, as indeed they were, for the substance provided to facilitate the emergence of the pupae from the caterpillar skins dries in a coating, that helps to harden the cases and protect them.

  58. Until the emergence of the Cecropias, my cocoons and pupa cases were kept on my dresser.

  59. The emergence I have watched repeatedly, studied photographically, and recorded in the tabulated records from which I wrote the following life histories.

  60. The only danger is in keeping them too warm, and so causing their emergence before they can be placed out safely at night, after you have made yourself acquainted with Luna history.

  61. At time for emergence the moth bursts the pupa case, which is extremely thin and papery compared with the cases of burrowing species.

  62. With many species the shells are transparent, and for the last few days before emergence the growth of the little caterpillars can be watched through them.

  63. Throughout one winter I was puzzled by the light weight of what appeared to be a good Polyphemus cocoon, and at time for emergence amazed by the tearing and scratching inside the cocoon, until what I think was an Ophion fly appeared.

  64. The history of her emergence was exactly similar to that of the male.

  65. The exposure was made not ten seconds after she cleared the case, and with her back to the lens, so the position and condition of the wings and antennae on emergence can be seen clearly.

  66. The moth is covered completely with silken down like tiny scales, coloured and marked according to species, and so lightly attached that it adheres to the cocoon on emergence and clings to the fingers at the lightest touch.

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