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Example sentences for "emeralds"

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  1. But those emeralds she has on to-night must be of great value," cried Sophie Chalk.

  2. In shape the emeralds looked like buttons more than studs.

  3. I saw the emeralds were very rare and beautiful.

  4. Many emeralds were also secured, which were sent to the ships, and back to Panama, in order to impress those who were left behind with the fact that the army was really accomplishing something.

  5. It seems that the young fellow is on the point of obtaining a concession from the Moorish Government to prospect for emeralds somewhere in the Atlas Mountains; I believe it is a place called the Wad Sus.

  6. According to records left by the ancients there is a rich deposit of emeralds in the Wad Sus district, and I am hoping to be able to discover it.

  7. I'll see what I can find out about emeralds in Morocco.

  8. Emeralds are increasing in value nowadays, you know--and an emerald concession is a sound proposition.

  9. But I expect to go away again very soon--that is, if I can obtain what I want, namely, a concession from the Moorish Government to prospect for emeralds beyond the Atlas Mountains.

  10. A rather attractive proposition--emeralds in the Sahara.

  11. Emeralds and rubies are the most precious stones of to-day," Roddy declared.

  12. I understood from him that he was obtaining, or had obtained, a concession to prospect for a deposit of emeralds somewhere in the Atlas Mountains, in Morocco.

  13. It is of unusual size and literally covered with rubies, emeralds and pearls, arranged in graceful patterns.

  14. One of these ornaments contains three stones, a ruby and two emeralds as large as pigeons' eggs and without a flaw.

  15. Szmul knows it, or he would not have risked telling about the emeralds and stores," said the priest.

  16. Their horror was great when they finally arrived at the top of the lane where Ian had buried the remainder of the emeralds and his mother's rings.

  17. There were so many melons, and all the melons were so full of precious stones, that the woman who bought them had enough to fill the whole of one room in her house with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and pearls.

  18. So he ordered the stick back into the chattee, and she returned him them forthwith--a whole roomful of melons full of diamonds, pearls, emeralds and rubies.

  19. Oh, a trifle unworthy of her who is now the mistress of his warmest love; only a purse containing a hundred louis, and a suit of emeralds worth a similar sum.

  20. The jewels sent were a pair of ear-rings and an agrafe of emeralds encircled with diamonds.

  21. About her yellow hair was a chaplet of gold, wherein emeralds glowed.

  22. And now the woman lifted to him a huge golden collar garnished with emeralds and sapphires and with many pearls, and in the sunlight the gems were tawdry things.

  23. But no such chain as this about my neck," the woman answered, and lifted a huge golden collar garnished with emeralds and sapphires and with many pearls.

  24. Suppose we get emeralds which may be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars--what percentage will you claim?

  25. I've got a scientist here who's going to guide you to where the emeralds grow.

  26. I ain't got no manner of doubt but what all three of 'em will jump at the chance to go after emeralds and bushmasters.

  27. Still at the bottom of that tiny harbor, thousands of pounds of gold bars and nuggets and a treasure of pearls and emeralds and diamonds lie waiting for some diver to recover them.

  28. There, gleaming in the sunlight, was a bird of solid gold, which looked like a crow, with outspread wings, and which was set thickly with rough emeralds as large as an ordinary marble.

  29. From the ancestors of Pinto's nation and from many another lesser Indian tribe they had carried off a great treasure of gold and emeralds and diamonds.

  30. At the same time the other members of the tribe would stand on the shores with their backs to the lake and throw into the water over their shoulders emeralds and gold ornaments.

  31. I had understood that you were a collector of gems, and I came to place at your disposal certain information in regard to the finest emeralds probably now in existence.

  32. How large did these old Peruvian emeralds run?

  33. At the height of the Inca Empire it was plated all over with gold, which the Peruvians believed fell to the earth as the tears of the sun, and with emeralds and, except during the Festival of the Sun, covered with a golden-yellow veil.

  34. Esme came back, radiant in clinging black, the emeralds shining at her bare throat, a big hat framing her face.

  35. She got up, dazzlingly handsome in her furs, the emeralds gleaming on her black gown.

  36. When it was off in the restaurant he saw the cunning beauty of a Paris frock, a black one, the old pendant of emeralds gleaming against real lace.

  37. I looked at those emeralds too, yesterday," Bertie said; he was staring into the fire; had not noticed her agitation.

  38. She bought hats almost languidly; passed a jeweller's window, saw a necklace, a thing of diamonds and emeralds exquisite in its fine work, with one great diamond swinging from the fret of green and white.

  39. After them came two leading a horse as white as snow, with a saddle of gold studded with diamonds and rubies and emeralds and sapphires.

  40. He stretched out his hand, and in an instant there lay across his arm raiment such as the eyes of man never saw before--stiff with pearls, and blazing with diamonds and rubies and emeralds and sapphires.

  41. The statue was dressed like a queen: she wore a golden crown on her head, and upon her body hung golden robes, set with diamonds and emeralds and rubies and sapphires and pearls and all sorts of precious stones.

  42. There was a bracelet set with rubies, sapphires and emeralds of fabulous size.

  43. Worth millions; rich enough to fit out vessels worth four hundred thousand livres; rich enough to have sacks of diamonds and emeralds and fine pearls!

  44. Several of these were destroyed by the Spaniards, who broke them in order to examine their nature; as they were so ignorant as to believe that good emeralds ought to bear the hammer without breaking, like diamonds.

  45. There are not many emeralds in Britain, And there is none for vividness and strength Like the great stone that hangs upon your breast: If you will waste it for her she shall be holpen.

  46. I have indeed attempted this already, But the poor emeralds I could extort From wry-mouthed earls' women had no force.

  47. The jewels sent were a pair of ear-rings and an of emeralds encircled with diamonds.

  48. They are of little value intrinsically except for their weight in gold, because, as I have said, the emeralds are flawed as though they have been through a fire or some other unknown cause.

  49. Then presently up the chamber came Kari arrayed in the tunic and cloak of an Inca prince, wearing in his ear a disc carved with the image of the Sun, and a chain of emeralds and gold about his neck.

  50. It was of rude workmanship with knees bent up under the chin, but the face, in which little emeralds were set for eyes, was of a great and solemn dignity.

  51. On the front of the body of the dress were four large pear-shaped emeralds of great value.

  52. To keep the Koh-i-Noor in company, one of the largest emeralds and one of the largest pearls in the world were in this Exhibition.

  53. The plan no doubt concerned the ancient castle of Treyf, and it seemed more than likely that by its aid I might succeed in discovering the hiding-place of the Borgia emeralds and the vial of Lucrezia's secret poison.

  54. Can `Lucrezia' actually be Lucrezia Borgia, and the emeralds those historic ones which we know were in his possession about 1506?

  55. The Borgia emeralds were historic, and the Borgia poison also.

  56. You, no doubt, read the other day of the sale of the Borgia emeralds to the wife of an American millionaire through the medium of Garnier, the well-known jeweller in the rue de la Paix, and of the high price paid for those historic gems.

  57. Was it possible that the historic emeralds of Lucrezia Borgia were actually hidden beneath?

  58. Just as the minute directions for the recovery of the Borgia emeralds were commenced, they broke off, leaving me utterly confounded!

  59. What I had read of the great treasures of the once magnificent Abbey of Crowland and of the emeralds of the notorious Lucrezia Borgia whetted my curiosity and aroused my eagerness to commence a real treasure hunt in earnest.

  60. If Lord Glenelg had paid for the property then the Borgia emeralds could never be ours.

  61. I have plainly told also where the emeralds of my lady Lucrezia are concealed.

  62. Wherefore wyll it be seen that not only did I carry the priceless emeralds of my ladie Lucrezia and the secret venom of the Borjas--the presence of the which cannot be detected--but I also held in my possession the antidote.

  63. He had rubies and emeralds and diamonds stuck all over him.

  64. And when he had done all that the serpent had told him, you could see the whole orchard mantled with emeralds and chalcedonies, and coated with rubies and carbuncles, so that the lustre dazzled your eyes.

  65. From these they obtained gold in exchange for salt, emeralds and textile fabrics.

  66. Now she would seem to take a bath in some pale, rosy waves, produced by an unknown marvellous battery of light, then again she so dazzled in precious gold and finally blazed with emeralds and the branches of its quite innumerable vineyards.

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