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beand; beanes; beans; beanstalk; beant; bearable; bearberry; beard; bearded; bearding
  1. Humor and pathos are found side by side in these pages which bear evidence of absolute truth.

  2. Thor, though feeling somewhat perplexed and mortified, accepted his invitation courteously, and showed, by his agreeable behaviour during the evening, that he knew how to bear being conquered with a good grace.

  3. A collection of good bear stories with a live boy for the hero.

  4. Bears spout water out of their mouths in the fountains, they have dead ones in their museums, and they have a big bear den down by the river where great live ones can growl and act all they want to.

  5. And he sez: "I can't bear allspice anyway.

  6. Tommy wuz cryin', and Josiah wuz kinder whimperin', though for my sake he wuz tryin' to bear up.

  7. I can tell you he won't bear the brunt of it before the bar of this country or that bar up above.

  8. A wicked world will not bear his instructions and reproofs.

  9. My heart sung them words and carried two parts, one sulferino and one bear tone.

  10. And when Nehemoth emerges thence, bathed and anointed, the slaves run on with their ringing palanquin and bear him to the Orient Chamber of Banquets, where the King takes the first meal of the day.

  11. And I bear far away the pink and white petals of the apple-blossom's youth when the laborious time comes for his work in the world and for the bearing of apples.

  12. Just now Nehemoth awakes, the slaves leap to their feet and bear the palanquin to the outer side of the great crescent palace between the south and the west, to behold the sun again.

  13. Then the slaves run and bear him to the onyx Chamber of the Bath, with the sound of small bells ringing as they run.

  14. Mr. Fulton alone refused to abandon the search, and Mr. Aikens kindly offered to bear him company till daybreak brought others to take his place.

  15. The architrave which the Caryatids (Arrephoroi) carry may be compared with the long chest which the maidens bear on their heads, and the discs on the architrave with the discs which ornament the chest.

  16. In the scene on the neck of this amphora appears a priestess followed by four maidens who bear upon their heads a long chest.

  17. It would give us a line on whether he went up Bear Cañon, Platte Cañon, into Northern Colorado, or south toward the Palmer Lake country.

  18. You were willin' our dead uncle should bear the blame for it.

  19. He had been willing to let his dead uncle bear the odium of his misdeed.

  20. Will you ask Lloyd to let us know--or I mean to bear us in mind--if he hears of a horse for sale so we could buy the beast when we come up next February.

  21. Running out of funds, they were obliged to take work at what they could get, and Osbourne sold tickets in a theatre at Helena, Montana, and later took a job in a sawmill at Bear Gulch.

  22. Here word was brought that Osbourne had been killed by the Indians, and life began to bear heavily upon the young wife and mother, stranded without means in a strange city.

  23. There are also large salmon-colored moths that Louis cannot bear the sight of because they are marked like a skeleton.

  24. Once when she had reason to fear that a person whom she was befriending was deceiving her, and she was told that a simple inquiry would settle the matter, she replied: "But I couldn't bear to find out that he is lying to me.

  25. From the first day that we met at Skerryvore she took entire possession of my heart, and there she will forever bear sway.

  26. Bear were still killed on the mountain, but I do not remember having any to eat.

  27. Sidenote: Militia and the right to bear arms.

  28. Whoever shall bear it will receive a little beating from Francois.

  29. How much am I to bear from this varlet and his varlets?

  30. I can hardly bear to let the Bonatea soak long enough.

  31. Glen Roy, Glen Spean, and the other glens in which the hill-sides bear traces of old lake-margins.

  32. I never actually tried sea-water, but I was very fond of angling when a boy, and as I could not bear to see the worms wriggling on the hook, I dipped them always first in salt water, and this killed them very quickly.

  33. It is by no means worth forwarding, but I cannot bear that you should think me so ungracious and ungrateful as not to have thanked you for your long letter.

  34. But a man cannot cure his virtues, any more than his vices, after early youth; so you must bear your burthen.

  35. In Glen Roy itself there are three distinct shelves or terraces, and the mountain sides of the valley of the Spean and other glens bear traces of these horizontal "roads.

  36. Loddigesii, which will bear testimony to the veracity of the remarks I have ventured to lay before you.

  37. It seems to me the physiologists are now in the position of a persecuted religious sect, and they must grin and bear the persecution, however cruel and unjust, as well as they can.

  38. I should also much like to know whether old plants bear the solid bladder-like bodies near the upper surface of the pot.

  39. Of course no answer is expected unless you have ever observed anything to bear on this.

  40. It might be worth your while to bear in mind the possibility of fine sediment washed over and interstratified with thick beds of frozen snow, and therefore ultimately dropped irrespective of the present contour of the country.

  41. The long series of letters between Darwin and Muller bear testimony to the friendship and esteem which Darwin felt for his co-worker in Brazil.

  42. I am now working on the habits of worms, and it tires me much to change my subject; so I will lay on one side your letter and my notes, until I have a week's leisure, and will then see whether my facts bear on your views.

  43. The Bear followed the Fox, but, being bulky, he was captured and punished.

  44. And how is my beauteous camel, so strong to bear his load?

  45. As soon as the Bear had got into the other bucket, however, the Fox threw the stone away, and consequently the bear descended to the bottom and was drowned.

  46. In the road Esop finds a simple soul and brings him home to his master, who persuades his wife to bear with him in anything he should pretend to do to her; if the guest is a busybody (or one who meddles) Esop will get a beating.

  47. Strange as it may appear, there is a variant of the fable of the Fox and the Bear current among the negroes in the United States, according to Uncle Remus, that most diverting collection.

  48. The Bear assumed dignified airs, while the Peacock was showing off his wheel-like tail.

  49. The Fox then led the Bear to a deep well, where two buckets were fastened together by a rope, like a balance.

  50. In no respect can these bells bear any comparison with those of Europe.

  51. Unable to bear any longer the unpleasant behaviour of his wife, Upaka said to himself, "I have here neither friend nor supporter: I will go to my friend Dzina; he will receive me with kindness.

  52. As to you, Prince Theiddat, where are the witnesses that will bear evidence in your favour and prove the justness of your claim to the possession of this throne?

  53. At last the poor animal, unable to bear any longer the blows, mentioned to his master the cause of his unusual behaviour.

  54. Accustomed to live sumptuously and feed on the most delicate things, his eyes could not bear even the sight of that loathsome mixture of the coarsest articles of food collected at the bottom of his patta.

  55. Manh, turning to his followers, answered: "Here are my witnesses; they will all bear evidence in my favour.

  56. Unable to bear any longer so many insults, Ananda, in the name of his brethren, went to Buddha, and asked him to remove to some other place, where they would receive a becoming treatment.

  57. It is needless to add that the reader, in perusing the detailed account of the attack of Manh against Phralaong, ought to bear in mind that it exhibits throughout but an allegory of the opposition of evil to good.

  58. The spiteful Tsampooka could not bear to see the people showing marks of kindness and benevolence towards his hated guest.

  59. Thoomeda begged to be permitted to bear a part in the good work, and asked that a certain extent of the road be assigned to him as his task.

  60. During his noviciate, he had to bear the laughter and taunts of his wife and of his new friends.

  61. He ought to bear no anger towards other men, nor harm them in any way soever.

  62. In his first wrathful surprise, my bear tore up the snow and bushes for twenty feet about; but at last he set off with the trap on his foot.

  63. I have the black coat of a bear at my house, who might be wearing it himself to-day, were it not for his curiosity.

  64. But my bear was reared on a different bottle.

  65. The Indians are very fond of the bear for his wisdom, and he divides their respect with the beaver as a personage of sagacity.

  66. This was the thought that crossed her mind; but she desperately womanned (word coined since advent of new woman) herself to bear it.

  67. I fell and tumbled down the first third, much as the bear had done a bit earlier.

  68. Thar's bound to be no end of what you might call turmoil in a lecture on Roosia, and the sensibilities of Wolfville, already harrowed, ain't in no shape to bear it.

  69. From your father I would bear much; but when the balance of the family gets in on the game, they will pay for their chips in advance.

  70. I knew that a bear had somehow acquired my trap, or the trap, him; at that time I couldn't tell which.

  71. There isn't an honest man who can bear him.

  72. Fragments of straw also, recently torn, bear witness to the murderer's movements under the bed.

  73. Here Rouletabille turning towards Madame Mathieu, with a bow, said: "The footprints of Madame bear a strange resemblance to the neat footprints of the murderer.

  74. I throw out this hypothesis for what it is worth, but it explains many things,--and particularly the fact that neither the laboratory nor the vestibule bear any traces of the footmarks found in the room.

  75. Unfortunately, she was in too weak a state to bear the severer injuries of this second attack as well as she had those of the first.

  76. We had come into a rather out-of-the-way part of the country which had been turned topsy-turvey by a crime, and my reason led me to suspect every phrase that could bear upon the event of the day.

  77. Mount the brushes on these pieces so that their free ends bear on the commutator exactly opposite each other.

  78. The brushes are so mounted as to bear firmly upon the commutator.

  79. The center filling is woven of heavy strands of rawhide, in a fairly coarse mesh, because this part of the shoe must bear the weight of the body and the brunt of wear.

  80. Bear in mind that Russian calf is used for tooling and stamping, and ooze cow or calf for perforated designs.

  81. Bear in mind that the gas must be escaping from the burner when the arc is formed.

  82. The raised strips are made somewhat thinner than the frame to be fastened, as the clamping piece should bear on the frame and not on the strips; the function of the strips being to hold the frame square.

  83. Make a semicircular platform for the arms to bear upon when extended.

  84. Not one woman in a thousand can bear a sound-bodied child; and not one in fifty thousand can bring up rightly the child she has borne.

  85. Unable to bear the sight of her, Nancy moved away, and stood with back turned, perforce hearing the moans and sobs and half-articulate words which lasted until the fit of hysteria left its victim in mute exhaustion.

  86. You must bear up against it, Mrs. Damerel.

  87. But bear my name you shall, and be supported by me.

  88. Then it must have been that you could not bear the monotony of your life.

  89. Even though I find that you have deceived me as to your position, the old feelings are still so strong in me that I could not bear to give you needless pain.

  90. But bear in mind, Horace, that you bring your sister back not later than half-past eleven.

  91. As a gentleman, you will bear this in mind.

  92. When the promised letter arrived, it was found to bear a date two months ago.

  93. If you will not heed it now, it will remain in your memory, and bear fruit at the appointed time.

  94. The motto, suggested by some one or other after a fifth tumbler of whisky punch, might bear more than a single interpretation.

  95. The truth was, of course, that their minds, characters, propensities had remained absolutely proof against such educational influence as had been brought to bear upon them.

  96. Perhaps, even thus late, his spirit of stern truthfulness might bear fruit in her life and in her son's.

  97. Jessica, who declared herself quite well and strong again, though her face did not bear out the assertion, was beginning to talk of matters examinational once more.

  98. He says that we English-speaking class of foreigners bear aloft a banner with the strange device 'All right.

  99. Before Mrs. Flowerdew (I have written the delightful name on every corner of my blotting-paper) honoured me with her hand, I brought this power to bear on her incessantly.

  100. It has been observed by La Rochefoucauld that it is astonishing how cheerfully we bear the ills of others; he might well have added that, on the other hand, it is remarkable how we fret over the happiness of our neighbours.

  101. I cannot even bear to think of grand-mamma showing her ankles and Hessian boots!

  102. The reader is requested to bear in mind that Mrs. Rowe had a connexion of her own.

  103. They glitter in the light so fiercely that the eye cannot bear to rest upon them.

  104. He seemed to have come to the conclusion that the French were a deaf nation, and that they talked a language which he did not understand in order that he might bear their deafness in mind.

  105. We cannot deny that the domestic virtues have suffered in these fast days, nor that wife and husband go different ways too much: but are we to bear all the blame?

  106. The man who is perpetually travelling must bear with him a pliant nature that will adapt itself to any society, to various codes of morals, habits of thought, rules of conduct, and varieties of temperament.

  107. I always used to charge John with having trained that bear to attack our carriage so that he might come in as a hero!

  108. The hot smoke was swept back by the gale into his face, but the bear turned and disappeared in the storm again.

  109. He knew the idea had originated with her, and that the officers knew it, and yet she had made Lady Elfrida bear an equal share of the blame.

  110. But the wind was now keen and bitter in their faces, and that peculiar thickening of the air which they had noticed had become first a dark blue and then a whitening pall, in which the bear was lost.

  111. Nevertheless, they talked of eating the bear if it came to the worst.

  112. He could not bear to go across the seas carrying the pale, unsatisfied face of that gentle girl ever before his eyes!

  113. That bear was only a half-wild thing I helped to ra'r myself!

  114. I knew the bear was missing to-night, and when I heard the horses scurrying about I reckoned what was up.

  115. But this is wretchedly bad, and will amuse those who know how very particular Mr. Baily always was in his superintendence of the press, and how plainly his genuine works bear the marks of it.

  116. If the princess of Kosala can bear my strong odour, my ugly and grim visage, my attire and body, she shall then conceive an excellent child.

  117. Those who have listened to his history can never bear to listen to others, as, indeed, they who have listened to the sweet voice of the male Kokila can never hear the dissonance of the crow's cawing.

  118. Having planted the tree he cutteth it down when it is about to bear fruit.

  119. But considering this emergency, bear thou the burden of the duty that one oweth to his ancestors.

  120. He shall bear the onerous burden of this our hereditary kingdom.

  121. Then is narrated the receipt of this intelligence by Bhima from the fowlers: then is narrated how, moved by the insulting speeches of the intelligent Yudhishthira, Duryodhana ever unable to bear affronts, came out of the waters.

  122. But in respect of him it shall bear fruit to whom I may impart it.

  123. And, O thou of handsome eyes, neither men, nor Gandharvas, nor Yakshas are able to bear my might.

  124. And beholding the strength of the boy, Kanwa commanded his disciples, saying, 'Bear ye without delay this Sakuntala with her son from this abode to that of her husband, blessed with every auspicious sign.

  125. After thy answer as to whether she is the wife of Bhrigu, I will bear her away from this hermitage even in sight of thee.

  126. I tell thee truly, O illustrious lady, that if I am cast off by that hero or by thee either, I will no longer bear this life of mine.

  127. For a Brahmana's heart is soft as new-churned butter, even though his words bear a sharp-edged razor.

  128. The very earth seemed at that time unable to bear the weight of the Panchalas mad with joy.

  129. If thou also diest, I shall not be able to bear my life.

  130. At the sight of the damsel, his bow and arrows slipped from his hand and his frame shook all over with emotion; but possessed of ascetic fortitude and strength of soul, the sage mustered sufficient patience to bear up against the temptation.

  131. If by chance the patient dies, the doctor and the disease bear the blame.

  132. Perchance the earth will yet for many ages Bear her dead child, her moon, around her orbit; Strange craft may tempt the ocean streams, new forests Cover the mountains.

  133. No more will I bear The foolish load of my fond faith's despair, But trip the idle race with careless feet.

  134. To till those solitudes, soon swept of gold, And bear that ardent sun, across the main Slaves must come writhing in the festering hold Of galleys.

  135. The nearness we bear to the sun has purified, while it strengthens, our passions.

  136. They had retreated, leaving their instruments--a circumstance which seemed to bear hard on the Duke of Buckingham, their patron.

  137. Bear back my respects to Sir Geoffrey Peveril," said Major Bridgenorth.

  138. They left us to bear all the beating; and now they are incensed that we should wish to clear scores with those who rode us like nightmares!

  139. It is true, you must make champagne and claret serve, for my burgundy would not bear travelling.

  140. I can bear my lot, and it commands us to part.

  141. It will be terrible to bear the disgrace alone, but it would be ten times more so did it involve another in my disgrace.

  142. Then she felt that a burden so heavy that she could not bear it had been suddenly and rudely thrust upon her.

  143. Was she, too, unable to bear the brightness of the light?

  144. But the best society and all that it offers, as well as the amusements that cannot bear the light of day, pall on a man in time and that which is fine within him, silent, yet alive, cries for expression.

  145. My soul looks back to see the burden Thou didst bear While hanging on the cursed tree, and knows his guilt was there.

  146. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bear" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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