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embossing; embouchure; embowed; embowered; embowering; embraced; embracements; embraces; embraceth; embracing
  1. In 832, he was made archbishop of Hamburg, and legate of the holy see, by pope Gregory IV.

  2. St. Chrysostom observes that God treats thus all his servants, sending them frequent trials, to clear their hearts from the rust of self-love, but intermixing seasons of consolation.

  3. At which the prince drew back, and refused to be baptized, saying, he would go with the greater number.

  4. The Jewish religion was a temporary dispensation, intended by its divine author, God himself, to prefigure one more complete and perfect, and prepare men to embrace it.

  5. Let us visit them frequently, let us touch their shrine, and embrace their relics with confidence, that we may obtain from thence some benediction.

  6. His inflamed desire of laying down his life for Christ, made him embrace his sufferings with great joy.

  7. The exemplary life of this prelate, and his frequent discourses on religion, disposed several Pagans about the court to embrace the faith.

  8. He answers his objections from scripture, and exhorts him to embrace the Catholic faith; for the true church cannot be confined to a few, nor be new.

  9. He permitted her in his own life-time to found a monastery of nuns, called Oblates, for the reception of such of her own sex as were disposed to embrace a religious life.

  10. When they found him to be a servant of God, they respected him exceedingly, and many of them were moved by his heavenly discourses to embrace with fervor a course of perfection.

  11. Thus the vocal blood of the martyrs was a powerful exhortation, both to induce the infidel to embrace the faith of Christ, and to incite the faithful to the practice of its precepts.

  12. He saw himself at the imperial court, on shipboard, now in warm embrace with a beautifully formed and lovely girl, now in battle with fierce-looking men, and again in friendly conversation with Saracens and Moors.

  13. Ginnistan could now embrace him, and he suffered her tender caresses.

  14. It is the all-inflaming, the all-quickening light in the embrace of earth.

  15. To willing bosom may he press The mother and her pleading one, And yielding all to tenderness, Embrace the minstrel as his son.

  16. A long embrace and countless kisses sealed the eternal alliance of the blessed pair.

  17. I want to ask a favor of you; will you consent to let me kiss and embrace her as I do you?

  18. But, before the consent of the first wife is secured, he may not kiss and embrace his second.

  19. I am pained to relate that the first thing Peaches did upon reaching the ground was to embrace Dick Talbot and kiss him upon both cheeks.

  20. I feared that if I relaxed my embrace for an instant he would make a dash for liberty.

  21. Mrs. Patrick Campbell is a woman of Society who was led by circumstances and an unusually strong vocation to embrace the stage.

  22. We are told that Vladimir, having made up his mind to embrace a new faith, sent commissioners to Rome and Constantinople, and also to the adherents of Islam and Judaism.

  23. The king, from his long life in France, had become partial to Roman Catholicism, though he did not formally embrace that faith until at the moment of death.

  24. In India the Parsees of Bombay are the descendants of those Persians who fled from Persia at the time of the Mohammedan conquest (page 376), rather than surrender their cherished beliefs and embrace a new religion.

  25. I embrace the throne which is in Unnu (Hermopolis), and I watch and guard the egg of Nekek-ur (i.

  26. Thou art beautiful each day, O Rā, and may thy mother Nut embrace Osiris .

  27. I have seized and carried away those who live in the embrace of the god Ur (i.

  28. All the people rejoice, and embrace us one after another.

  29. As for thee if thou art strong, and if thy heart waits patiently, thou shalt press thy infants to thy bosom and embrace thy wife.

  30. I look at thee, and my heart is joyful; I embrace thee with my golden arms, and I surround thee with life, purity, and duration.

  31. O let thy mother Nut embrace thee,(564) Lord Rā, those who are with her tell thy glories.

  32. To my reflection it appears to embrace a very important consideration of 'policy' as well as of law.

  33. He had been one of the first six to embrace the Gospel on these islands.

  34. He was among the first to embrace the gospel on these islands.

  35. The discovery of gold on the Frazer River in 1858, the rush of miners, and the organizing of British Columbia, partially checked this fur company, and led to the formation of a sickly colony strangled in the embrace of an avaricious monopoly.

  36. He offers to embrace him, but he is shy, and keeps a little off.

  37. Why came I off alive, that fatal Place Where I beheld my Bellmour, in th'embrace Of my extremely fair, and lovely Rival?

  38. Francisco, let me embrace you, my noble Brother, and chide you, that you wou'd not visit me.

  39. No, rather like a Sacrifice, [Offers to embrace him.

  40. Let me embrace and thank thee for this goodness.

  41. Sweet Kate, embrace her for her beauty's sake.

  42. If once again you say that Silvia is yours, you shall embrace your death.

  43. He who hates truth I will call my enemy, but he who seeks it with simple heart I will embrace as my brother and my friend.

  44. His works embrace the departments of exegesis, doctrine, and practical religion.

  45. His influence was so great as to lead very many of the young men of Germany to embrace the vital doctrines of Christianity.

  46. Of Rationalism he says: "The word has been used in Germany in various senses, and has been made to embrace alike those who positively reject all revelation and those who profess to receive it.

  47. We make it embrace far too much, for there is no foundation for any high or supernatural views of inspiration in either the Gospels or Epistles.

  48. Nor must Christ be the mere subject of study; the soul and its manifold affections must embrace him.

  49. Embrace the blessings which he recommends: Such quiet as your foes shall ne'er destroy; Then shake off fears, and clap your hands for joy.

  50. Carlos, the sole embrace You ever took, you have before his face.

  51. I could embrace thee for that very notion.

  52. Let me embrace thee but a little, And weep upon thy neck; I would repose Within thy friendly bosom all my follies; For thou wilt pardon them, because they're mine.

  53. You can only have faith in that which undoubtedly is, but which we cannot embrace with our reason.

  54. There is neither concentration nor capacity to embrace everything.

  55. Methinks one husbandly embrace would break her airy zone, and she exhale upward to that heaven whence she hath hither come, condensed to mortal sight.

  56. Nay, from his embrace had she not struggled?

  57. The Liberal Democratic Party could never be seen to embrace such a project publicly.

  58. With a final embrace he disappeared into the milling throng of rain-soaked travelers.

  59. With a bear-like embrace he had him, the body small and muscular in his arms.

  60. I shall embrace with gladness for Thy sake all afflictions and all sorrows.

  61. And art not thou also a traitor, whilst thou rejectest thy Saviour to embrace some trifling pleasure?

  62. St. Joseph died in peace and happiness in the embrace of Jesus and Mary; his soul was sent forth to the abode of the patriarchs at the bidding of Jesus, Who had created him.

  63. Those who are poor from necessity should imitate the example of the Blessed Virgin, and freely embrace and be contented with the state in which God has placed them.

  64. Make this poor heart of mine gladly embrace and bear all the crosses that Thou mayest send me as aids to the attainment of my only end--that of abiding safe in Thy bright home forever, sweet Jesus, with Thee.

  65. She approaches to embrace Him, but the soldiers thrust her rudely back.

  66. My dear Jesus, with great love I embrace Thee, and I will remain faithful to Thee until my last hour.

  67. Most loving Jesus, give me grace to welcome them, to embrace them eagerly, and to bear them according to Thy good pleasure, and with sincere resignation to Thy holy will.

  68. Let me embrace Thee with the same fervor with which Joseph and Simeon welcomed Thee into their arms.

  69. And yet it stubbornly refuses to embrace the light and acknowledge the sovereign authority of the one Power that can extricate it from its entanglements, and avert the woeful calamity that threatens to engulf it.

  70. New World Order destined to embrace in the fullness of time the whole of mankind.

  71. To knowledge of the Divine essence “the way is barred and road is impassable,” for how can the finite comprehend the Infinite; how can a drop contain the ocean or a mote dancing in the sunbeam embrace the universe?

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