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amylaceous; amylic; amyloid; amylolytic; amys; anabolic; anabolism; anac; anachronism; anachronisms
  1. The spindle being horizontal this mill can be driven directly from an engine, horse-power, or line-shaft.

  2. This engraving represents the head and part of the trunk of an Elevator, or what is termed an elevator head; Fig.

  3. Standing balance is simply an equal weight on all sides.

  4. I have an order from New York for 100 bbls.

  5. I can make an average on the two run of 22 bushels per hour.

  6. Their advantages are: durability and economy, the different sizes are perfectly uniform, of the smaller and medium sizes the body is made of heavy tin, and all having an iron band neatly and skilfully secured around the upper edge.

  7. I can average ten bushels an hour, and the 22 ft.

  8. This style of Mill, with pulleys on the spindles, driven from an upright shaft by belts with tightening pulleys on the slack side, makes the most convenient, and at the same time, as durable and efficient a mill as can be built.

  9. Illustration] This shows our pattern for arched bridge pot and lighter lever for geared mills or when an elevated step is wanted.

  10. This noble act of Mr. Tupper gained him a high place in the affection of this people, and his sweet platitudes have been read here with an ever augmented spirit of tolerance since that day.

  11. At five minutes past ten, Brigadier-General Wright, the Referee, notified the seconds to bring their men "up to the scratch.

  12. No one likes us nor wants to dance with us, and we can't stand it any more.

  13. On the contrary, it rather pleases me to let you imagine that I am.

  14. They did so, amid the shouts of the populace, the noise whereof rose high above the roar of the sea.

  15. I want to see how much go she has and just how she works.

  16. She left them with that, confident and humming to herself.

  17. Why, no," said the Kid gently, "I reckon not.

  18. You never imagined that I was a little literary man in London," protested he.

  19. The rock was worth a dollar and A half per cubic mile.

  20. But a regular Paradise Lost for elegance of scenery and be-yooty of geography.

  21. By an easy and pleasant transition, I went from church to jail.

  22. Shust go oup to der paseball groundts Und see dhose "shturdy oaks" All planted roundt ubon der seats-- Shust hear dheir laughs und shokes!

  23. They are the despair of “leading editors” who try to get such work done for them and never succeed.

  24. Here is the last verse of “The Lass of the Pamunky:”— “Fair hands!

  25. He was old enough to have been an aide to Governor Hancock when Washington visited Boston in 1792.

  26. It can hardly be said that the old houses waked from the decorous sleep of many years.

  27. But it is not true that he threw away the three years when he pretended to be studying for his profession.

  28. Now, as you are our Kubernetes, I want you to take the ’elm in hand.

  29. I will not include Mr. Webster among the company of Mr. Lowell’s early friends, though the hour spent in the United States Court seems to have been a very important hour in his life.

  30. But his greatness belonged to Massachusetts, and not to the nation.

  31. And she said to me, with an expression which I have never forgotten, “Oh, we know the danger, and I think we are careful!

  32. He speaks somewhere of three “committeemen,” with three cold hands like raw beefsteak, welcoming him and bidding him good-by.

  33. December 22 he called at Divinity Hall, to invite me to a five o’clock Christmas dinner; again on Christmas to turn the hour into four o’clock.

  34. But in a second she laughed again, with more assurance.

  35. Maybe we both have the sense to spot a winner when we see one, my lord.

  36. Her blue eyes gazed at him with a wide questioning.

  37. It might be just instinct with her, as Toby had declared, but that Sheila regarded his engagement as a mistake he was fairly convinced.

  38. Just that, sir," said Toby, with a slight quickening of the breath.

  39. And he was not the man to impart the knowledge to anyone else.

  40. In a moment he was braced against the frame of the door, almost standing on it, the saloon gaping below him--a black pit of destruction.

  41. No," he said again, a hint of sternness in the curt word.

  42. His eyes were watching her intently, but there was nothing alarming in their scrutiny.

  43. He fetched them down with a ladder--all but Toby who went higher and pelted him with beech nuts till he retreated--at my urgent request.

  44. Come for a turn in the garden with me, Bunny!

  45. For a moment he had the blank look of a man who has been hit, he knows not where.

  46. Something in the light reply had pierced him though he could not have said how.

  47. I don't think there is much danger of that, anyhow at present.

  48. Toby spoke breathlessly, stammering a little as her habit was when agitated.

  49. Saltash's mouth twitched as if he repressed some passing emotion.

  50. Aside from the purely business point of view, I should be sorry.

  51. Fairy bungalows nesting in tropic gardens and waving welcome with their palm-fronds to the rushing train.

  52. Very well, then, I'll say good-bye for the present.

  53. That's happiness--to have the work one likes best.

  54. He entered the swinging doors of the chapel into a room hot with the odour of packed humanity, and found a place for himself at the rear.

  55. Her handkerchief was pressed into his hand.

  56. The croupier flicked the white marble between thumb and second finger, and it whizzed round the roulette board like an echo round the whispering gallery of St Paul's.

  57. There was no need for formal introduction after that.

  58. It ministered to her pride to be the wife of a man who had plucked success from the whirlpool of life.

  59. When will mademoiselle be able to make the journey?

  60. Clifford told me something about it, but I forgot.

  61. Now throw those wheels overboard, and run along and find Mr Chips.

  62. I want to meet Sir Francis and talk business.

  63. As she was poking the fire, her maid knocked and entered with a letter.

  64. To do him some special favour would be a most excellent means of attaining the second end.

  65. Then he gave her a generous allowance to cover the next few months.

  66. TAN'GENCY, TAN'GENCE, state of being tangent: a contact or touching.

  67. Hollands gin, named from the town near Rotterdam where it is chiefly made.

  68. She had in her lap an eider duck which had been shot, and could only have died quite recently, for it was still warm, and she wept bitterly over it.

  69. Heat as from an oven rose up from the huge abysses and dizzying clefts, whilst mighty steaming waterfalls roared and shook the ground.

  70. He wooed straightway, and, before the Christmas cheer was on the table, he got yes for an answer.

  71. If any of her fellow-servants claimed an equal share, she would simply answer, "It's me!

  72. He ran and ran till he had half a mind to give up, but then a frock and a bare shoulder gleamed betwixt an opening in the leaves.

  73. He was chucked into an empty cow-house, and the door was shut behind him.

  74. With an air as if he were thinking in his own mind of something very funny, he looked at Eilert for a while and blinked his eyes.

  75. No sooner was he out dredging next day, and had let down the ropes, than an ugly heavy squid came up, and spouted up a black jet right in front of him.

  76. Then he began to have an inkling that he had laid to his boat at a mooring-ring belonging to the underground folk, and had lit right upon their landing-place where they deposited their wares.

  77. She was determined to put an end to all this racket.

  78. But if in the first year it was an Ottring, next year it was a broad heavy Femböring for winter fishing which made the folks open their eyes.

  79. But now like an icy whizzing blast they all came down upon him, staring at him with their hollow eyes.

  80. But Kjel, who was a very light sleeper, was up and after her in an instant, and peeped at her through the crack in the door.

  81. On the other hand, the old parts of the town, when seen from a distance, are always presenting themselves in new apparel.

  82. Inside there is an Early English font, and one of the arcades of the nave belongs to the same period.

  83. The walk along the steep shady bank above the river is beautiful all the way, and the surroundings of the broken walls and traceried windows are singularly rich.

  84. It is adorned with seventeen shields, and Whitaker doubted 'whether so great an assemblage of noble bearings can be found on the tomb of any other Englishman.

  85. The church that exists today is of Transitional Norman date, and the beautiful little crypt, which has an apse, nave and aisles, is coeval with the superstructure.

  86. Unlike the moors of the north-eastern parts of Yorkshire, the fells are not prolific in heather.

  87. In 1642 Queen Henrietta Maria landed on whatever quay then existed.

  88. Instead of a trap-gate, one generally finds an excessively narrow opening in the fences, only just giving space for the thickness of the average knee, and thus preventing the passage of the smallest lamb.

  89. Inside there is a good deal of transitional Norman work to be seen.

  90. The inscription is on a sundial over the south porch in both churches; but while that of Kirkdale is quite complete and perfect, this one has words missing at the beginning and end.

  91. On one occasion a small sailing-ship was driven right into this bay at high tide, and the bowsprit smashed into a window of the little hotel that occupied the place of the present one.

  92. At last the friendly little oil-lamps on the platform at Levisham Station appear just below, and soon the railway is crossed and we are mounting the steep road on the opposite side of the valley.

  93. At low tide a beach of very rough shingle is exposed between the ragged chalk cliffs, curiously eaten away by the sea.

  94. There was, however, always a chance of catching moths and other creatures that flutter or roam about in the dark.

  95. His story purports to be no more than a popular narrative of what Austria has accomplished in Arctic discovery; but it is really more than this.

  96. He had none of the saliency of character which through devious adventure leads to fortune; but these palliatives scarcely explain the strange neglect which he experienced.

  97. Fissures that had been made with great toil, froze again as soon as made; and when the vessel tried to steam against the ice, it was unable so much as to set the floe in motion.

  98. Officers and crew rushed on deck to behold the ice heaving around them on all sides.

  99. He was intractable, and in a very strange way.

  100. Dreading the horror of being in debt, he offered the collection for sale; and in desperation accepted an offer of twenty pounds ten shillings for the whole of what had cost him eight years' labour exclusive of outlay.

  101. What a nice kind thing to say, Miss Haddon.

  102. As some assuagement of his loss, he found a friend and counsellor in the Rev.

  103. The makers of this kind can turn out about twenty dozen a day, each skilful worker; the painting being quite an after concern, with which the carvers have nothing to do.

  104. It was an uncommonly neat piece of work, he considered, for one who had never attended an art-school.

  105. So ended our great Christmas paper-chase, an event which must remain justly celebrated both for the ardour with which it was undertaken and for the endurance with which it was pursued.

  106. A mighty dainty lady, dressed in green, and sweet and pale, And she rode an all-cream pony with an Arab head and tail.

  107. He mentioned that once, at the beginning of his career, his carol party was broken up by an angry London householder, who fired a pistol-shot from his bedroom window.

  108. I have just returned (writes a Naval correspondent) from an interesting visit to the condemned battleship, H.

  109. The parcel-post, an hour later, brought him his own ideograph, returned without a word.

  110. During his absence of five months a mournful calamity had befallen her in an affection of the larynx, which threatened to deprive her temporarily of the power to articulate.

  111. This means that, when he does make an absolute statement, you may be pretty certain that it is true.

  112. Increase in the concentration of substances in solution is in practical use as an antiseptic procedure.

  113. Such an operation is an aseptic one, or performed aseptically.

  114. While bacteria are thus found nearly everywhere, it is an entirely mistaken idea to suppose that all are injurious to man.

  115. The oxidation of H{2}S to free S may be an explanation of the origin of the great deposits of sulphur which are found in Louisiana and along the Gulf coast.

  116. The substance within the introduced cell which acts as a stimulus (antigen) to the body cells is called an "agglutinogen.

  117. Since a bacteriological diagnosis depends most commonly on growing the organisms, it is evident that material sent for examination must never be treated with an antiseptic or preservative.

  118. When an organism has been obtained in pure culture by any of the methods described in the preceding chapter the next step is the study of its morphology as discussed in Chapters II--IV.

  119. They obtained similar results with an extract of mussels which contain a toxin.

  120. The slide is carefully dried and fixed and then covered with an abundance of the mordant by filtering through a small filter onto the slide so that the mordant shows transparent on the slide.

  121. If the stimulus is kept up, more and more of these receptors are produced until an excess for the cell accumulates, which excess is excreted from the individual cell and becomes free in the blood.

  122. Mars Blood, complete with spray applicator and fit-all fingerstalls that mask each finger completely except for the nail.

  123. He paused, however, for a brief recapitulation of the more magical properties of Mars Blood, including a telling phrase about "the passionate claws of a Martian sunrise.

  124. The lower part of Robie's body was a metal hemisphere hemmed with sponge rubber and not quite touching the sidewalk.

  125. AMONG the men of rank in London, who were distinguished during the last century for their love of music, the Baron Baygo held a prominent place.

  126. With Michael Rust for a son-in-law, you are safe.

  127. I desire, I implore, that you will not cause another, much less guilty than myself, to bear the punishment of my crime.

  128. With head erect, countenance glowing with a hectic flush, and the inspired air of a Sybil, she advanced with firm step to the edge of the stand on which the witnesses are placed when they give testimony.

  129. You shall see more anon: 'tis a knavish piece of work.

  130. The two men left the room, to which, in about half an hour, Monsieur Mallet returned alone.

  131. As I am sufficiently rich, meddle not with politics, and care very little for music, of course I have nothing to do with Rothschild, Metternich, or Rossini.

  132. And in this allusion to the tyranny of public opinion, there is an important truth very adroitly enforced by an apposite anecdote, timely remembered: 'FEW men ask concerning right and wrong of their own hearts.

  133. With thee no day can winter seem, Nor frost, nor blast can chill: Thou the soft breeze, the cheering beam, That keep it summer still!

  134. Before he had gorged his fill, he called for more bread; it was given him, and soon disappeared, with the remainder of his dish.

  135. The distressed mother meanwhile continued her rapid movements and troubled cries; and he soon discovered that she went and came continually, with something in her bill, from one particular tree--a white ash.

  136. The wall is double--in part at least--and the opening was carried into the cellar room and a door placed there.

  137. The criminal, unless very educated and clever, would be fooled with the multitude and caught off his guard.

  138. Only the last two," said Oakes; "my men are home by this time.

  139. The servants left, save a few of the oldest, who live away from the Mansion under a separate roof, and have never seen anything unusual.

  140. The air was chilly, but excitement kept us from feeling the need of our great-coats.

  141. What did you pick up in the cellar when you stooped for the match?

  142. Then, again, if able to get away himself, would he hide the revolver near the scene of the crime, behind a rock?

  143. We had strong proof that he was at the hut watching, as were we; he accidentally left a part of his shirt with my man, remember.

  144. It seemed like a palace with golden walls, and the familiar voices of welcome warmed me.

  145. He had known Oakes for years, and the good judgment and coolness that he had always shown spoke greatly against a recently developed mental disorder.

  146. Let us be sure first--remember Skinner has a motive for crossing us; he has tried to defeat the aims of justice right through.

  147. One could easily wander between the trunks of these trees, but having entered a few rods, all traces would be lost of the outside world.

  148. We could all see that Hallen was to have his hands full.

  149. Please tell us what you know about the events that transpired," asked the coroner.

  150. The death of Mr. Mark was the loss of a friend to many, and of a leading citizen to all.

  151. I think to be able to read really well is an intense charm," goes on Julia, glancing sweetly at Stephen.

  152. Her hands, tightly clasped, are hanging before her; her head is turned aside; her eyes persistently seek the floor.

  153. I think, perhaps, Portia's father had been "breezy" in the way of temper.

  154. How long she lies there neither of them ever knows; but presently, with a sigh, she comes back to the sad present, and lifts her head, and looks mournfully upon the quiet earth.

  155. Leaning forward, Dulce taps lightly on the pane, and Fabian, heating the quick sound, stops short, and lifts his eyes to the window.

  156. Of course she will bring a nurse of some sort, but not Singa.

  157. And it is I, my fine lady--who can scarce breathe when I am by--that have power to ring your proud heart.

  158. Then let us say, you have again changed your mind?

  159. He mutters something inaudible, that carries no blessing in its tone, but yet, as though fascinated by her beauty, he stands still and follows each step she takes upon the polished oaken flooring.

  160. At Wartenberg I inspected the Protestant school.

  161. He is now the fashionable actor, but he compares unfavourably with my recollections of Iffland.

  162. I shall be better off, for I shall be where I can intercede for you.

  163. Montrond asserts that the King told him that he did not wish M.

  164. I thought that he was on his way to Madrid.

  165. I think this is the only outstanding point which could throw us back into the anguish of war.

  166. He is now said to be living in unusual sanctity.

  167. In short, we must hope that a day will come when we shall be able to live in peace and return to that dear house which we have not been permitted to approach since our arrival.

  168. Flahaut had been appointed to the Vienna embassy; he is not greatly pleased at this news.

  169. She then offered the Comtesse Mollien and myself, who were at the same stall, a pair of lace mittens.

  170. I have been as well here as I can be at present.

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    Other words:
    any; atomic; certain; collateral; either; exclusive; individual; indivisible; integral; irreducible; lone; measured; one; quantified; quantitative; simple; single; singular; sole; solid; solitary; some; undivided; uniform; unique; unitary; whole

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    anal opening; ancient castle; ancient philosophy; and all; and give; and let; and thee; angry tone; animal nature; annual income; another article; another feature; another field; another house; another life; another matter; another picture; another plantation; another series; another ship; another source; another specimen; answered grimly; answered that; anything from; anything good