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meaningly; meanings; meanly; meanness; meannesses; meant; meantime; meanwhile; meanyng; meanynge
  1. And yet I assure you it is by no means the best I have.

  2. They went away, and a good many of them were baptized, but by no means all.

  3. He was so prosperous, he had such a store of good clothes that he felt that all was well, when it was by no means so.

  4. A sharp practiser is Ogmund Dint, and gets by foul means what he dare not try for fairly.

  5. Indeed, the Germans maintained constant pressure against our troops in that part of the field by means of bombing parties, and in this respect could only be kept in check by a systematic use of rifle grenades.

  6. By this means aimed indirect fire was brought to bear by day or night on localities known to be constantly used by the enemy.

  7. The Highland Division was not by any means the only Division which failed to capture a natural fortress situated at the apex of a salient.

  8. By this means he put the gun out of action, and enabled the infantry to continue their advance.

  9. Further, he possessed such gifts as an instructor as enabled him to train his Division in these ways and means in a manner which set a standard to the British armies in France.

  10. Experience has since proved that General Harper understood the ways and means of defeating the German in a manner which was probably unequalled, and certainly never surpassed on the Western Front.

  11. Meanwhile the whole German trench system had been reproduced by means of tracing tapes, and practice of the attack had been well advanced.

  12. These were made of cast-iron, and were exploded by means of time-fuses fixed into detonators, with patent lighters attached to the fuse.

  13. The 7th Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders therefore attempted to gain ground by means of strong patrols south and south-east of Espilly, with a view to forming the locality into a salient which would lend itself to attack.

  14. By this means he successfully occupied the whole of the chemical works and the trenches immediately west of them, and in addition the buildings north and south of the railway adjacent to the chemical works.

  15. By means of saps running into High Wood from the trench dug along its southern and western edge, a footing was held in the wood.

  16. During the morning the 4th Gordon Highlanders, who had extended their left so as to take over the front as far as the main drive in the Bois de Courton, attempted to make ground towards Espilly by means of strong patrols.

  17. It was hoped by this means to complete the utter destruction of the section of trenches raided, and to lower the Bavarians' morale before the great attack.

  18. I have applied to him again and again for more ink: a circumstance I mention not only to show the simplicity of the means employed in these so-called forgeries of mine, but also the everyday risks I ran of discovery.

  19. Having already failed by fair means to disprove the genuineness of these manuscripts, you have bought over this ungrateful lad to your side.

  20. A bargain’s a bargain, though indeed, as I have said, it is one that I should never have entered into in any case, but the mere vulgar question of ways and means now puts an end to the matter.

  21. The old man’s head was almost turned with the royal praises; and it was not to be wondered at that he had expressed his satisfaction with the youth by whose means he had been introduced into so serene an atmosphere.

  22. She is a queer mad creature, but means no harm,’ said Mrs. Jordan consolingly.

  23. The Poet Laureate Pye had been reminded of his promise to write a prologue for the ‘Vortigern,’ and had performed it, but by no means in a satisfactory manner.

  24. He did not think it necessary to state that they had laughed at him, and by no means in their sleeves.

  25. And yet the manifestation of his joy was by no means extravagant.

  26. I have not yet persuaded him to do so; but I by no means despair of it, and in the meantime I have a copy of it.

  27. I felt that you were slipping out of the reach of my arms, and the terrible temptation suggested itself to secure you by the means that had already gained me so much in so unlooked-for a manner.

  28. Besides, I had along ammunition by means of which I could determine the path of my shots.

  29. Both airplane squadrons are equipped with the usual biplanes, only we have an improvement: the wireless, by means of which we direct the fire of our artillery.

  30. As the French are trying to hinder our aerial observation by means of battleplanes, we now have to protect our division while it flies.

  31. It seems they have some means of destroying their machine as soon as it lands.

  32. However good these plans appeared, they were by no means to the taste of the sultan's ministers, who were each and all in receipt of large pensions from the man at whom they struck.

  33. He spent some days in making plans which were given up as soon as formed, until his fertile genius at length suggested a means of getting clear of one of the greatest difficulties in which he had ever found himself.

  34. May Allah grant me the means of proving my innocence, which is as pure as the rays of the sun, although everything seems against me!

  35. The most natural means of raising it which occurred to them was to diminish the number of those who shared it; therefore the two elder brothers, sons of the wife, combined against Veli, the son of the slave, and drove him out of the house.

  36. Ali saw the danger, sought and found the means to obviate it.

  37. The latter, whose impiety by no means saved him from superstitious terrors, rose hastily from the divan and advanced to meet the holy sheik, who was followed by a crowd of silent courtiers.

  38. Their correspondence was intercepted, and he endeavoured by means of his agents to rouse the Parganiotes against them.

  39. While he strengthened by every means his authority from within, he missed no opportunity of extending his rule without.

  40. But Ali did not look upon the suzerainty of a canton as a final object, but only as a means to an end; and he had not made himself master of Tepelen to limit himself to a petty state, but to employ it as a base of operations.

  41. Kamco did not confine herself to words; she employed every means to increase the fortune of her beloved son and to make him a power.

  42. But depart this instant without a word, and dare not to trouble me again; I have other means of destruction at command besides gunpowder.

  43. Girls and boys," she said brightly, "I have decided to change the old regime, which means that we are going to desert the former way of doing things and start in on a new.

  44. That smaller doses are, however, by no means to be regarded as always safe is shown in the following experiments.

  45. Some of them were found dead 18 hours after injection, which means that the duration of life was probably a great deal less since there was evidence that they had been dead for some time.

  46. In all cases very large doses were introduced directly into the stomach by means of a temporary gastric fistula.

  47. The injections were made into the ear veins from a burette or by means of a syringe, the temperature of the caffein solution being about 40 deg.

  48. In all of these experiments caffein was given by means of a soft rubber catheter slipped over the stem of a funnel which served as a stomach tube.

  49. Though this first excursion had been somewhat of a failure, the girls were by no means discouraged and in the days that followed they rode almost constantly.

  50. One of the twins, deciding to play "savages," had pounced upon the ink bottle as a means of making the play more realistic!

  51. Ef an old man's gratitude means anything to you, you sure have got it.

  52. Haeckel's Gastræa theory, though it exercised a great influence upon the subsequent trend of phylogenetic speculation, was by no means universally accepted telle quelle.

  53. It is sufficiently clear from this quotation that Geoffroy was thinking only of a transformation of the antediluvian species created by God, and by no means of an evolution of all species from one primitive type.

  54. By means of this comparison Mollusca definitely took their place in the Échelle des êtres, after the Articulata, just as Geoffroy had maintained in 1820, saying that crabs formed a link between the other Crustacea and the molluscs.

  55. In fish the pectoral girdle is slung to the skull by means of the post-temporal bone (supra-scapula, according to Owen) which abuts on the occipital arch.

  56. By "type" von Baer means the structural plan of the organism.

  57. Cell-formation also involves the second or metabolic force, by means of which the cell alters the chemical composition of the medium surrounding it so as to prepare it for assimilation.

  58. An Account of its dangerous activities and of the means of destroying it.

  59. By organism the author means a complex of organs which taken together suffice to constitute, ideally or actually, a complete animal.

  60. In America we have a higher average of intelligence, while we have far less of the higher class; and I attribute the latter fact to the control of those who have never enjoyed the means of appreciating excellence.

  61. Whatever was forwarded as far as Lake George while the snow lasted, could then be sent on with the army, in the contemplated operations of the approaching summer, by means of the two lakes, and their northern outlets.

  62. Boats were actually moving through the streets; a considerable portion of its inhabitants having no other means of communicating with their neighbours.

  63. As had been anticipated, the Indians had adopted the only means that could prove effective against such a fortress as the Nest without the aid of artillery.

  64. The columns got entangled with each other, and no one seemed to possess the means of promptly extricating them from this awkward embarrassment.

  65. The knowledge of many little things I have just mentioned, was obtained by me only at intervals, and by means of observation and discourse.

  66. There have been colony bills among us, but they are not favourites, most of our transactions being carried on by means of the Spanish gold and Spanish silver, that find their way up from the islands and the Spanish main.

  67. It was this passing submission to an imaginary doom, on the one hand, and the headlong effect of sudden fright on the other, which had separated the two girls, and which had been the means of dividing the whole party as described.

  68. Civilization is just as much a means of providence as religion itself; and it is clearly intended that one should be built on the other.

  69. Thither we pushed, fast as we could, though by no means in compact order.

  70. The maxim which Mr. Bulstrode attributes to Juvenal, simply means 'that honesty is praised and starves.

  71. In ascending that pile of ice, by no means an easy task under any circumstances, we had acted in perfect concert, every effort of mine being aided by one of her own, directed by my advice and greater experience.

  72. The packages and parcels for the errand cart, were numerous; and there were many stoppages to take them in and give them out; which were not by any means the worst parts of the journey.

  73. By this means an endless chain of subjects will be woven, of which the Victoria itself supplies the links; the "Newgate Calendar" will never be exhausted, and the cause of morality and melodrama continue to run a triumphant career!

  74. A party, whose transactions are known to be large, succeeded in settling his account with the Bulls, by means of postage-stamps; an arrangement of which the Bears will probably take advantage.

  75. I wish I knew what the child means by saying that she's going travelling.

  76. The author says: The Christian Faith and the Holy Scriptures arm us with the means of neutralizing and repelling the assaults of evil in and from ourselves.

  77. Kate, after a startled look, "that means that you must start back to-morrow!

  78. I have racked my brains for some means of closing the net about him, but there seems no way.

  79. For a while he did not investigate the package, but devoted his attention to sounding the rest of the near-by planks with the hope that they might give into a larger opening and furnish a means of egress.

  80. Because in the hundred or more years of its existence there has never been water pressure in Grande Mignon, the fighting of a fire there with primitive means has become an exact and beautiful science.

  81. This island depends on its fish, and, since cod and hake and pollock have left us, we must cast about for other means of support.

  82. It has ten tentacles, a tapered body about ten inches long, and is armed with the usual defensive ink-sac, by means of which it squirts a cloud of black fluid at a pursuing enemy, escaping in the general murk.

  83. His victim escaping him with the schooner and the means of livelihood, Burns had employed a traitor in the crew to poison the bait and force him to come ashore to replenish his tubs.

  84. The great, flat fish was raised to the deck by means of the topping haul that swung in the dories.

  85. Neither was large enough to provide a means of escape, he judged.

  86. Ye be'n't by any means jealous o' Nellie, be ye?

  87. First he had stolen Nellie Tanner (Code had thought a lot about that ring missing from Nellie's hand), then he had attached the Charming Lass in the endeavor to take away from him the very means of his livelihood.

  88. Although the island exported yearly fifteen thousand dollars' worth of the strange stuff, it was plain that should all the men devote themselves to it the return would by no means measure up to the labor.

  89. And you know what that means with winter comin' on.

  90. Everybody in the Head seems tickled to death that he won, but you know how little that means to me.

  91. The second step consists in fixing the mark of shame upon the offender and publicly humiliating him by means of the solemn sentence of the judge.

  92. The occasion is small, but the principle involved as to the choice of means is great.

  93. What this practically means the following illustration will indicate.

  94. From whichever side oppression proceeds, there should be resistance to it; the check imposed by resistance is one of the means of educating to new habits those who find themselves checked.

  95. It is only by such means that the genial and attractive tendencies of our nature are converted into genuine virtues, and the way of escape from the double life is along the line of the moral transformation of our seeming virtues.

  96. Here, too, there should be by no means unvarying gentleness and pleading, but when need arises the sharp check, that evil may be instantaneously stopped.

  97. Everybody in the neighbourhood knew by what means he had acquired possession of the inn, and they knew also that Avdotya had given him her husband's money; no one liked Naum because of his cold and harsh character.

  98. That means that I must lose the house,"--repeated Akim, in the same tone as before.

  99. Those who regard the child as empty, who wish to fill his mind from without, neglect the means of cultivation in word and tone which should lead to a sense of rhythm and obedience to law in all human expression.

  100. This means light chairs and tables or benches where handwork can be done; low cupboards and lockers so that each child can get at his own things; broad window-sills for plants and flowers and a bookcase for reading and picture books.

  101. By means of discoveries of this kind they will see new colours in life around them, and a new depth of meaning will come to their everyday observations.

  102. In teaching children to count, the decimal system should be kept well in mind, and the teacher should see that thirteen means three-ten, and that the children can touch the three and the ten as they speak the word.

  103. This toughness of the buffalo is by no means uncommon, but different animals vary much in their tenacity of life.

  104. I have already spent a good deal in the purchase of slaves, who are now in my barracoon, and I think it will be both cheaper and easier to make up the rest of the gang by means of powder and lead.

  105. It's my ambition to let fly a broadside at a lion or a elephant so I means for to go on; an' wot I says is, Who wolunteers to sail in company?

  106. This was a refinement in cruelty on the part of these professedly Christian Portuguese, which our travellers afterwards learned was by no means uncommon.

  107. These exceptions, and the lazy, were easily kept in the line by means of rope and chain, as well as the rod and lash.

  108. For all poetry has by nature an enigmatical character, and it is by no means everybody who can interpret it.

  109. Afterwards the means may be given to you whereby you may distinguish between good and evil.

  110. No one as yet but herself had reached the meeting-place, which Emerald by no means regretted.

  111. First,' said Hildegarde, 'it means that you are to crack one of your nuts too.

  112. That shows that the "you" means us both together--four nuts between us.

  113. After some days of this enforced imprisonment, Hildegarde and Leonore began to think a snowstorm by no means a laughing matter.

  114. You will know what to do with them, and by their means you will bring her to me.

  115. So far as the present was concerned, there was not much sign of any great weather disturbance, for the day was mild and bright, and Leonore was by no means the worse, but decidedly the better, for her little expedition.

  116. The battle fought by his good and bad angels did not last long; it was soon decided in favor of the latter by means of a note from Venturita brought by the other maid of the house.

  117. And by the same simple means five or six more gentlemen arrived upon the stage.

  118. He attributed his failures to the lack of means of transport.

  119. I have no means even of proving my identity; if I had, I suppose that I could claim some of this wealth of which Mrs. Montague appears to have abundance, and I am sure that she has some proof in her possession.

  120. If any of them are ours, we have no means of identifying them," Mr. Palmer responded.

  121. He confided to him what had occurred, and his fears regarding the safety of his son, and he was by no means reassured when that official at once exclaimed that "the whole thing was a put-up job.

  122. Consequently the detective got himself up in elaborate style, obtained a ticket for the ball by some means best known to himself, and, when the festivities were at their height, slipped in upon the brilliant scene.

  123. Desolating war--protracted by mistaken leniency--has educated the nation to a proper sense of the treason, and nerved it to the determination to crush it by all possible means and at every hazard.

  124. The anxiety of the wench for the capture of her master, and her statement of a pre-knowledge of the visit of the troops, were by no means exceptional.

  125. They are one of the means that God and nature have placed in our hands,' and old Virginia can't object to that doctrine.

  126. Why it means a blind upon Uncle Abraham and his good people.

  127. I am for the suppression of the Rebellion by the speediest means possible.

  128. He was unused to the ways of electricity, I thought,--a verdancy by no means inexcusable.

  129. That means the hangman, if we take you alive.

  130. I take it that means somebody behind him, a force, something big to reckon with.

  131. These were memoranda giving an account of his appearance with Carl Lomen before the Ways and Means Committee at Washington.

  132. I understand they had you up before the Committee on Ways and Means at Washington.

  133. McCormick, whose means of livelihood were frequently more unsubstantial than real, listened to the offer of pecuniary reward for his services with something like shock.

  134. And because I, as you know, gentlemen, am a professional good fellow, I devised a means of bringing my failure of a marriage to a speedy end.

  135. They were by no means formidable, but easily too much for the spoiled darling of fortune.

  136. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "means" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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