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tacky; tact; tactful; tactfully; tactfulness; tactical; tactically; tactician; tacticians; tactics
  1. The one tactic is weak, and gives an easy triumph to Dr Reid: the other is more formidable, and, in our opinion, lays him prostrate.

  2. This first tactic is a feeble and mistaken manoeuvre.

  3. While in the act of executing this tactic their presence was detected, and scanned in a moment.

  4. But the pursuers were not indulging in any sentiment just then, and as soon as his last tactic was revealed the race of interception was begun.

  5. If the tactic was known in these islands before the time of Wallace, or if Wallace gained the knowledge of it from elsewhere, the fact yet remains to be historically demonstrated.

  6. That is a tactic suit, with love to match!

  7. On the 29th General Schmidt dropped the “elbowing” tactic and ordered both divisions to move as far and as fast as “practical.

  8. In the official history of the operation, the tactic was likened to “a man elbowing his way through the crowd,” swinging one arm and then the other.

  9. McKissick and Carmichael questioned the worth of nonviolence as a tactic and the value of integration as a goal.

  10. King believed in nonviolent resistance both as a tactic and as a philosophy--both as means and end: ".

  11. It towered erect and then, repeating the tactic invariably successful, it toppled forward to create a bridgehead from which to launch new assaults.

  12. The world is engaged in a great checking tactic now, and if there are still prophets among the Jews they should lead their people in another path.

  13. She had discovered quickly that his personal horrors included being skinned alive, so that had become her primary tactic against him.

  14. Effective though this tactic is, the animal uses it usually as a last resort, preferring to employ the exact opposite, that of crouching motionless in an effort to avoid detection.

  15. In the rough, broken country frequented by mule deer this tactic often makes considerable commotion.

  16. This tactic for a second must have disconcerted the Air Trust mercenaries.

  17. It upset also the old revolutionary tactic, and in these last years a new tactic has arisen.

  18. But this scheme does not fix in any invariable fashion a tactic of war, which indeed had already been made frequently.

  19. But Occam, turning his predecessor's tactic to a contrary purpose, denied that any matter of faith was demonstrable by reason at all.

  20. Strabo reproaches Ephoros with repeating the current legends all the same; but it seems clear that he anticipated the critical tactic of Gibbon.

  21. With the help of these Talents, Incorporated people, you've worked out a new battle tactic you want to put into practice.

  22. No Mekinese would have the advantage of watching the tactic practiced on a companion-ship, to guide his own actions.

  23. The classic tactic is to try for englobement.

  24. This tactic introduces another issue that diverts the discussion.

  25. This tactic was named for game poachers that used a strong smelling fish to mask their scent from dogs used by game wardens trying to apprehend them.

  26. Footnote 112: As to his tactic in building up a party see Busolt, Griech.

  27. First, police storm in rapidly, through every entrance, with overwhelming force, in the assumption that this tactic will keep casualties to a minimum.

  28. He stopped, circled, dodged the clutching hands, feinted with a tactic long unthought of, and broke into a straight, resistless dash for the posts.

  29. But even before he had executed the instinctive tactic of shifting the helm, paying off, and trying to beat up into the faint breeze that now drifted over the swirling current, he realized its futility and abandoned it.

  30. Royall, in opposition, adopted a new tactic in the wake of the Truman order.

  31. Forrestal intended to apply the same tactic to achieve the same results in the other services.

  32. Equal opportunity was the tactic he had used in the Navy where he had encouraged specialized training for all qualified Negroes.

  33. Only when this tactic failed--and the committee predicted that failure would be a rare occurrence--should the services employ economic sanctions.

  34. Bergier in reply follows the tactic habitually employed in the same difficulty to-day: he ignores the fact that his own apologists have been claiming a vast betterment, and contends that religion is not to be blamed for the evils it condemns.

  35. Like the similarly infuriated semi-rational defenders of the historicity of Jesus in our own day, he merely "followed the tactic of exposing the lack of scientific knowledge and theological learning" of the innovating writer.

  36. Bayle's ostensible Pyrrhonism was simply the tactic forced on him by his conditions; and it was the positive unbelievers who specially delighted in his volumes.

  37. We know the good understanding, the republican gravity, the perfect tactic of the storks and cranes.

  38. They will let them pass, and return to their old tactic of following and harassing.

  39. The old tactic of ostracism was not easily unlearned; and the official Liberal journals, as the Daily News, for years on end sought to suppress the fact that it was he who had brought about the Labour Bureau.

  40. But he also had a chivalrous loathing of the tactic which stabbed a doctrine in the back instead of meeting it in face; and for his own part he never used the means he might to assail religion through the scandals of its daily record.

  41. Even if the birth-rate be so checked as to lessen the nett population, the increasing power of machinery would so far balance the lessened supply of labour that the tactic of parsimony on a large scale would defeat itself.

  42. A girl who has caught up every trick of manner, every little tactic of society within a month, and who, at this hour, would stand the scrutiny of the most fastidious eye, is a great prize in the wheel.

  43. Charger" Wicks was a pilot in a well-known fighting squadron, and was so called from a favourite tactic of his in air fighting and his insistent advice to the rest of the Flight he came to command to follow his plan of attack.

  44. They ran into a scrap with odds of about two to one against them, and in the course of it Charger got a chance to put his old tactic to the proof.

  45. The same change must have taken place in fighting with the sword; which, when the same tactic was adopted on both sides, was anything but a confused MELEE; on the contrary, it was a series of single combats.

  46. The tactic of the Roman legions had not yet acquired the perfection which it received from the military genius of Marius, [Most probably during the period of his prolonged consulship, from B.

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