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Example sentences for "contrivance"

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  1. A contrivance for multiple copying, by means of a surface of gelatin softened with glycerin.

  2. Subtilty of contrivance to gain a point; artifice; stratagem.

  3. A contrivance or apparatus to prevent the explosion of steam boilers.

  4. A contrivance for indicating the height of a water surface, as in a steam boiler; as by a gauge cock or glass.

  5. A contrivance applied to steam engines, water wheels, and other machinery, to maintain nearly uniform speed when the resistances and motive force are variable.

  6. Any contrivance or implement, as a furnace, stove, or other heated body or vessel, etc.

  7. For anything that legally appears to the contrary, it may be a contrivance to fright us.

  8. The good consequences of this simple contrivance will be-- 1st.

  9. No family occupying high houses should ever be without a contrivance of this kind.

  10. The cook should be encouraged to be careful of coals and cinders: for the latter there is a new contrivance for sifting, without dispersing the dust, by means of a covered tin bucket.

  11. In the morning he was hauled out of the trap and bound down on a rough skeleton sled made from a forked limb, very much like the contrivance called by lumbermen a "go-devil.

  12. I'd heard of the repeating rifle, but had it put up for a Yankee lie, and when the boy pulled out the gun I thought he had made a mistake and brought along some scientific contrivance from his college.

  13. The pieces of glass are stuck together with marine glue, and a very simple contrivance enables the plants or other objects to be pressed near the front, and thus brought into better view.

  14. This little contrivance adds to the clearness and brilliancy of objects, and is a great accommodation to the eyes.

  15. If they do I shall begin to dread a reconciliation; and must be forced to muse for a contrivance or two to prevent it, and to avoid mischief.

  16. But such success having attended that contrivance [success, Jack, has blown many a man up!

  17. But I hope it is not a contrivance neither!

  18. And indeed, had I not had the hint of it from you, I should have suspected it to be some contrivance of his, in order to hasten me to town, where he has long wished to be himself.

  19. And I own to you, Madam, that I should never have forgiven myself, had I omitted any contrivance or forethought that would have prevented your return without me.

  20. A letter which lays open the whole of his contrivance to get off Clarissa.

  21. But to see the charmer so far satisfied with my contrivance as to borrow my friend's letter, in order to satisfy Miss Howe likewise--!

  22. A little innocent contrivance was necessary to get her out.

  23. This has given rise to an ingenious contrivance called the whispering figure, which is sometimes fitted up in museums for the entertainment of visitors.

  24. The tube being entirely concealed within the dress of the figure, and under the floor, the spectators, not suspecting such a communication with the next room, wonder by what contrivance an image can be made to speak.

  25. If you remember, my child, the pain you feel in your eyes when you come from the dark suddenly into the light, you will understand the use of this, and see what a beautiful contrivance it is.

  26. Skill is far inferior to wisdom, consisting largely in the practical application of acquired knowledge, power, and habitual processes, or in the ingenious contrivance that makes such application possible.

  27. Nor," added the vizier, "is this story more extraordinary than that of the thief who believed the woman and sought refuge with God against falling in with her like, by reason of her cunning contrivance for herself.

  28. Sleep of Zeus, by the contrivance of Hera.

  29. The unfortunate man believed he was marrying the daughter of Pietro and Violante, born legitimately, and yet by the contrivance and trickery of this couple he married a girl of basest stock, conceived illegitimately by a dishonourable mother.

  30. The invention of bombs is disputed among several countries, and there are good reasons for believing that some contrivance of the kind had been made use of long before this event.

  31. The first who passed from the wreck to the shore by means of this contrivance was a stout seaman with two very small children in charge.

  32. Rooney was a man of contrivance and resource.

  33. Another contrivance is, to surround the cabin with men of straw, and wooden masks of the most frightful shapes, in hopes of scaring away the mysterious tormentor.

  34. In such expeditions, too, contrivance and skill, as well as boldness and enterprise, are largely employed.

  35. The former spends a great part of his life in arduous enterprises, where much contrivance is requisite, and whence he must often extricate himself by presence of mind and ingenuity.

  36. The Spaniards appear to have copied this useful contrivance from the Moors, but the natives were acquainted with them before the arrival of the Europeans, for Morga mentions similar batalanes.

  37. In the Christy collection, in London, I saw a stone of this kind from the Schiffer Islands, employed in a contrivance for the purpose of protection against rats and mice.

  38. All the varieties of colour and form which we witness, he attributes to human contrivance and fancy.

  39. A clock which is capable of going accurately must have some contrivance to keep it going while it is being wound up.

  40. A contrivance of this kind now in use is that patented by F.

  41. This Contrivance has succeeded with me upon other Occasions, in which Necessity compelled me to invent and apply it.

  42. One carried a canvas contrivance known as a camisole.

  43. In fact I found it interesting, for I looked upon it as a contrivance of the detectives.

  44. To me the thunder was "stage" thunder, the lightning man-made, and the accompanying rain due to some clever contrivance of my persecutors.

  45. It is for you to say, whether these letters which have been read to you, do not appear pregnant of this contrivance and device on the part of the writer.

  46. The very ideal of ignominy was embodied and made manifest in this contrivance of wood and iron.

  47. It consisted of a hollow vertical cylinder, provided with a number of horizontal arms fitted with lateral apertures; the contrivance is mounted so as to rotate about the vertical axis.

  48. Upon her refusing once at supper to taste some fruit which he presented to her, he declined inviting her to his table, pretending that she in effect charged him with a design to poison her; whereas the whole was a contrivance of his own.

  49. This contrivance is capital for reading, and also affords considerable diversion to the last man into bed.

  50. This contrivance was chiefly formed of birch boughs of peculiar shape, and when finished and placed in its proper position at the further end of the tent just behind our pillows, it presented a truly noble appearance.

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