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fixes; fixing; fixings; fixity; fixt; fixtures; fizz; fizzing; fizzle; fizzled
  1. There was really not a semblance of racing on the second day of the Royal Clyde Regatta, which was the valedictory fixture in the so-called 'Clyde fortnight.

  2. A fixture to hold this nozzle is shown in Fig.

  3. How to Make a Steam Calliope [418] Secure ten gas jet valves, the part of the gas fixture shown in Fig.

  4. The nozzle fixture was then bolted on with the exit orifice of the nozzle pointing downward and through the hole in the casing.

  5. Defn: A nozzle, mouthpiece, or fixture through which the blast is delivered to the interior of a blast furnace, or to the fire of a forge.

  6. Sewing press, or Sewing table (Bookbinding), a fixture or table having a frame in which are held the cords to which the back edges of folded sheets are sewed to form a book.

  7. Shooting board (Joinery), a fixture used in planing or shooting the edge of a board, by means of which the plane is guided and the board held true.

  8. Defn: The jet piece of a gas fixture where the gas is burned as it escapes from one or more minute orifices.

  9. A fixture for drawing a liquid, as water, molasses, oil, etc.

  10. After removing the boring-bar the table E of the special fixture on which the casting is mounted is turned one quarter of a revolution.

  11. The headstock fixture is carried on a faceplate mounted on the spindle and so arranged as to be adjustable for cranks of different throw.

  12. After indexing, the fixture is clamped by two T-bolts which engage a circular T-slot.

  13. The crank is then clamped at the tailstock end and the revolving fixture is secured by the two T-bolts previously referred to.

  14. The casting W is placed in a fixture F which is clamped to the machine table.

  15. The revolving fixture is equipped with removable split bushings which can be replaced to fit the line bearings of different sized crankshafts.

  16. This fixture has a guide-bushing G which is centered with the bar and cutter in order to properly locate the casting.

  17. This casting is mounted on a fixture which is bolted to the main table.

  18. A first-class paint mill should be a fixture in close proximity to the paint bench.

  19. The revolving wheel jack is an indispensable fixture in the paint shop.

  20. The team, though proud of its fixture with so celebrated an opponent, was not very sure of itself.

  21. I believe we dare venture a fixture with Grant Park this season.

  22. My curiosity was doomed to remain unsatisfied until two or three years later, when Rouher had already become a fixture in the political organization of the Empire.

  23. As installed in the courthouse, each chandelier hangs from a fixture in the ceiling by a metal chain approximately 5 feet long.

  24. Where insulating joints are required, fixture canopies of metal must be thoroughly and permanently insulated from metal walls or ceilings, or from plaster walls or ceilings on metal lathing, and from outlet boxes.

  25. Instead of the armored cord ordinary fixture tubing may be used.

  26. If the bracket stem is too small for this, fixture wire must be used and a connection from it to the cable must be made.

  27. These are often wired by simply running fixture wire or flexible cord along a wire stem and fastening a small socket to it.

  28. Very often fixture wire is brought out here, but this will soon break.

  29. On no account should fixture wire be allowed to extend outside of the stem.

  30. Where brackets are used they must be wired entirely on the inside; fixture stem must come through to the back of the scenery and end of stem be properly bushed.

  31. The weakest part of a chain fixture is indicated in Figure 189 by the arrow.

  32. The test for "ground" may be made by connecting both feed wires to one pole of the magneto, and the other pole to the metal of the fixture taking care that there is no lacquer on that part of the fixture.

  33. He seemed a permanent fixture of Kiachta, as he had married a Russian lady, the daughter of a former governor.

  34. Mr. Elliott had become a permanent fixture by marrying a Russian woman and purchasing a commodious house.

  35. A nozzle, mouthpiece, or fixture through which the blast is delivered to the interior of a blast furnace, or to the fire of a forge.

  36. A kind of patten mounted on short pieces of iron instead of rings; also, a fixture with iron points worn on a shoe to prevent one from slipping.

  37. The jet piece of a gas fixture where the gas is burned as it escapes from one or more minute orifices.

  38. The figure shows a bracket fixture which is generally fastened to a pipe in the wall.

  39. All outlet boxes must be rigidly secured in place by approved method and those intended for fixtures shall be provided with a fixture stud, or in the case of large fixtures, a hanger to furnish support independent of the outlet box.

  40. In the fixture shown at C is an igniter such as is used in places that cannot be conveniently reached.

  41. The cord attaches to the electric-lamp fixture by a screw-plug and connects with the iron by a special attachment piece as indicated at P and R in Fig.

  42. The hot-water pipe leaves the range boiler at the top and connects with each fixture using hot water, thus making the circuit complete.

  43. The lamps are often constructed with a long-distance cord extending from a fixture to the bedside.

  44. No, we will play the fixture on our own ground.

  45. I say, I don't wish to cast a gloom over this joyful occasion in any way, but you say Wrykyn are going to give Sedleigh a fixture again next year?

  46. Wednesday, and it would be a pity if rain were to spoil our first fixture with them.

  47. In continuous venting the waste of the lowest fixture is discharged into the vent pipe and extended to the main waste stack where it is connected.

  48. From here it flows out of the bottom connection into the water back, through the upper connection into the boiler, through the side opening, then to the top of the boiler and out to the fixtures through the fixture supply opening.

  49. Another problem which is as important as the foregoing is the proper flushing, that is, the supplying of sufficient water in a manner designed to cleanse the fixture properly.

  50. In case there is an additional fixture required in building and it is impossible to re-vent pipe for the trap, the building department may designate the kind of trap to be used.

  51. The shower bath, as a separate fixture, is in use and the demand for it as a separate fixture is increasing rapidly.

  52. From each T a line of pipe is run to each isolated fixture or set of fixtures (see Fig.

  53. The open plumbing allowed a free circulation of air around the fixture and exposed pipes, thereby making the outside of the fixture and its immediate surroundings free from all the bad features of the closed plumbing.

  54. This fixture is so constructed that all waste pipes and trap come under the floor level with no way of getting to them from below.

  55. Every riser line must have an extra support at the base to avoid any settling of the stack which will crack the fittings and break fixture connections.

  56. The supply pipe to every fixture should have a stop on it directly under the fixture.

  57. Besides these materials being insanitary, the fact that a fixture was constructed using a number of sections proved that joints and seams were insanitary features on a fixture.

  58. A copper or iron tank holding sufficient water to supply all fixtures, even when every fixture demands a supply at the same time, is installed in a convenient place and the heating arrangement connected with it.

  59. Unluckily, the first year saw a weak team of Austinians rather badly beaten, with the result that it became a point of honour to wipe this off the slate before the fixture could be cut out of the card.

  60. Also, the match was the last fixture of the season, and there was a certain feeling in the teams that if they did happen to disable a man or two, it would not matter much.

  61. A woman sat by the hearth, with a grave and solemn countenance--so grave and so solemn she seemed a fixture in that still apartment.

  62. Such a tongue is, of course, a fixture in the mouth.

  63. The plaster should also fill around the articulations of the lower jaw, to make that also a fixture in its place.

  64. Thus for the cutting of spirals, a fixture capable of originating any spiral right or left hand, from 2 inches to 6 feet pitch, is provided.

  65. Referring now to the construction of the jig, or fixture for drilling the link shown in Figs.

  66. M represents this line of motion, line N the axis of the reamer, and line O the line on which the fixture that holds the reamer must move, O being parallel to M.

  67. Objection is sometimes made to the ordinary chain pulls from the fact that they jar the fixtures, and also are liable to bend the fixture branches from the strain used in operating the arm.

  68. Most ceiling gas fixtures will admit of the fixture wire being run inside the brass shell, which makes a neater job.

  69. A case may arise where there is electric light on the same chandelier as the gas lights, and that an insulating bushing has been screwed in between the fixture and the pipe.

  70. Then cut out a piece of the floor, drill up from underneath through the fixture plaster-rose with a fine drill, and push the fixture wire up.

  71. The electric-light fixture wires are admirable for use here if there is room.

  72. For concealed work in a finished house, locate the position of the fixture under the floor of the room above by measuring both in the room where the fixture is and in the room above.

  73. The wire used on the gas fixture is of a special kind, being made for the purpose.

  74. In most cases its point of exit at the fixture can be concealed by the rosette, through a hole in which it passes.

  75. As this is both inconvenient and unsightly, a neat device, clearly shown in the annexed illustration, has been invented, which is intended to be attached to a gas fixture over the table.

  76. A case in point where the fixture was used both as a bowl and a urinal was in a few months exceedingly offensive--a fact largely (though not wholly) due to its double service.

  77. If they are carefully put in, and provided with suitable traps placed just as close to the fixture as possible, the result will usually be satisfactory.

  78. If it is to be a slave, and, like one of the bolts, a fixture in the vessel, that you need me, our bargain is at an end.

  79. That shown at A is a simple fixture for facing off the valve head.

  80. The valves of Curtiss OX-2 cylinders are easily ground in by using a simple fixture or tool and working from the top of the cylinder instead of from the inside.

  81. Choo Loo was still a fixture in the valley.

  82. Hope, that she herself was a fixture at the other house for the night at least, and would like a number of things sent up, of which she inclosed a list.

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