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  1. He too had been in the Commissioner's office and had the same bad luck.

  2. Then you even believe that our society exerts a bad influence?

  3. The matter we are discussing is more serious than reforming bad taste.

  4. I don't see why just we have to have this bad luck.

  5. She is told to repeat certain words many times a day, and to draw a circle with ashes around the hut to keep bad spirits from returning.

  6. He says to himself, "I am afraid some bad spirit bewitched me while I was dreaming last night.

  7. I take mightily to a sweat of sage tea, in desperate bad colds.

  8. It wouldn’t be a bad notion on sich occasions to ask the man in the steeple to ring which way the moon is.

  9. Deacon Dogskin and his old psalm-book got into decidedly bad odour; the result could no longer be doubtful; a parish meeting was held, and a resolution passed to abolish the old system, and establish a singing school.

  10. The Stallinses bein’ Washingtonians, ther wasn’t no wine, but the cake wasn’t bad to take jest dry so.

  11. It was too bad to talk ’bout, but heap too good for him.

  12. When the luminaries are, as I may say, in the raw, it’s bad for me.

  13. Having shifted there all, and got everything dry and comfortable by the evening, we again went to bed, and before midnight were again awaked by torrent of rain and leaks streaming in upon us as bad as ever.

  14. He came the following day, and gave a very bad account of Pelah, where he had been.

  15. Our crew, many of whom had not made the voyage before, seemed quite scandalized at such unprecedented bad manners, and only very gradually made any approach to fraternization with the black fellows.

  16. With the exception that it was never cold, it was just such weather as a very bad English November or February.

  17. My collections, however, got on but slowly, owing to the unexpectedly bad weather, violent winds with heavy showers having been so continuous as only to give me four good collecting days out of the first sixteen I spent here.

  18. As bad weather seemed coming on, we got inside the reefs and anchored opposite the village of Warns-warns to wait for a change.

  19. The undeniable ingenuity and neatness of American products is, unfortunately, very often combined with bad workmanship.

  20. A bad harvest would be insufficient to satisfy the claims of creditors.

  21. The French concessionnaires made a bad job there of a difficult undertaking.

  22. But to continue still in errors blind, A bad and bestial nature doth descry.

  23. Or a thwarting hoggish nature Joinèd in as bad a feature?

  24. I treat so indeed, my lord, else we should be in a very bad way indeed.

  25. You have not been such a bad fellow after all; if you go wrong, what will happen to the greater part of those amongst us who may die tomorrow?

  26. The suggestion was by no means a bad one, and the party sat down on a green and sloping bank, overshadowed by a mighty oak which grew by the wayside.

  27. I have had a very bad headache," said Edwy, "and have only been able to write a page of Latin.

  28. But that which in an age of good government is an evil, may in an age of grossly bad government be a blessing.

  29. Making the best of a bad bargain, perhaps.

  30. Elfric was ashamed to say that it had not been so very bad after all.

  31. Gaius ordered him to be put to death, but let him go because he believed what one of his female associates said, that Seneca had a bad case of consumption and would die before a great while.

  32. It was not the number of those who perished that was so bad (though it was bad enough) but his frenzied delight in their slaughter and his never satisfied gazing at the scene of blood.

  33. The colonists, not having any pressing work out of doors, profited by the bad weather to work at the interior of Granite House, the arrangement of which was becoming more complete from day to day.

  34. In the meantime, when nothing remained of the brig but a useless hulk, bad weather came on, which soon finished her.

  35. A boat could not cross it, especially at the approach of the bad season.

  36. At last all was finished, and it was time, for the bad season was near.

  37. Pencroft only considered them in an eatable point of view, and learnt with some satisfaction that their flesh, though blackish, is not bad food.

  38. This bad weather lasted a week, during which time the thunder rolled without cessation in the depths of the sky.

  39. The mouth of the Mercy is a bad place for a vessel, and the sea is heavy there.

  40. Neb remarked that the year finished on a bad day, but Pencroft replied that naturally the next would begin on a good one, which was better.

  41. It must be mentioned here, that during these works, which were actively conducted, for the bad season was approaching, the alimentary question was not neglected.

  42. The engineer's condition would, therefore, have been bad enough, if his companions had not carefully covered him with their coats and waistcoats.

  43. That is reassuring for us, but a bad look-out for our great-grandchildren!

  44. But, it's a bad time of year to be hittin' for the Coppermine country.

  45. Naw, it's bad enough to cut a little at a time.

  46. Or, maybe he wanted to dodge some bad going.

  47. While among the trappers and the Indians themselves he is known as the carcajo, or as bad dog--which is the Indian's idea of absolute cussedness and degeneracy.

  48. All de tam I tak' mor' grub, an' now I ain' got de bad luck.

  49. Bell thinks her cough is a bad cough, and that Coldchester is not the right place for her to live in during the winter months.

  50. Her ladyship was glad to get the house quiet, for Miss Constance has had a very bad night.

  51. But very poorly, my lady; she has had a bad night.

  52. Willy is an awful tease, and if she is a prim little thing, turned out by a boarding-school, she will have a bad time of it.

  53. I have studied this problem from every point of view and I really believe that the growing youth of to-day would not acquire bad habits so readily if they were given some occupation that would thoroughly interest them.

  54. We came to a bad grade then, and Old Hal had to keep a wary eye on the trail, for the horses were not as sure-footed as the dogs and deer.

  55. I know what is good for you, and you must do just as I tell you, or a bad Yankee soldier will catch you and then you will see!

  56. In spite of, perhaps because of, some mistakes and many misfortunes the defence and relief of Ladysmith will not make a bad page in British history.

  57. Rather bad luck, picking an officer out of all these men--only one killed to-day so far, a dozen wounded.

  58. A very bad effect was produced in the undecided districts--it is perhaps wiser not to specify them at this moment.

  59. He had been in some dreadful battles, and we, like all left at home, suffered constant anxiety about him, dreading that each day might bring bad news.

  60. The boy burst out crying at this; and as he kissed my cheek with his trembling lips, I said to myself, "This a bad boy?

  61. Well," I said, "you have all been bad alike, according to your own confessions.

  62. I repeated, quite miserable to hear such a bad account, for some of these boys I had believed to be excellent children.

  63. I think there must have been some mistake about that bad conduct.

  64. The bad stepmother did nothing to heal the wounds, and he was found in this state, suffering terrible pain, and brought to the Home, and tenderly nursed till he got well.

  65. It ought always to cure, it is so very bad to take.

  66. Also he heard some one say that Josie Jinks was three-legged and a bad Actress.

  67. A bug-eyed Maniac with his Collar to the bad was found wandering hither and thither with $90 in his Left Hand.

  68. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bad" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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