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  1. All the same his heart was sinking, as old hearts sink when beloved young ones are in trouble.

  2. You can't take everything away from people, and expect them to have the same standards as you and me.

  3. At twelve Letty was to return and Barbara lie down till three, with the same proviso in case of the unexpected.

  4. Approaching the new sibyl with the same ceremoniousness, he repeated the same words in the same precise tone.

  5. For the same reason she took the silver thimble which stood on the scrap of paper.

  6. No other good woman in the world enjoys this right to the same degree, a fact to which we can point with pride.

  7. Nothing is the same for you or for me as before I met you in the Park.

  8. Rashleigh Allerton would goad her to frenzy, and she would do the same by him.

  9. So it was the same old scene all over again, till both were exhausted, and she had flung herself into a chair to cover her face with her hands and burst into tears.

  10. He was the more disconcerted because she said this gently, with the same longing in her face and eyes as in that of the little mermaid bending over the unconscious prince.

  11. Barbara was of his own world; she knew the people he knew; she had the same interests, and the same way of showing them.

  12. In the same way as she had given the order to William she spoke with the authority of one at liberty to ask the question.

  13. In that same hour the hungry nestling's cheep Floods Etain's drowsing ear with gentle woe.

  14. Burnet was drawn to the translation of "Utopia" by the same sense of unreason in high places that caused More to write the book.

  15. There is the same uniformity in all children until they develop.

  16. But he called me a swindler, and I would give the same answer to-morrow.

  17. The two others burst from the women, and were about to pierce him with their swords, when Jack seized one by the collar of his coat and held him fast, pointing the muzzle of the pistol to his ear: Gascoigne did the same to the other.

  18. The next day Mesty was included among the boat's crew taken with him by Captain Wilson, according to the regulations of the service, and appointed to the same situation under the master-at-arms of the Aurora.

  19. Captain Wilson allowed the same licence to Gascoigne, as they had both been cooped up for some time on board of a transport.

  20. One never tires of watching his still mid-air poise, the same in calm or wind, and his unerring headlong plunge.

  21. Somewhat the same position in which weeds stand opposed to the plants which the husbandman depends upon for his livelihood, vermin hold toward the beasts and birds upon which the sportsman depends for his recreation.

  22. The woodcock is being cultivated and improved and murdered out of existence with clearing and draining and summer shooting, and unseasonable shooting is doing the same for many kinds of waterfowl.

  23. Sixty years later the old wood road winds through the same scene, by some marvel of kindliness or oversight, untouched by the devastating axe, unchanged but by the forest growth of half a century and its seemly and decorous decay.

  24. During the same season you frequently hear him attuning his harsh sharp voice to its softest note of endearment, a long-drawn and modulated variation of his cackle.

  25. For in November the ten might have been four times ten fat and lusty, lazy fellows, boring the oozy margins of these same pools where the frogs are croaking and the toads are singing to-day.

  26. This is the timber the Indians made their bows of, and which now serves the same purpose for the young savages whom we have always with us.

  27. Through the frozen brambles that lattice the doorway of his burrow the fox peers dismayed upon a glassy surface that will hold no scent of quarry, yet perhaps is comforted that the same conditions impose a truce upon his enemies the hounds.

  28. The same statement applies in great measure to city and village conditions.

  29. The improved modern traps with a wire fall released by a baited trigger and driven by a coiled spring have marked advantages over the old forms, and many of them may be used at the same time.

  30. Dry strychnine crystals may be inserted in small pieces of raw meat, Vienna sausage, or toasted cheese, and these placed in the rat runs; or oatmeal may be wet with a strychnine sirup, and small quantities laid out in the same way.

  31. It corresponds in every particular with the entry of the same date in the parish register of the church of St. Sebastian where the ceremony was performed.

  32. They were in the same regiment in India," coldly replied the lady.

  33. So, when I married Odalite Force, I was perfectly free to contract lawful marriage, and so the same Odalite is now my lawful wife.

  34. She wore the elegant wedding dress which had been prepared for Odalite; the two little bridesmaids wore the same dresses in which they had appeared at the attempted wedding of the month previous.

  35. In the middle of the room, as being in constant use, was a chip-bottom rocker and a child's low chair of the same material.

  36. Then we will ride together as far as our roads go in the same direction.

  37. Odalite and Leonidas sat in the back seat, covered with the same bearskin, and with their hands clasped together.

  38. Miss Sibby, on the afternoon of the same day that witnessed the rector's visit to Mondreer.

  39. It happened about the same time that Abel Force was elected as a State senator, and went with his family to spend the winter in the State capital.

  40. But all the same I would pledge my immortal soul upon it that she does.

  41. La Discreta enamorada, The Cunning Sweetheart; also by a remodelling of the same play by Moreto, No puede ser guardar una muger, One cannot guard a woman; but this has lately been disproved.

  42. Though we are of the same father and mother, she is not much of my sister if your daily conduct produces any love in her.

  43. Why, if you marry her, she may demand the same freedom which she enjoyed as a girl?

  44. How I wish, for the peace of the same husbands, that he would forbid coquetry, as well as lace, and gold or silver embroidery.

  45. Good night; for I shall shut myself in at the same time.

  46. That the wily priest had himself been guilty of attempts to get rid of his adversaries by the same unscrupulous means is not to be denied.

  47. In Jerusalem was Jeremiah persecuted and cast into prison for speaking the truth and rebuking their idolatry; what prison in London tormenteth not some true prophet of God for the same causes?

  48. Very comprehensive also is this expansion of the second petition of the Lord's Prayer in the same treatise.

  49. The same stealthy measures were pursued with regard to others.

  50. With regard to the inferior and miscellaneous cases which were daily brought in incredible profusion before the tribunal, the same preliminaries were observed, by way of aping the proceedings in courts of justice.

  51. It is obvious, from the fundamental laws which were made to define treason at the same moment in which they established the council, that any man might be at any instant summoned to the court.

  52. Count Horn was arrested upon the same occasion by Captain Salinas, as he was proceeding through the court-yard of the house, after the breaking up of the council.

  53. Philip transmitted his acceptance of her resignation by the same courier who brought Alva's commission to be governor-general in her place.

  54. These warnings were repeated almost daily by the same gentleman, and by others, who were more and more astonished at Egmont's infatuation.

  55. Even his barbarous grammar has not been forgotten, and his crimes against syntax and against humanity have acquired the same immortality.

  56. On this same day, two other important arrests, included and arranged in the same program, had been successfully accomplished.

  57. There was to be a re-organization of the inquisition, upon the same footing claimed for it before the outbreak of the troubles, together with a re-enactment and vigorous enforcement of the famous edicts against heresy.

  58. It is singular that the very same person who, according to a well-informed Catholic contemporary, had been most eager to warn Egmont of his danger, had also been the foremost instrument for effecting the capture of the Admiral.

  59. The capture of Bakkerzeel was accomplished with equal adroitness at about the same hour.

  60. It was an object of anxiety with this truly maternal friend to save her from all unnecessary mortification, at the same time she earnestly desired to see her tractable, humble, and gentle.

  61. To be sure, I should have liked to look the same as dear Ellen; but how can I think of such a trifling disappointment, when I remember it was caused by those unhappy children, who are now mourning for their mamma?

  62. They are all the same with us, and will be so with you, I hope, by and by; indeed they always were with sensible good people.

  63. Mr. Harewood, drawing her towards him, and placing her by his side, in the same manner he was accustomed to let Ellen stand, when she was much in his favour.

  64. Nothing of the same kind had happened there before; nothing has happened since.

  65. Then he said, "I think that is exactly the same song as that of a bird that we have in America"; and that was the only English song that he recognized as being the same as any bird song in America.

  66. Every year, as spring came back unfailing and unfaltering, the leaves came out with the same tender green, the birds sang, the flowers came up and opened, and I felt that a great power of nature for beauty was not affected by the war.

  67. In the same way there are people who care nothing for music.

  68. But if we are to be quits and you are to be on the same happy level as I have been, then find something for yourself which you like as much as I like fishing.

  69. Something of the same feeling we may get from an appreciation of great music, beautiful pictures, splendid architecture, and other things that stir us with an impression of everlasting greatness.

  70. I did like it so much that I have never found the same pleasure in other philosophical writers.

  71. If you take the same view of Gibbon, find some other great author whom you do not find dull.

  72. I have always had the same feeling about the blackbird's song.

  73. At the same moment he thought he heard some sound outside, as if a floating object had struck against the anchored shanty-boat.

  74. Maurice understood just how he felt; indeed, he was experiencing the same sense of relief; for the sight of filth and poverty combined is a terrible thing.

  75. While he was speaking Thad drew the small package from his inside pocket, where he had been carefully keeping it since leaving the boat, and with one quick nervous movement thrust the same out of sight under the convenient root.

  76. A man with a red head of hair; and you think it might be the same fellow that tried to rob us yesterday up-river?

  77. Dirt and Mrs. Stormway evidently were at daggers' points, and could not live peaceably together under the same roof.

  78. All right, if that's the case; but all the same you threatened me, and I'm not going to trust you close.

  79. All I know is he laughed; and that it's the same critter!

  80. Maurice quickly returned to the boat, bearing the bacon and grits; for without the same their breakfast would have been slim, indeed.

  81. Thad hastened to follow suit, and it might be he unconsciously cast his eyes upward at the same instant, as though eager to see just how his chum held his.

  82. Maurice smiled at his enthusiasm, but was certainly feeling a bit the same way himself.

  83. At the same time he continued to hold to his resolution to handle the subject of the money with due caution.

  84. It may even have averted a fall in prices that would otherwise have taken place, the economic effect on the consumer's pockets being in that case much the same as if an actual rise had occurred.

  85. Brock at the same meeting supports the contention, as Notes can be issued without inconvenience.

  86. If the heron is not yet satisfied with its meal, the same performance is repeated until at last it flies to some overhanging limb--usually a dead one--of a tree where it wipes its bill and finally flies away.

  87. A number will nest in the same locality, thus forming quite a colony.

  88. The list is repeated in the thirty-ninth chapter of the same book, verses 10-12.

  89. To my delight I immediately brought within range of my glass the little fellow which I had seen the year before in the same tree, and had described in my note-book as "wearing a sun burst of black on a yellow vest.

  90. There are a number of cotton yielding plants which belong to the genus Gossypium of the Mallow family (Malvaceæ), the same family to which the Hibiscus and garden mallows belong.

  91. We have never found more than one nest in the same immediate vicinity, but, according to Ridgway, it sometimes nests in colonies.

  92. The nest, a beautiful basket-like structure about three inches across and the same in length, is attached to half-upright or horizontal branches.

  93. It is common along our waysides and with its erect form and long spikes of blue flowers would be quite attractive could the flowers all mature at the same time.

  94. They have copied well-known builders in construction as well as shape; they hear that these well-known firms’ carriages run and follow very lightly, and if they would copy accurately they would obtain the same reputation.

  95. When the hind wheels come to the same obstruction again only half the load will have to be lifted, the other half being on the front wheels.

  96. The same united at the thick end with another became the grasshopper, or horizontal spring, and was used for gigs.

  97. It is difficult for a government who must raise money to so adjust the taxes as not to impede at the same time the industry of the country.

  98. There is another magazine in the same city called the “Hub,” edited by Mr George Houghton, who visited Europe to see the recent display of carriages at the Exhibitions at Vienna and London in 1873.

  99. About the same time concealed hinges were invented.

  100. The suspension of a hammock from the standard posts of a waggon, and of the litter from the harness of the horses, would, however, suggest the suspension of these improved waggon bodies from the same standard posts.

  101. It is of the same form now that it was a hundred years ago.

  102. This in wheel carriages is the same as if the weight of the carriage were mostly on the low front wheel, instead of upon the higher hind wheels.

  103. In 1751, a stage coach went to Dover, arriving at Canterbury the same night, reaching Dover early the next day, and starting on its return to London the same afternoon.

  104. We can all of us lift a weight or support a weight more easily with a long lever than with a short one, and it is the same with a horse.

  105. The elliptical springs made by Hobson were doubly compassed, and the same shape may be seen on some of the public omnibuses.

  106. The singular wing-guards over the wheels identify this “Araba” as being derived from the same source as the carriages of Persia and Hindostan.

  107. The height of the top of the cushion to the bottom of the body has varied during the same period from fourteen to eighteen inches.

  108. All travelling dependent upon the speed of a horse has been, on good roads, almost the same in all ages.

  109. At the same time, he presents the basic principles of elocutionary theory and reveals the forces that made the movement a dominant pattern in English rhetoric.

  110. Are not the rudiments of English now taught by low and ignorant masters, for wretched stipends, and for the same ends?

  111. They who have seen in the clearest light the fatal consequences of this course, did not, at the same time, see the only method by which it might be changed.

  112. And nothing can assist the new custom in its progress, but the same means that brought forward the old.

  113. Have we not the same organs of speech, the same features, the same limbs, muscles, and nerves, that the ancients had?

  114. Would not the same means bring us to the same end?

  115. Almost as enthusiastic as Sheridan, a number of other elocutionists expressed similar views and found their theories invigorated by the same forces.

  116. But why more a shame for him, than any other gentleman who has been trained exactly in the same way?

  117. The trials of both men were set for a week later, on the same morning, in Police Judge Witberg's court.

  118. If youd came through, your shack would not have blew up--I beg to inform you respectfully, am sending same pigeon.

  119. And in the same instant Danny's corner raised a cry of foul.

  120. Just the same I wish my brain were equipped with wireless.

  121. But when they described the brutal blows he had rained on poor Patsy's face, and the chair he demolished when he vainly attempted to kick Patsy, Watson waxed secretly hilarious and at the same time sad.

  122. At the same time her eyes were earnest with a plea of honesty.

  123. At the same moment the roan swerved and its rider caught a glimpse of the aroused men by the house.

  124. And at the same moment Watson's right fist landed flush on Judge Witberg's nose, putting that legal gentleman over on his back on the grass.

  125. Of course, sixty-five per cent of the gate receipts, same as with Carthey.

  126. I'll pay the damages to office furniture," Duncan answered, and at the same time landing more bunched knuckles on the eyes and nose of Dettmar.

  127. He brought to the solution of this question that same keen insight into hydraulics and the same close application that had made him so successful in this country.

  128. In the Galveston case, the same year, he was requested, not only by the city but by the state legislature, to formulate a plan and to take a contract from the United States government for improving that harbor.

  129. About the same time, and for the same purpose, Eads also went abroad, and while there he made a careful study of the works at the mouths of the Danube, the Rhone, and several other European rivers.

  130. With the same devotion to his parents as when he peddled the apples in the street, Eads now bought them a farm in Iowa, and provided in every way he could for their comfort.

  131. For two years he served on this commission: for many years before he had been working and fighting for the same grand result,--grand though almost fruitless.

  132. He would play several games at the same time; or, without seeing the board which his opponent used, he would carry the game in his head.

  133. On the same principle that a minie ball will penetrate five inches of oak, crossing the grain, while it will not enter one inch if fired at the end of the timber.

  134. Steel trusses 500 feet long would have to be made extremely heavy; but Eads showed that a steel arch the same length, while quite as strong, would be lighter and consequently much cheaper.

  135. For several years before their completion he had been delivering addresses urging the application of the same system to the entire alluvial basin of the river from the gulf to Cairo.

  136. This was a single copper wire covered in gutta-percha, which parted next day; and the first practicable submarine cable was laid in 1851, on the same route.

  137. At the same time, there were two greyhounds, Douglas and Percy, which were kept in the country for coursing.

  138. It would be like that story in the what's-its-name, you know, two sisters in love with the same man.

  139. All to no purpose; that table represented Jemmy Rodgers' independence of us and our help, and we regularly found it in the same state every morning.

  140. And the readiness with which he had transferred his affections was interpreted in the same convenient way.

  141. If I succeed from the very first in inducing the reader to adopt the same historical view of the matter that I take myself, I shall have gained a great point, for he will then lay aside all prejudice and preconceived opinion.

  142. A history of oinology or potology would be able to show that man, in satisfying a partly physical and partly intellectual desire, is bound by the same laws that govern him in the satisfaction of the highest needs of his striving mind.

  143. The same individual difference of susceptibility holds even for alcohol.

  144. In that same spirit those founders dedicated themselves to the conduct of this institution.

  145. Her slender body entered the water with much the same kind of a noise.

  146. She must have done that same thing many times, and this was the first that we knew of it.

  147. I should not have known it for the same boat.

  148. It is likely enough that the same question has been a puzzle to Bobby; but he takes it harder than I.

  149. We passed some fishermen going out--the same way that we were going, and we passed them as if they were at anchor; and they gazed in amazement and I saw them pointing.

  150. I looked into her eyes, and there I saw laughter and joy and hope and great love; and I saw the same tender wistfulness that I had seen so many times in the past weeks.

  151. And Olivia spurted, but got to laughing and lost a stroke; and Elizabeth Radnor caught her, but she got to laughing too, so that both seized their goal at the same instant.

  152. There is something soothing and at the same time stirring in such a day and such a place.

  153. And I turned meekly as that same boy at school caught in some mischief, and I went and sat beside her, but I did not explain.

  154. The nature that God gave me," I said, "or conscience, which is the same thing.

  155. And I waited, sitting just where I was at that moment and gazing idly at the same things that were there before my eyes.

  156. But that is nothing new that I give thanks for that, for I have done the same many times a day for many years.

  157. She was sitting as she had been for some time, the same half-smile upon her lips, her hands in her lap; but I saw that her hands were clasped together and every muscle tense.

  158. At the same time I had then an amount of spring in my temperament, and a power of enjoying life which I can honestly say I never found surpassed.

  159. The same fellow, wasn't he, that you told the story of, the other evening, in Lisbon?

  160. My confidence in my horsemanship suggested moral courage of a very different kind; and I felt that Charles O'Malley curvetting upon a thorough-bred, and the same man ambling upon a shelty, were two and very dissimilar individuals.

  161. Yes, sir; she left this early on Tuesday with the same old gentleman and the old woman in a chaise-and-four.

  162. At the same moment, a tremendous crash took place and the large dish fell in a thousand pieces on the pavement, while the spiced round rolled pensively down the yard.

  163. When I arrived, the servant informed me that Don Emanuel was in the city, but that the senhora was in the garden, offering, at the same time, to escort me.

  164. In the morning the matter would be rigidly avoided by each party until some chance occasion had brought it on the tapis, when hostilities would be immediately renewed, and carried on with the same vigor, to end as before.

  165. That same vestment has caused many a stout heart to tremble that never quailed before a shot or shell.

  166. She then in turn presents her hands and receives the same chastisement from her husband.

  167. Another time that I started on a mission to this same Cape (Breton) the Indians who conducted me in a canoe perceived three monstrous fish called maraches, and they were frightened, as these fish are very dangerous.

  168. As our brothers were poor in fact, and by profession, I had them laid there, and in the same spirit of poverty interred them side by side in the same grave.

  169. Some Indians had given bad example and had openly sinned; these made public reparation, promising to correct themselves and praying the king, who was present in the church, to punish them, if they again fell into the same fault.

  170. They are very fierce, and their language, which is not the same as that of the Micmacs, seems to present great difficulties.

  171. Monseigneur, two priests and myself, were in the same boat, we had just quitted a long boat that had brought us from the town to the harbor.

  172. I have walked upon the frozen sea on one day, and have passed the same place on the day following and seen that it would not then bear me, and should I have attempted to cross it then, I would have perished.

  173. They cut fifteen or twenty little trees of about the same size as the arm of a youth of fifteen.

  174. The next morning we rose before daybreak and baptized several Micmac children, (for these Indians were of the same nation as those of Nova Scotia) and confessed others.

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