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identification; identifications; identified; identifiers; identifies; identifying; identities; identity; ideo; ideogram
  1. Gradually they took form and I was able more or less to identify our whereabouts.

  2. Whenever a whale was sighted Wilson was called to identify it unless it proved to belong to one of the more common species.

  3. As we proceeded the distant land appeared more plainly and we were able to admire and identify the various peaks of the snow-clad mountain range.

  4. It would be exceedingly interesting, indeed a great achievement, if we could clearly fix or identify the land-fall of Leif, the Scandinavian explorer, and point out the exact spot where he erected his houses and passed the winter.

  5. It is easy to see how difficult, how impossible, it is to identify the landing-place and temporary abode of the Northmen on our coast from this loose and indefinite description of the sagas.

  6. If in minor particulars the sagas cannot be fully relied upon, to what extent can we identify the countries discovered, and the places visited by the Northmen?

  7. I will leave you to identify them (it is easy).

  8. In general appearance they are quite unique, and I rarely failed to identify one with an instant's glance, so very peculiar are all their attitudes and motions.

  9. The insects it feeds on are mainly so small that it is generally impossible to identify them.

  10. These migrating flocks are generally so high up in the tree tops and are so active in their movements that it is not easy to identify them in their dull winter plumages.

  11. As the warblers spend most of their time in the tops of these great trees and are very active, it is difficult to identify them even with a good glass, and still more difficult to follow them to their nests.

  12. The instrument wrote, so to speak, different hands under my voice and under Esmo's; and those who knew him could identify his phonogram, as my friends my manuscript.

  13. He felt quite certain, in theory, that something more could be done than feebly to send another telegram or two; the only difficulty was to identify that something.

  14. They were somewhere in the neighborhood of Market Weighton when the thing happened--I cannot identify the exact spot.

  15. I have not been able to identify the place), and had run into, and, indeed, exchanged remarks with two or three groups of tramps also London bound.

  16. It would be pleasant to give the names which would identify popular actresses who are great shiners in this matter.

  17. More people would recognize each of thirty popular performers than could identify even one of the great in other branches of art or in science.

  18. The word-master has in the course of his travels heard a good deal about this man, and he is able to identify him almost at once by his predilection for gin and water, cold, with a lump of sugar in it.

  19. From what he then heard of the sharking priest, by putting two and two together, Lavengro was now able to identify him with the "man in black.

  20. But cautious scholars conclude that the "figure is not of sufficient distinctness to identify the original that was before the artist's mind.

  21. From this fact we are enabled to identify articles of copper derived from that source, and to that region we can trace the copper from which are formed most of the copper implements and ornaments found in this country.

  22. Architecture can certainly present problems for the beholder to solve, but how can the beholder possibly identify himself with a tower or arch?

  23. It must be that we perceive the roughness by means of sensations arising in the hand and arm, but to identify these sensations is a much harder task than to discover the objective fact of roughness.

  24. You are watching one of your team do the pole vault, for instance, and are so much absorbed in his performance and so desirous for him to succeed that you identify yourself with him to a degree.

  25. Of the thousands and thousands of distinguishable hues, shades {206} and tints, only a few are elements and the rest are color blends; and our main problem now is to identify the elements.

  26. Try to identify each of the following as an instinct, or to analyze it into two or more instincts: (a) Love for adventure.

  27. In other words, you would not be able to identify the exact data on which your perception of cutaneous position is based.

  28. We cannot heartily identify ourselves with Hamlet or Othello, yet we should be sorry to have those figures erased from our memories; they mean something, they epitomize world-facts that compel our attention.

  29. Go about the room with closed eyes, and identify objects by touching them with the hands.

  30. A novel to be really popular must have a genuine hero or heroine--some one with whom the reader can identify himself.

  31. If you have learned and still retain a list of numbers or syllables, you can recite it on thinking of it, on hearing words that identify it in your mind, or on being given the first few items in the list as a start.

  32. He was probably drowned and washed ashore without anything to identify him, so they buried him where they found him.

  33. Dick was called on to identify them, which he readily did.

  34. After the office boy had finished eating he was taken outside to identify the rascals, which he did.

  35. Dick was sent up to headquarters to identify the men, which he had no trouble in doing.

  36. Our exaggeration of all fine characters arises from the fact that we identify each in turn with the soul.

  37. Each prophet comes presently to identify himself with his thought, and to esteem his hat and shoes sacred.

  38. Footnote 151: I have not been able to identify this place.

  39. Footnote 57: I cannot identify this name in the Capitulation Returns.

  40. Mr. Loftie has attempted to identify some of the wards.

  41. They could hardly identify the meagre and mutilated remains; but, in tenderness to the officials, who had killed him by doing all for the best, they returned a verdict of "Found Drowned.

  42. Nor can we refuse to identify Tusayan with the Moqui district, and Acuco with Acoma.

  43. I have not been able to identify any one of the trap-doors referred to, but I should not be surprised to hear that they have been subsequently found in the north-west corner of each room.

  44. We can easily identify the following localities: Rio Cinaloa, upper course, Rio Yaquimi, and upper course of the Rio Sonora.

  45. This is a T, and the picture it contains shows an astronomer, whom we may perhaps reasonably identify with Ptolemy.

  46. It is thus obvious that several designers, or engravers, were at work about this time on pictorial initials, though it will probably be found no easy matter to identify them.

  47. In this passage he speaks of the Apostle, but he does not distinctly identify him with the Matthew of the other passage.

  48. Pleasure: here it is rather those who so exaggerate its value as to confuse or identify it with the good or Happiness.

  49. Arden had given a drawing of himself to a youth, and this was handed to the police who were thus able to identify the accused in London a month later.

  50. With regard to the amount of light needed for the recognition of a person, curious scientific evidence has been given in trials, and several cases are on record where witnesses have claimed to identify a person by a momentary flash.

  51. Others pretend that they have been able to identify the blood of frogs and fleas!

  52. In addition to these, several instances, collected from different sources, are referred to in Taylor's Medical Jurisprudence, where the general conclusion is drawn that occasionally it may be possible to identify an assailant in this way.

  53. The failure to identify a criminal from the photographic records had a tragic result in 1888, when a man named Jackson was given a light sentence as a first offender.

  54. Although it is not possible to identify the writer of a typed document by a study of the typing it is frequently not a difficult matter with the aid of the microscope to identify the machine upon which it was written.

  55. I sometimes ask myself, as I gaze upon his portrait now, the duplicate of the one painted for the Bar Association, whether he ever could have felt the secret, hot thrills I knew and did not identify with religion.

  56. But I have never been able to identify the coat of arms.

  57. Then to identify the Scandinavians with the Goths, and their origin is settled.

  58. Educational psychology works constantly to find ways of knowing how to identify these additional elements.

  59. You say you saw him and Flemister get on the hand-car and pump themselves down the old spur; of course, you couldn't identify either of them from the top of the ridge?

  60. Of course, there wasn't the time or any chance for me to identify him, and I saw him only for the second or two intervening, and with his back toward us.

  61. It did not identify itself with scientific progress, and paid little regard to education.

  62. The author, a moderate Rationalist, attempts in vain to identify Protestantism and Rationalism.

  63. Paul did not identify Christ with God, nor did he misconceive the humanity of Christ, and attribute preƫxistence to him.

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