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Example sentences for "christen"

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chree; chretienne; chrism; chrisom; christall; christened; christening; christenings; christens; christianae
  1. Of this curious idealism, first noticed in his “Von der Freyheyt eynes Christen Menschen,” we find traces in Luther till the very end of his life.

  2. She was delighted to see him, and said she would love to christen the Callisto or do anything else that he wished.

  3. I propose," said Bearwarden, "that we christen this Sylvialand.

  4. I did not dream that I should ever stand beside it with you, and have you christen it yourself.

  5. I did hear his first note and see his flash, and so unless we can take time to make up for this on the home road we will have to christen it oriole day.

  6. The homeless man now betook himself to Strasburg, whither he was pursued by a furious letter of Luther’s, directed against him and his teaching, entitled “An die Christen zu Straspurg widder den Schwermer Geyst.

  7. He wanted me to christen his boat, but he wouldn't give it my name!

  8. I'll let you christen her," he had said, in a moment of generosity, and then regretted it.

  9. The Obedyence of a Christen Man, and how Christen Rulers ought to governe.

  10. Day after tomorrow is the Horticultural Society meeting, when I am to exhibit and christen them.

  11. And the third one--how shall we christen that?

  12. And after he let christen his child as his wife had commanded afore her death.

  13. So the child was delivered unto Merlin, and so he bare it forth unto Sir Ector, and made an holy man to christen him, and named him Arthur: and so Sir Ector's wife nourished him with her own breast.

  14. I want something I can remember; to christen him, understand?

  15. In the prospective waters of Death river I christen him Efaw Kotee, the dog-toad!

  16. I also have a son, who goes by the name of Manitou-Echo, until you white men christen him more to your fancy.

  17. I am the most unhappy man That ever was in christen land!

  18. I moan na for my meat, Nor yet for my fee, But I mourn for Christen land, It's there I fain would be.

  19. Will Frankland's[18] wife is near bringing to-bed, and I have promised to christen the child.

  20. His Cyclometria e lunulis reciproce demonstrata appeared in 1612 under the name of Christen Severin, the latter being his family name.

  21. Then her childish treble shrilled out: "I christen thee, Roosevelt and Congress!

  22. He who one day teacheth men to fly will have shifted all landmarks; to him will all landmarks themselves fly into the air; the earth will he christen anew--as "the light body.

  23. Richard Jonas, "Unto the most gracious, and in all goodnesse most excellent vertuous Lady Quene Katheryne, wyfe and most derely belovyd spouse unto the moste myghty sapient Christen prynce, Kynge Henry the VIII.

  24. VII ‘I moan na for my meat, Nor yet for my fee; But I moan for Christen land; It’s there I fain would be.

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