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Example sentences for "christenings"

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chrisom; christall; christen; christened; christening; christens; christianae; christianitie; christliche; christlichen
  1. The yearly average of christenings is forty-six, of weddings twenty-six, and of funerals forty-five.

  2. And although according to cook-books caudle is a gruel, the actual "caudle" invariably served at christenings is a hot eggnog, drunk out of little punch cups.

  3. Elze is grossly wrong in arguing that because Shakespeare's name is found in the Register of Christenings in the parish church of Stratford-on-Avon, therefore Shakespeare's father was a Protestant.

  4. At any rate there are no names of any children of these two spouses entered in the Register of Christenings still kept at Ripon Minster.

  5. At the weddings and the christenings of her large circle of neighbors and kindred she was certainly present.

  6. The christenings were seasons of large family gatherings--the silver christening bowl, like the punch-bowl, descending from generation to generation.

  7. And the christenings did very wonderfully agree also, having been A.

  8. Where the number of christenings are near unto, or exceed the burials, the people are poorer, having few servants and little equipage.

  9. Consequently a hearer is a little startled when Jack takes up the idea of christenings instead of anything following it.

  10. That reminds me, you mentioned christenings I think, Dr.

  11. But their subsequent christenings by the careless and ignorant have enormously increased the difficulty of talking or writing about plants.

  12. Of course, these subsequent christenings do not seriously matter, for plants, like ourselves, should have only one specific name, the first applied to them.

  13. It was an ancient custom--one which is not quite out of use--for the sponsors at christenings to offer silver or gilt spoons as a present to the child.

  14. A Table of the Christenings and Mortality in London for the year 1625.

  15. He says: "I shall begin with the year 1593, being the first year in which any account of the christenings and burials was kept.

  16. To a christening Most christenings are informal affairs.

  17. Observers interested in customs in immigrant districts say that the custom of soliciting gifts at christenings was modified during the war.

  18. He had twenty-four children, and at each of their christenings he appeared, dressed in his original wedding-robes.

  19. These christenings were celebrated with no small parade.

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