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Example sentences for "fuse"

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  1. The oviducts of the female do not fuse distally to form a median vagina as they do in the rabbit.

  2. One centre of ossification in the frog forming pro-otic; several fuse together and form periotic of the dog.

  3. Theoretically, all that would be required in order to change the non-crystalline form of carbon into the diamond, would be to subject the carbon to a temperature sufficiently high to fuse it and then permit it slowly to crystallize.

  4. This objection does not exist in the case of such substances as metallic sodium, since here the heat is rapidly developed and is sufficient in amount to fuse the substances produced.

  5. If we fuse a small quantity of lava and then let it slowly cool, the glassy mass will be found to contain numerous crystallites.

  6. Generally speaking, basic lavas are of a darker color than acid lavas, and fuse at much lower temperatures.

  7. In other words, the temperature required to fuse any substance increases very rapidly with the pressure to which that substance is exposed.

  8. The fuse is cut long enough to last until they drop.

  9. I should place my bomb and run a fuse from the bomb to one of the holes in this telephone box.

  10. The flare from the cartridge ignites the fuse I told you about and--" His open hands, palms upward, made an expressive gesture.

  11. If we don't know where the lighted fuse originated and where it led, it doesn't do us much good, does it?

  12. This corrected range multiplied by the water equivalent of the calorimeter gives the heat of combustion in calories of the coal burned in the calorimeter together with that evolved by the burning of the fuse wire.

  13. A battery or batteries P, the current from which heats the fuse wire used to ignite the fuel.

  14. An electrode E, connecting with the fuse wire F, for igniting the fuel placed in the pan C.

  15. A piece of fine iron wire is connected to the lower end of the plunger to form a fuse for igniting the sample.

  16. The heat evolved by the burning of the fuse wire is found from the determination of the actual weight of wire burned and the heat of combustion of one milligram of the wire (1.

  17. The fuel is ignited by means of an electric current, allowance being made for the heat produced by such current, and by the burning of the fuse wire.

  18. This class of fuel deposits a considerable quantity of dust, which if not removed promptly will fuse into a hard glass-like clinker.

  19. The former, when heated, fuse and swell in size; the latter burn freely, do not fuse, and are commonly known as free burning coals.

  20. The fuse wire melts at about six hundred degrees, while the copper will not melt until it reaches nearly two thousand degrees.

  21. Everyone should know that a fuse is a safety device.

  22. When any fuse melts, the current is cut off from all chandeliers, etc.

  23. It is, therefore, the fuse that protects the circuit and not the burning out of the lamp.

  24. They derive their name from the fact that they readily fuse or melt.

  25. Afterwards the battered fuse may serve as some journalist's paper-weight.

  26. I am the least collecting of men, but I have brought home Italian cartridges, Austrian cartridges, the fuse of an Austrian shell, a broken Italian bayonet, and a note that is worth half a franc within the confines of Amiens.

  27. From the said mixture, although they tried it several times, it was impossible to fuse or melt the said ore.

  28. That was a second and different compound and was made by smelting and with the said flux; but they were unable to fuse the ore, although many efforts were exerted.

  29. But if the new be too foreign, we cannot fuse the old and the new--nature seeming to hate equally too wide a deviation from ordinary practice and none at all.

  30. Again, they are useful as mental fluxes, and as helping us to fuse new ideas with our older ones.

  31. The train was laid; the fuse was there to ignite the powder that would blow up a hostile army.

  32. On each application of the fuse to Long Tom the bugle rang out in clarion tones its warning to seek cover.

  33. Ideas the subjective thought of the Philosopher and the objective ideal Reality as it were meet each other from two sides and fuse directly into a unity.

  34. And thereby, in the idea of the representative expiatory victim, the separation between God and Man is blotted out, and both fuse directly in the conception of the "God-man.

  35. He had lighted the fuse which was spitting flame.

  36. The fuse was smoking and the bomb turned end over end several times before it alighted on the warped boards which served for a roof to the structure.

  37. He knew when he lighted the powder-soaked string which served as a fuse how many seconds it would require to reach the powder within.

  38. The object of the safety fuse is to protect the motor from injury when the current becomes too strong.

  39. With the fuse the current must act for some time before it can melt the metal, as a sufficient amount of heat can not be generated instantly.

  40. They fuse and blend readily with another people, which the English seldom do.

  41. He pulled Gladys back into the room where the fuse was fast burning to the safe.

  42. The fuse in the other room was burning fast, as Hal knew.

  43. At this point the metals were hot enough to fuse or run together and the whole thing reacted with such violence that it amounted to an explosion.

  44. The selection of this filling rod, or wire, is all-important, for the skilful and successful iron worker uses a piece of metal that will fuse well with the parts to be repaired, at about the same temperature at which they themselves will fuse.

  45. Immigration introduces an alien element that has to adjust itself to new ways and does not always fuse readily with the native element.

  46. He brings with him the habits and ideas that he has gathered from his own home, and he finds that they do not agree or fuse easily with the ideas and habits of the other children.

  47. One of the great achievements of the school is to fuse dissimilar elements into common custom and opinion, and thus to socialize the independent units of community life.

  48. I heard the fuse hiss: it fell right in the water beneath.

  49. They've got all the thickness of the wall to push through as well;" and he coolly placed the powder-bag and arranged the fuse ready for being lighted.

  50. The next moment Dan had held the end of the short fuse he had provided to the candle, and a slight spluttering began.

  51. It was a good two minutes before the explosion took place, and Mark had made perfectly sure that the fuse had gone out, when there was a sensation as if his breath was being sucked away, then a deafening roar, followed by a crash.

  52. You too, Mark," said Sir Edward; and Mark followed, while Dan Rugg came close up with his bag of powder and fuse carefully tied in.

  53. Once more the powder was brought forward by Dummy, the bag laid close to the bottom stones, the fuse added, and lit, and the party retired to a safe distance, to wait until the powder had swept the barrier away.

  54. The first use, therefore, to which the crude steam engines were put was to furnish a blast which enabled the iron smelter to employ coal instead of charcoal to fuse the iron ore (1777).

  55. Italy was now ready to fuse into a single state.

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