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Example sentences for "affiliate"

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affianced; affiant; affidavit; affidavits; affidavy; affiliated; affiliates; affiliating; affiliation; affiliations
  1. The Arapahos affiliate with the Cheyennes, with whom they have been on friendly terms for many years.

  2. Those of the north, numbering 1,562, affiliate with the Cheyennes and Ogalallas at the Red Cloud agency.

  3. How do these facts tend to affiliate the faculty of hearing upon the aboriginal vegetative processes?

  4. To connect or associate one's self; Ð followed by with; as, they affiliate with no party.

  5. We come as Democrats, Republicans, Prohibitionists and Green-backers, and if there were half a dozen other political parties some of us would affiliate with them.

  6. One of these established new rules which enabled it to affiliate with Societies formed for other purposes; and one adhered to the old rules which admitted only organisations formed with the sole object of obtaining the Franchise.

  7. Any independent regional association of nut growers may affiliate with the Northern Nut Growers Association provided one-fourth of its members are also members of the Northern Nut Growers Association.

  8. Any independent association or society interested in nut tree culture may affiliate with the Northern Nut Growers Association by payment of an annual affiliation fee of $5.

  9. He will affiliate with the unions for higher wages.

  10. You must not ask what the Westerner means when he says that "the Asiatic will not affiliate with our civilization.

  11. That woman's husband was one of the Pacific Coast clergymen who passed the resolution, "that the Hindus would not affiliate with our Canadian civilization.

  12. We support the proposal for a new World Bank energy affiliate to these same ends, whose fulfillment will contribute to a better global balance between energy supply and demand.

  13. It has no connection with the Socialist Party of the pro-Japanese Kiang Kang-hu, but is simply the Chinese affiliate of the Second International.

  14. If the Japanese achieved complete success in international power politics, there is a possibility that the Reorganized Government might remain as the functioning half-autonomous affiliate of Japan.

  15. You may obtain your affiliate membership through our Treasurer, or directly from the American Horticultural Society, Room 821, Washington Loan and Trust Building, Washington 4, D.

  16. He is not even bound to affiliate with the lodge in which he was initiated, but after being raised, may leave it, without signing the bye-laws, and attach himself to another.

  17. How will you determine which party you prefer to affiliate with, when you become of age?

  18. Young people are commonly advised to affiliate themselves with that political party which seems most adequately to express their political ideals.

  19. Alas, that great religious system that was always eager to affiliate with us and give a religious coloring to even wholesale murder by enticing its young men to enlist under our banners!

  20. A few adherents of churchianity will affiliate themselves with those believing Present Truth, but so searching will be the circumstances of the trouble period that none not at heart "in Present Truth" (2 Pet.

  21. We have traced in some degree the course and local circumscription of the races: can we affiliate upon them any of the contributions which they severally made to the varied manners and to the institutions of Greece?

  22. Only a small party of rabid Unionists would now affiliate with the radicals, while all the others reluctantly held together, endorsed Johnson's policy, and attempted to affiliate with the disintegrating National Union party.

  23. They were in a position to affiliate with the National Union party of the North if proper inducements were offered, while the regular Democrats were ready to rejoin their old party.

  24. Of the other important countries, the Socialist parties of Switzerland, Italy and the United States, and the British Socialist party have expressed their intention to affiliate with it.

  25. It was agreed that we would not affiliate with any International that excluded the Russian Comrades, who were fighting world imperialism, or the Comrades opposed to the Ebert-Scheidemann regime in Germany.

  26. Why, then, hesitate to affiliate with them?

  27. A close examination of the two reports reveals that the condition laid down for the International, with which the Socialist party cares to affiliate itself, are the same.

  28. In his effort to secure the remaining seventeen, Weed discovered that Ira Harris had a considerable following, who were indisposed to affiliate with Evarts, while several assemblymen indicated a preference for other candidates.

  29. At the formation of the Republican party he had found it easier to affiliate with Lucius Robinson and David Dudley Field than to act in accord with the Whig leader, and the result at Chicago had emphasised this independence.

  30. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "affiliate" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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