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Example sentences for "consolidate"

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console; consoled; consoler; consoles; consolida; consolidated; consolidates; consolidating; consolidation; consolidations
  1. But time was wanting to consolidate his dominion, and to give him that hold upon the affections and interests of his people which is ever wanting to upstart potentates.

  2. But Jean, more anxious to consolidate his kingdom than to augment it by outlying appendages, declined interfering, and the malcontents turned to the Angevine claimant of the Neapolitan crown.

  3. During this short interval of peace Alexander was raising an army of five hundred thousand men, to extend and consolidate his dominions on the side of Turkey.

  4. After having completed all his arrangements, Dmitri, with his chief captains, repaired to the church of the Trinity to receive the benediction of the metropolitan bishop.

  5. Sadly the chieftains dispersed over the plain to search for him among the dead.

  6. To consolidate their position in Uganda--the French missionaries there were hostile to Great Britain--the company sent thither Captain F.

  7. But both he and his successor Tiberius realized that the greater need was to consolidate the existing empire, and absorb the vast additions recently made to it by Pompey, Caesar and Augustus.

  8. At the South, the leaders used the excitement created by this affair to consolidate public opinion in their section and to cast opprobrium on the Republicans at the North.

  9. This will consolidate our federal building very much, and for this we shall be indebted to the British.

  10. He was thus eminently unfitted to consolidate the conquest his father had bequeathed to him.

  11. It has grown long, and probably contains many repetitions, from my total want of leisure to digest and consolidate my thoughts; and as to my expressions, I could wish to be able perhaps to measure them more exactly.

  12. The Commune could maintain itself and consolidate its position only by a determined struggle with the Versaillese.

  13. And this took place at a period when Petrograd was the true centre of the revolution, which had not yet been able to consolidate its position in the rest of the country.

  14. But in order to establish and consolidate the dictatorship, one has to prevent the bourgeoisie from undermining the State power of the proletariat.

  15. The aim of all the territorial magnates, the higher members of the Imperial system, was to consolidate their own princely power within the territories owing them allegiance.

  16. And so when Charles the Bold, last duke of French Burgundy, proposed to consolidate his wide dominions into a kingdom, it was from Frederick III that he sought permission to do so.

  17. His immediate desire was to consolidate and extend France to the Rhine and Pyrenees, and to absorb the Spanish Netherlands; his remoter view saw the French Kings as the possible successors of Charlemagne in a recast Holy Roman Empire.

  18. He then prepared to consolidate and organize this vast empire he had won.

  19. To the old herbalists these marks (according to the doctrine of signatures) were an indication of the plant's virtues or uses: it was sent to seal or consolidate wounds.

  20. He was required in Media, to consolidate his power.

  21. M1046) The first part of the reign was memorable for the organization of the State, and especially of the army; and also for the means he used to consolidate his empire.

  22. The disturbances which also broke out on the death of Clodius led to the appointment of Pompey as sole consul, and all his acts as consul tended to consolidate his power.

  23. New Zealanders held on to and consolidate their position on Hill 60.

  24. Their duty on the morrow was to consolidate their position, and if possible extend it.

  25. In 1899 a Central Board of Education, under a President and a Parliamentary Secretary, was created, to consolidate in one body the work formerly done by: a.

  26. His efforts to consolidate his forces were various, as suited the circumstances.

  27. But this effort of Te Rauparaha to consolidate his forces was in no sense the full range of his preparations.

  28. He hoped to give lustre to the papacy by their means, and so to extend and to consolidate the faith.

  29. He was intensely ambitious to extend and consolidate his power.

  30. The present proposal would do more to consolidate the Empire than any speeches of politicians.

  31. But on March 5, 6, and 7, the bombardment is so violent that it is impossible to consolidate the position.

  32. It would be preferable to fortify the Damloup battery, the southern slopes of La Gayette and La Horgne bottoms, and to profit by the darkness of night in order firmly to consolidate this new line, which may hold its ground.

  33. The Central Ontario Battalion was to make the attack, supported by the Toronto Battalion, while the Eastern and Western Battalions were to man the captured trench, consolidate it, and provide for any counter-attacks.

  34. We held this line till the night of the 24th, when we went forward to relieve the 3rd Brigade and consolidate the ground won by them.

  35. But if the beetle-heads can trick the ship in and take her, then they'll have a clear five or six more months here to consolidate their own position.

  36. Somehow the beetles had slipped through that supposedly tight cordon and would now consolidate their gains with their usual speed at rooting.

  37. It is nothing less than to consolidate and to preserve the blessings of that revolution, which, at much expense of blood and treasure, constituted us a free and independent nation.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "consolidate" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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