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  1. It will then coagulate in the stomach in small flakes much more easily digested than the large mass resulting when a large quantity is swallowed at a time.

  2. If the sauce is not sufficiently hot to coagulate the albumen, it may be heated again almost to the boiling point, but should not be allowed to boil.

  3. The object is to coagulate the eggs without producing the bad effect of exposure to a high temperature.

  4. The cause of this is, that being near the sea, there are many lakes or salines of sea water, which dry up and coagulate into salt in summer, and five other provinces in Mangi are supplied from the coast of Quinsai.

  5. Some, like the caseine of milk, require the addition of certain chemical substances to set up coagulation; while still others, such as the fibrin of blood, appear to coagulate spontaneously.

  6. The suspected materials are boiled with water, and alcohol added to the solution in order to coagulate the animal matters.

  7. Astringents are medicines which condense and coagulate the tissues, thereby arresting discharges.

  8. In two or three days the skimmed milk will coagulate into a soft mass called Curd, and then it tastes and smells sour.

  9. Fixed Alkalis also coagulate Milk; but at the same time they separate the Whey from the Cheese, which floats on the liquor in clots.

  10. If the distillation be carried further, and stopped when near its conclusion, the liquor being then suffered to cool will wholly coagulate into a blackish mass called the Infernal Stone.

  11. When an animal has lost a considerable quantity of blood, and faints in consequence, the power of the blood to coagulate quickly is greatly increased.

  12. This is limpid like water, and remains permanently fluid, unless certain substances are employed to coagulate it, such as alcohol, alum, or a certain degree of heat.

  13. Being once solid, it can no more coagulate into a globe.

  14. Milk thickened with powdered cracker does not coagulate in large masses in the stomach, and is therefore sometimes better borne than ordinary milk.

  15. The effect of nitrate of silver is to constrict vessels, to coagulate and disinfect excretions, and to form an adherent protecting membrane (Phillips).

  16. The last-mentioned writers have recorded a fact in connection with the physical characters of scorbutic blood that deserves notice: the blood in one case did not coagulate at the usual temperature (about 158 degrees F.

  17. But when the quantity becomes thus large, the inconvenience in ingesting it is very great, and it is much more convenient to coagulate the casein of a part of the milk and use the curd thus obtained, while the second part is drunk.

  18. In broiling or roasting meat, it should be exposed to a strong heat at once, in order to coagulate the albumen upon the outside, and thus prevent the escape of the nutritious juices.

  19. Every inflammation yields an exudation which may coagulate when the coagulating ferment is added.

  20. To determine the presence of organisms in a sample of water the best method known at present is to kill and coagulate them by means of osmic acid or chloride of platinum, and allow them to subside.

  21. Usually it presents no abnormal appearance if drawn during life, though in grave cases it may coagulate imperfectly.

  22. So also do Tannic acid, Turpentine, and Creosote, coagulate albumen.

  23. By their chemical action on albumen, these substances coagulate blood, and thus act in a simple way as styptics when applied to bleeding parts externally.

  24. They also coagulate fluids and discharges which contain albumen.

  25. On the other hand, plunging the meat into hot water and subjecting it quickly to a high temperature will coagulate the protein in the tissue and prevent the extractives from leaving the tubes.

  26. If the stock is not reduced and more jelly is desired, unflavored gelatine may be dissolved and added to coagulate the liquid.

  27. However, in case only the meat is to be used, it should be plunged directly into boiling water in order to coagulate the surface at once, as in the application of dry heat.

  28. He tells us that distilled liquors coagulate and thicken the blood, contract and narrow the blood-vessels, as has been proved by experiments purposely made.

  29. Unlike sulphuric acid and the other strong acids, it does not coagulate albumen nor injure vegetable fibre, and is not decomposed by contact with organic matter.

  30. The recent canes are crushed between rollers, and the expressed juice is suffered to flow into a suitable vessel, where it is slowly heated to nearly the boiling-point, to coagulate albuminous matter.

  31. The remarkable indisposition to coagulate is another character which distinguishes human milk from cows' milk.

  32. Acids and rennet, however, coagulate it readily, and so does the gastric juice of the infant, as shown by the condition in which it is often ejected by the latter.

  33. From the yolks of eggs, gently heated until they coagulate and the moisture has evaporated, and then pressed or broken up, digested in boiling rectified spirit, the tincture filtered whilst hot, and the spirit distilled off.

  34. When mixed with water, which it does readily, its globules lose all their transparency, and coagulate into small clammy masses.

  35. This will mean that the blood will soon coagulate after death, and therefore the sooner it is removed, the better for the general cosmetic effect.

  36. During life the fluids exist in a liquid or viscous condition; after death they coagulate into a solid form.

  37. The blood is dark, diffluent, and does not coagulate readily, owing to a defect in the fibrin.

  38. The natural arrest of bleeding is favoured by tearing or crushing of the vessel walls, owing to the contraction and retraction of the coats and the tendency of blood to coagulate when in contact with damaged tissue.

  39. But it is worth bearing in mind that the milk will coagulate sooner, after adding the rennet, at a high than at a low temperature.

  40. Sufficient should be used to coagulate the milk in ten or fifteen minutes, and render it fit to cut in thirty or forty minutes.

  41. To turn sour and coagulate from too long standing, as milk.

  42. To cause to coagulate or thicken; to cause to congeal; to curdle.

  43. Several ways were employed in order to coagulate the latex.

  44. One night was sufficient for the latex to coagulate thoroughly and be properly compressed into cakes, weighing each about 22½ kils.

  45. If they are really brothers, the two bloods will coagulate into one; otherwise not.

  46. On one occasion I promptly carried this suggestion into effect, but without success; and, considering the structure of the labium, it is probable that the greater part of the blood will coagulate almost as rapidly as it is effused.

  47. They are richer in cells and albumin, and tend to coagulate upon standing.

  48. Coagulate the albumen by gentle heat and centrifugalize.

  49. Too slow manipulation, allowing a little of the blood to coagulate and remain in the capillary portion of the pipet.

  50. If the wounded vessel be small, or if the animal be strong and robust, the whole of the blood in the vein may at once coagulate and become united to its sides.

  51. They shew that pus, in particular, has a tendency to coagulate the blood; and that by this means, when introduced into the vessels, its progress is arrested in some part of the circulating system.

  52. The circulation will then be obstructed in all the distant branches, and the blood, if long retained, will coagulate in them also.

  53. The blood may coagulate and adhere to the sides of any part of the vascular system.

  54. But when the blood arrives in the cavities of the heart, the tendency to coagulate may again manifest itself.

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