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usar; usayn; usband; usbands; use; useful; usefull; usefullest; usefully; usefulness
  1. I'm used wi' them noo; but the first time I had them here I was at my wits' end.

  2. Guid-nicht noo;' and she patted me on the shoulder, as she used to do in the old days when she had put me to bed and was taking my candle away.

  3. Long ago, of an evening, he used to play chess with my father.

  4. Not that I ha'e ony recollection o' her, but that's what I mind the mistress used to say.

  5. On the other hand, so cleanly and dapper is Mr Crichton that, were it not for the aroma of Kendal brown which ever lingers about him, you wouldn't know he used snuff at all.

  6. Oh, when I showed it to Tom Jardine he used exactly the same words as you did; but, said he, "My faither signed that.

  7. Betty's forte in the culinary department was broth-making, and my mother used to say, with a smile, that when Nathan was her guest Betty always put her best foot foremost.

  8. A hedge of waving willows screened from me the Cundy stream; but its joyous rhythmic ripple, as it washed its sandy, pebbled bed, sounded in my ear like the crooning song my mother used to sing when I lay on her knee as a child.

  9. Used to wait on the table at her father's hotel in Boomville, didn't she?

  10. I used to think her crayon drawing wonderful, and still more wonderful that she should have that unnecessary talent when it was quite enough for her to be just 'Kitty.

  11. The room had evidently been used for meetings of directors or political caucuses, and was roughly furnished with notched and whittled armchairs and a single long deal table, on which were ink and pens.

  12. And how he used to teach you to imitate other people's handwriting?

  13. I told you I saw the whole thing and took away the kerosene, which I hid, and after you had gone used it to fire the cabin with, to see if the ones I suspected would gather to watch their work.

  14. Do you remember the one who used to steal our sugar, and then stiffen himself into stone on the edge of the bowl until he looked like an ornamental handle to it?

  15. This man is a pretender, and ignorant, else he had known that that weapon can be used in but eight bouts only, and then it vanisheth away to its home under the sea.

  16. Still, I was sane enough to notice this detail, to wit: many of the terms used in the most matter-of-fact way by this great assemblage of the first ladies and gentlemen in the land would have made a Comanche blush.

  17. I had been used to chromos for years, and I saw now that without my suspecting it a passion for art had got worked into the fabric of my being, and was become a part of me.

  18. They were not used to hearing these awful beings called names, and they did not know what might be the consequence.

  19. I mean, for me: of course the place was all right and agreeable enough for Sandy, for she had been used to high life all her days.

  20. I remembered that in America, many centuries later, when an oil well ceased to flow, they used to blast it out with a dynamite torpedo.

  21. It was during a misunderstanding conducted with crowbars with a fellow we used to call Hercules.

  22. On their journeys those Britons were used to long fasts, and knew how to bear them; and also how to freight up against probable fasts before starting, after the style of the Indian and the anaconda.

  23. And she--she was no more startled at his fantastic make-up than if she was used to his like every day of her life.

  24. Vera remembered that in old days they used to go for evening walks to this ravine; so it must be near home!

  25. Well, he used to say that the great thing in married life was patience.

  26. Usually when he was at his work she used to sit beside him, her eyes fixed on his writing hand.

  27. He used to say she was remarkably beautiful and eccentric.

  28. You can get used to the heat, and you can get used to being without the deaconess.

  29. For the last two years it had been a favourite resort of hers; she used to go there almost every month in the summer and stay two or three days, even sometimes a week.

  30. She used at such moments to look like a sick animal warming itself in the sun.

  31. Seated on a low flat rock, her colour box and water tin beside her, she worked on serenely in the warmth of the windless air, in nowise feeling the latter oppressive, for she was used to it.

  32. Hyland and I and poor Jim used to hunt them often at night with assegais.

  33. By this time they had almost got used to the strangeness of the feeling that they were captives in their own land; that where they were accustomed to lord it they were now obliged to obey.

  34. It seemed that those around had grown rather more used to them, for they would chat at times, while dexterously evading any attempts to extract news.

  35. These dead devils look rather disgusting," for he was not used to the sight of bloodshed.

  36. What was he but a Kafula [term of contempt used by Zulus for Natal natives]?

  37. It was an old pole which had been used for hoisting a flag on occasions of national festivity.

  38. Now never while I live Shall we twain love together any more Nor sit at rhyme as we were used to do, Nor each kiss other only with the eyes A great way off ere hand or lip could reach; There is no way.

  39. Would God I loved you not; You are too hard to be used lovingly.

  40. Alas, what shall mine enemies do to me If he be used so hardly of my friends?

  41. I have no heart to be used shamefully If you mean that.

  42. That I may see your sad mouth's laughing look I have used sweet hours in seeing.

  43. You would swear now you have used me faithfully; Shall I not make you swear?

  44. About their great works there were graded ways of ascent, up which the materials used in construction were hauled or borne.

  45. The transcontinental routes were those used in migrating from one portion of the country to another, like the great route through Cumberland Gap.

  46. And so, throughout historic times, one rule has held true in the region now under survey: that the lesser streams have never been used to any large degree as routes of travel by the white race, or by the red race before them.

  47. In the Fork of Licking Creek is a Lick much used by Buffaloes and many large Roads lead to it.

  48. That the later Indians used the paths made by the buffalo they hunted is beyond question.

  49. Of the hundreds of Indian forays into Virginia and Kentucky there is perhaps not one, even those moving down the Scioto and up the Licking, that used water transportation.

  50. Assuming, then, that overland routes of travel were used by this earliest of American races of which we have any real knowledge, it is to the purpose of our study to consider where such routes were laid.

  51. The smaller inland rivers were not likely so largely used by these armies of pioneers as some have thought.

  52. There can be no reasonable doubt that their builders used the routes on the watersheds.

  53. And these were at first only blazed and widened Indian thoroughfares which had been used from times prehistoric.

  54. And, though the Ohio river was always a great highway to the West and Southwest, it was used less perhaps in the early days of the immigration than later.

  55. The English government had been making concessions to the Dissenters, and, of course, Swift satirically alludes here to the arguments used by the government in the steps they had taken.

  56. There is not one argument used to prove the riches of Ireland, which is not a logical demonstration of its poverty.

  57. And therefore Sir John Stanley, a commissioner of the customs in England, used to say, that the House of Commons were generally mistaken in matters of trade, by an erroneous opinion that two and two make four.

  58. The word "controlled" is used in the now obsolete sense of "confuted.

  59. Swift used often to use this house, at Sheridan's desire, and spent many days there in quiet enjoyment with Mrs. Dingley and Esther Johnson.

  60. As a little child you used often to tear my aprons; I fear that when you are older you will break my heart.

  61. He thinks of me, he loves me as he did when he used to throw his little cherub arms round my neck and lisp, 'An Lis!

  62. They stopped it as well as they could, and used the pumps vigorously.

  63. How she used to pet him, and how he used to kiss her!

  64. He used to engrave gold medallions; went to Italy, and returned again.

  65. There used to be a Dancing Society and a Musical Society-- Mrs.Bernick: And the Dramatic Club.

  66. Mrs.Bernick: Anyway, that is a better state of things than it used to be when everything ended in mere frivolity.

  67. Would you believe it, she cut her hair short, and used to go about in men's boots in bad weather!

  68. But I remember well all the riotous gaiety that used to go on.

  69. Who would have believed that that little imp, who used to run about here and play angels' parts on the stage--!

  70. Mrs.Lynge: Things really used to be as bad as that here?

  71. Mr. Boyer, member of the Faculty at Paris, observes that such lamentations are still used by the Eastern Jews, and even by the Greeks who embrace the articles of the Greek Church.

  72. In the year 1870 these two bodies were still on view; and the attendants used to dwell at some length upon the horrors of being interred alive.

  73. The funeral ceremonies used in the Caribbee Islands are, in a great measure, conformable to reason.

  74. My good husband was true to his promise, and he, with my sister, watched the corpse, and in the night they perceived some indication of returning life, and of course means were used for restoration.

  75. Once, when Dermot's face came before him, he recurred to some of the words used in the struggle about Viola.

  76. But even in those days, when I heard the little Tracys spoken of as pattern children, I used to have an odd feeling of what it was to be behind the scenes, and know how much of their fame rested on Di.

  77. It was before daybreak that, with good old Richardson's help, they carried him down to a large cart belonging to the potteries, drawn by the two big horses he used to pet, and driven by George Yolland himself.

  78. Yes; I want to see clearly before I get used to things.

  79. Dermot had already claimed my first dance, causing a strange thrill of pain, as I missed the glance which always used to regret without forbidding my becoming his partner.

  80. He had fully made up his mind that to let Viola hold to her troth would neither be right nor good for her, and he used his power of will and influence to make her resign it.

  81. She could not bear the association or memory, I believe, and with the imperious power of recovery used to keep me reading Mayne Reid's storybooks to her incessantly, or else playing at backgammon.

  82. Eustace was incoherent in his wrath and horror, and Harold, too much used to his childish selfishness to feel the annoyance, answered, "I am not you.

  83. Five pounds would now buy a share that used to be worth a hundred, and that with thanks from the seller that he got anything from what had long ceased to pay the ghost of a dividend.

  84. Viola dwelt on each phrase, and, long after, used to go over all with me.

  85. The slender stores of the Boii were soon used up; the supply promised by the Haedui failed to appear; the corn was already consumed, and the soldier was placed exclusively on flesh-rations.

  86. It was the season shortly before harvest; the old produce was almost used up, the new was not yet gathered, and the narrow stripe of land between the two streams was soon exhausted.

  87. He himself once aptly says, that he had no special fondness for antiquated words, but frequently used them, and that he was very fond of poetical words, but did not use them.

  88. Caesar did not regard the decree, and continued his official functions till the senate used violence against him.

  89. In the formula used for political oaths there was added to the Jovis and the Penates of the Roman people the Genius of the Imperator.

  90. The wanderer had not used his ticket, and had walked from Antivari to Dulcigno, from thence he had attempted his original plan of crossing Albania on foot.

  91. There used to be a deep indentation in a stone of the bridge parapet--during our stay in the country it has been plastered up--which credulous Montenegrins relate to be the cut of a Turkish horseman pursuing a fleeing Montenegrin.

  92. It is used by the shepherds who migrate annually to the pasturages in this district.

  93. On the hill beyond lies a grazing-ground which has been used as a summer pasturage by the Zatrijebać from times immemorial.

  94. Forks are superfluous, a hunting-knife will do for the bread, and spoons are only used for fluids, when they dip in the common bowl.

  95. Allies have used her always for their own ends and then shamefully deserted her.

  96. It is the only hospital in Montenegro, and is used almost solely for serious surgical operations.

  97. One becomes so used to bloodthirsty anecdotes that one wonders how other countries exist without the excitement of the vendetta.

  98. We used to go out shooting at daybreak in canoes with two paddles apiece, and again in the evening, for the heat was overpowering about midday.

  99. These same trees bear weekly a strange and incongruous fruit, for they are used as pegs whereon the Albanians hang their rifles during service.

  100. Nicholas, and the chapel is only used once a year during the pilgrimage which takes place on the feast of their patron saint.

  101. They may be used vivâ voce or as a written examination.

  102. Likewise, the drinking-houses are used as common meeting-places, and there is no need to order refreshment.

  103. How heavily pleated they are can be gathered when twenty to twenty-five yards of a kind of black alpaca are used for one pair of knee-breeches.

  104. The custom that used to obtain, of the planter himself keeping shop for the profit, or rather at the expense of his colonists, has generally disappeared.

  105. Yet another type of public building, remarkable in its solidity and massive beauty, is the great Edificio de Mineria, as it is now termed, being used as a school of engineers, an institution of which Mexico has been justly proud.

  106. The fires which the Indians used to light in the savannahs have destroyed the forest in places; yet man has played but a little part in the present distribution of vegetation.

  107. In the same way wholesale trade used to suffer formerly from the extravagant variations of exchange.

  108. The body is placed in leaves and tied up in the hammock used by the owner during life, and then placed in a hollow tree-trunk or in his canoe.

  109. Descending lower in the scale, we come to the animals which are, or used to be, most often associated in the mind with the forests of South America.

  110. This remarkable tree takes its name from the milk, or milky sap, it yields--a latex used in rubber-curing and for medicinal purposes.

  111. More than one night in this city is required to become used to the noise made by mouth whistles before a light sleeper can rest.

  112. At one place, just inside the wall, is the old execution ground, where offenders against the law were beheaded, but it is now used as a pottery.

  113. Paper bills are used for a milrei and larger sums.

  114. The tree on which it grows is like the cocoanut palm, and the nut is used for decorating homes and clubs.

  115. Wood and iron buildings--corrugated iron--are mostly used in both dwelling houses and business places.

  116. Lac" is used in India to denote large amounts, as a "thousand" is used in our country.

  117. The system of heating the compartments in chilly weather is by iron pipes, like those used in the South African trains--foot warmers.

  118. A holy stone--somewhat larger than two bricks placed together, of cream color and of a soft or sandy material--is used to whiten the deck of a ship.

  119. Mention was made in the few Lisbon notes of the white and gray paving used in that city, and the same kind of pavement in Lourenzo Marques brings one's mind back to the Portuguese capital, particularly "Rolling Motion Square.

  120. At certain times of year the temples are used by pilgrims who come from every point of India to worship.

  121. I had work offered to me at my trade in that city, but one who had been used to receiving $5 a day does not relish working for $3 a day for the same duties.

  122. Among the material used in the erection of the palaces is white marble with blue and gray veins worked in with black marble, and white marble inlaid with mosaic and valuable stones, rich reliefs enhancing the design.

  123. The coolie used to be brought to South Africa under what was termed the "indenture system," the indentureship periods being from three to five years, during which he could not leave his employer.

  124. Brick, stone, and mortar are the material used in construction, with black tiling for roofs.

  125. The poor mindless thing could be used as a means to the end of his escape, but it was useless for anything else.

  126. Mr. Crow says that years and years ago, when the mountains were only grown into little hills, Clote Scarpe, the Great Spirit who made all the birds and animals, used to walk around listening to any complaint his creatures might make.

  127. True, they knew that the Holy Spirit was bidding them write, but that their written words should ever be used by God to form a part of the Bible would have seemed impossible to them all.

  128. Moses most likely used letters like these] Of course, this does not take us back actually to the days of Moses, but still it is so old that Moses may well have used the same kind of writing.

  129. Thus we see how God used the learning of the heathen Greeks to make His Book known to the world!

  130. Or perhaps Moses wrote on tablets of clay like those used by the great empires of Babylon and Assyria, and by the people of Canaan.

  131. Certainly in after years the Jews used the same shaped books as the Egyptians.

  132. But while our Saviour constantly quoted from the Old Testament, He never used its words without definite purpose.

  133. About the middle of the last century a German missionary found a large carved stone in that part of Palestine which used to be called Moab.

  134. The lines in the middle give the same words, but in the ordinary handwriting used for correspondence in ancient Egypt; and last of all is found a translation of the Egyptian words written in ancient Greek.

  135. Notice the teacher's corrections] So great a respect had the Egyptians for writing that they used to say, 'The great god Thoth invented letters; no human being could have given anything so wonderful and useful to the world.

  136. The sighing of the wind among the branches, which used to be such pleasant music, was so mournful now that it filled Minnie's eyes with tears.

  137. All at once she remembered a trap that used to stand in her mother's pantry; suppose the mouse was caught in it!

  138. Torture was used to extort confessions from the accused.

  139. In many places the Alp-horn is still used to call the cows home at milking-time.

  140. It was not known to the Romans, who used the passes of the Valais and the Rhaetian Alps.

  141. Another of the same brood used to supply himself with animal food by drinking the blood from slaughtered beasts, whenever he got permission to indulge his appetite that way.

  142. It was used as a jail in the days of the French Revolution, and its last notable prisoners were some members of the Salvation Army, accused of causing street disorders by their ministrations.

  143. As he flattered himself that he was a good swimmer and sailor, he was perpetually crossing the Lake in all directions, and used to come fairly often to Coppet.

  144. Neither fought with a fine skill; for, used as they both were to the knife, their antagonists of the forest only possessed Nature's weapons, which left the hunter with the balance of power.

  145. Victor knew his men so well too; while they breakfasted he used every effort to encourage them.

  146. I used to do a deal o' trade wi' them on the Peace River, 'fore they was located on a reserve.

  147. And now Victor was looking out upon a scene that was wholly dispiriting to the mind used to the brilliancy of the northern winter.

  148. But these last two were only used in extremis.

  149. Each gripped a long pole, and used his other hand to grasp the line.

  150. A slip upon the declining path and the fall was checked by the aid of the poles which both men used as skilfully as any guide upon the Alps.

  151. A few upright posts were standing, but the rest had long since been used to bank the stoves with.

  152. But she was getting used to seeing herself look well, and was not so much overpowered with the sight as she was with the tender thought of the boy that had got it for her.

  153. My aunt wishes to get a good many things, and neither she nor I is much used to shopping.

  154. That’s what my chum’s grandmother used to wear when I went there visiting in the summer.

  155. Somehow, now she was here, she wanted to get used to it and enjoy it all before Luella came.

  156. And it would be specially nice to go with you, for I never had anybody to go round with me, not since your mother was a girl and used to take me with her wherever she went.

  157. She was getting used to seeing her own face in strange adornments, but it startled her to see that she really looked handsome in this bonnet.

  158. It sounds just like the fairy tales I used to read to Luella when she was a little girl,” beamed Aunt Crete.

  159. In the course of the night we experienced one of those tremendous thunderstorms which used to precede the Wellington victories, and which induced us to expect a general action on the following day.

  160. I used to be much amused in looking at a twelve-gun breaching-battery of theirs.

  161. We used to flourish away at the bolero, fandango, and waltz, and wound up early in the evening with a supper of roasted chestnuts.

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    Other words:
    accustomed; consumed; decrepit; dissipated; employed; eroded; expended; forfeited; gone; irretrievable; lost; shrunken; spent; squandered; used; wasted; worn

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    used adjectively; used after; used again; used against; used alone; used also; used before; used chiefly; used either; used especially; used every; used for; used for information dated; used for various purposes; used frequently; used here; used instead; used interchangeably; used often; used principally; used reflexively; used sometimes; used specifically; used tone; used when; used with