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Example sentences for "consumed"

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consults; consultum; consultus; consumable; consume; consumedly; consumer; consumers; consumes; consumeth
  1. She was devoured with regret and consumed by revenge; she spent the last two years of her stormy life in fretting and fuming over the disasters of her family.

  2. The charges made for corrections are based on the time consumed in making the necessary alterations.

  3. The charges may be based on the amount of space consumed and the weight of the merchandise.

  4. It is estimated that millions of dollars are lost to the banks each year on account of the time consumed by cheques en route.

  5. Entirely removed from worldly interests, he led an ascetic life, and an uneventful one, entirely consumed in thoughts of salvation, mortifications of the flesh, and secret works of charity.

  6. His passion for collecting consumed almost his entire patrimony.

  7. And another five minutes must have been consumed disembarking at the Boswell carriage block, their luggage being with them.

  8. And of this ten minutes at least were consumed driving through the sleepy town and across the covered bridge beneath which the swollen river swept sullenly.

  9. Necessaries of life, that are not food, and all other conveniences, have their values estimated by the proportion of food consumed while we are employed in procuring them.

  10. Quinquet and Lange was introduced, and much admired for its splendour; but a general inquiry was made, whether the oil it consumed was not in proportion to the light it afforded, in which case there would be no saving in the use of it.

  11. Though consumed with anxiety to hear more of his wife Craven felt a certain diffident in mentioning her name, and Peters volunteered nothing.

  12. Besides, they must always have a sufficient provision of honey left for winter, for although less is consumed during this season, they do consume some; because they are not torpid, as some authors have conceived.

  13. He began by visualising and synthetising his ideas of life; here you shall find him trying to analyse these ideas and consumed with anxiety to tell us the truth that is in him.

  14. It would even seem, the more we think of it, that the soul has no other reason for existence, and that all its activity is consumed in amassing, at the depths of us, a treasure of indescribable beauty.

  15. The hydrogen and carbon which is not consumed by the oxygen in the blood, is seized upon by the liver, who employs it in the manufacture of bile.

  16. Where does he pick up the oxygen necessary for such repeated movements, it being an established fact that no animal can move at all without consuming oxygen, and that the quantity consumed is in proportion to the rate of motion?

  17. Of course, on the other hand, there is not nearly so much oxygen consumed at once upon such a diet as this.

  18. As soon as they have consumed what oxygen is in the water, it can no longer keep them alive.

  19. He declared, that in consequence of the removal of duty, millions of quarters of grain had been introduced, and had been consumed by those who otherwise would never have tasted of wheaten bread.

  20. Selecting from the bewildering display at the counter of summer toilet articles consumed still more time, until finally, realization that it was really lunch time, the fire bell announcing it, brought them all up sharply.

  21. Many of the turtle which are caught here, are exported to England; and the hawks bill (a particular kind) is consumed in the settlement; its shell being an article of the commerce of Honduras.

  22. I could restrain myself no longer; my indignation and rage consumed me.

  23. I had to pretend to be calm and unconcerned when I was consumed with passion.

  24. The incident only increased our intimacy, for, as I kissed her tears away, the same desires consumed us, and if the voice of prudence had not intervened, doubtless all would have been over.

  25. The merchant wanted cotton, for cotton was marketable, and could not be consumed by a tricky debtor.

  26. Great fires in Boston and Chicago consumed more of it.

  27. April; and while his nephews and servants were plundering his treasures, his corpse was consumed by fire caught from the wax-lights around his bier.

  28. He knew that, hungry or not, almost any one of them would cheerfully have taken in that basket and consumed its contents.

  29. On the other hand, I was consumed with a torturing thirst that I vainly strove to assuage by so reckless a consumption of my equally slender stock of wine, that at the end of the day only two bottles remained.

  30. God has done all that He can do to keep us from being consumed by the fire of that day.

  31. The alternative for every man is to be baptized in the fire or to be consumed by it.

  32. In that furnace, heated seven times hotter than any earthly power could achieve, they who walk live by the presence of the Son of Man, and nothing is consumed but the bonds that held them.

  33. In consequence of these fears, many consumed their capital in their present support, instead of applying it in the formation of farms, and laying the ground-work of future prosperity.

  34. Some were reduced to such mere skeletons that their skins seemed to cleave to their bones, and these had this consolation, that they gradually consumed away without pain.

  35. The far greater number of bullocks and cows that are slaughtered and consumed every year in Chili, comes from the plains of Paraguay,[2] which are in a manner covered by them.

  36. At Potosi, as Acosta relates, they formerly consumed six or seven thousand quintals of mercury every year, by which Some idea may be formed of the silver there procured.

  37. When a pitcher of water is left in a room in which cloves are cleaned, all the water is consumed in two days, although even the cloves have been removed.

  38. When thoroughly consumed or utilised in the body, the heat or its equivalent in muscular work equals 512 kilo-calories.

  39. The gentleman in question fully satisfies his appetite, but no longer desires the amount of food consumed by most individuals.

  40. Another method is to laboriously analyse the injesta or food consumed and compare it with the dejecta or excretions, until a quantity and kind of food is found which is just sufficient to keep the body in equilibrium.

  41. These last are not strictly foods, if we keep to the definition already given; but they are consumed with the true foods or nutrients, comprised in the other two classes, and cannot well be excluded from consideration.

  42. The free vegetable acids also strongly affect the sense of taste, but they are only consumed in small quantities.

  43. The fat in the body is not solely dependent upon the quantity consumed as food, as an animal may become quite fat on food containing none.

  44. There is scarcely anything that it is possible to eat, but has been consumed with relish by some tribe or other.

  45. The soil that produced the herbage, grain and roots consumed by cattle, in most cases could have produced food capable of direct utilisation by man.

  46. The amount of meat, especially of beef, consumed by old and young is enormous.

  47. I know I'll be consumed with curiosity every minute of the time wanting to know what under the sun it can be that your good dad has waiting for you to do," said Will, seriously.

  48. Realizing that the boys on board the motorboat must be consumed with eagerness to know what the result of these two shots might be, Frank now proposed that they go aboard.

  49. Down he slipped, passing the threatening flame, in fact shooting through it just as the rope began to be consumed in its hot breath.

  50. A second or two measured the time which the whole exciting event consumed from the moment that the lion broke into his charge.

  51. Much money shall we realize on a corpse--especially after the six months beneath the burning sun that will be consumed in carrying it to its destination!

  52. It was lodged in Ashburnham House, in 1731, when a disastrous fire consumed or damaged many valuable books.

  53. And when, in so short a time, my master saw me directing the study of dialectics there, it is not easy to find words to tell with what envy he was consumed or with what pain he was tormented.

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