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accosted; accosting; accosts; accouchement; accoucheur; accountability; accountable; accountancy; accountant; accountants
  1. In the Standard we continued to make progress even through all these panic years, as we had large reserves of cash on account of our very conservative methods of financing.

  2. We took this into account in considering how many ships we should build, and we made up our minds that we would build all the ships that could be built and give employment to the idle men on the Great Lakes.

  3. To none of these questions were answers forthcoming, so he had this information gathered on his own account with the purpose of helping to make the new plan effective.

  4. We keep a set of account books for each place, and I was amazed not long ago at the increase in value that a few years make in growing things, when we came to remove some young trees from Westchester County to Lakewood, New Jersey.

  5. He was already well known to us, but was in the ore transportation business on a large scale on his own account and, of course, the moment we began to ship ore we realized that we would become competitors.

  6. The past year has been a time of great contraction, but the Standard has gone on with its plans unchecked, and the new works and buildings have not been delayed on account of lack of capital or fear of bad times.

  7. Why, I don't know," Nan looked up from the diary she was writing, a diary in which she kept a day by day account of her trip.

  8. He looked about himself with some degree of satisfaction, for as Walker had proceeded with his account of the legend of the two famous volcanoes, the car had been progressing toward the city.

  9. She seemed to take it for granted and never excused herself on account of it.

  10. Bess was apt to accept or reject things and people on account of appearances.

  11. Medenham remembered the fact, and forgave a good deal on account of it.

  12. Nevertheless, the letter, ill-advised though it might be, could not account for Peter Vanrenen's sudden visit to England.

  13. She felt that she must confide in someone, so she wrote a full account of events at Symon's Yat to her son.

  14. Some thrill that she could not account for vibrated through her body.

  15. She then took a great liking to him on account of his shy and reticent but singularly pleasing manners.

  16. Notwithstanding the community of taste established by Smith's weeds, the man was still furtively racking his brains to account for certain discrepancies in his new acquaintance's bearing and address.

  17. It was difficult to account for her obvious perplexity, though he could have revealed some of its secret springs readily enough.

  18. They are shipwrecked and a strange mix-up occurs on account of it.

  19. The four men were in the smoking-room, and the Earl was chaffing his son on account of his inability to play bridge, when Tomkinson entered.

  20. On this account it has been accused, though unjustly, of being too monarchical.

  21. One of the chief editors of this collection, Dom Jean Mabillon, published on his own account the Vetera analecta (4 vols.

  22. Citta di Castello, 1900) gives a detailed account of the reign of Francis II.

  23. According to one account he was of French descent; but the truth seems to be that his father, Garcia Rodriguez Francia, was a native of S.

  24. It is on this account that at the beginning of the reign of Louis XIV.

  25. The offensive attitude of the English press towards France on account of the Dreyfus affair was repaid by the French in their criticism of the Boer War.

  26. Footnote: An Account of Some of the Most Important Diseases Peculiar to Women, p.

  27. Although as is well known, movement is not an exclusive characteristic of animals, yet we have always been inclined to regard vibrios as animals, on account of the peculiar character of their movements.

  28. We are convinced that a day will come when moulds will be utilised in certain industrial operations, on account of their power in destroying organic matter.

  29. He could find nothing to account for these unless it were the instruments for giving enemata, which had been used in two of the former cases and were employed by these patients.

  30. The general appearances of the arm exactly corresponded with the account given in your first publication.

  31. We may now continue our account of the fermentation which we were studying when we made this last digression.

  32. When Pare was a man of seventy, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Paris made an attack on him on account of his use of the ligature instead of cauterizing after amputation.

  33. The details into which we have entered were indispensable on account of the novelty of the subject no less than on account of the necessity we were under of combating the criticisms of the two German naturalists, Drs.

  34. Thirdly, to pass on to the last of the three topics before proposed for discussion, the reader will find, in the account given in the Second Book, Vol.

  35. The gentleman who favoured me with the above account has continued to prosecute his inquiries with unremitting industry, and has communicated the result in another letter, which at his request I lay before the public without abbreviation.

  36. But there was the danger of meeting other Injuns who would know Crazy Head's ponies, and I might meet some scouting soldiers and have to give an account of myself, not having any permit.

  37. They differed a great deal in their description of it, but that was probably on account of what different people wanted.

  38. None of Reuben's family had gone into Jerusalem that day on account of the weather, but were keeping the feast at home.

  39. Many who had taken part against the Master before, now believed on account of what they had seen.

  40. She set the baby on the ground, and gave him her bracelet to play with, while she listened to a whispered account of his wrongs through the latticed arbor.

  41. Little Betty and the happy time she had will appeal strongly to mothers as well as to the little ones who will have this story read to them, and appeal all the more on account of its being such a "real" story.

  42. I had been at a loss to account for your long silence.

  43. When that had been arranged for between the Record office and Mr. Gray, Field took no more account of it.

  44. More than thirty years since the late Professor John Fiske, when asked to write out an account of his daily life for publication, did very much the same thing as Field palmed off on his correspondents in his "Auto-Analysis.

  45. These archaeological curiosities can have no legitimate place amongst works of art, and we may without injustice take still less account of them, as the rapid progress made by the Master of 1466 throws their inferiority into greater relief.

  46. He sought in vain to turn it to account in London, and succeeded no better in Paris.

  47. Lucas van Leyden was the first amongst engravers who took into account with any measure of success the assumed distances of his models, in order to organise in their representation a varying value of tones and a general gradation of force.

  48. I sent an account of your former exploits both to my own government and to the one which you so treacherously betrayed.

  49. Some one shall account for this; for they mistook Camille for her Highness.

  50. Maurice knew why the Colonel laughed, and the Colonel knew why Maurice laughed; but neither could account for the laughter of the princess.

  51. History has not taken into account what passed between these three men, but subsequent events proved that it signified disaster to one who dreamed of conquest and of power.

  52. I shall have urgent need of you by the first of October; our charge d'affaires is to return home on account of ill-health, and your appointment to that office is a matter of a few days.

  53. He found one, and read an elaborate account of what had taken place during the day.

  54. He therefore took care to obtain a full account of what had happened from his confidential friend the senator Antigonus, a soldier of mean birth, who had gained favor with Caesar by a daring piece of horsemanship.

  55. Caracalla dismissed him graciously, then turning to the assembled company, he gave with much affability a detailed account of the wonders he had seen and heard.

  56. On no account to-morrow," Caracalla ordered.

  57. There are small doors on the outside of the building, but these are carefully guarded, on account of robbers and wild beasts, either of which may make attacks at night.

  58. Medical aid being here afforded to the sufferer, he was soon brought so far round as to be able to give some account of himself, and of the misfortune which had befallen him.

  59. Both these elements were and are still not to be found to such an extent in any other city, Venice naturally excepted on account of her waterways.

  60. Want of sufficient leisure for experiments was a great obstacle and hindrance, and I almost resolved to publish some account of the Art in the imperfect state in which it then was.

  61. Some time previously to the period of which I have now been speaking, I met with an account of some researches on the action of Light, by Wedgwood and Sir H.

  62. But as there seemed no immediate prospect of further success, I thought of drawing up a short account of what had been done, and presenting it to the Royal Society.

  63. But of course I would not hear of it, on account of the swollen waters.

  64. Watchett town was not to be seen, on account of a little foreland, a mile or more upon my course, and standing to the right of me.

  65. It was settled that the yeomen, having good horses under them, should give account (with the miners' help) of as many Doones as might be despatched to plunder the pretended gold.

  66. He seemed to me to have strong intentions of his own about little Ruth, and on that account to regard me with a wholly undue malevolence.

  67. At this very moment, who should come into the end of the passage upon them but the heavy writer of these doings I, John Ridd myself, and walking the faster, it may be, on account of the noise I mentioned.

  68. The robbers rode into our yard as coolly as if they had been invited, having lifted the gate from the hinges first on account of its being fastened.

  69. And Gwenny said that nothing made her so nearly mad with appetite as the account she received from a woman of all the dishes preparing.

  70. Yet I can't account why that name does not naturally flow from my pen; and even now, I could not write it without some pause: but to return to him.

  71. I cannot account for the reason, but since Prevan's affair, Belleroche is become insupportable to me.

  72. Now I think on it, receive my thanks for your particular account of the little Volanges; that article will keep till the day after her wedding, for the scandalous gazette.

  73. Since I am in the humour of giving you an account of myself, I will do it with the utmost exactitude.

  74. The distress your letter plunges me in is much less on my own account than yours.

  75. I must certainly approve of whatever you have done; I love you too well, not to use every means to hear from you, and give you some account of myself.

  76. In this letter I give her an exact account of my conduct and situation.

  77. Probably it happened during the time of my journey to Geneva, and your jealousy prevented you from giving me an account of it.

  78. I will give you an account of the transaction.

  79. You are thinking of the account of the destruction of Babylon.

  80. Before this time her tears had been few; something in the baby took the hardness from her, or else gave one of those inexplicable touches to the spring of tears which we can neither resist nor account for.

  81. This was a perfectly unreasoning conclusion in Diana's mind; she could give no account of it; but as little could she get rid of it; and it made her mother's ways lately hard to bear.

  82. Scarce a tongue now but spoke in his praise or his justification, or called Mrs. Flandin to account for her hasty remark.

  83. My God, sir, how do you account for such disorder and confusion?

  84. How account for the strange actions of the past few days?

  85. But how could I account in any reasonable way for my presence at Elmhurst, or even successfully sustain my claim to being a Continental officer.

  86. With me you will have an account to settle on my own score.

  87. The story is English, and has some account of poachers and gypsies, and uses a little waif from their resorts as an instrument in Philip's recovery.

  88. Mrs. De Haldimar had not taken into account the effect likely to be produced by a separation from herself--the final severing, as it were, of every tie of blood.

  89. I myself am by birth a member of the English Church, and still account myself one, though so long cut off from its ministrations.

  90. It was almost impossible to account for the visitation.

  91. How in the world do you account for it, Mr Lavie?

  92. A few selected extracts from the College Account Books for this period bring before us, with almost dramatic effect, the changes which occurred.

  93. Of the treasures in manuscript and print only a slight account can be given here.

  94. The new province was of importance both on account of its gold mines and its position as a bulwark defending the provinces to the south of the Danube.

  95. Taking into account the powers which Caesar wielded and his lifelong tenure of certain offices there can be no doubt that he not only had established monarchical government in Rome but also aimed to make his monarchy permanent.

  96. It took no account of the variations of supply and demand in the various parts of the empire, of the difference between wholesale and retail trade, or in the quality of articles of the same kind.

  97. For the Greeks their name came to be synonymous with pirates, on account of their depredations which extended even as far as the Aegean.

  98. And, in fact, owing to the absence of any even relatively contemporaneous records (a lack from which the Roman historians suffered as well as ourselves) it is impossible to attempt an historical account of the period of kingly rule.

  99. Therefore we should concede the impossibility of giving a complete and adequate account of the history of these centuries and refrain from doing ourselves what we criticize in the Roman historians.

  100. But the Romans had not taken into account the military genius of Hannibal, whose audacious plan of carrying the war into Italy upset their calculations.

  101. This was the Origins of Marcus Porcius Cato, which contained an account of the mythical origins of Rome and other Italian cities, and was subsequently expanded to cover the period from the opening of the Punic Wars to 149 B.

  102. Rome and the older centers of civilization: while the account of the reign of the Seven Kings is a reconstruction on the part of Roman annalists and antiquarians, intended to explain the origins of Roman political and religious institutions.

  103. It remained for Cato, here as elsewhere the foe of Hellenism, to create Latin historical prose in his Origins, an account of the beginnings of Rome and the Italian peoples written about 168 B.

  104. Diocletian's plan for securing an orderly succession of rulers for the empire had neglected to take into account individual ambitions and the strength of dynastic loyalty among the soldiers.

  105. Titus was followed by his younger brother Domitian, whom, on account of his ambition, neither Vespasian nor Titus had permitted to share in the government.

  106. It is true the difficulties in the way of these arrangements would have seemed to him, in his sober moments, almost insurmountable; but in certain moods of mind we take small account of difficulties.

  107. If they submit, which is what, except in the case of the Zeitounlis, they have almost always done, they are cowards, unworthy on that account of our sympathies.

  108. On account of the intervening gorge, the path descended almost to the very bottom of the valley, through which there ran a little mountain stream with a narrow fringe of green, stunted herbage on each side.

  109. True; though in a loose, general fashion all those who lose their lives in any way on account of their religion are often called martyrs.

  110. Jack himself feared to sleep, on account of the waking that must follow.

  111. Sidenote: Diffusion of Calvinism] Such activities account for the almost bewildering diffusion of Calvinism.

  112. In an earlier chapter, an account has been given of the maritime discoveries of the sixteenth century and their immediate results in broadening intellectual interests.

  113. The best account of the minority of Louis XV is that of J.

  114. II best account of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella; W.

  115. American army officer, not always accurate, but the best general account in English; A.

  116. In 1781 he issued a report or "Account Rendered of the Financial Condition.

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