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  1. These lines will not be found in the modern editions; but the following are substituted: "Four turtle feeder's verse must needs he flat, Though Bristol bloat him with the verdant fat.

  2. The new method or device not only must save him work but must clearly increase his well-being.

  3. Thirdly, since, at first, the new technology almost invariably costs more than the old, the user must have or be able to get the capital to buy and use the newer devices and methods.

  4. Museums must collect and exhibit the tools, implements, and machines which farmers use in their business.

  5. Secondly, the potential user of the device must feel a need for it.

  6. We must look out for drainage in case of rain.

  7. We were reckoning the lake must be right near by this time.

  8. You must recall,” said Grant, “that Granger did not make the assertion that such things really happened; he simply claimed that some people believed or told that they happened.

  9. Had Sleuth known that the victim of Carl Duckelstein’s “gougers” was responsible for that first night adventure, he must surely have regarded Crane’s misfortune as a piece of retributive justice.

  10. It must be right good sport when there are fish to catch, but we don’t seem to get any bites.

  11. When the wind blows, I fancy two of the limbs of that tree must knock together, and the sound, communicated along the trunk of the tree, is like that made by someone knocking.

  12. Pipe, when you’re at home you must sit up nights to study the dictionary.

  13. There’s something jumping in the water, and I think it must be fish.

  14. There must be plenty of fish in the lake,” said Grant.

  15. It must be recorded that Simpson senior gave utterance to language that would not look well in print.

  16. He must have been a tough one, this redskin, for he did not die.

  17. Piper opened his lips to make a remark, but a jagged, hissing spurt of lightning caused him to duck involuntarily and hold his breath, awaiting the thunder that must follow.

  18. We must cut some boughs for our beds before it gets too dark.

  19. It must be evident, comrades,” said Piper hurriedly, “that yonder hut can scarce afford us shelter from the storm which is advancing apace.

  20. It must be--yes, it must be about father!

  21. You are a very much mistaking and ill-judging man; you were never worthy to be Helen's husband, and I bitterly grieve that her children must be brought up by you.

  22. Well, Andrew, I must say you look remarkably well.

  23. I must go out now, I have some patients to see, but I am going to prescribe a special little supper for you, which Helen is to see you eat before you go to bed.

  24. Still I can't wait for her any longer, for I must pick the fruit for my tart, and I ought to see that Alice is doing what I told her about the new curtains.

  25. I don't know how I'm to dry her, I'm sure, but a hot bath she must have.

  26. There's Kate, too, she must be a well-grown girl by now, and scarcely gone to bed yet.

  27. Oh, yes, it is a dreadful fate, but we must not complain, for anything is better than losing him.

  28. Nursie, I must fly down--you will understand about those flannels.

  29. I must walk to some town--the nearest, I suppose--with baby.

  30. I must find sticks, and I must light up a fire, and I must do it this minute, or we won't have no baby to talk about, nor fuss over.

  31. This you must submit to, Polly, and I shall expect you to do so with a good grace.

  32. Surely he must hear her loud demands, even though a dressing-room stood between his room and the suppliant without.

  33. Well, here's baby; you must be very careful of her.

  34. But whoever suffers, dear little Scorpion must have his cream.

  35. David must be found, and got to confess, and so release Fly of her promise before three o'clock.

  36. The collodion must be allowed to set until it will bear the gentle pressure of a finger in its thickest part, but must not be permitted to dry in any part before plunging into clean cold water to remove the solvents by washing.

  37. Consequently the slide-maker must sedulously cultivate cleanliness and manipulative care.

  38. The pencil must be held very lightly and the lines touched away with short light strokes, a heavy stroke only rubs the medium up.

  39. Prints must have been very thoroughly washed, so as to free them from every trace of acid, also thoroughly fixed in acid if they are to be "toned" by Packham's method.

  40. The paper is now very sensitive to actinic light, which must during all future operations be carefully guarded against.

  41. If the focal lengths are different, the images will be of correspondingly different sizes, and then the same detail must be compared, not the definition at the same distance from the centre.

  42. The plate must afterwards be well washed in soft water.

  43. Papers of many kinds are necessary for single transfer prints, the tint of the paper must blend and harmonize with the tone of the tissue or by contrasting help to produce a pleasing effect.

  44. Care must be taken when direct sunlight is used to see that the pressure frame and everything in and about it is thoroughly dry, otherwise the tissue may stick to the negative, spoiling the print and probably the negative also.

  45. There must be no hesitation, the whole surface must be brought down gradually but swiftly, and accompanied by a sliding movement in order to squeeze out or wipe out any air bubbles which might cling to the surface of the paper.

  46. Neither soap nor grease of any kind must be permitted to contaminate the surface, otherwise the print will fail to adhere.

  47. The image and plate must coincide or definition will suffer.

  48. The constituents must be dissolved in water in the order given.

  49. Syria and Palestine must ferment and ferment, work and work, until they work into the hands of Abraham's children to whom they rightly belong; and may the God of their fathers bless the hand that aids their cause.

  50. All things shall work together for your good if you are humble and keep my commandments; for it must needs be that all men be left without excuse, that a righteous retribution may be awarded to all.

  51. Thank kind heaven, there is a time when these must cease.

  52. I must now begin to think of coming to a close.

  53. The decree had passed in heaven, and could not be revoked, that he must suffer, that he must bleed, and that he must die.

  54. I then thought how very convenient it must have been for the ancient disciples to fulfil one injunction of the Saviour, "shake off the dust of your feet.

  55. Come unto this bleeding fountain, Meek and lowly you must be; Bear the cross and wash in Jordan, Then from guilt he'll set you free.

  56. The servants are now waiting for me, and I must gird on my arms and be off.

  57. Also the quorum of the twelve, do thou be pleased to stand by, for thou knowest the obstacles which we have to encounter, the temptations to which we are exposed, and the privations which we must suffer.

  58. The inhabitants now offered him a building site which must in every way have been attractive to him.

  59. The Master of the Ceremonies received the Deputies, and informed them that they must be pleased to let the address reach his Majesty through the hands of his Ministers.

  60. Ludwig, on the other hand, must have continued to press forward, for Gudden had retained both the coats of the King in his hand.

  61. For that very reason matters must be arranged in such a manner that she may find a pretext for withdrawing.

  62. The German Princes would, of course, govern within the limits of their countries, but their power must be considerably curtailed; and those who would not voluntarily make sacrifices for the federated fatherland must be made to do so by force.

  63. The answer displeased the King, who rose to his feet, thus giving the actor a hint that he must be more careful in the use of his expressions.

  64. Whatever his abilities may be, he must at any rate be very highly considered.

  65. Although he could not bear his servants to look at him he endured this strange dentist for hours, without a look or a word betraying the dislike he must undoubtedly have felt of his presence.

  66. How dull your Royal Highness must find the want of occupation," said his tutor, Dean von Döllinger, to him one day when he found him sitting alone in a dark room on account of a slight eye affection.

  67. At four in the morning on the 10th of March the physician-in-ordinary informed the sick man that he must prepare himself for death, telling him at the same time that his confessor was in the Palace.

  68. Long before Sophie knew for certain that the engagement would be broken off, a presentiment must have warned her that it could not possibly endure.

  69. Hard as the sale must have been to him, it helped him over his difficulties.

  70. We must do the young King the justice to allow that without him the representation could never have been possible.

  71. Her features, of ideal delicacy, were of the purest Egyptian type, and sculptors must have often thought of her as they carved the images of Isis and Hathor, even at the risk of breaking the rigorous hieratic laws.

  72. It appears to me that the dye must have been anatto, unless the muslin, originally red, turned rose-colour through the action of the balsam and of time.

  73. What he says must be done, and I have come to you in the midst of your pleasures, even were death to be the punishment of my audacity.

  74. Tahoser was not very hungry, but her part required that she should exhibit some appetite; the poor must necessarily devour the food which pity throws them.

  75. Somewhere or another there must be a passage like the one which goes around the well.

  76. I must be forgiven all this information about the asses and their drivers, but these occupy so large a space in life at Cairo that they are entitled to the importance which they really possess.

  77. The Virgin, the Child Jesus, and Saint Joseph must have looked like that, and so must their flight have been in the living and simple reality; their equipage was not much finer.

  78. Damanhûr, which the railroad traverses, looks very much as must have looked the ancient cities of Egypt, now buried under the sand or fallen into dust.

  79. A man cannot see everything, and must be satisfied with seeing a few things.

  80. But the night is waning and I must depart.

  81. Did you not know that he On that delightful path must tread, Ere he in heaven could be?

  82. She heard her sister jump and run, And longed to join her in her fun; Her brother made a snow-man high; But she upon her bed must lie.

  83. When I play with little children I must very gentle be; I must always do to others As I'd have them do to me.

  84. Illustration] The bird within its nest Has sung its evening hymn, And I must go to quiet rest, As the bright west grows dim.

  85. I cannot let you here to-day With me and little sisters stay; But you must go up stairs alone, Till you a better boy have grown.

  86. Not such a gift is mine; For beauty's charms, though lovely, Must perish and decline.

  87. Then, since He sees me day and night, And is so kind to me, I must do always what is right, His gentle child must be.

  88. Then I must try to be Pleasant, and sweet, and mild; For the good God who made me loves A kind, obedient child.

  89. It will be always seen by One, Who knows each wrong that you have done; And I shall know it too, no doubt, For sin must always find you out.

  90. I am not ready yet to play; For I must learn these words to spell, That I may say my lesson well.

  91. I must like to give and lend them, If they want my prettiest toy; More than my delight and pleasure I must love my playmate's joy.

  92. This poor little Christian knew she must eat her breakfast or she would feel faint and weak by ten o’clock, but she had not learned that she must not starve the other and better part of herself.

  93. It seems as though Master Colin and his companions must have gone home with sunny hearts and faces, and in love with the S.

  94. The members must each be visited and urged to attend the meeting and hear what Uncle John had to say.

  95. The monkey game you send must be very funny, but its length and the difficulty of “doing” it here will explain why it does not appear in the PANSY.

  96. Jennie must needs bring in twice as many chairs as were arranged for the meeting.

  97. I asked mamma if I must hurry back, and she said, “Just as you please; if you want to take a walk in this crisp air, there is nothing to hinder you from being gone for a couple of hours.

  98. It must get food from the Bible, and by thinking about God and speaking to him, or it cannot be a healthy soul.

  99. You must keep some of the writing you do now while you are six years old, and put it by the side of what you do when you are sixty.

  100. I won’t ask father to give me a cent; He works too hard for bread and rent, But mother must have a Christmas gift; O dear!

  101. Gregory, to whose severe, ascetic nature the bright and lively style of Ambrosian singing must have seemed almost an abomination, immediately took steps to reform the church music.

  102. One day, when a small boy, he sat before the kitchen fire and wrote on his slate: And must I always swing the flail And help to fill the milking pail?

  103. It is such an appealing lyric, we feel we must quote it in full.

  104. In addition to his labors in the realm of hymnody, Petri must also be credited with the authorship of the Swedish Church-Book, which appeared in 1529.

  105. The Lord Jesus Christ Himself cannot enter an unwilling heart; it must be opened to Him.

  106. In darkness and in weariness The traveler on his way must press, No gleam to watch on tree or tower, Whiling away the lonesome hour.

  107. Only we must start at slack tide; that is, about three in the afternoon.

  108. How pleasant it must be to drift--like that!

  109. I may not succeed; but I will do my best, and if I fail, your ladyship must remember that I was not engaged for such work.

  110. This must be the mainland; but where, I can't say.

  111. If he could not make use of the yacht, he must send it round to Cowes and make his own arrangements.

  112. It must be a ford--the sea ford to Eilean-a-fa-ash.

  113. I won't go beyond its reach or be away long; the road must be close by.

  114. It must have been just as jolly then as now to have somebody to stick by you through thick and thin.

  115. We must be close to the yacht, for we were well in the current when I stopped rowing; and it runs inshore due south.

  116. They had all come back, and some things must be faced before life could run smoothly once more.

  117. That past week had been a paradise of relief, and now it came perilously near to the time when the problem of her life must be faced.

  118. Hopeless, even if he stood still, and to reach her he must take a step or two.

  119. Eustace must be made to understand that there was to be no drifting, and her husband must consent to let her hand be on the tiller ropes.

  120. For the butler knew his duty: afternoon tea was afternoon tea wherever her ladyship chose to take it; that is to say, a function at which a footman must preserve an impassive face.

  121. Besides, I must put new rowlocks to the four-oar.

  122. Surely there must be carrion," muttered Von Bloom.

  123. It must have been my curious fall, I concluded; but no matter now that the brute was gone.

  124. It must be the great 'golden' eagle of the Rocky Mountains, thought I.

  125. It must have risen up from the hill upon which they were; and they once more ran their eyes along the level summit, curious to know where it had been perched that they had not seen it.

  126. He must fling himself to the ground, and let quagga and saddle go.

  127. I must see about the vegetables;" and taking with him his new-made vessel, Lucien sauntered off along the shore of the islet.

  128. Many deer must be killed, and many hides dressed, before they could make a full set of clothing for all, as well as a set of deer-skin blankets, which would be much needed.

  129. I knew that somebody must have placed it there, and I looked round to see what "sign" there was besides.

  130. Of course he must have been within a few inches of the muzzle, when his breast, pressing against the string, caused the gun to go off.

  131. He must go in search of pasture, without loss of time,--at once.

  132. It was evident that the animal, whatever it was, must have gone down the culm of the grass in making its descent from the surface of the snow!

  133. A love affair in which he must have been infamously treated caused him to leave Scotland.

  134. The perfumes have died on the gilded bed-cover; The last smoke must have left the hearth When I was not looking.

  135. Only you must not shoot me through the head, Nor touch my heart; Because my head is full of the ways of you And my heart is dead.

  136. My hand upon the sword Shall be so strong, He'll find the little laughing place Where you dance in my breast; And we'll have no more of the silly world Where our lips must lie apart.

  137. The lamp burns and I must play the green moth.

  138. Ye're too young to understand it now: ye must take my word for it.

  139. Now that harvest was over and Captain Rexford was more at leisure, Sophia felt that she must no longer postpone the disagreeable duty of speaking to him seriously about his younger daughters.

  140. Then they both ran to the foot of the attic stair and gripped each other's arms very tight by way of explaining that the situation was desperate, and that one or other must control her voice sufficiently to call Eliza.

  141. Confused, he seemed to know nothing but that he must finish his sentence to satisfy the interrogation in her eyes.

  142. She did not know that, although the adulation he received was sweet to him, it was only sweet that summer because he thought it must enhance his value in her eyes.

  143. With the burden of the thought he rose up again from his rude seat, and he held up his head to look at her as with effort; she was so tall, that he still must needs look up.

  144. Robert, at a loss; "I think she must be like her own mother, for she is like none of the other Rexfords.

  145. Man that he was, he believed that his life must ebb in this pain.

  146. However, as I say to my children, we must make the best of it now.

  147. One more interview with her he must have, one more at least before he left Chellaston.

  148. We desire at such times to be shown some such clear portraiture of the ideal to which we must conform in our place and circumstance as shall cause us no more to mistake good for evil.

  149. When they had got on to the road and must part, the housekeeper spoke.

  150. Fangs bared, ears flat against my head, I must have presented a terrifying appearance to the women, because they fled to all corners of the room, squealing and bleating like a bunch of sheep.

  151. I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew my cage was trembling violently and a powerful roaring dinned in my ears.

  152. Of course everybody must be in fault sooner than her!

  153. An atmosphere of refinement must be made for her; she must be better dressed, more delicately fed.

  154. In the first place, you must effect an entire change of economic conditions: a preliminary step of which every tyro will recognise the easiness; then you must bring to bear on the new order of things the constant influence of music.

  155. Then Bessie must go to bed, or assuredly she would be so ill that unheard-of calamities would befall the infants.

  156. In her his spirit must survive, his benevolence still be operative.

  157. We mustn't blame him for that; he must judge for himself.

  158. I'm ready, but I must know that he's an honest man; I must prove him first.

  159. She is very young; we must wait a little.

  160. He must celebrate the occasion by entertaining all of them.

  161. Yes; but you must try to understand this girl of the people, with her unfortunate endowment of brains and defect of tenderness.

  162. I suppose she must not be blamed for bringing children into the world when those already born to her were but half-clothed, half-fed; she increased the sum total of the world's misery in obedience to the laws of the Book of Genesis.

  163. What must that heart have suffered, so scorned and trampled upon!

  164. Never must she remove herself from the poor and the laborious, her kin, her care; never must she forget those bitter sufferings of her childhood, precious as enabling her to comprehend the misery of others for whom had come no rescue.

  165. That movement must somehow be guarded against; how, it was difficult as yet to determine.

  166. Either all the species of plants and animals must have been supernaturally created, or else they must have been naturally evolved.

  167. But here, again, we must refuse to allow any merely antecedent presumption to blind our eyes to the actual evidence of other agencies having co-operated with natural selection in producing the observed results.

  168. Here again, therefore, we must observe that none of these sweeping generalizations can possibly be justified by deductive reasoning from the theory of natural selection itself.

  169. For it is out of the older forms that the newer must have grown; and, as they multiplied, they must have become more and more differentiated.

  170. And, in order to understand the bearings of the argument in this its first stage, we must consider the phenomena of reproduction in the simplest form which these phenomena are known to present.

  171. However, be this as it may, from all that has gone before does it not become apparent that pleasure or happiness on the one hand, and pain or misery on the other, must be present in sentient nature?

  172. But there is yet a further consideration which must be taken into account.

  173. Moreover, there are many cases in which, if the needs of the creature be such that it must habitually frequent surfaces of different colours, it has acquired the power of changing its colour accordingly--e.

  174. He must have the heart of his people with him in his work, or his joy will be faint and his success scant indeed.

  175. If we trust Him, we must trust Him altogether.

  176. Now he gathers up his strength for the final charge home, which must decide the battle.

  177. We have in this sharp thrust and parry an example of the sort of fence which Paul must often have carried on in his discussions with Jewish opponents on these questions.

  178. No wonder that Paul became the Apostle of grace; even as John, "the disciple whom Jesus loved," must perforce be the Apostle of love.

  179. Adopting Jewish rites de novo, they must do so on grounds of distinct religious necessity.

  180. Ill must it be for him who henceforth shall trouble thee.

  181. This absolute way of putting the matter must have provoked the orthodox Jew to the last degree.

  182. And whoso accepts Jesus Christ must accept Him crucified, with all the offence and humiliation that the fact involves.

  183. From the school of Abraham the Gentiles must pass on to the school of Moses.

  184. Some men must be bridled or they will "bite;" they must wear the yoke or they run wild.

  185. Here the Apostle pauses, as his Gentile readers must have paused and drawn a long breath of relief or of astonishment at what he has just alleged.

  186. I can easily understand how difficult it must have been, and still must be, to Englishmen at home to understand this, and see how it has come to pass.

  187. One would of course be disposed to say that the superior condition of the workers must have been occasioned by superior wages; and this, to a certain extent, has been the cause.

  188. Rebellion knows that it must fight, and the legalized power against which rebels rise must of necessity fight also.

  189. I am therefore forced to take the subject in its present condition, and being so forced I must write of the war, of the causes which have led to it, and of its probable termination.

  190. Their political arrangements have been so bad that, in spite of all their reading and writing, they must go to the wall.

  191. Our cold is so intense that we must heat our houses throughout.

  192. She must acknowledge it and pay it; and then chivalry will not be backward in making good her claims upon it.

  193. Food in these parts is much cheaper than in England, and therefore the wages must be considered as very good.

  194. Regarding railways in America generally, as to the relative safety of which, when compared with our own, we have not in England a high opinion, I must say that I never saw any accident or in any way became conversant with one.

  195. But for the peculiar position of Washington as the capital, all that is now being done in Virginia would have been done in Maryland, and I must say that the Marylanders did their best to bring about such a result.

  196. But if this has been their line of policy, they must be entirely out of court in raising any question as to the position of British troops on British soil.

  197. One hint, however, for improvement, I must give even to Portland: It would be well if they could make their streets of some material harder than sand.

  198. It must be understood that water-power alone is used for preparing the cotton and working the spindles and looms of the cotton mills.

  199. He thought she must be a witch; but hungry boys, no matter how high their station, are apt to forget danger when a good supper is set before them.

  200. Something wrong must have happened to my husband.

  201. The prince would have liked to marry Yellow Lily, but the king said that he must choose a princess whose rank was equal to his own.

  202. You must be very tired," roared the giant, so loudly that the dishes on the shelves rattled.

  203. Now you must agree to become my servant, and I will be the prince instead of you.

  204. They must be thatched with feathers, to be put on one at a time, and no two of them must be alike.

  205. I see there must be something wrong about it," grumbled King Koshchey, looking angrily at the prince with his big green eyes.

  206. Surely it must be some sound which was misunderstood by them.

  207. You have lain in bed so long, you must work still harder to-day," he added.

  208. The river and the bridge must have been they.

  209. Then we must not lose our time," said Princess Mary, and in a minute she turned into a river, the prince into an iron bridge the steed into a black raven, and the large road was divided into three smaller roads.

  210. The tallest one, who wore a gown of pale blue, had eyes as blue as the skies above; he knew that she must be Blue Lily.

  211. Now you must understand that Tom believed hisself to be as good a miner as was to be found in Cornwall.

  212. Their dresses made her think they must be foreigners.

  213. The notion is that going against the sun will backen a disease but in all other cases the sun's course must be followed.

  214. They found it, however, no such easy work to break up the grand carved-oak bedstead, which must have been made and put together in the room, because neither its tester nor its head would pass through the doorway.

  215. Castle Treen, however, must have stood where it is long before Arthur and his magician visited West Cornwall.

  216. What is rarer still, he has a kindly nature that admits no trace of the disappointments he must from time to time have suffered.

  217. But, while at home our Hunnish Valour obtains the day, It must be yours to punish The craven U.

  218. I wish now that I had not been compelled to postpone my visit to the Royalty, for I think the fall of Baghdad must have put me a bit above myself.

  219. They must not be confused with "the rude forefathers of the hamlet" mentioned by GRAY.

  220. He must have reviews of troops morning, noon and night, and it's all quite useless, for our Generals tell me that he doesn't really understand anything about soldiers and their movements.

  221. There'll be some opposition-- That I can quite foresee; But bear in mind your mission Must primarily be To keep the swine-dog Yankees from jumping on to me!

  222. Some day, when the War is over, I must acquire a shiny tall hat and a glossy shirt front and a youthful manner and get someone to introduce me, and then, bit by bit, extract the truth.

  223. Why should you be detained In trouble day and night, As though he must be gained By arm of human might?

  224. Do what thou wilt with me, I still must cling to thee; Thy grace I have besought, Thou help in tribulation, I leave thee not, I leave thee not.

  225. When mortal pangs are darting, Come, Lord, and set me free; And when my heart must languish Amidst the final throe, Release me from mine anguish By thine own pain and wo!

  226. I leave thee not, even in the lap of pleasure, For when I stray Without thy ray, My richest joy must cease to be a treasure.

  227. To understand this aright we must remember that Columbus was not seeking a new continent.

  228. A town containing two hundred men capable of bearing arms must have had a total population approximating two thousand.

  229. The King accepted it and approved it, doubtless with the same reluctance and regret which Rojas must have had in making it; and that chapter of Cuban history was ended.

  230. This perjured stuff, responsibility for which must be regarded as the worst stain upon Gonzalo de Guzman's fame, was presented to the King in the name of the government and people of Cuba.

  231. There was really no need of any, but in order to maintain the custom one must be held.

  232. Indeed he acted with coolness and judgment and in a manner which must be regarded as going far toward redeeming his reputation from the reproaches which he had formerly incurred.

  233. In October, 1535, the King accepted his resignation, and, it is pleasant to record, paid him a tribute which was unique and which must have been peculiarly gratifying to Rojas.

  234. Despite the growth and importance of Havana it must be remembered that at this time that city was still in a very primitive condition.

  235. Therefore to save their souls from hell fire, their bodies must be enslaved, so that they could find salvation through being physically compelled to conform with the external practices of Christianity.

  236. But please remember,” Fay ventured to say, “that you must not behave like a horde of savages.

  237. Go on, you girls,” said Jack, “we must discuss this by ourselves.

  238. Andrew must be very ill, she felt sure of that now, and they were fetching the doctor.

  239. I should think not, indeed,” cried Faith; “why you know that you must not even strike them.

  240. Now mind,” Jack had said at the beginning of the business; “we must not really let go of this precious specimen, for it would never do to let Miss Annie really get a wetting.

  241. That wicked old man must have guessed that we were coming,” she said, “for the woman in the shop says that the cage was put out to-day.

  242. But now I must go back to her room; I’ve promised that I’ll sit up the night with her.

  243. He must have the terms read over to him,” said Di.

  244. Yes, really you French boys must be awful muffs,” said Phil.

  245. We must watch Nellie off the premises first,” said Di.

  246. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "must" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    absolute; allegiance; binding; blast; blight; burden; burning; business; cancer; canker; charge; commitment; compulsory; conclusive; condition; decisive; dedication; deference; demand; desideratum; devotion; duty; entailed; essential; ethics; fealty; final; fungus; have; homage; hot; imperative; imperious; imposed; indispensable; irrevocable; loyalty; mandated; mandatory; mildew; mission; mold; mould; moulder; mouldy; must; musty; necessaries; necessary; necessity; need; obligation; obligatory; occasion; onus; peremptory; pest; place; prerequisite; prescriptive; required; requirement; requisite; requisition; respect; rot; rust; rutty; should; smut; stuffiness; ultimate; want; wine; worm

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    must also; must belong; must beware; must call; must confess; must continue; must fall; must feel; must follow; must give; must hasten; must just; must know; must love; must observe; must part; must perish; must remark; must return; must speak; must still; must strive; must suffice; must talk; must tell; must understand