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Example sentences for "binding"

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  1. It is found stamped on the binding of a medical work written for him and now preserved in the Bodleian Library (Laud MS.

  2. Another binding which encloses another medical treatise written by the same scribe, and presumably also for Kymer, now in the Merton College Library, bears the same legend.

  3. Bound up with the 'Cosmographia' in a sixteenth-century binding are three translations from the Greek by Antonio Pasini.

  4. Had not Bob assumed an obligation that must be lived up to and that was quite as binding as if it existed on paper instead of in a mere invisible point of honor?

  5. The Supreme Court of the United States has decided the law to be within the legislative power of Congress and binding as a rule of action for all who reside within the Territories.

  6. Thursday, and B mails his letter of acceptance Wednesday, and the letter is lost, the contract is binding and A is liable thereon.

  7. As a rule, partial interests cannot be assigned so as to be binding upon the obligor, without the latter's consent.

  8. It is usually held that the terms printed on the bill of lading are binding on the shipper, even though the bill is not signed by him.

  9. Oral contracts of insurance like other simple contracts are binding upon the parties thereto.

  10. And I warrant that all the parties had proper capacity and authority to sign, and that the obligation is binding upon each of them.

  11. Where two or more parties sign a contract, binding themselves to do one thing of a series of things, the law presumes the obligation to be joint.

  12. These options are, in themselves contracts, and to be binding must contain all the essential elements of a contract.

  13. And I warrant that all the parties had capacity and authority to sign, and that the obligation is binding upon each of them.

  14. Agents are sometimes authorized to enter a memorandum in their books of insurance, called entries in their binding books.

  15. It is the duty of the superintendent of public printing to make contracts for such work and all other printing and binding required for State purposes, and to see that it is properly done.

  16. Must be a practical printer; shall have the supervision and management of the public printing and binding of the Commonwealth; shall report annually to the Governor, and biennially to the General Assembly.

  17. Then beside the bed of the poor wool-comber women like angels ministered, binding up his wounds, and soothing him with voices soft as ever spoke to man.

  18. Of the same epoch, or still earlier, are the sheets of ivory used for the binding of the Gospels, on which are painted admirable pictures in illustration of the Divine books.

  19. The English lawyers held that the judgment which Massachusetts had persisted in braving was binding and valid in law, until renewed by a writ of error, of which there was little or no hope.

  20. The very sight of that black binding now irritated me; never did I pass it without experiencing a sensation that seemed a blending of scorn and fear: scorn of the ancestral superstitions the book gave voice to: fear of them.

  21. What made her throw out her arms as if struggling desperately with the air, or with some unseen foe who was binding her with chains?

  22. Adhesions form rapidly, binding together the surface of the brain, meninges, and the overlying bone.

  23. But he was afraid of such bold utterances, and hoped to achieve his purposes without binding himself even tacitly to the commission of a crime, for Mason not only looked, but talked murder.

  24. Until it has been reversed by one or other of these means, the decision of a court, which de facto possesses ecclesiastical jurisdiction, is binding upon the Church as part of her law for the time being.

  25. Once challenge the unique position of the Christ, and the name Christian seemed to me to be a hypocrisy, and its renouncement a duty binding on the upright mind.

  26. But the hall of olden Oxford was merely a sort of lodging house, generally kept by a graduate or master, but not subject to any of the rules which were binding upon those students who entered upon one of the foundations.

  27. He was pushing out his bark into deeper waters, and already felt as though the cables binding him to the shores of safety and ease were completely parted.

  28. Higdon might have been satisfied, and even spoke a few words in favour of letting the young man go to his lodgings, only binding him over to appear when summoned in the future.

  29. All they can do, is, to consider the regulations made for that purpose as binding upon their subjects, and not to demand satisfaction if they suffer by the penalties, which the laws attempted to be infringed, may impose.

  30. So you're still doing these binding designs!

  31. Poor Marguerite had to go through the proofs, so that she could be sure of getting the spirit of the binding right.

  32. The binding of a book was, of old, a shrine on which the finest workmanship in bullion and the costliest gems were lavished.

  33. Among the elements which constitute the value of a book--rarity of course being essential--one might say he counted the binding highest.

  34. All the external niceties about pet editions, peculiarities of binding or of printing, rarity itself, were no more to him than to the Arab or the Hottentot.

  35. Illustrating" a volume consists in inserting in or binding up with it portraits, landscapes, and other works of art bearing a reference to its contents.

  36. The only engagement which that wily tyrant accounted binding upon him was an oath by the Holy Cross of Saint Lo d'Angers, which contained a portion of the True Cross.

  37. As the heathen deities contracted an indelible obligation if they swore by Styx, the Scottish Highlanders had usually some peculiar solemnity attached to an oath which they intended should be binding on them.

  38. Faith will be lost in sight, Hope in fruition; but Love will remain, binding the spirits of the redeemed in blissful communion, and uniting them to God the Father and Christ the Elder Brother.

  39. With a flourish, he flicked his razor sharp stone knife through the binding of thongs and swept aside the chamois skin, and revealed a stunning black leather harness and saddle, intricately trimmed with ivory and silver.

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