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Example sentences for "envelope"

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enure; enured; enuresis; enuy; envelop; enveloped; envelopes; enveloping; envelopment; enveloppe
  1. And if he had formed the express design to envelope the whole subject in a cloud of sophistry, he could not have taken a better course to accomplish his object.

  2. If this be all that is meant by self-determination, why not state the simple fact that the will itself acts, in plain English, instead of going about to envelope it in a mist of words?

  3. If, instead of being roasted, they are held at a distance by an envelope of glass, they press as closely as they can to the flame, and remain motionless, hypnotised.

  4. Unbreakable elsewhere, the envelope has yielded at this median point, which had remained weaker than the rest of the sheath.

  5. The other Mantes found in my neighbourhood, which are the only species of which I can speak with full knowledge, employ or omit the envelope of solidifying froth accordingly as the eggs are or are not intended to survive the winter.

  6. This point once attained, the larva, which is scarcely a twenty-fifth of an inch in length, and is white with a black head, perforates the envelope and plunges into the capacious hollow of the pod.

  7. Thus the spongy envelope is progressively created as the ovaries are gradually emptied.

  8. Not far from the cup, on the smooth, still green envelope of the acorn a little point is visible; a tiny needle-prick.

  9. Before he gave it to Mr Vandel he, of course, steamed the envelope and looked at it.

  10. A friend of ours has tried some such civility at others' houses: at his host's house when the door was opened to him, arriving for dinner, and he was gloomily offered a tiny envelope with the name of the lady he was to take out.

  11. In the left-hand corner of the envelope were written the words 'Very urgent.

  12. She hastily put the postcard and circulars on the breakfast-table, and ran down the garden to a retired place in the orchard, where she could open her ill-fated envelope in privacy.

  13. Miss Roscoe had an unopened envelope in her hand, and to this at once drew her pupil's attention.

  14. It was Basil who spied him first, and Giles who got to the gate quickest to meet him, and Beatrice who tore open the yellow envelope and read the message to the excited audience.

  15. I had been addressing the envelope to Bill, and so I shoved a sheet of paper over it.

  16. And I made a draft of the note then and there on the back of an old envelope from Roger's pocket.

  17. And at that moment Wallie Smith came over and threw an envelope into her lap.

  18. First of all he came upon a smaller envelope enclosed in the larger.

  19. She did not feel that after the first she was of much comfort to her sister; for as she grew stronger, a cloud of reserve seemed to envelope Eugenia--she to whom it used to be impossible to conceal the most passing fancy.

  20. I found on my table an envelope containing this poetry, which I inclose, from Théophile Gautier.

  21. It was unmistakably from the hand of John Carr, hastily written in lead pencil upon the inner side of an old envelope and said briefly: 'Better look out for Courtot, Al.

  22. They saw her leave an envelope with the hotelkeeper; they did not hear her instructions.

  23. From his pocket Howard took an envelope; from the envelope brought forth a long blue slip of paper, torn in two, and with a few words penned across the fragments in a big running scrawl.

  24. Even the clerk in the New York Post Office who handled the envelope cursed the writer as he puzzled out the address.

  25. It was sealed up in a plain envelope and the endorsement was in his own handwriting.

  26. There was no address: there was nothing beyond the postmark on the envelope to show where the letter came from; there was absolutely nothing in the contents to give any clue to the sender.

  27. Brereton carefully cut open the flap of the envelope and drew out the enclosure--a square sheet of typewriting paper folded about a thin wad of Bank of England notes.

  28. Avice drew an envelope from her muff and gave it to him.

  29. She unfastened the flap of the envelope slowly and carefully, and, taking the letter out, began to read it.

  30. Here is the envelope sticking out above my coat.

  31. The envelope of this missive, unlike the others, bore only his name, not the address.

  32. As he stepped out upon the landing, he twisted his foot in a sudden effort to avoid stepping on a white envelope that had been pushed half-way under the door.

  33. Her eyes had encountered an envelope on the dresser mirror, and, as she tore the end of it, she felt a premonition of its contents.

  34. Then she slowly drew from the envelope in her lap a letter.

  35. But Mr. Tertius quietly handed the sealed envelope to Peggie.

  36. Peggie fumbled with the seal of the envelope and then, with a sudden impulse, passed it to Selwood.

  37. And having looked at it he hastily selected an envelope from the stationery cabinet on the desk, carefully placed the sandwich within it, and set off to his own rooms in the upper part of the house.

  38. Mr. Halfpenny drew the will towards himself with an impatient movement and began to replace it in the large envelope from which it had been taken.

  39. He states, in the words of the professor, his theory, thus: "My theory is that if one of these dark objects chances to strike a star it bursts through its outer envelope and sets free the enormous fires pent up within.

  40. You could wear it in a hatband or a necktie; you could deface it, or tear it in two, in opening an envelope addressed to you by your bootmaker.

  41. Here is an envelope in which one of the copies was received by the captain of a rival football team.

  42. Eagerly the two football men and their coach bent over to compare Drayne's handwriting with that on the envelope that had come back from Milton.

  43. Was the address on the envelope in which this came also typewritten?

  44. I stuck a four-cent stamp on each envelope myself!

  45. I'd give anything to be able to hand that envelope over to you, but I'm afraid I'll never see it again.

  46. Fortunately, Mr. Decker thought to preserve the envelope that contained our signal code.

  47. You will note that the sender, while understanding something about the use of a type machine, was plainly a novice in directing an envelope on the typewriter.

  48. Here is the envelope in question, and here is one of Mr. Drayne's school examination papers, also in his own handwriting.

  49. Something warned the fellow not to open the envelope there.

  50. So he addressed this envelope in handwriting.

  51. No matter how eagerly I eyed the great official envelope in his hand, which I knew well was mine, he persisted in observing all the form and ceremony that he had decided was suitable for its presentation.

  52. They were cared for as our roads and bridges are kept in order, and when men were absent in the war, only the negroes were left to attend to the repairing.

  53. Some of the soldiers called out for the General's wife.

  54. This essay is signed with your name, Marcia, in the sealed envelope that was kept in my desk until the judges' decision had been reached.

  55. Bud grasped the hat in one hand, turned back the brim, inserted the point of the knife between the hat lining and the hat itself and drew out a yellow envelope stained with dirt and perspiration.

  56. Producing a handful of correspondence, he selected the largest envelope of all; shook out on the table several smaller letters enclosed; picked one out of the number; and read the concluding paragraph only, with the closest attention.

  57. He had found the letter--with the envelope unfastened--on the floor of the bedchamber, and had fortunately secured it before the landlady and the servant had ventured back to the room.

  58. The characters sloped the wrong way, and the envelope bore no postmark.

  59. He would just cut the envelope and make believe he had read it to pique his wife; but he would not read it.

  60. He curbed his natural desire and laid the heavy envelope down on the desk.

  61. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "envelope" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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