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Example sentences for "envelop"

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enunciations; enure; enured; enuresis; enuy; envelope; enveloped; envelopes; enveloping; envelopment
  1. The army then proceeded to envelop Petersburg towards the South Side Railroad as far as possible without attacking fortifications.

  2. Fearing that he would envelop us and capture the camp and transportation, I determined to take the offensive.

  3. Burnside was ordered if he should succeed in breaking the enemy's centre, to swing around to the left and envelop the right of Lee's army.

  4. A particular solution represents the envelop of this system.

  5. A developable surface is the envelop of the position of a movable plane; it is composed of two sheets which meet.

  6. Developable surface; an envelop of the osculating planes of a curve.

  7. Study of the phenomena which accompany this flow in the case of a thin envelop and a liquid kept at a constant level.

  8. He retained his warm clasp of her fingers, seeming to envelop her uncomfortably with his ardor.

  9. His admiring gaze seemed to envelop her, and its warmth was unmistakable.

  10. The British had caught him on the flank as he tried to pierce the left wing of General d'Espérey's army, and if he should now retreat, that army could envelop him and thus catch him between two fires.

  11. I seized the big envelop and drew my cloak around me.

  12. Of course, the man who found the charred fragments of the official envelop concluded that she had burned the contents.

  13. As I was crossing the room to try a side-door entrance into the garden, I caught sight of a large paper envelop on the table.

  14. The unburned corner of the envelop fooled the man.

  15. The bells rang, and all the able-bodied of the population ran, some towards the points attacked, and others towards the houses in the grasp of the flames, which it seemed too probable would ere long envelop the whole town.

  16. A semi-obscurity began to envelop the plain.

  17. The children felt this crape descend warm and balmy from the voluptuous shoulders of the night, kiss their temples and envelop them with irresistible languor.

  18. She dipped herself in it yet more deeply, with the water reaching to her lips, so that it might pass over her shoulders, and envelop her, from chin to feet, with flying kisses.

  19. The Emperor expected that, by 6 o'clock, Ney would have driven back the Anglo-Dutch forces, and would be ready to envelop the Prussian right.

  20. With the help of Lauriston's corps, he again slowly pressed on, began to envelop the allies' right, and threatened to cut off their retreat.

  21. Chagrined and perplexed, the chief stays a fortnight to organize supplies and stores, while his vanguard presses on to envelop the Russians at Smolensk.

  22. Ney was therefore to beat back the foes at Quatre-Bras, and then turn to envelop the Prussians.

  23. In brief, while the Coalition sought, like a Briareus, to envelop him on all sides, he prepared to deal a blow at its heart.

  24. The murmurs of the field were stilled, the breeze of evening slept, and darkness was beginning to envelop the dense growth of the wood.

  25. The mist, rising little by little from the surface of the lake, began to envelop the rocks of its margin.

  26. Pure speculation, which seeks to set free the form from all contents and matter, was remote from his creative genius, to which the world of matter and sense was no hinderance, but a necessary envelop for his forms.

  27. The mind finds it harder to pierce through the hard envelop of nature and common life than to penetrate into works of art.

  28. Physical beauty is an envelop to intellectual and to moral beauty.

  29. At first the thought occurred to her instinctively to take her child in her arms and fly with him, wherever chance might direct, no matter where; but what would become of them when night should fall and envelop them in darkness?

  30. As night closed in and darkness shrouded the scene, a foreboding sense of calamity seemed to settle down upon the orchard, upon the scattered stacks of grain about the stables, and spread, and envelop them in waves of inky blackness.

  31. I hate the whole of my gaunt, shrunken body, and shrink from bearing it, from feeling it envelop me.

  32. On many parts, by the edge of the river, are large conglomerate masses of rounded pebbles cemented by oxide of iron, which sometimes envelop gold and diamonds.

  33. Toplinsky stopped to throw up his guard, and envelop the American again with his great arms.

  34. If there was anything living near, the darkness wrapped it in an envelop impossible to penetrate.

  35. It was very easy, as Mrs. Hamilton had told her, to regain lost time in her studies, but not quite so easy to check the cross word or unkind thought, and to break from the black cloud that still at times would envelop her.

  36. So the atmosphere of a story may envelop people and events and produce a subtle effect upon the reader.

  37. With these youthful adventures the story has not directly to do, but the hints of the antecedent action envelop the story with a romantic atmosphere.

  38. Time can be gained by compelling the enemy to halt to reconnoitre a position, by making him deploy into attack formation, and by making him go out of his way in order to envelop a flank.

  39. The figures around him appeared like the moving specters in a horrible dream, while a black cloud of despair seemed to envelop him.

  40. Renan is simply seeking to envelop Jesus so far as possible in an Arcadian atmosphere.

  41. Envelop the butter in it in the same way.

  42. Dip in lukewarm butter a piece of white paper of the size you want, and envelop the piece to broil or roast with it.

  43. Immediately after having prepared the butter, take the dough and roll it down, of a round form also, and till large enough to envelop the butter in it easily.

  44. After the piece of veal is improved as directed, spread the seasonings in which it has been improved all around it, then envelop the whole in buttered paper, which you fasten with twine, put it on the spit, and baste often with melted butter.

  45. Then with a skimmer turn the white gently and by degrees over the yolk, so as to envelop the latter in the former, giving the eggs an elongated shape.

  46. The wire was wound in zigzag form, but two wires were wound so as to completely envelop the projections.

  47. The Red Laugh, an analysis of the madness of war, of the insanity of nations as of individuals, seems to envelop the world in a sheet of flame.

  48. Everett put the envelop in a drawer and implied that the interview was at an end.

  49. Then, as Lon nodded, he slipped the letter deftly from the finger-marked envelop and read the contents with a smile.

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