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floury; flout; flouted; flouting; flouts; flowage; flowe; flowed; flowen; flower
  1. The chemicals are added in the form of solutions of carefully regulated strength to the water, which flow in a continuous stream into a tank.

  2. The natural mineral is levigated with water, and the mixture allowed to flow through a series of settling ponds, so that the clay gradually settles in the form of a fine deposit.

  3. The flow of the water and chemical reagent is adjusted by previous analysis.

  4. In this case the flow of fresh water is stopped and as much water as possible removed by means of the drum-washer.

  5. The pulp, diluted with the proper quantity of back-water, is carefully strained through rotary screens and allowed to flow through a distributing box on to the machine wire, where it rapidly forms a sheet of paper.

  6. In consequence of this the expansion of the paper is greatest in what is known as the cross direction of the paper, that is, in the direction at right angles to the flow of the pulp along the machine wire.

  7. I shall be able to die seeing the blood of one of you flow .

  8. Alison the Huffy, drying her tears that had not ceased to flow since the return of Mazurec.

  9. The first is our ignorance of the whole combination of causes which may at any time be brought into action, and of the results which may flow from them in circumstances such as we can neither foresee nor provide against.

  10. Well, then, we will take a drive before dinner, and the evening after dinner shall be dedicated to the feast of reason and the flow of soul.

  11. Feast of reason and flow of soul; I don't like such entertainment.

  12. In the natural course of things therefore transmarine corn could not but flow to the peninsula, and lower the price of the grain produced there.

  13. The treasures of the world flow there, as in the house of a laborious man who has well merited the entire world.

  14. Others like sisters wander, grave and slow, Among the rocks haunted by spectres thin, Where Antony saw as larvae surge and flow The veined bare breasts that tempted him to sin.

  15. Ye'll hear a flow av iloquence such as ye niver heard in yure loife, sur.

  16. Thus also the orator, "thinking on his legs," trusts himself at first to the automatic repetition of a few stock phrases, but gradually finds that long periods flow unforeseen and unremembered from his tongue.

  17. What George Sand felt in the act of writing was a continuous and effortless flow of ideas, sometimes with and sometimes without an apparent externalisation of the characters who spoke in her romances.

  18. Farther on we shall see how he withdrew the wax from the hollow mould, leaving the solid model inside, with space enough between them for the metal to flow in.

  19. But I noticed that it did not flow as rapidly as usual, the reason being probably that the fierce heat of the fire we kindled had consumed its base alloy.

  20. Storm, strong with all the bitter heart of hate, Smote England, now nineteen dark years ago, As when the tide's full wrath in seaward flow Smites and bears back the swimmer.

  21. But, until the steady flow of these into the country commenced, the great final move could not be more than planned out.

  22. How would'st thou flow wert thou a noble flood?

  23. The remnant of the people began to toil at the accustomed round of duty, or of pleasure; and the stream of city life bid fair to flow back along its old bed, with renewed and uninterrupted vigour.

  24. From the summit of the acclivity, the view over Wateaman and Fishkill is full of beauty; the deep flow of the Hudson lying between, and the pretty villages just named, sparkling with their white buildings and cheerful steeples, beyond.

  25. They had often been reduced to almost want, and at other times money would flow freely in, to be wasted and lavished with that careless munificence that no experiences of privation could ever teach prudence.

  26. I should say here that, however distasteful to me this talk, and however willingly I would have repressed it, it was totally out of my power to arrest the flow of words which with the force of a swollen torrent came from him.

  27. It is very probable that St. John did not know the physical cause of the strange flow of blood and water from the side of Jesus.

  28. And that this omission to give due acknowledgment to the Lord for the miraculous flow of water was treasonable or blasphemous under the wider interpretation of the term, cannot be doubted.

  29. Oft yon stars of his grow dim; Sweet the tender grief he wakens, Blest the tears that flow for him!

  30. Johnson so loved; and, amazed and confused by the incessant, tumultuous flow of a life in which he had no part, took refuge in the thousand sanctuaries of the past to be found in London.

  31. When the worship of God perished, the worship of shame was the substitute; and when the blood of God ceased to flow upon the altar, the blood of man began to flow on the guillotine.

  32. On a fine day in the month of September, 18--, a fleet of canoes was sweeping down one of the large rivers which flow through the northwestern portion of our country.

  33. In what bright sphere Dwells holy love, in majesty serene Shedding its beams, like planet o'er the scene; The steady lustre through the varying year Still glowing with the heavenly rays that flow In copious streams to soften human woe?

  34. It seemed natural that emigrants should flow into a fertile tract of land, and emigration was confidently expected steadily to increase; these were our anticipations, but neither of them was realised.

  35. If the bearer of the water of life offers it with 'Hear, ye rebels,' it will flow untasted.

  36. Only on condition of our desiring to have Him does He flow into our lives, victorious and strength-giving, and the more we experience that omnipotent might and calming, guiding nearness, the more assuredly we shall long for it.

  37. The name of Meribah-Kadesh is given to suggest the parallel and difference with the other miraculous flow of water.

  38. If my little life is part of that great ocean, then the ebb and flow will alike act on it and make it wholesome.

  39. The stream that is to flow with impetus sufficient to scour its bed clear of obstructions must not be allowed to meander in side branches, but be banked up in one channel.

  40. Not only was he to be blessed, but also to be a blessing, for from him was to flow that which should bless all the earth,--and how transcendently that has come true!

  41. Like the rivers in Asiatic deserts, which are lost in the sand and never reach the sea, all lives which flow towards anything but God are dissipated and vain.

  42. The former are like the successive pulses of a volcano driving a hot lava stream before it; the latter, like the slow flow of a glacier, cold and sluggish.

  43. In the mystery of His incarnation, in the flow of His sympathy, in the forth-putting of His power, He lays hold not on angels, but He lays hold on the seed of Abraham.

  44. Forgiveness is the flow of God's love to all, and the welcoming back to His favour of all who come.

  45. The first sin did not break, though it saddened, human love; the second kindled the flames of infernal hatred, and caused the first drops to flow of the torrents of blood which have soaked the earth.

  46. Duties to God come first, and those to man, who is made in the image of God, flow from these.

  47. So far as He is concerned the flow is uninterrupted, and if it come to us in jets and spurts as from an intermittent well, it is because our own fault has put some obstacle to choke the channel and dam out His Spirit from our spirits.

  48. Let the trees again be leafless; let the rivers flow no longer in their empty beds.

  49. When you wipe away the tear from the cheek of distress, when you light up a smile in the eye of misery, think you, that none of the comfort you administer will flow back in generous and refreshing streams to your own heart?

  50. Which flow from the clouds that cover all above.

  51. And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be prepared in the top of the mountains, and high above the hills: and people shall flow to it.

  52. And I will visit against Bel in Babylon, and I will bring forth out of his mouth that which he had swallowed down: and the nations shall no more flow together to him, for the wall also of Babylon shall fall.

  53. He speaks of the rivers of endless joys that flow from the throne of God to water the heavenly Jerusalem, where no enemy's ship can come, etc.

  54. These are they who passed over the Jordan in the first month, when it is used to flow over its banks: and they put to flight all that dwelt in the valleys both toward the east and toward the west.

  55. Which shall be beautiful for thee, if thou keep it in thy bowels, and it shall flow in thy lips: 22:19.

  56. Son of man, set thy face toward Jerusalem, and let thy speech flow towards the holy places, and prophesy against the land of Israel: 21:3.

  57. He that believeth in me, as the scripture saith: Out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

  58. The woman that hath still issue of blood many days out of her ordinary time, or that ceaseth not to flow after the monthly courses, as long as she is subject to this disease, shall be unclean, in the same manner as if she were in her flowers.

  59. And in the last days the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be prepared on the top of mountains, and it shall be exalted above the hills, and all nations shall flow unto it.

  60. James Chapter 4 The evils that flow from yielding to concupiscence and being friends to this world.

  61. Cry yet, saying: Thus saith the Lord of hosts: My cities shall yet flow with good things: and the Lord will yet comfort Sion, and he will yet choose Jerusalem.

  62. That you may suck, and be filled with the breasts of her consolations: that you may milk out, and flow with delights, from the abundance of her glory.

  63. Isaias Chapter 2 All nations shall flow to the church of Christ.

  64. The ink will hardly be dry on it before the capital will begin to flow in: it will come from all kinds of places whence the government could never coax it and where the tax-gatherer could never find it.

  65. Only promise that it is not going to be taxed out of existence and the stream of capital which is being dried up in the sands of government mismanagement will flow into the hands of private industry like a river of gold.

  66. The Alexanders, with their three children, kept only one maid now, but even that restriction did not prevent the unlimited flow of hot and cold water!

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