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  1. But though the Patriarch, for we must not yet call him the Pater-familias, had rights thus extensive, it is impossible to doubt that he lay under an equal amplitude of obligations.

  2. Nor were the English authors of the theory blind to that speculative amplitude which recommended it so strongly to the Frenchmen who inherited it from them.

  3. With an apparatus known as the horizontal pendulum it is possible to observe vibrations which do not exceed in amplitude the hundredth part of an inch.

  4. Many of these slight shocks may be due to the effect of more violent quakings, which have run perhaps for thousands of miles from their point of origin, and have thus been reduced in the amplitude of their movement.

  5. The height behold now and the amplitude Of the eternal power, since it hath made Itself so many mirrors, where 'tis broken, One in itself remaining as before.

  6. And if the lowest row collect within it So great a light, how vast the amplitude Is of this Rose in its extremest leaves!

  7. It would surely give more variety to the eye, and more amplitude to the mind.

  8. It is a certain fact that such a receptacle of filth, of the largest size, is established in all its amplitude of abomination on the west side of it, and often emits its pestilential spirit on the whole track of one of its principal streets.

  9. The variation of the compass by this morning's amplitude was 14° 39' E.

  10. In this situation our depth of water was fifty-five fathom, and the variation by amplitude 16° 29' E.

  11. In this situation I found the variation by amplitude and azimuth to be 4° 9' E.

  12. By the morning amplitude and azimuth, the variation was 9° 10' E.

  13. He also states that in considering the amplitude or condensation in progressive aerial waves, at a distance of 27.

  14. The whole energy at any moment is the sum of the potential and kinetic energy, and this sum remains constant so long as the amplitude of the vibration remains the same.

  15. According to this theory, all the hairs of the auditory cells vibrate to every note, and the hair-cells transform sound vibrations into nerve vibrations or impulses, similar in frequency, amplitude and character to the sound vibrations.

  16. Various physicists have attempted to measure the sensitiveness of the ear by estimating the amplitude of the molecular movements necessary to call forth the feeblest audible sound.

  17. Intensity depends on the amplitude of the vibration, and a greater or lesser amplitude of the vibration will cause a corresponding movement of the transmitting apparatus, and a corresponding intensity of excitation of the terminal apparatus.

  18. As it meets with resistance in passing upwards, its amplitude therefore diminishes, and in this way the distance up the scala through which the wave progresses will be determined by its amplitude.

  19. He estimated the amplitude of the movement of the aerial particles, with a sound just audible, as less than the ten-millionth of a centimetre, and the energy emitted when the sound was first becoming audible, at 42.

  20. Boltzmann, on data founded on experiments with organ pipes, state that the ear is affected by vibrations of molecules of the air not more in amplitude than .

  21. Experiments on the human ear have shown that the movement of greatest amplitude was at the tip of the handle of the malleus, 0.

  22. Intensity or loudness will depend on the amplitude of movement of the vibrating body, and consequently on the intensity of nerve stimulation.

  23. The magnitude of an earthquake, usually expressed by the Richter Scale, is a measure of the amplitude of the seismic waves.

  24. After about 1 minute the amplitude or strength of the shock waves increased in intensity and failures in buildings as well as the frozen ground surface began to occur.

  25. Most of them are short poems; most of them seem to be wanting in the breadth of treatment, in the amplitude of substance, that are proper to epic poetry.

  26. The documents, as far as they go, bear out the view that in the Western German tongues, or at any rate in England, there was a development of heroic poetry tending to a greater amplitude of narration.

  27. This depends only on the constitution of the system, whereas the amplitude and epoch will vary with the initial circumstances.

  28. The variation of period with amplitude was at one time a hindrance to the accurate performance of pendulum clocks, since the errors produced are cumulative.

  29. The abnormal amplitude is greater, and is restricted to a narrower range of frequency, the smaller the friction.

  30. If the friction be small the amplitude becomes relatively very great if the imposed period approximate to a free period.

  31. The numbers correspond to an amplitude of 10 centimetres and a period of two seconds.

  32. In wit and eloquence, in amplitude of comprehension and subtlety of disquisition, he had no equal among the statesmen of his time.

  33. The first of these, and in general the more considerable, has a period of about 427 days, and a semi-amplitude of about 0".

  34. That the amplitude of the inequality has remained constant for the last half century.

  35. But we know that there are perturbations, and I do not see how one can doubt that they have so acted as to increase the amplitude of the variation since 1840.

  36. As soon as God mentions the land, He expatiates on its amplitude and its boundaries.

  37. And once more it appears in the glory and amplitude of the inheritance, of which the land of Canaan was but the type, prepared of God's infinite bounty for all who are His children by faith.

  38. The amplitude of these vibrations is exceedingly small, even in relation to the wave-length, small as these last are.

  39. If, in fact, the amplitude of the vibrations acquired a noticeable value in comparison with the wave-length, the speed of propagation should increase with the amplitude.

  40. If, on the contrary, the amplitude is sufficiently small, there exists a speed limit which is the same in a large pipe and in free air.

  41. The greatest amplitude of motion of a diaphragm is, or is wished to be, at its center, and its edge ordinarily is fixed.

  42. By this means the moving parts of the bell constitute in effect a reed tongue, which has a natural rate of vibration at which it may easily be made to vibrate with sufficient amplitude to strike the gongs.

  43. The intensity of any light depends upon the amplitude of the corresponding vibration, and its color depends upon the wave length.

  44. There has been a condensation of energy produced by the reflection, and this increased energy is shown by the greater amplitude of the wave.

  45. The 24-hour term in the Fourier analysis is of smaller amplitude in the quiet days, and its phase angle is on the average about 6 deg.

  46. One feature, the large amplitude of the regular diurnal inequality, is already illustrated by the data for Jan Mayen and South Victoria Land in Tables VIII.

  47. This accounts for the prominence of the minimum in the diurnal variation of the inclination at Kolaba and Batavia, and the large amplitude of the range.

  48. The applications of Ellis's and Wolf's methods relate directly only to the amplitude of the diurnal changes.

  49. The amplitude of the horizontal force range appears less at intermediate stations, such as Tiflis, than at stations in either higher or lower latitudes.

  50. The amplitude of the diurnal change usually varies considerably with the season of the year.

  51. The amplitude and duration of the disturbances of the "special type" varied a good deal; in several cases the disturbing force considerably exceeded 200[gamma].

  52. There may be to and fro movements of considerable amplitude occupying under an hour, and the hour may come exactly at the crest or at the very lowest part of the trough.

  53. At Kew the seasonal variation in the amplitude is fairly similar for all the elements.

  54. The amplitude and period on different occasions both vary widely.

  55. Even at tropical stations a considerable seasonal change is usually seen in the amplitude of the diurnal inequality in at least one of the magnetic elements.

  56. At stations in Europe, and generally in temperate latitudes, the amplitude varies notably in all the elements.

  57. He proceeded to vindicate the historical accuracy of the Chief Justice, and answered Mr. Sumner with that amplitude and readiness which Mr. Johnson displayed in every discussion involving legal questions.

  58. The amplitude of his knowledge, his industry, his unflagging zeal, his biting sarcasm, his power to sting and destroy without himself showing passion, made a combination of qualities as rare as it was formidable.

  59. In the amplitude of his wanderings, one conception had grown slightly out of proportion.

  60. The dark surface of the Meadows spread suddenly before me in an amplitude of bleakness.

  61. A trembling horror of what I had once seen in that very room, and a memory of the great hearty Richard Poole entering there in all his amplitude of vivid life, quickly arrested me.

  62. How often, crossing over those distressing Straits of Dover, Where flighty folks grow flabby and where giddy ones grow grave, We have meditated sadly that we don't encounter gladly The amplitude of rolling when non-synchronous the wave.

  63. He could no more stop it than we-- That amplitude of rolling when non-synchronous the wave.

  64. For that execrable rolling we require much more consoling, That amplitude of rolling when non-synchronous the wave.

  65. A paper on "The Amplitude of Rolling on a Non-synchronous Wave" was read before the Congress of Naval Architects in Paris.

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