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  1. Whatever the inhabitants of the British isles have since been able to effect for their own greatness and for the happiness of the human race, is attributable in no small degree to the issue of that fight.

  2. This then precious metal has contributed more than any other to the greatness of England in those mighty works of our own times, her railways and vast ships of passage and war.

  3. The comic and satiric species of poetry attain to grandeur only by contact with impassioned art of a high quality, or else by contrast with a natural greatness in the nation that produces them.

  4. His greatness consisted in the accurate measure he had taken of the society upon which he now intended to live by literary speculation.

  5. A sense of his own intellectual greatness is combined with an uneasy feeling of failure: Non e componitor di molta fama.

  6. The people demand greatness from their authors--simplicity, truth, nobleness.

  7. Such efforts of the scholarly muse approved themselves even in England to the taste of critics like Sir Philip Sidney, who shows in his Defense of Poesy that he had failed to discern the future greatness of the national drama.

  8. The measure of greatness to which the dramas of Paris and Madrid, though still not comparable with the Attic and the English, can lay claim, is due to the participation by the French and Spanish peoples in these privileges.

  9. To Donatus, no doubt, Magia seemed a suitable name for the mother of a poet who knew the mysteries of the lower world; that she dreamed prophetically of the coming greatness of her son, we may grant as a matter of course.

  10. It was indeed fortunate that Vergil could escape all this, that he could retain through the period of transition the memories of Rome's former greatness and the faith in her destiny that he had imbibed in his youth.

  11. The spark of greatness in his nature flamed up and irradiated all that had been merely dull and common clay a moment before.

  12. The True Greatness of Nations is in those qualities which constitute the true greatness of the individual.

  13. They are indubitable evidence of the real man, revealing the divinity of Humanity, out of which goodness, happiness, true greatness can alone proceed.

  14. The True Greatness of a Nation cannot be in triumphs of the intellect alone.

  15. The house of Nezahualcojotl, who has been already mentioned as the most famous and refined of the Tezcucan kings, possessed but little to distinguish it from the edifices of nobles around, except its greatness of extent.

  16. The golden age was that of the Pharaohs of the 19th dynasty, when the power and greatness of the nation were at the highest.

  17. A people among whom Charles Mackay is a popular writer," says the Dublin University Magazine, "must possess largely the elements of greatness and the reality of goodness.

  18. His inspiring thought is the unity of Germany and the national greatness which must result therefrom.

  19. Others came--among them both Noel and Marchal name the elder Pitt--to take advantage of the new Academy opened by Leopold, and rapidly blossoming into greatness under such distinguished masters as Duval and Vayringe.

  20. The records of that brief spell of meteoric greatness read like a romance.

  21. To which sad course, these wrinkled Sons of Time Labour their proper greatness to subdue; 25 Speaking of death alone, beneath a clime Where life and rapture flow in plenitude sublime.

  22. Greatness inurned Awoke to new life from its ashes and dust; Twice-glorified fields!

  23. To his own native greatness to desire That wretched boon, days lengthened by mistrust.

  24. Failure and the sufferings of his men grieved him sorely, but they could not daunt him, and his moral greatness was never more manifest than during those last terrible days.

  25. Hagan, whose greatness was bodily only, was much elated by the attention shown him, and his person seemed to swell and his voice to grow deeper than ever under the influence of the newly acquired dignity of chevrons.

  26. As nature does nothing in vain, the shipping facilities afforded by the noble inland seas that clasp our shores, are a sign and promise of the commercial greatness that awaits us in the future.

  27. I do not believe that success is either a test of greatness nor, as you suggest, an adequate aim for it, though you will perhaps excuse me if I say that the reasons you give seem to me to be only the material view skillfully veiled.

  28. You, by your foolish perversity, by your inexplicable lack of candour, by your sinful refusal to trust your welfare to my hands, who have done so much for you, have nearly overthrown the whole structure of the greatness I have builded up.

  29. Was the germ of greatness discoverable in them in their youth?

  30. He is too selfish to give up Chatford's body and take his chances of getting another, and his rather natural distrust of Chatford's ability to sustain the greatness of the name of Barncastle re-enforces his selfishness.

  31. The only trouble known to my soul at the moment was the consciousness that Arabella, as I was now permitted to call Miss Hicksworthy-Johnstone, was in the dark as to the methods by which my greatness had been achieved.

  32. The Atlantic might be seen, were it not for the greatness of the distance, which renders that prospect impossible.

  33. Our mother educated all her children to look up to her father, as she looked up to him herself--literally looked up, as to one standing on an eminence of greatness and goodness.

  34. Your letter, my dear friend, of the 25th ultimo, is a new proof of the goodness of your heart, and the part you take in my loss marks an affectionate concern for the greatness of it.

  35. At the same time, our commiseration for fallen greatness is lost in our sense of that justice, which makes the associates and tools of a usurper the readiest implements of his ruin.

  36. His greatness of soul passes my comprehension.

  37. I believe in your greatness too much to think for a moment that your love is ruled by policy; but if you did not show a childlike simplicity when with me, I could only pity you.

  38. The fact is that my poet combines genius and cleverness, passion and pride, and women are always afraid of greatness which has no weak side to it.

  39. Jonah is greatly displeased; but, by a new and miraculous experience, he is taught the shame and folly of his anger, and the infinite greatness of the divine love (iv.

  40. He shall die for lack of instruction; And in the greatness of his folly he shall go astray.

  41. He did not seek greatness,--greatness rather sought him as the man in England most fit to bear it.

  42. The Houses assembled on the 8th of June; the peers had hastened up in unusual numbers, as if sensible of the greatness of the occasion.

  43. I am ill qualified to dog the heels of greatness with the impertinence of solicitation, and tremble nearly as much at the thought of the cold promise as the cold denial.

  44. My patriot falls, but shall he lie unsung, While empty greatness saves a worthless name!

  45. And yet, in the quiet words, so level to the lowest apprehension, there lie great truths, far deeper than we yet have appreciated, and which will enfold themselves in their majesty and their greatness through eternity.

  46. Trust brings Christ to my side in all His tenderness and greatness and sweetness.

  47. The thought of the immense multitude of men who were incapacitated to receive this Strengthener steals across and casts a momentary shadow upon even the brightness and greatness of His promise.

  48. And now, do you not think that we are able in some measure to estimate the greatness of that little word 'so'?

  49. He say anything at all about the greatness of the Father?

  50. If so, then this follows, that the greatness to which He here alludes is such as He enters by His ascension.

  51. England recognized its greatness as quickly as did America.

  52. His Snow-Bound makes us feel the moral greatness of simple New England life.

  53. As we study this literature, the moral greatness of the race seems to course afresh through our veins, and our individual strength becomes the strength of ten.

  54. Lanier's poems of nature embody high ideals in verse of unusual melody, and voice a faith in "the greatness of God," as intense as that of any Puritan poet.

  55. Egmont's marriage with the Duchess Sabina of Bavaria reflected additional lustre on the splendor of his birth, and made him powerful through the greatness of this alliance.

  56. The heroic greatness with which the victims died made converts to the opinions for which they perished.

  57. Sundry things had concurred to raise his character to the highest pitch, besides the greatness of the enterprise, and the conduct that had hitherto appeared in the execution of it.

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