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  1. I stole up to the house and groped around the walls.

  2. Suppose she stole out of the house with the few pounds she possessed and sent a telegram to her mother or left a note assuring her that she was alive and well, but could not marry Lothar.

  3. Marie loitered for several minutes before this house before she entered it.

  4. It was quite accidental and shall never happen again,” said Brenda, and then the taxi stopped at a tall house liberally decorated with turrets and having on either side of the front door two colossal figures made of red brick.

  5. It is unbecoming in a young wife to speak as if anything in the house belonged to her only.

  6. But the ground floor of the house remained intact.

  7. This was in the way of entering on a six-months’ sentence in the brig, which held him for weeks also in the guard house when our division got to Egypt.

  8. So I stole away from the window and to the back door of the house which opened directly into this room.

  9. She had thought it would be a pleasant adventure to set up house in a foreign land and taste its strangeness; but she had not thought enough of the way back, a way closed by marriage.

  10. The girl led me to a cote camouflaged in the shattered roof of the house where were more than a dozen homing pigeons.

  11. He had promised her that she could come back every year for some weeks, and unless she stole out of the house now at the eleventh hour she would have to depend on his promise.

  12. Suppose we were able to reconstruct our entire social and industrial world, so that every human being would have plenty to eat, plenty to wear and a comfortable house to live in: would we have the kingdom of heaven?

  13. Our forefathers planned that the national upper house should represent a double sifting of popular opinion.

  14. The place of session was the Senate House which Pompey had built near his theater.

  15. He ordered a house to be built within it where the powder and ammunition now here may be kept; likewise a hospital, where the sick may be cured, and a house in which to store the provisions for the said camp.

  16. In burning that house, and in the resistance offered there, they were detained some time; therefore news of this affair reached the city and the house of the governor, Guido de Lavezares.

  17. The resources of the land are being developed; the rebellious natives have been pacified; churches, and a house for the friars, have been erected; and a residence for the governor has been built.

  18. Many other things which he could not remember were asked him, after which the said king dismissed him; whereupon this witness went to the house of a relative of his, on the other side of the river.

  19. She rushed from the house and hid in the tall grass, thus escaping with her life; and she is now alive.

  20. I have also had a house built where the governor lives, as there was none here before.

  21. Therefore, I am served only by my servants; but, nevertheless, I have in my house all who wish to come there to live and to eat; and I help them to the extent of my ability.

  22. He found him in a large house which belonged to the old king.

  23. Then at dawn they lowered the small boats, finally disembarking near the house of the master-of-camp, which they had burned.

  24. To Agassiz his presence in the house was a benediction.

  25. Unlike most studious men, he had no fixed spot in the house for writing.

  26. The house stood in a small plot of ground, the cultivation of which was the delight of papa Christinat.

  27. It was soon understood that every living thing would find a market with him, and all the idle urchins about the town flocked to the house with specimens.

  28. We were to meet at the house of Professor Torrey, at Princeton, a small town half a day's journey from New York, and the seat of a considerable university, one of the oldest in the United States.

  29. In the summer of 1847 Agassiz established himself in a small house at East Boston, sufficiently near the sea to be a convenient station for marine collections.

  30. The architect, Mr. Henry Greenough, was his personal friend, and from the beginning the house adapted itself with a kindly readiness to whatever plans developed under its roof.

  31. The task of "setting his house in order" for a change which, perhaps, he dimly felt to be more momentous than it seemed, proved long and laborious.

  32. At New Haven I passed several days at the house of Professor Silliman, with whom I have been in correspondence for several years.

  33. As for myself, at present I can do nothing except hobble daily on my stick from my house to the Cathedral, for I am afflicted by a painful lameness in my left knee.

  34. Their holidays and occasional vacations were passed at the house of Dr.

  35. Unhappily it is usually a brevet of infirmity, or at least of old age, and in my case it is to a house in ruins that the diploma is addressed.

  36. Commend me to thy lady, And bid her hasten all the house to bed, Which heavy sorrow makes them apt unto.

  37. At my poor house look to behold this night Earth-treading stars that make dark heaven light.

  38. Graze where you will, you shall not house with me.

  39. I would not for the wealth of all this town Here in my house do him disparagement.

  40. Immoderately she weeps for Tybalt's death, And therefore have I little talk'd of love; For Venus smiles not in a house of tears.

  41. Here comes two of the house of Montagues.

  42. Enter Sampson and Gregory (with swords and bucklers) of the house of Capulet.

  43. My master is the great rich Capulet; and if you be not of the house of Montagues, I pray come and crush a cup of wine.

  44. A dog of that house shall move me to stand.

  45. It consisted in taking all the little children of the community into the house of the newly-born child, where the teacher made them read the Shema, sometimes also the ninety-first Psalm.

  46. On this day friends and relatives assemble at the house of the parents.

  47. When a Chassid travelled, he had no scruple in asking for lodging or entertainment in the house of any Chassid who could afford to give them.

  48. People actually discovered that there was no light in the house of the Rabbi after the middle of the night, which fact might lead to the conclusion that he did not study later than 12 o'clock P.

  49. Then the voice said, 'This house will not hold me and thee,' and the door was not opened.

  50. The children of the house (school) of the master" is a regular phrase in Jewish literature.

  51. Meir, which he was in the habit of giving every Friday evening, that she used to remain there so long that the candles in her house burnt themselves out.

  52. In order to reduce the expense of this arrangement, the bridegroom had to reside in the same house as his father-in-law.

  53. Here Krochmal lived in the house of her father for many years, entirely devoted to his studies; and he certainly needed all his time for them.

  54. Of this Rabbi it is said that he once experienced heavy pecuniary losses, whereupon his friends came to his house and said to him, "Let the master but examine his conduct a little closer.

  55. In some places they used to come to the father's house on the third day after the circumcision with the purpose of making inquiries after the child's health.

  56. At his house gather great and small when they can get the Ten Men.

  57. Joshua enjoyed this burden so much that she carried her boy, when still in the cradle, to the "House of Study of the Law," in order that his ears might be accustomed to the sound of the Torah.

  58. From the synagogue the boy was taken to the house of the teacher, who took him into his arms.

  59. But when chasing a smuggling craft, whether by night or day, they were not to fire at the delinquents until the Custom House Jack had been displayed.

  60. English Custom House and those of the Royal Navy.

  61. Mr. Atton, Librarian of the Custom House; and in spite of the unfortunate gaps which exist in the historical chain, the following is the only possible attempt at a connected story of the Custom House flag's evolution.

  62. Having brought up comfortably in that haven of rest, he was promptly discovered by his old friend Rattenbury, who had also made for the same house of refreshment.

  63. Indeed, if people whom they might meet on the road noticed a Custom House officer and any soldiers together, their design would immediately be suspected and warning would promptly be sent to the smugglers, who would hide their goods.

  64. After giving up actual smuggling, he still allowed his house to be used as a store-place for the contraband goods.

  65. It was one that they forgot to return to the Custom House when they made their last seizure.

  66. About three o'clock in the afternoon the other officer returned with the Lymington Preventive officer, two Custom House men, and three dragoons.

  67. Tell me, why should that man have been haunting your house the other evening?

  68. I never saw her till I took the cheapest room I could find at the top of a gaunt house near the Strand.

  69. He had returned to the house and was waiting outside.

  70. They passed down the Strand and into Adam Street, coming at last to a standstill before the tall, gloomy house at the corner of the Terrace.

  71. The man was found dead in Mrs. Weatherley's boudoir, but there was no one in the house or apparently within reach who was either likely to have committed such a crime, or who even could possibly have done so.

  72. He rang the bell with some hesitation at the house indicated by his directions--a large gray stone building, old-fashioned, and without any external signs of habitation.

  73. None whatever," Arnold replied, "except that it was the same man who was watching the house on the night when I dined there.

  74. There is no one in the house except the servants.

  75. He glanced around at the house and then began slowly to unbutton his white kid gloves.

  76. I happened to remember that there was an empty house next door, and it struck me that it might be worth while examining the premises.

  77. First time any one except myself has been to the house since Mr. Weatherley's marriage.

  78. The house was even larger than he had expected, and was handsomely furnished in an extremely subdued style.

  79. Supposing he does not come back, how am I to keep silent, knowing all that I know, knowing that he was living in a house surrounded by mysteries?

  80. He made his way to the back of the house and suddenly stopped short.

  81. I can assure you," Sabatini repeated, "that not only am I ignorant as to how the man met with his death, but I have no idea what he was doing in the house at all.

  82. The court did not fail to take advantage of this private feud, and to oppose so important an enemy to the increasing influence of the house of Nassau in the republic.

  83. The veins in McGregor's neck began to swell and as he stood in the darkness before the door of the house he swore.

  84. You thought me a child when I wrote home saying that I wouldn't be cooped up in the house and married to a tenor in the church choir or to an empty-headed young business man but now you are going to see.

  85. He passes a house set among trees where a man cuts grass by the streaming light from a window.

  86. Margaret, standing in the darkness before the huge old house in Drexel Boulevard, imagined herself with Beaut McGregor-- living with him as his wife in a small apartment over a fish market on a West Side street.

  87. Edith sent to a mail order house in Chicago and bought the padding which she wore under her dress With it came an oil which she rubbed on herself.

  88. One has in mind a picture of a bustling little fellow going into the house and into the upper room where Jesus and his followers were having the last supper together, going in there to wrangle about the price to be paid for the wine.

  89. One after another Margaret brought forward the men and women of her world to couple their names with McGregor's and try to establish him in the atmosphere of assurance and ease that pervaded the house and the people.

  90. Digging a trench in the lawn at the back of the house he with his friend spent his days trying to reduce the refuse of one of his factories to something having commercial value.

  91. Across the street a group of city firemen who lounged in the sun before an engine house clapped their hands.

  92. The house became a part of him like a well-made and intelligently worn suit of clothes.

  93. In the winter he sat in his house making a drawing on a bit of paper.

  94. She felt that if McGregor had brought her to the house and to this woman he loved to seal their parting she would sit quietly until that was over and then go on to the loneliness she believed must be her portion.

  95. In the yard in front of her house a swarm of children played among the stones.

  96. Some had gone scuffling along, a mere disorderly mob, some had gone shoulder to shoulder chanting the marching song of the workers and a few, under the influence of drink, had stopped before the house to roar out threats.

  97. The house had come to the banker from his father, a grim determined old money-making merchant of a past generation who had died hated by half Chicago after toiling sixteen hours daily for sixty years.

  98. He returned secretly in August and was married privately at Essex House to Elizabeth Vernon, whose condition had recently caused her dismissal from the Court.

  99. No verses nor plays recited or performed upon this occasion, nor upon the occasion of her visit, a week later, to the Earl of Southampton's house at Tichfield, have been preserved in the records.

  100. The words "in any other house publicly about London" in Henslowe's contracts with players apparently infer that they retained the right of giving private and Court performances upon their own account and for their own profit.

  101. I shall now develop evidence for my belief that their first acquaintance was made upon the occasion of the Queen's progress to Cowdray and Tichfield House in August and September 1591.

  102. During Mary's reign he was accused of sheltering heretics in his house in Wales, and was, in consequence, committed for a while to the Fleet, but was soon released.

  103. After leaving Cambridge in 1589, he lived for over a year with his mother at Cowdray House in Sussex.

  104. Read Hawthorne’s preface to The House of the Seven Gables and G.

  105. His eldest son, Edward, had been for some years settled in a mercantile house in Calcutta, where he had lately married, and had been admitted as one of the partners of the firm.

  106. William Kerr, send to the house for the ha' Bible, that I may carry it as a shield between us and the wiles of him who will vanish before the holy Book, like mist before the wind.

  107. This increased her father's alarm, and he ran immediately over to the house of John Connal, to inquire if she was there.

  108. They proceeded to the house of the Duchess of Salisbury; but they were told that she had fled, to seek a place of refuge from the destroying glance of the pestilence.

  109. William Glenday became alarmed, and sent to inquire if she was in the neighbour's house she had mentioned.

  110. When the sun had set, and night began to fall grey upon the river, he again rose, and went towards the house of Marion's father.

  111. On going round the King's Park, he thought he observed two people standing in the shadow of a house at the corner of the clump of trees, called at that time the "King's Orchard.

  112. The people of the house could not account for her conduct on any other principle than that she was deranged.

  113. About an hour previous to that appointed for the festive meeting, Sommerville called on M'Intyre at his lodgings, with the view of waiting for him, that they might go together to the house where they were to dine.

  114. He therefore courteously invited them to his house at Herdmanstone, where he stated that the gayest and the proudest company in broad Scotland would be present to delight them.

  115. Sleep refused even to flirt with Ernie, his mind was full of so many things, especially calculations involving the distance between his car and the house and the length of the garden hose.

  116. He picked three o'clock in the morning for the act, but nevertheless as he was returning indoors he heard a window in Mr. Jones's house slam loudly.

  117. During the year of peace both boys were constantly with their father, who spent his time superintending their military studies and building for himself a house at Bar-le-Duc.

  118. As a reward for his labours the Emperor granted Davout three hundred thousand francs to buy a town house in Paris, and followed this up, in May, 1808, by creating him Duke of Auerstaedt.

  119. By February 11th, thanks to the new morale of the troops, and to the fact that dysentery and enteric were playing havoc in the garrison, Lannes had captured house by house the western half of the town, and had arrived at the Corso.

  120. The Swedes would thus gain Norway and recover their sea-borne trade, while the Crown Prince would be acknowledged as the legitimate heir of the royal house of Vasa and no longer regarded as an interloper, a mere puppet of Napoleon.

  121. Josephine had always been most kind to him and the Duchess, but he could not help them in any way, and, to make matters worse, the Emperor insisted on coming and staying with him at his country house at Grignon.

  122. But in 1789 few Gascons even would have believed that ere twenty years had passed one Gascon would be sitting on the Bourbon throne of Naples and a second would be Crown Prince of Sweden, the adopted son of the House of Vasa.

  123. The restored Bourbons of France and Spain regarded him as the despoiler of the Bourbon house of Sicily.

  124. Accordingly the House of Peers was ordered to proceed with his trial, and found him guilty by a majority of one hundred and sixty-nine to nineteen.

  125. After the treaty of Vienna the Marshal, newly created Prince of Essling, retired to rest at his country house at Rueil, but the Emperor could not spare him long.

  126. Accordingly, the moment he landed at Gothenburg the Prince clearly defined the line he intended to pursue, exclaiming, "I refuse to be either the prefect or the custom-house officer of Napoleon.

  127. When, in 1815, Napoleon returned from Elba, the Marshal, who was at his country house near Toulouse, made every effort to organise resistance against him in the Midi.

  128. And at last he himself left that house of mourning and sought solace among the stars.

  129. But the house remains a vision out of a magical book; a thing seen darkly as in a looking-glass; but lovely beyond the dreams of mortals, and ineffably sad.

  130. And we know that the house of youth and of love became a house of death, and that memories bitter as the tears of a beautiful woman assailed the dreamer within.

  131. Observe how, in "The Fall of the House of Usher," each separate event foreshadows and leads up to the tremendous catastrophe and its hideous suggestion.

  132. The Dixie Booster= for March-April is an exceedingly neat and clever paper from the House of Nixon.

  133. For centuries its lofty battlements have frowned down upon the wild and rugged countryside about, serving as a home and stronghold for the proud house whose honoured line is older even than the moss-grown castle walls.

  134. This grave and dignified journal is credited to the House of Tillery, and if typographical evidence may be accepted, it belongs most particularly to that branch now bearing the name of Renshaw and having its domain in Coffeeville, Mississippi.

  135. It was not until the forcing-house of marriage, the constant companionship, had opened her eyes that she glimpsed the actual man through the shallow smoke-screen behind which he strove to cover an aching ennui, an intolerable insufficiency.

  136. And the worst of it was that Anne had neither seen nor heard from Alexis since he had disappeared from the house on that ghastly night of his coming.

  137. As they neared the house Alexis smothered a cry of irritation.

  138. When she came to, the house lay silent beneath the first notes of the concerto.

  139. Petrovskey, in whose boarding house they were then living.

  140. To-night had a special significance too, in the fact that she was permitting him to come to her in her own house for the first time since they had become lovers.

  141. With a feminine glance into the mirror, she reentered the bedroom and ordered her breakfast over the house wire.

  142. Gramercy Park is limited after all, and she would find him if she had to canvass every house on the Square.

  143. Have you given up your house in Long Island?

  144. He won't even come to see me any more, because he says my house upsets his functional system.

  145. As she looked over the packed house she shuddered involuntarily.

  146. We swore before God in his house to remain together until death us do part.

  147. But without the bricks no house of knowledge could be built.

  148. We may say, then, that impressions (resulting from stimuli) and their revival in memory are the bricks of the house of knowledge; and these are built up through experience into what we call the world of things around us.

  149. As I look from them to the distant house and back to them again, I can feel my eyes going from one to the other.

  150. It is true that I can now estimate the distance of the house without going to it; but my eyes go to it, and I can feel them go.

  151. One day a Llama herdsman, who lived in the same house as ourselves, came with a long dismal face to announce that his cow had calved during the night, and that, unfortunately, the calf was dying.

  152. They are so fond of salt, that they have been known to stray back to a distant house where they had been allowed to lick it.

  153. One day a Lama herdsman, who lived in the same house with ourselves, came, with a long dismal face, to announce that his cow had calved during the night, and that unfortunately the calf was dying.

  154. There are four ways in which travellers who are thrown upon their own resources may house themselves.

  155. The Spanish Custom-house officers who watch the same frontier, use their cloaks and other wraps, which are far more weighty, and far inferior in warmth and protection to the bags.

  156. The darker a house is kept, the less willing are flies, etc.

  157. But as I went one day to the House in order to break the matter to him, I found the whole Family in Confusion, and heard to my unspeakable Surprize, that Miss Jenny was that very Morning run away with the Butler.

  158. I am particularly glad that this Author comes from a British Printing-house in so great a Magnificence, as he is the first who has given us any tolerable Account of our Country.

  159. I have a plain Stomach, and have a constant Loathing of whatever comes to my own Table; for which Reason I dine at the Chop-House three Days a Week: Where the good Company wonders they never see you of late.

  160. I afterwards entered a By Coffee-house that stood at the upper end of a narrow Lane, where I met with a Nonjuror, engaged very warmly with a Laceman who was the great Support of a neighbouring Conventicle.

  161. Who were the Persons that lodged in this House when it was first built?

  162. MADAM, "I have received yours, and knew the Prudence of your House so well, that I always took Care to be ready to obey your Commands, tho they should be to see you no more.

  163. But he seems to have honoured the King's House on one occasion.

  164. He comes, falls in love with it, craves a house within its borders, praises it to his friends, and invites them down.

  165. And here, also, the unfortunate Charles was brought from Titchfield House on his way to Carisbrooke under the ill-starred guidance of Ashburnham.

  166. Moreover, Anne of Denmark and her spouse, James I, both passionately loved sport and pageants, and may well have had some little masque arranged there for their entertainment while staying at the King's House for hunting.

  167. He bore himself in the same manner that he would in his house in England; but his eyes told of suffering and when he spoke of his men his voice quavered.

  168. He was the clearing house of all ideas and through them he was setting the criterion of efficiency.

  169. I had first seen Sir William at a desk in a little room of a house in a French town when his business was that of transport and supply for the British Expeditionary Force.

  170. At Beaumont-Hamel and Thiepval, particularly, and in all villages house cellars had been enlarged and connected by new galleries, the débris from the buildings forming a thicker roof against penetration by shells.

  171. It was such a house as some quiet, studious man might have chosen to rest in during his summer holiday.

  172. He was immensely improved, though very much nearer the grave than when I had seen him for that dubious moment through the window of his house in Ipsilon.

  173. And then my attention was drawn to a high square house standing in a dusty yard and decorated with a long board bearing the words Ecole Universelle.

  174. They took a house and lived a while on credit.

  175. When Mademoiselle commanded me to leave the house I was not deceived.

  176. First I thought he had picked these people up at the Custom House and got himself appointed dragoman.

  177. You will wave as we start with the usual prodigious jerk, and then you will run back and climb up to the house again, banging the big iron gate securely shut.

  178. She turned Nikitos out to shift for himself, took charge of the house he had taken for them in the Rue Paleologue, and 'got through somehow,' as she put it.

  179. And the house itself was one of those spacious and perfectly decorous affairs which have become identified with that extraordinary colony of wealthy aliens who make a specialty of being more English than the English.

  180. And suddenly I came upon the door which had opened and closed, a door in a house like a square white flat-topped box, with a window in one side shedding a faint glow upon a garden of shrubs.

  181. It was some hundred yards or so to where Gruenbaum's house stood, as you see, at the foot of the slope.

  182. Sometimes my father had a house at the seaside, sometimes in the country.

  183. We shouldn't need the house if we came out here,' said Jack, looking solemnly at his wife.

  184. He himself knew a house in a good street--just the thing.

  185. It is part of the harmless hypocrisy of this modern use of language, that one should live in tiny flats in London and call them 'mansions' while a large house standing in its own grounds is styled a lodge.

  186. His sons arrive at manhood and marry; his daughters are sought as wives, and if the land is good and plenty they remain and farm near, and for each generation and new family a new house is built a few hundred yards from the original.

  187. He builds his house with one large central hall, with the kitchen in rear, and four or five bedrooms opening out of the hall, all on the ground floor, and sometimes with a wide verandah outside.

  188. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "house" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    abode; accommodate; admit; affiliation; agency; amphitheater; architecture; aspect; astrology; atelier; attendance; audience; auditorium; barbershop; bed; bench; berth; bestow; billet; birth; blood; board; bonanza; boutique; branch; breed; brood; building; bunk; business; cabaret; cabin; cartel; chamber; children; clan; class; cloister; club; combine; company; concern; concession; conglomerate; consanguinity; consortium; construct; construction; consulate; cooperative; corporation; countinghouse; dacha; deanery; derivation; descent; desk; diet; domicile; dwelling; edifice; embassy; emporium; enterprise; entertain; erection; establishment; extraction; fabric; facility; family; farm; filiation; firm; folk; folks; gallery; gens; get; habitation; hall; harbor; haven; hearth; home; horoscope; house; household; industry; installation; institution; issue; kind; kindred; line; lineage; lodge; lodging; loft; mansion; mart; menage; nation; nightclub; office; offspring; opera; orchestra; order; organization; parlor; parsonage; partnership; penthouse; people; phylum; pile; pit; place; playhouse; pool; post; pyramid; quarter; race; rectory; residence; roof; room; roost; root; salon; saloon; seed; sept; shelter; shield; shop; side; skyscraper; species; spectator; stable; stem; stirps; stock; store; strain; structure; studio; succession; supermarket; sweatshop; syndicate; theater; totem; tower; tribe; trust; utility; vicarage; warehouse; workbench; workhouse; workroom; workshop; roof; room; roost; root; salon; saloon; seed; sept; shelter; shield; shop; side; skyscraper; species; spectator; stable; stem; stirps; stock; store; strain; structure; studio; succession; supermarket; sweatshop; syndicate; theater; totem; tower; tribe; trust; utility; vicarage; warehouse; workbench; workhouse; workroom; workshop

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