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homage; homages; homagium; hombre; hombres; homebred; homecoming; homed; homeland; homelands
  1. Retire home to bed without speaking another word, or it dissolves the spell; put the Yarrow under your pillow, and it will procure a sure dream on which you may depend.

  2. Plutarch relates, that when Agesilaus visited Egypt, he was so delighted with the chaplets of Papyrus sent him by the king, that he took some home when he returned to Sparta.

  3. In the Southern States of America, the negroes consider it unlucky to transplant Parsley from an old home to a new one.

  4. One day the peasant, who had become a soldier, and was serving in Finland, felt dispirited and unhappy, for he could not help thinking of his home and the little ones he had left behind.

  5. They thus remained during the Sunday, till the service was finished in the afternoon, when a similar procession was formed to convey these trophies home again.

  6. Whilst she prayed, a gracious lady appeared before her, and, thanks to her intercession, no rain fell on the Oak, and the girl was enabled to reach home without being wetted by a single drop.

  7. Plutarch says that when Agesilaus visited Egypt, he was so delighted with the chaplets of Papyrus sent him by the King, that he took some home when he returned to Sparta.

  8. They are told to "take home a cake of Hinky-dink's Soap tonight; your wife needs it!

  9. The two were riding on the same mule's back coming home from work.

  10. Inhabitiveness or Love of Home when highly developed causes one to become attached to places, localities and associations.

  11. He has had brought home to him the fact that psychology plays a most important part in business, and that it is quite worth his while to acquaint himself with its fundamental principles.

  12. He will resent any apparent "slur" upon his locality, and will appreciate any favorable comment on his home place and locality.

  13. He should feel perfectly at home with his goods, so that he may have full information regarding them on tap, and thus have his mind free for the strategy of the sale.

  14. I go home now for the ransom, and I will e'en be at the pains to doff this gear for something darker.

  15. Bernet's not at home yet, neither will his friend be.

  16. Vigo pondered the superscription slowly, not much at home with the work of a quill, save those that winged arrows.

  17. I thought it would be a shame if the badgered deputy had to stumble home in the dark, so I growled out to the fellow: "Stir one step at your peril!

  18. Think you I like sneaking back home again like a whipped hound to his kennel?

  19. Though Sir Sun was risen this half-hour, and at home we should all have been about our business, these lazy Paris folk were still snoring.

  20. Do you go to vespers and come home to say such things?

  21. My father came, after hearing this tale, to where I was lying on the grass, the warm summer night, thinking hard thoughts of him for keeping me at home and spoiling my chances in life.

  22. He could not force home any of his shrewd-planned thrusts; nor could he drive M.

  23. No; we'll get home without passing near the Hôtel de Lorraine, if we go outside the walls to do it.

  24. Once in the street, I will meet you; I will carry you home to hold you against all the world.

  25. Therefore he came home to St. Quentin, where he abode in quiet for some three years, to the great wonderment of all the world.

  26. Perhaps you should go home and sleep," he suggested tenderly.

  27. Vigo, tell me this; if you saw a marshal's baton waiting you in the field, and at home your dearest friend were alone and in peril, would you go off after glory?

  28. You’re going home together, and Bob and Nel will have a dandy time at St. Louis.

  29. Tuesday they would cruise on the lake and on Wednesday they would return as far as The Weirs by train and from there paddle home again.

  30. On the following Monday the long trip began for all save Bob, Nelson, and Dan, who were to return home on that day.

  31. Almost an hour later Chicora, cheering as though after a victory, steamed home in the launch or trudged back through the woods, while Wickasaw, apparently no less elated, took herself off across the lake to Bear Island.

  32. As the catcher, with a glance in his direction, threw the ball back to the pitcher, Bob started calmly up the line toward the home plate at a walk.

  33. Said he was glad to see me, hoped I’d make myself at home and be happy, and told me to let him know if I wanted anything.

  34. Mr. Clinton played the headiest kind of a game at second base in the scrub games, and knocked out three-baggers and home runs in a manner beautiful to see.

  35. He says he’s going to get home before you and I do, Dan.

  36. I’ve got to get back home by the first of September myself.

  37. On Thursday there was a spirited contest between the camp nine and the scrub in which Mr. Clinton distinguished himself by knocking three home runs out of five times at bat.

  38. Barry to go around the island on the lake side and bring home the tender.

  39. And Billy Carter romped home like a playful giant and subsided under the trees and fanned his face, while about him danced the delighted cohorts from the Camp.

  40. But we all came home together,” objected Dan.

  41. The home is made of sedge grasses, softly lined with the softer meadow grass or plant-down, and placed in a tussock of tall grass, or even upon the ground.

  42. It builds, either on the ground or not far from it, a nest of grasses, rootlets, and hair, without which no true chippy counts its home complete.

  43. Not the least of the bird's qualities that must commend themselves to the bride is his unfailing good nature, genial alike in the home and in the field.

  44. In the West this swallow is wholly a cliff-dweller, but it has learned to modify its home in different localities.

  45. But while fond of moist places, both for a home and feeding ground, it will be noticed that these wrens have no special fondness for running water, so dear to their long-billed relatives.

  46. Presently a location is chosen under a beam or rafter, and the work of collecting moss and mud for the foundation and hair and feathers or wool to line the exquisite little home begins.

  47. Very rarely a nest is made in the hollow trunk of a tree; but wherever the home is, the kingfishers become strongly attached to it, returning again and again to the spot that has cost them so much labor to excavate.

  48. Pure, liquid, rich, and luscious, it rings out from the trees on the summer air and penetrates our home like a strain of music from a stringed quartette.

  49. The well-drained, sunny situation for the home is chosen with the wisdom of a sanitary expert.

  50. Here is a veritable bird neighbor, if ever there was one; at home in our gardens and hedges, not often farther away than the roadside, abundant everywhere during nearly every month in the year, and yet was there ever one too many?

  51. The official reply from the Secretary of State for India was to the effect that the Home Government was unwilling to believe, without positive proof, that this new Cantonments Act would be used to foster licensed prostitution.

  52. An Egyptian woman from Cairo, enticed away from her home when a child and sold to an old woman in Quetta, then carried to India.

  53. Then the lady went home to England and talked to the Queen.

  54. The lady could not understand this, but took the woman home with her, and closely questioned into the matter.

  55. It brings home to many who will never read Blue Books the terrible facts about officially-authorized vice; and it shows the moral aspects of the "Regulation" system, which Blue Books never show.

  56. He resolved to submit to what was so clearly his destined duty--to return home and fulfil the condition required.

  57. Yet many long years passed ere he could at length return home laden with rich spoil.

  58. The student of magic had not been long at home before he discovered that in his father's house Want was a constant guest.

  59. I went home for a moment; these trinkets fell from an old piece of furniture, so I brought them back for you.

  60. One mountain towered above the others, and this he knew must be Rastekais, the home of the fierce Mountain King, who swallowed little boys like flies!

  61. For more than four months he continued to fight in the lists, but one night as he was going home he noticed four men who were walking slowly before him.

  62. Then he could rest at home no longer, so ordered his ships and sailed away, leaving the child, to whom he had given the name of Swanhild, in charge of a faithful nurse.

  63. Meanwhile the Princess hastened home and showed her father the ring, which pleased her so much that she wore it on her heart-finger night and day.

  64. They will be a charming pair, and their home will be a delightful place.

  65. Rastekais is the home of the trolls, and Hisue dwells there also.

  66. To this sledge the boy harnessed the golden-antlered reindeer, and drove home to his parents, who were exceedingly glad to see him.

  67. Every year he and his men ploughed the sea with their swift ships, and very rich was the spoil he brought home to his strong castle that stood in the centre of the island, defended by wall and moat.

  68. Its summer home and breeding-ground appears to be in the extreme south of the continent, its eggs having been obtained in the Straits of Magellan by Darwin, and recently by Dr.

  69. They are very easily tamed, and in that state seem to show greater docility and intelligence than any of our domestic birds; and become so attached to their home that it is quite safe to allow them to fly about at will.

  70. In its winter home it is solitary, and fond of hovering about farm-houses, where it sits on a tree or post and looks out for its prey.

  71. When he saw Bard scramble up the opposite bank he knew that his game was lost and all the tables reversed, for the Easterner was a full two hours closer to the home of Drew than he was, with the necessary detour up to the ford.

  72. It brought home to Anthony the fact that he was tired; weariness went through all his limbs like the sound of music.

  73. And they started to dance to the piano, waltzin' around among the tables; the rest of us lit out for home because we knew that Butch would be on his way with his gang before we got very far under cover.

  74. The silence of that smile brought their comradeship sharply home to him.

  75. Will you sit down, sir, and let me tell you how I came to press home the question?

  76. It struck on his consciousness like two hammer blows wrecking some fragile fabric; it jarred home like the timed blow of a pugilist.

  77. After you come home you don't usually change your clothes merely for the pleasure of sitting with me here.

  78. I've got a ten-year kid home that would laugh at 'em all.

  79. Willy has not been home since last night.

  80. I only wish the boy had shown the right spunk this evening, and told the old man to go home about his business.

  81. A hurried walk brought her to the wretched home of the poor drunkard, whose wife met her at the door.

  82. The boy's maturing thought must go beyond the home and social circle.

  83. And no matter what deficiency the little store-room at home might show, Fanny Morgan never found her meal barrel empty without knowing where to get it replenished.

  84. This I saw at a glance; and then, only the image of the man was present to my inner vision, for the swiftly rolling stage-coach had borne me onward past the altered home of the wealthiest denizen of Cedarville.

  85. This irritated the landlord, who swore at Hargrove violently, and said something about not wanting boys about his place who couldn't stir from home without having "daddy or mammy running after them.

  86. Who is to go up after her poor father, and lead him home when the darkness of inebriety is on his spirit, and external perception so dulled that not skill enough remains to shun the harm that lies in his path?

  87. We're going home to our own folks, beyond the ocean bars, Where the air is full of sunlight and the flag is full of stars.

  88. Now it's home again, and home again, our hearts are turning west, Of all the lands beneath the sun America is best.

  89. Oh, it's home again, and home again, America for me!

  90. Our hearts are turning home again and there we long to be, In our beautiful big country beyond the ocean bars, Where the air is full of sunlight and the flag is full of stars.

  91. Oh, welcome home in Heaven's peace, dear spirits of the dead!

  92. One gentleman, totally regardless of the lateness of the hour, after manifesting a strong desire to embrace a large party of his friends, kindly invites them home to take tea with him.

  93. You may as well turn round and go home immediately; the rest of your walk won't be worth half the dream you had the night before.

  94. But everything must have an end, and so about midnight Mr. Brown walks home through a foot of snow, because his mind is too much occupied with thoughts of Miss Smith and her cousin George, to allow him to think of calling a cab.

  95. The belle scarcely takes her seat before she commences to hum snatches of Italian airs, in a very careless indifferent way, just to show how much she is at home in such a place, and probably to attract a little more attention.

  96. The last-named person wears an air of great reluctance at thus being detained on the stage, instead of being permitted to go home to his pates and fricasees.

  97. A yoke of oxen and a lumber-wagon were taken from some white farmer and brought home for our conveyance.

  98. She argued that the white man's education was not desirable for her boys; in fact, she urged her son so strongly to go back after Chatanna that he promised on his next visit to the post to bring him home again.

  99. An Indian cannot be a good husband unless he brings home plenty of game.

  100. It is the home of the Great Mystery," he thought to himself; and the impressiveness of his surroundings made him forget his sorrow.

  101. I was very small when my uncle brought home two Ojibway young women.

  102. He saved us from the tomahawks of his fellow-warriors, and brought us to his home to know a noble and a brave woman.

  103. The rest of the tribe went out upon the spring fur-hunt at this season, leaving us at home to make the sugar.

  104. A home upon a high rock would not be pleasant-it would be cold!

  105. It was the custom that no man who had not distinguished himself upon the war-path could destroy the home of another.

  106. The men, wearing their buffalo moccasins with the hair inside and robes of the same, came home hungry and exhausted.

  107. When we were attacked by the police, I was playing in the teepee, and the only other person at home was Uncheedah.

  108. From the moment that he lost sight of his rude home in the midst of the forest, his untutored mind lost itself in the myriad beauties and forces of nature.

  109. As a bear,' he used to say, 'my home was in sight of the Minnewakan Chantay.

  110. We came back to my home on the south side of the hill.

  111. So the days grew longer and sweeter and the little after-dinner group in the garden grew bigger--think of the excitement of the day when the lawyer brought home the architect and his timid wife!

  112. She was a very different person from the hysterical girl that Felicia had brought home with her two days before.

  113. Babiche trotted ahead of her when she opened the door, in ecstacy at Felicia's home coming.

  114. Somebody carried her home to die, which it seems she took some years doing.

  115. Of all the persons that her mistress brought home Janet really approved of only that one.

  116. But now I'm home His Honor made them all go away.

  117. Think you how Janet raged the day she brought home the most useless citizen of all--the Poetry Girl.

  118. Just to hear her when she came home in the late afternoon was like listening to a symphony of inspiration.

  119. The day he knew that the house was home was the languorous spring day when he stopped to stare at a bowl of strawberries in the niche outside his door.

  120. And the next thing I knew she was inviting me to go home with her.

  121. AND He took me home under his umbreller--' "There is just one more I can do for you.

  122. She's been out to the Baptist Home for the Aged this long whiles.

  123. In Germany, regard for Italian opera was fostered by establishing a permanent home for it at Hamburg; but the evolution of orchestration was but little benefited thereby.

  124. This is not, like the above, a book about music, but one that must always remain dear to the many friends of the musician whose ideally beautiful summer home in New Hampshire it describes.

  125. Orchestral conductors who come to our shores from abroad soon perceive that the public does not support home talent in a whole-hearted manner, and adjust their programs accordingly.

  126. Now he is at home again, but he thinks Ismene is the statue from the Temple of Isis, which has gained life and speech; for he has lost his mind, and when I saw him I felt as if I should die of horror and pity.

  127. If Philippus should command her to-morrow to leave their comfortable palace in Pelusium to accompany him to Alexandria, where they possessed no home of their own, he would see how willingly she obeyed him.

  128. Now she is coming home with Proclus, and, as the way led through Pelusium, she attached herself to our friends and forces herself in here with them.

  129. But when he was out of sight of his master, he would run home and tell some of his chums about his kill.

  130. So he turned about and went home to his wigwam alone.

  131. While at this work, they uncovered the home of one of A-bal-ka's brothers.

  132. Then you will know that we are getting ready for our journey to our distant winter home in the sunny Southland, far away across the great, salt sea.

  133. Now Sun-ka was a good hunter, and often brought home to the lodge rabbits and other small animals which he had hunted and caught by himself.

  134. When he came he found that, as usual, the children had run away from home and could not be found.

  135. He knew that the bees would settle down in the hive and soon feel at home and begin to gather honey.

  136. We crossed the great, salt sea and at last found the winter home of our kindred.

  137. But when the snow melts and winter returns to his home in the distant north, summer shall come again to this land, and so it shall be every year.

  138. His home was in some low bushes in the pasture.

  139. On and on they flew from island to island until they reached another great land like the home they had left behind them.

  140. He had been home a long time, and told all he knew about the valley of game and more too.

  141. Wherever you find a home of one of our tribe, there you will find a snake-skin.

  142. When summer comes back, you may return with it and dwell in your own home until it is time for the return of winter.

  143. She was a quiet little body, not so fidgety as Nick-uts, and besides, she had to stay close at home and see to the eggs and babies.

  144. Such a condition of affairs lasted almost two centuries; the last war with the Libyans was carried on by Ramses III, who cut enormous piles of hands from his slain enemies, and brought thirteen thousand slaves home to Egypt.

  145. Did the pharaoh sleep at home last night?

  146. If I leave Thou 'It go home on thy own feet.

  147. The devotees gave these cats to dissectors in Pi-Bast to be stuffed or embalmed, and bore them home later on as valued relics.

  148. Finally Antefa had to send them home as if they had been lifeless objects.

  149. Our ships," whispered Hiram, "are coming home from all parts of the earth to convey at the first signal our people and treasures to some place beyond the sea to the west.

  150. Very often he who walked out to work comes home in a boat from his labor.

  151. We left home yesterday evening, our flax is in the field, and the river is rising.

  152. He died because he was yearning for his eternal home and he wished to confide the cares of earthly rule to hands that were more youthful.

  153. Though she loved as deeply as she was loved in return, and owned to her own heart that she had made no sacrifice of aught but the girl's timidity, still it was sad to quit the home of youth as an outcast.

  154. I no more dare to take her from sanctuary than you do; and therefore I tell you to withdraw your men from these gates,--to return home to your own dwelling, and to leave this holy place in peace.

  155. As he had a multitude of stout young men, too, who always required bleeding in the summer time, he took them with him, but as his brother was of a cold constitution, he left him at home to keep house.

  156. They may bring a falconet, but that will do no good; and as to the pigs of Neustadt, we will slaughter them as they come, and send them home pickled to their fat wives.

  157. With a noble train of such as these, now more than twenty years ago, I left my home to fight, in company with other lords of this and distant lands, for the deliverance of Christ's sepulchre.

  158. A home you have prepared for them That leave the prison cell, and this is well.

  159. No home was happier On that Christmas morn.

  160. The midnight "gift" was seen and gladly Welcomed home while David slept, and now She also wept for joy.

  161. And once again the cottage-home Gave foretaste of the other, deathless, pure, And glad, for love was there.

  162. With rest at home the healing work begun Would one day be complete.

  163. But the ship had the feeling of a home from which some familiar inmate had been taken, to return no more.

  164. The one stayed in her home and prayed, and the other came.

  165. And if Mrs. Falchion will come over to our home at Sunburst, we will try and amuse her for the rest of the day--that is, after she has seen all here.

  166. Not far from where the mule train crept along was a great hole in the mountain-side, as though antique giants of the hills had tunnelled through to make themselves a home or to find the eternal secret of the mountains.

  167. Having done this, we moved away to other parts of the cemetery, looking at the tombstones, many of which told sad tales enough of those who died far away from home and friends.

  168. The owner was evidently an officer going home on leave, or invalided.

  169. And when one looked below, and saw above the drowning head two white arms thrust from the sea, a horrible thing was brought home to each of us.

  170. At this moment these words had no particular significance to me, but there chanced a time when they came home with great force.

  171. We are supplying our Army overseas with rifles and machine-guns entirely from home sources.

  172. Of rifles--the most difficult of all war material to produce quickly in large quantities--our weekly home production is now 3 times as great as it was a year ago.

  173. It was partly I think because what you wrote summed up and drove home other criticisms and appeals of the same kind.

  174. Every day the ambulance train comes in, and splendid hospital ships are taking the brave wounded back to England for home and rest.

  175. I live in one of the Home Counties, within five miles of one of the military camps.

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