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  1. As he stood there smiling, with a gracious acknowledgment of the many compliments, he looked radiantly happy to thus receive the homage of his country.

  2. The Nabob probably expected more homage than he received; but people hardly looked at him.

  3. There is so much of selfishness, of hypocrisy, of coldness, in what is usually called female virtue, that I often turn with distaste from those to whom I am compelled to do homage for the sake of the general good of society.

  4. In all our quarrels, in all the variations of my humour, I am obliged to end by doing homage to her reason, as the Chinese mariners, in every change of weather, burn incense before the needle.

  5. The starers enjoyed their pleasure, and I mine: I moved and talked, I smiled or was pensive, as though I saw them not; nevertheless the homage of their gaze was not lost upon me.

  6. The proud Countess knew that she was in the presence of Adversity, and her salute to Riccabocca was only less respectful than that with which she would have rendered homage to her sovereign.

  7. There would come times too, when, as I could not help seeing how every body that came to our house paid respect and homage to my sisters, and avoided me, I appeared to myself vile and despicable.

  8. In honoring him we do honor to our common country, and recognize our obligation to pay fitting homage to the great men of our Dominion, whose names, with his, are inscribed high upon the roll of Canada's famous sons.

  9. In honouring him we do honour our common country, and recognize our obligation to pay fitting homage to the great men of our Dominion, whose names, with his, are inscribed high upon the roll of Canada's famous sons.

  10. I want to offer thanks and homage to the chairman for this innovation which he has introduced here, which is an improvement, as I consider it, on the old-fashioned style of conducting occasions like this.

  11. She had sinned against her womanhood, and might no longer demand from man the homage that a true woman had a right to claim.

  12. It was Marcia to whom his soul bowed in the homage that a man may give to a woman.

  13. His soul, awake and keen through the thoughts that had just come to him, gave homage to her sweetness, sadly, wistfully, half wishing his spirit free to gather this sweetness for his own.

  14. Tis said in heathen lands they worship thee, When o'er the mountain tops thy light they see: But as thou here no homage dost receive, I to thy Maker all the glory give.

  15. I read that the possessor of that ring was mistress of the marvellous hair which is a magnet to the homage of men, so that they crowd and crush and hunger to adore it, even the Identical!

  16. But he cried, 'Not so, O my princes; there is nought flattering in the homage of asses and monkeys.

  17. All eyes are turned anxiously to the door from which the Sub-Prefect himself and the other representatives of the majesty of the law are expected to issue and pay their homage to the hero of the hour.

  18. Amongst some tribes of Eastern Africa, when a lion is killed, the carcase is brought before the king, who does homage to it by prostrating himself on the ground and rubbing his face on the muzzle of the beast.

  19. So soon as he fails to do so, the care, the devotion, the religious homage which they had hitherto lavished on him cease and are changed into hatred and contempt; he is dismissed ignominiously, and may be thankful if he escapes with his life.

  20. And so with many gestures of homage and words of prayer this kind of food is dedicated to the well-being of the Ainu.

  21. The place has changed but little since Diana received the homage of her worshippers in the sacred grove.

  22. For it represents the people as prostrating themselves before the mystic kings whenever they appear in public, it being thought that a terrible hurricane would burst over the country if this mark of homage were omitted.

  23. Apparently no temple, in our sense of the word, was ever erected to Jupiter on this his holy mountain; as god of the sky and thunder he appropriately received the homage of his worshippers in the open air.

  24. Mother and son were changed into marine divinities, and the son received special homage in the isle of Tenedos, where babes were sacrificed to him.

  25. Spanish nation, informing them that he had ceded the crown to Napoleon, and enjoining it upon them to transfer their homage to him.

  26. The Duke of Pargue, at the head of a deputation representing the army, gave the same assurances of homage and support.

  27. His devotion to the interests of Poland had secured for him the homage of that chivalrous people.

  28. Deputations from the cities and villages hastened to meet him with protestations of homage and fidelity.

  29. Let us make unto ourselves goddesses out of the haberdashers' shops of Oxford Street; and qualify the youthful caprices of Whitechapel to command the homage of Congress, and of the great autocrat of all the Russias.

  30. But here the objects of national homage and gallant loyalty, beings whose rising radiance had filled the eye of nations, and whose sudden fall was felt as an eclipse of European light, were exposed to the deepest sufferings of the captive.

  31. An object of superstitious homage and fear.

  32. Homage or service rendered to a superior, as to a lord; vassalage.

  33. The Countess of Provence was allowed to stay on at the Royal palace, where but a few Frenchmen went to pay their homage to their so-called queen.

  34. He sends for the title deeds of his property in order that he may do homage to the governor Sir James Craig, and shows a lively interest in the management of his estate.

  35. The seigneur was himself the vassal of the crown, bound to do humble homage at the capital when he received his grant.

  36. Bourdon's Act of Faith and Homage is in Canadian Archives, Series M.

  37. Before your arrival in Nyborg, it was so resolved; for to delay the proclamation and act of homage in Skielskioer, and to defer the coronation, would have but the effect of exciting popular discontent.

  38. Such demonstrations of homage were most frequently got up by the crafty chamberlain, who sagaciously reckoned that, if these flatteries did not always obtain the king's applause, they seldom called forth his displeasure.

  39. And there shall homage be rendered me to-morrow," observed King Erik.

  40. Many there were, among the ladies of Princess Ingeborg, who attracted looks of homage and tenderness from both Danish and Swedish knights; but the tall silent maiden who sat nearest the royal personages, excited the greatest attention.

  41. They are going to have him proclaimed at Skielskioer, and then crowned in Lund," they cried; and a thousand shouts of homage and blessing ascended from every quarter.

  42. Drost Hessel and Sir John have lost no time in this matter," continued the duke: "they receive the homage of the people without waiting for the chief men of the country, and the nearest kinsmen of the royal family.

  43. In the evening, when alone with Kirstine, she warned her of him; for she had well observed that his respectful homage to her beauty, and his flattery of her free spirit and independence, had not been without effect.

  44. She, good lady, knows the fathers and grandfathers, mothers and grandmothers, of the present generation, and can tell just what amount of homage each of the dashing families of the city have a right to lay claim to.

  45. A despot to whom men are subjected but through fear, a master whom they can not interrogate, a totally inaccessible sovereign, can not merit the homage of intelligent beings.

  46. The love of religious bigots for their God, and of slaves for their despots, is but a servile and simulated homage which they render by compulsion, in which the heart has no part.

  47. It is, we are told, upon this: that man is the only being endowed with an intelligence which enables him to know the Divine nature, and to render to it homage worthy of it.

  48. If God by Himself is infinitely happy and is sufficient unto Himself, why does He need the homage of His feeble creatures?

  49. We received these manifestations reverently, for while they meant kindliness to us and our work, they meant far more of homage and honor for the nation and people we represented.

  50. There he held a court, and received the homage of the principal personages in the state.

  51. Here she held a court, and received the homage of the assembled ladies.

  52. The young Queen delighted in the deference and homage which the time-serving courtiers now rendered to her.

  53. But he generally preferred to hold a little court of his own in the "Chamber of the Rose," and most of those present paid him far more homage than they paid the King.

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