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accepta; acceptability; acceptable; acceptableness; acceptably; acceptances; acceptation; accepte; accepted; accepter
  1. The umpire is required to give his decision within one month of his acceptance of the appointment; before making his award, he must confer with the previous arbitrators who disagreed (art.

  2. If the word "Christian" connotes acceptance of the teaching as well as devotion to the person of Christ, it is scarcely applicable either to the official or to the popular religion of the West.

  3. The acceptance of official Christianity by the Graeco-Roman world was the result of many causes, two of which stand out as central and supreme.

  4. The army was disbanded; a royalist House of Commons restored the Church of England and ordered general acceptance of its Prayer Book.

  5. The "Plan" ends with the usual confidence of the idealist reformer of the time in the speedy triumph of right, and in the world-wide acceptance of what seemed to its author so eminently reasonable a proposal.

  6. Had this general rule been recognised with anything approaching to its acceptance in these days, it is impossible to suppose that so clear and fair an intelligence as William's could have missed its application to himself.

  7. William perhaps believed that he could the better afford to do so, as he proposed to make his acceptance of one of Louis's two stipulations dependent upon his obtaining practical satisfaction on this head.

  8. The man who at forty assumes the child's attitude of mere wondering acceptance toward the world and its problems, may, indeed, be a very estimable character; but he will never amount to much.

  9. That wholesome robustness in his acceptance of life which finds utterance in his early songs must have established a quick bond of sympathy between him and his youthful hearers.

  10. Now that the acceptance of the Imperial Throne has been cancelled every man will be responsible for his own action if he further disturbs the peace of the locality and thus gives an opportunity to others.

  11. The acceptance by the Chinese Government of the article relating to Fukien may be either in the form as proposed by the Japanese Minister on the 26th of April or in that contained in the Reply of the Chinese Government of May 1st.

  12. China required money: Russia required the acceptance of plans which ultimately proved so disastrous to her.

  13. Consequently nothing more was done, and on the following day China signified her acceptance of the Ultimatum in the following terms.

  14. Cautious to the end, it will be seen that Yuan Shih-kai's very acceptance is so worded as to convey the idea that he is being forced to a course of action which is against his better instincts.

  15. Dodd say:--'Possibly it may please God to afford us some consolation, some secret intimations of acceptance and forgiveness.

  16. But divine intimation of acceptance may be made to the soul.

  17. Indeed, she could not stay in India without some such theory to support her troops, but it is not one which will find a ready acceptance here.

  18. We think, however, we can safely go a little further than this, and say that however much light he may throw on the troubled waters of Irish history, his deductions will not find a ready acceptance among thinking Americans.

  19. It is a long step from the acceptance of the principle to its complete and particular application to the whole of a vast province of facts, or to a great succession of phenomena.

  20. Later, the acceptance of the things that have been produced, and the traditional repetition of a definite type, obliterated the sense of the origins of things.

  21. The slothful, whose number is great even among the intellectuals, willingly fit themselves to this clumsy acceptance of such declarations.

  22. What pearl of conversation could he bring that was fit for the acceptance of such a Queen of love and wit as Blanche?

  23. This sentiment Mr. Hughes echoed in his acceptance speech.

  24. Such was the language of his acceptance speech.

  25. Sr I craue your pardon for this delayed returne unto your last, whose courteus acceptance & worthy entertaynment [?

  26. Honord Sr I humbly thank you for your care of my sonnes paper & the Royll Societie for their acceptance of it.

  27. Then (I said) with such an interpretation of it, and a formal and public acceptance of it by the Church authorities, I did not doubt that we could convince the nation of its sufficiency.

  28. I, have described the promulgation and acceptance of "the manifesto" with such circumstance and detail, because of what has since occurred in Utah.

  29. He listened gravely, knowing the situation from his own experience in Congress, and checking off the items of my argument with a nod of acceptance that came, often, before I had completed what I had to say.

  30. For our lives and mercies being all in the hand of God, and the successes and acceptance of all our endeavours depending wholly upon him, it can never be a rational way to attain them, by wilful offending him by our sin!

  31. Well--in the event of the acceptance of my offer, it shall be my care to see that she has the proper treatment and the best advice.

  32. He urged the acceptance of Joey's invitation.

  33. Except nominal allegiance to the mother country and the acceptance of a viceroy, governor-general, or representative of the throne by some title or other, these countries are almost as free of England as the United States.

  34. This state of affairs was brought to a gradual change by the acceptance of the terms proposed by Congress.

  35. Then, of course, it was inarticulate and unrealised by him, but real enough to change his acceptance of me as a comrade into a dislike that grew with every month.

  36. And, happening on what I've already described as that grim sort of silence about him, I found a more subtle reason to account for it than this whole-hearted acceptance of him into the family as a lover and a gentleman.

  37. Sir Jekyl read, in a gentlemanlike, rather foreign hand, a ceremonious and complimentary acceptance of his invitation to Marlowe, on behalf both of the young man and of his elder companion.

  38. It consists in the contented acceptance of the things that are possible to us.

  39. I expect I owed the acceptance of my descriptive article to the first sentence, which began, "While the Austrian Kaiser is keeping his birthday with the waters of the Ischl in his kitchens, we at Cortina, etc.

  40. As a boy I had made his acquaintance, I remember, at Lady Waldegrave's, though this chance meeting had nothing to do with the acceptance of my first article.

  41. Its acceptance would lighten the darkest chapter in Russian history, and, at the same time, remove from the great international Socialist movement a shameful reproach.

  42. In truth, it is not difficult to understand how this theory has found acceptance in Russia.

  43. When we contemplate such facts as these can we wonder that impatient revolutionaries should shrink from attempting the task of converting a majority of the population to an intelligent acceptance of Socialism?

  44. It is not too much to ask for acceptance of this second canon regarding the subject: II.

  45. Perhaps even he might find average acceptance among new scenes and among a new people.

  46. This account of our Belief in the Inductive Principle agrees, in effect, with the opinion of those who hold that our acceptance of its truth resembles our acceptance of Mathematical Truths in two very important respects: (1) Its Certitude.

  47. Meantime, the reader must take Hume's acceptance of the doctrine of final causes and the Design-analogy, for what it is worth.

  48. Ennobling influences of its acceptance explained and exemplified.

  49. But unhappily, the word 'belief' is also applied to each of those temporarily or permanently indissoluble connexions in consciousness, for the acceptance of which the only warrant is that it cannot be got rid of.

  50. The second is intended to comprehend those relations between that Divine Being and ourselves, which must ensue immediately upon the acceptance of Theism.

  51. How far can a similar facility of wholesale acceptance and a similar absence of comparison with deeper truths, be considered a philosophic or even a fair procedure in the case of men and women who think themselves into Atheism?

  52. In the former case, acceptance is easy and wholesale; in the latter, every mind seems to bristle with objections.

  53. Mr. Spencer makes his election in Empiricism, but shrinks from the acceptance of its necessary implications, and thereby forfeits his title to rank among the great leaders of philosophy.

  54. That such an acceptance is natural and valid appears further evident from the fact that a knowledge of God belongs to the class of Practical beliefs, and is enforced by the same reasonable necessity.

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