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adopt; adopted; adopter; adopters; adopting; adoptive; adopts; adorable; adorably; adoration
  1. I do not see any reason whatever to believe that Harcourt can fairly be reproached with inconsistency, or justly accused of any ignoble motive for his adoption of the newer and more advanced opinions.

  2. The spirit of Presbyterian worship has been consistently and persistently non-liturgical and anti-ritualistic, and to advocate the adoption of liturgy and ritual to-day is to depart completely from that historic attitude.

  3. And where any considerable desire for change and improvement has been found, it has expressed itself usually as favorable to a revised Directory rather than as desirous of the adoption by the Church of a liturgy, however simple.

  4. I am not at present sure that I could bring myself to be a party to the adoption of a plan like that of 1832.

  5. I say that the adoption of such a proposition as that, which is in reality at the very root of your contention, is disparaging in the very highest degree to the Christian faith.

  6. In view of all that followed later, and of their subsequent adoption of the policy of abandoning the Soudan, British ministers would evidently have been wiser if they had now forbidden an advance so pregnant with disaster.

  7. Why should the House of Commons declare its adoption of this finding without question or correction?

  8. It is very clear, therefore, that no State can, by any act or law of its own, passed since the adoption of the Constitution, introduce a new member into the political community created by the Constitution of the United States.

  9. No negro or mulatto shall come into, or settle in the State after the adoption of this Constitution.

  10. The call of the roll resulted in the adoption of the amendment, with but one vote in the negative by Mr. Thacher, of Maine, an uncompromising enemy of slavery.

  11. We cannot alter our course one hair's breadth, nor accept a compromise of our principles for the hearty adoption of our principles.

  12. For, previous to the adoption of the Constitution of the United States, every State had the undoubted right to confer on whomsoever it pleased the character of citizen, and to endow him with all its rights.

  13. But the primary cause was in the fact, that the equilibrium between the two sections at the time of the adoption of the Constitution had been destroyed.

  14. With interests of such overwhelming magnitude imperilled, the people of the Southern States were driven by the conduct of the North to the adoption of some course of action to avoid the danger with which they were openly menaced.

  15. It was by the operation of this principle, and not by any dictation from the Federal government, that slavery had been abolished in half of the twelve States in which it existed at the time of the adoption of the Constitution.

  16. Progress of Hellenism in Italy-- Adoption of Greek Habits at the Table These nationalities were at the same time assailed from another quarter and by an ascendency resting on another basis--by Hellenism.

  17. It was this commanding quality of the Spanish coins that led to the adoption of their system by France in 1641.

  18. Even before the adoption of a gold coinage by Edward III.

  19. At this conference Belgium proposed the adoption of the single gold standard--the silver pieces including the 5-franc pieces to be lowered by an agio, and made divisional money.

  20. The adoption of the decimal system necessitates this change, which brings all parts of the system into accord.

  21. Henry accordingly assembled at Pontoise a conference of experts, and as the outcome of their deliberations decided on the adoption of the chief recommendation of the Mint officials' representation.

  22. At the time of its adoption by the Christian powers of Spain, the maravedi (or sueldo de oro) was equal to 1/6 onza of gold.

  23. It was in the reign of this latter King that the general movement of adoption of gold coinage first touched Spain.

  24. With the single exception of the Berlin members, all the deputies declared for the adoption of the gold standard.

  25. The point to note is rather the gradual evolution and adoption of the idea of limiting the tender of the lower species, so as to contract their action on the main species of the currency.

  26. The great rebellion marks the era of the adoption of a regular system of taxation in Great Britain.

  27. One may effect an absolute insurance against all real evil by the adoption of a single rule, i.

  28. Judge Busteed, in a charge to the Federal grand jury, delivered a political harangue advocating the adoption of the Amendment.

  29. Some had never recognized the supreme authority of a constitutional convention; others were opposed to the expediency of adoption by proclamation.

  30. The last three amendments are thus noted, "Adoption proclaimed by the Secretary of State, Dec.

  31. A memorial to Congress was adopted by a vote of 50 to 6, asking that the part of the reconstruction law which required a majority of the registered voters to vote in the election for the adoption of the constitution be repealed.

  32. The violent character of the proceedings of the convention made the northern friends of Reconstruction nervous, and Horace Greeley persuaded Senator Wilson to exert his influence to prevent the adoption of extreme measures by the convention.

  33. A Democrat moved the adoption of the majority report in favor of Martin; a Radical moved that the minority report be substituted in the motion.

  34. Stay laws were enacted to go into force with the adoption of the constitution, also exemption laws which exempted from sale for debt more property than nineteen-twentieths of the people possessed.

  35. One newspaper, alone, advocated adoption of the amendment as the least of evils.

  36. Yancey in a great speech delivered the ultimatum of the South, the adoption of the majority report.

  37. The north Alabama party could not consistently do anything but object to the adoption of the constitution by proclamation.

  38. But all others who have lived long enough to be responsible or their deeds, besides being admitted there in virtue of their adoption as children of God, are, moreover, rewarded according to their own personal merits.

  39. Baptized children, who die before they reach the age of discretion, are admitted into heaven, in virtue of their adoption as children of God on the day of their baptism.

  40. They are in heaven in virtue of their adoption as children of God, and through the merits of Jesus Christ.

  41. During the eight years of her adoption she had caused her foster-parents no anxiety beyond those connected with the usual succession of youthful diseases.

  42. I was able to carry out reforms which led the way to the adoption of the "Universal Service System" now in vogue in the great Commonwealth of Australia.

  43. He gave me instructions, confidentially, to draft two Bills, one embodying the provision for the adoption of the universal service, the other simply dealing with the proposed changes in organization.

  44. He removed to Bath early in the present century, and his name is identified most intimately with all that relates to the separation from Massachusetts, and the adoption of the state constitution.

  45. He was an able pontiff, and has rendered his name immortal by the reformation of the calendar, and the adoption of the style which bears his name.

  46. The last lit de justice in France, assembled at Versailles, by Louis XVI, to enforce upon the parliament of Paris the adoption of the obnoxious taxes proposed by Calonne.

  47. The adoption of the New would expose the errors of the Old, suggest the possible fallibility of the New, and sow the seeds of doubt.

  48. The result was the adoption by an almost unanimous vote of the following resolution offered by the Rev.

  49. Its adoption simplifies the form without increasing the number of solutions.

  50. And the Mappilla mosque is much in the style of the Hindu temple, even to the adoption of the turret-like edifice which, among Hindus, is here peculiar to the temples of Siva.

  51. But the effect of the adoption of these conclusions has been rather to substitute a new metaphor for that of Bonnet than to abolish the conception expressed by it.

  52. For myself, I utterly reject it, inasmuch as the logical consequence of the adoption of any such principle is the denial of all moral value to sympathy and affection.

  53. She recognised that it would only be by the tribes coming to know and respect each other, and by the adoption of unrestricted trade with the stores that the full reward of industry could be secured.

  54. I also designated two of our eminent scientists to attend as our representatives at the meeting of an international committee at Paris for considering the adoption of a common unit to measure electric force.

  55. There is a prospect of adjustment of the dispute by the adoption of the Mannah River as the line.

  56. The growing need of close relationship of intercourse and traffic between the Spanish Antilles and their natural market in the United States led to the adoption in January last of a commercial agreement looking to that end.

  57. It is easy to see the very natural motives which actuated Frederick in the adoption of his policy.

  58. Its adoption on the "enterprise level" is impressive, as is the number and enthusiasm of the various technical testaments to its strengths.

  59. Concede for a moment that the adoption of Creative Commons licenses shows there are millions of creators out there who want to share their works with others.

  60. In 97 he was sent to upper Germany to convey the congratulations of the army to Trajan on his adoption by Nerva; and, in January of the following year, he hastened to announce the death of Nerva to Trajan at Cologne.

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