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Example sentences for "adopts"

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  1. But much more frequently the Echinus adopts another device, and the only one by which it is possible for him to attain his purpose without the labour of rotating upwards: he rotates laterally and downwards in the form of a spiral.

  2. The plan which I now propose adopts the idea of equivalents and retaliation to the whole extent recommended by Mr. Jefferson.

  3. Abandoning altogether the ratio of distribution, according to the general charge and expenditure provided by the compacts, it adopts that of the federal representative population.

  4. Here Glaukon enters the lists, intimating that he too is dissatisfied with the proof given by Sokrates, that justice is every way better than injustice: though he adopts the conclusion, and desires much to hear it fully demonstrated.

  5. He adopts the distinction between Mind and Body made both in the tenth Book De Legg.

  6. It should be added that often the Temple woman having daughters of her own dedicates them, and as a rule it is only when she has none that she adopts other little ones.

  7. On this point a Brahman says: "When the Temple woman has no child, she adopts a girl or girls, and the children become servants of the gods.

  8. If, on the other hand, the mother adopts the opposite course and rebukes the child for habitual unkindness, she will be apt to find unkindness persisted in.

  9. If a child of strong muscular tone and good physique habitually adopts some posture, curled up, it may be, in some favourite easy-chair, there is little likelihood that its constant assumption will produce deformity.

  10. Here he adopts exactly the position which in my article I surmised that he would; so that, to all who have read The Germ-plasm, it must have appeared that I was prophesying after the event.

  11. These quotations are enough to show that Weismann has now abandoned his original theory of congenital variations being exclusively due to amphimixis, and adopts in its stead the precisely opposite view—viz.

  12. President Grant Adopts a New System=] Experiences like this soon ended the attempt to gather together all our Indian wards, and we returned to the old plan of the reservations, but with little more certainty of peace than before.

  13. The author of the 四書拓餘說 adopts the view that the Work was composed in Sung.

  14. But Tsze-sze adopts the dicta of his grandfather without questioning them, and gives them forth in his own style at the commencement of the fourth part of his Treatise.

  15. Christianity is dependent upon the understanding of the universe; hence it is the duty of believers to put it into the new setting, so that it adopts and adapts astronomy, geology, biology and psychology.

  16. The Council adopts this measure with the view of protecting a beneficent custom; for, adds the canon, these children were exposed to be eaten by dogs.

  17. In other parts of his works, too, St. Anselm adopts the same method.

  18. It adopts the eight-hour day when it can, but it is not averse to ten hours when necessary.

  19. What God does to the sinner when He justifies and adopts him?

  20. Francis Hutchinson, in his System of Moral Philosophy, though he adopts many of Shaftesbury's ideas, distinctly disclaims any independent self-existing beauty in objects.

  21. The former, by a process of artistic selection, seeks the ideal and adopts the proportions which give the most pleasing effect, while the latter desires to know only the mean of a large series of measurements.

  22. In his charters he is continually called ``rex totius Britanniae,'' and he adopts for the first time the Greek title basileus.

  23. The Balance of Power in fact adopts the fundamental premise of the 'might makes right' principle, because it regards power as the ultimate fact in politics; whereas the ultimate fact is the purpose for which the power will be used.

  24. If the dealer adopts the turn-up without assistance and has right and another, and takes the first trick with his small trump, he should not lead the right unless he can follow with an ace.

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